Chapter 945 - Trying to Replace Qin Mo

Chapter 945: Trying to Replace Qin Mo

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“That wasn’t all.” Qin Mo walked towards the door before turning towards Bo Jiu. “There isn’t any surveillance camera in the walkway, which means there wouldn’t be any evidence even if someone had been following her.”

Bo Jiu had realized that as well. It was where the trouble came in.

“A woman’s sixth sense isn’t exactly baseless in the psychiatrist world,” Qin Mo continued. “As compared to what we observe, a psychological sensing would be faster.”

As the first crime scene, there would definitely be policemen around.

Even though the victim herself was no longer around, she would have left evidence behind.

Such an impactful case wouldn’t be handled by a normal department, it would be handed over to the crime squad.

The moment Bo Jiu entered, she saw a tensed up Director Huang.

“Did you find anything?” Qin Mo was the one asking the question.

Director Huang shook his head. His hand was clasped in a white glove as he shook the mouse in his hand. “I just got someone to look into it. There wasn’t anyone else doing the recording, it was indeed captured through this laptop. The analysis from the angle it was captured also showed the same outcome, eliminating the possibility of a murder. We have found the bottle of pills she took before she died. It’s just ordinary sleeping pills, which would be fatal when overdosed. She hadn’t been forced to take the pills. Your speculation this time doesn’t seem to be right.”

Director Huang inhaled. “It’s to 99% a suicide.”

“Isn’t there still one percent?” Qin Mo walked over to take a closer look at the items. He even raised the tea cup for a closer look.

There were still coffee stains and a french press specifically for making coffee was placed at the side.

The room wasn’t particularly neat, but there was a certain mood to it.

There were two words written on the cup, ‘Press on’.

“The cup was specially made.” Bo Jiu was familiar with such items. Qin Mo turned the cup and as what she had said, there were several names carved on the cups, all of them single lettered.

Director Huang added, “This cup is specially made by her fans. Is there anything wrong?”

“No.” Bo Jiu glanced up. “I just feel that she wouldn’t have chosen to kill herself when there were so many people who care for her.”

Director Huang paused. “That is just a psychological conjecture.”

He didn’t wish to believe someone would end their life in such a manner as well.

“There has to be evidence.” Director Huang had met the victim’s mother. She had held onto his arm and begged. “You have to believe me, my daughter would never commit suicide. I beg you, you have to believe me.”

Director Huang had witnessed many of such scenes, but he didn’t know how he should comfort her.

However, he had never seen a mother like her who was so sure her daughter would never commit suicide and beg him to find more clues.

Because of that, he started to waver, maintaining the original state of the crime scene.

But… He couldn’t find anything else.

That night, after the victim had entered her room, no one else took the elevator to this storey.

There wasn’t any surveillance in the walkway, hence, they could only depend on the neighbors for clues.

But her neighbor slept early as a worker working from nine to five. He hadn’t noticed anything amiss.

“Which neighbor?” Qin Mo placed the cup down.

Director Huang pointed to the door beside the victim’s apartment. “It’s the second time we are taking his statement and he still has to go to work.”

He was indeed busy, he glanced at his watch and seemed to have talked a lot. “I have already told you everything I know. I really don’t know anything else and didn’t hear anything. Everything was normal that day and there wasn’t anyone suspicious.”

Qin Mo and Bo Jiu walked over when they heard his statement.

Qin Mo sat in front of the neighbor. “That day aside, what about other days? Have you seen anyone coming to find her?”

“There was someone that came over three to four times.” The neighbor recalled. “Recently, a lady with long curly hair came rather frequently. She seemed to be friends since my neighbor opened the door for her. But two days ago, a tall and thin man came out from her house. He seemed like a thief and for the next five to six days, she kept asking me if any of the apartments on our storey had been broken into. But this has nothing to do with this case. Basically, everything was normal on that day, nothing happened.”

Qin Mo stopped recording the information. “I understand. Thank you for your cooperation. You can go off to work.”

He heaved a sigh of relief and turned towards Qin Mo. “I hope the case can be solved soon. She was a nice person and would often greet me when we meet in the elevator. I have a bad habit of forgetting my keys and would always trouble her to help open the main gate of our building. Now that she isn’t around anymore, I feel rather afraid and hollow inside. If you have anymore questions, you can still seek me out, but try to keep it after working hours.”

“Cool.” Over at this side, Qin Mo closed his notebook.

Bo Jiu was already calling Sister Turtle. The first question she asked after the call went through was, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

She didn’t have to specify who she was, Sister Turtle already knew. Sister Turtle’s voice was still hoarse from crying too long. “No, she spends most of her time writing and barely has enough time to go for matchmaking sessions. She doesn’t have many male friends and all of them reside in her hometown. I tried convincing her to get a boyfriend. It would have made her feel better.”

“All of her male friends are in her hometown? Have any of them visited her in Jiang City?” Bo Jiu continued to probe.

Sister Turtle wasn’t dumb, she immediately caught on. “No, Spade, did you find something?”

“Yeah,” Bo Jiu replied lightly. “I can’t leak the information, but as her friend, I would like to understand how exactly her social life was like.”

Sister Turtle seemed to loosen up a little. “She doesn’t have many friends and wouldn’t speak of her personal problems under normal circumstances. Most of her problems are work-related. Not many people know of her pseudonym, which is a common trait amongst authors. Her weblife and personal life are kept separate, but the unjust this time seems like a big blow. She considered to stop writing just like I had. Honestly, everyone has moments they can no longer go on, but I don’t believe she would commit suicide. Do you know, Spade? She said she still believes that even though justice is late, it will never be absent.”

Bo Jiu felt a shock run through her.

“As for the kind of person she is.” Sister Turtle felt her pupils wavering. “Take a look at her writings.”

Bo Jiu glance over. The Almighty was already seated in front of the laptop, his right hand sliding the mouse.

He was reading a story, a word document left by the victim.

Bo Jiu hung up and walked over.

The word folder was on automatic save mode.

Since the laptop hadn’t been shut down, the cursor was where she had last left it.

It was on the last word she had typed.

There was a paragraph.

“It seems like I’m living in hell or perhaps a place more frightening than hell. But miraculously, a flower that can survive and blossom in hell would be hard to defeat. I am glad to have met all of you, I am glad to have your company, to have written what I wanted to. Many would see this as a war, but it isn’t, I was just expressing my weak voice through this unjust. I hope that my voice will influence some. I don’t wish for them to turn into nourishment that beasts and thieves feed on and for the original creators to be disappointed. I hope that after they graduate, when they meet with unjust, they will be able to voice out courageously instead of keeping everything in. I hope they know that regardless of how alone or frightened they are, there will always be a warm hug from those that have survived through tough times. You are not alone, justice still exists and even though human nature can’t be explained, I will accompany all of you just like how you have accompanied me…”

Bo Jiu didn’t understand the industry, but she had the basic ability to comprehend.

“Someone who could write this would never commit suicide. More importantly, this last line says… I will accompany all of you.” Bo Jiu turned towards Qin Mo, her fingers pointing to the screen. “This represents continuity.”

Qin Mo glanced at her small little chin, which was extremely close to him. “Smart, but this can’t be used as evidence.”

Director Huang nodded.

Just as Bo Jiu was about to tightened her hands into fists, Qin Mo reached out to caress her temples. “No one would be in the mood for coffee before committing suicide. Besides, our previous conjectures were right, someone was trying to approach her…” Before he could finish his sentence, an applause interrupted them.

“Seems like I arrived at the right moment.” It was Smith, he was still wearing his perfectly pressed suit with a hint of English style. It made him look like a famed detective. “To have heard Young Master Qin’s conjecture. I understand why you would think someone is trying to approach her. It was purely because of the allegations she made of the thief. The thief may exist and may have entered her house to steal her items, but this has nothing to do with her suicide. There aren’t any clues left behind in the first crime scene, no fingerprints or any other tracks that can link to an outsider. Even the cause of death has been because of her own actions. Trying to make this out to be a murder would just allow those that made her upset to escape punishment. But the Chinese doesn’t seem to have a specific law in this area. Now that the person who has plagiarized has been bailed out and hasn’t been harmed, this case should come to a stop.”

Just as Director Huang was about to comment, Smith interrupted again, a piece of paper appearing in his hand. “It’s an order from the higher-ups. I am wholly in charge of this case so it would be best for those unauthorized to leave immediately and leave their speculations to rest.”

With that, Smith turned to signal for Qin Mo to leave.

Director Huang could no longer keep his anger in check.

Qin Mo however, remained indifferent.

Bo Jiu raised a brow. Whenever the Almighty was in this state, the other party was in for some trouble.

He hadn’t expected to meet the Almighty’s gaze.

Smith must see the Almighty as enemy, which was why he was putting on such a show as he approached.

However, he hadn’t caught the glance the Almighty directed in her direction.

On a certain level, both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were almost telepathic.

After noticing his glance, there was an additional item in her left hand when she brushed Director Huang. Next, she placed her left hand into her pockets nonchalantly.

Director Huang paused. He knew what the youngster had taken. The medicine case in his hand.

It was obvious who had instructed her to take the medicine case.

Why were they taking the evidence?

Director Huang couldn’t fathom their intentions, but he didn’t ask.

One day. He would give them another day.

If the result remained suicide after a day, he would have to send the victim’s parents back.

Director Huang was a grown man himself, but yet he couldn’t seem to face her mother.

As an experienced officer, he knew there was a problem with this case, but without evidence, he couldn’t just run his mouth as evidence was necessary for any claim he wanted to make.

He was hoping those two would find something.

Smith was busking in the superiority he felt in front of Qin Mo and hadn’t noticed Bo Jiu’s actions. He laughed. “Young Master Qin, it would be best to surrender your temporary identification pass. Your sudden appearance at the crime scene is making things difficult on our side.”

With that, everyone from the crime squad turned over, wondering what he wanted. Was he trying to replace Young Master Qin?

Director Huang’s face fell.

Smith continued, “Since I am wholly in charge of this case, there can’t be any sloppiness in the case. Young Master Qin, sorry if I have offended you.”

This time, Qin Mo didn’t bother looking at him.


An identification pass seemed to have brushed past his face, cutting deep into the wooden table behind him.

It was an inch into the wood.

Shock ran through the crowd.

Qin Mo remained indifferent as he walked out of the apartment with the youngster.

Director Huang was furious. Did Smith know how much trouble he was causing? It took so much trouble to have him back in the crime squad.

The temporary nature of the pass was due to Qin Mo’s unwillingness, but now that he had left the pass here, it would be hard for him to take it back!

Smith was incorrigible!

Director Huang’s eyes sunk. Could it be him?

The mole they detected during the negotiation with the drug dealers.

He couldn’t be sure just yet, he would have to monitor him a bit more.

Smith didn’t do anything out of the ordinary though.

After leaving the apartment, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo went back into the car.

Bo Jiu opened her palm, the medicine bottle in her hand, the evidence from the crime scene.

“You suspect there’s a problem with this?” Bo Jiu asked.

Qin Mo’s fingers caressed her wounds. Seeing how it didn’t hurt, he replied. “There isn’t a problem, it seems to have healed. Such amazing healing abilities.”

Bo Jiu muttered softly, “As a Tyrant CEO and Sugar Daddy, I can’t allow myself to be defeated with such a small injury.”

“What did you say?” Qin Mo arched a brow.

Bo Jiu cleared her throat, a sly smile spreading across her face. “Nothing.” The Almighty’s ears were just too sharp.

“Is that so?” Qin Mo asked casually. “Why did it seem like I heard the words Sugar Daddy?”

Bo Jiu replied with a face of seriousness, “You heard wrongly.”

Qin Mo glanced at her casually, her serious expression tempting him to pinch her.

And that was what he did, he reached out and pinched her face. “You want to hear my analysis?”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu knew that the Almighty had already thought of something.

Qin Mo released her cheeks, looking dignified. “Then be honest.”

Bo Jiu asked, “When haven’t I been honest?”

The Almighty replied, “You haven’t given my the shower you promised.”

Bo Jiu: …