Chapter 1083 - Untitled

Chapter 1083 Untitled

After a long while, someone finally broke the silence. “When is Almighty Yun leaving?”

Lin Feng anticipated their reaction but it didn’t make him feel better. “In half a month. Any later and it’s going to affect him.”

“I’m leaving with Brother Mo in three days.” Bo Jiu placed her coke bottle down. “We wanted to know how many local or nearby fans you will be able to gather to send him off.”

Silence. They could no longer return to the boisterous atmosphere from before.

The president for Feng Yun’s fan club turned around, her voice shaking. “I’ll try my best.”

The others tapped her shoulder in comfort. All of them felt the same. But they understood that when you really liked someone, you would support their every decision. They shouldn’t use their love as a reason to stop him from pursuing his dreams. They made their plans and with that the gathering ended earlier than expected. None of them was in the mood to play.

Yun Hu’s fan club president was feeling the bulk of it. Her throat tightened on the railway back, her chest feeling tight and congested. It was understandable because it was probably the last time they were going to see the idol they adored. She didn’t mean a real-life encounter though. She was never going to see him in another match.

Gradually, Supreme Alliance would disappear.

If you really liked someone, you would understand how it felt.

As such, they went all out, spreading the news and pushing for everyone to attend. They didn’t reveal the reason but they knew it would be an eternal regret if any of them missed the event.

Lin Feng and Bo Jiu sent the girls off personally before finding a spot to smoke.

“F*ck, I’m starting to feel horrible.” Lin Feng shook his hair, he leaned against the wall and glanced up at the sky. “If only we could game forever. But we have to grow up, don’t we? Perhaps when you were younger, you might have found someone extremely compatible but once you interact with someone even more established, you would realize what is better suited.”

Bo Jiu paused. She tossed the cigarette into the bin, wore her mask, and stuffed a hand into her pocket. “That isn’t right, only that person is suited. Regardless of how many accomplished persons he interacted with, it wouldn’t be as compatible.” With that she paused. “What happened to you and Almighty Yun?”

“Ah?” Lin Feng glanced down and took two more puffs before smiling. “What can happen? I just can’t get used to the fact that he is leaving.”

Bo Jiu wanted to see his expression but he glanced away, his hair shielding his face. She could sense something amiss although it wasn’t obvious.

“Let’s go, we have things to do.” Lin Feng placed an arm over her shoulders. “Aren’t we going to sing during the event? Give me some lessons. We should get Baby Feng and Coco as well, the four of us can give a handsome group performance.”