Chapter 900 - Two Assassins

Chapter 900: Two Assassins

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The shoutcaster came alive with the cheers, their voice exhilarated. “Both teams are going all out, a double match with a star-studded line-up!”

“I assumed they would only appear in the group battle, but from the looks of it, no one can predict Qin Mo’s thoughts,” the other shoutcaster exclaimed. “This should be Qin Mo’s first official double. Even though he had participated in doubles before, he was the only one killing while his partner stood and watched.”

“That’s right, Qin Mo has an arrogant playing style and this sort of playing style was undefeatable.”

“Spade Z’s playing style isn’t meek either. I’ve watched a few matches and he loves to steal kills. With the two of them playing doubles…”

“There are two sides to this, let me start with the positive side, both are FC Kings with impeccable speed and maneuvering. But more importantly, both are tyrannic, which may not be great as a pair. There has to be a party that gives in.”

“It seems like a similar case for both Rao Rong and Lin Chentao.”

“It isn’t, Lin Chentao doesn’t play like Spade Z, he still understands coordination. Hence, we will have to see the characters they choose. Usually, it would be best to choose characters that can complement each other during doubles.”

“This shouldn’t be difficult for Supreme Alliance since both Qin Mo and Spade Z are all-rounders, but I’m afraid they won’t play the orthodox way, their styles…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were already seated in front of the computer, entering the game at the same time to choose their character.

The moment their choices were shown, the shoutcasters swallowed whatever they had wanted to say.

This… Were they for real? Even if they weren’t going to be predictable, how could they be so far off?! Two assassins?! How were they going to cooperate?

“F*ck! Am I seeing things, is this a prank by Almighty Qin?”

“Almighty Qin really isn’t going to reconsider this?”

“Isn’t Big Spade an all-rounder as well?”

“That may not be it, Big Spade chose this opportunity to use an assassin. If he chose a tank, the health points wouldn’t be as weak.”

“But Big Spade specializes in disguise and invisibility before finishing off with a blow.”

“Regardless, two assassins still don’t seem to fit together. I don’t understand this at all.”

“On the other end, Almighty Rao’s pairing isn’t bad, a sorcerer with tank exterior and an Anotal. They have both control and attack power, and more importantly, assassins won’t be able to cause any damage without an opening.”

Experienced players are generally able to see through such situations.

The shoutcaster had a sharp eye. “Rao Rong and Lin Chentao’s pairing is best against Spade Z and Qin Mo’s pairing, especially against Spade Z. Spade Z is known for his extreme hand speed, but with a sorcerer with tank exterior, Spade Z might not be able to pass him even if his extreme speed.”

“No one can predict the outcome for such a match.” The shoutcaster was at a loss for words. “Why isn’t Spade Z using the Anotal as well? Is it perhaps because of his arrogant playing style?”

“Or maybe it’s because he started from the wilderness and enjoys the kick.” The shoutcaster shook his head. “Spade Z probably hasn’t gotten used to being a professional player.”

In general, when met with such a situation, there would be someone switching their characters in order for better coordination.

But in spite of all the noise, the youngster still appeared devilish as ever, with no intention to switch out her character.