Chapter 1132 - The Ultimate Boss

Chapter 1132: The Ultimate Boss

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Other matters? What other matters? Didn’t they have the case under their control?

The superintendent didn’t understand Qin Mo. Normally, when foreigners were confused, they appeared a little lost.

The sky was entirely dark now.

There was a Lamborghini parked inside the university. Such expensive sports cars were commonly seen in universities. Thus, the pure black Lamborghini wasn’t very conspicuous.

Of course, that was just an illusion as ever since the Lamborghini was parked, it felt very bored. It was bored because its master’s little vixen didn’t turn off the navigation panel.

Once Little Blackie was bored, it started scanning its companions. It’s master always teased it for not having any eyes. Did she think that its rear mirror was for show?

It tried to greet the Land Rover beside it but the Land Rover was very cold towards it. Finally, it decided that it was the only artificial intelligence here. The feeling of being the only one awake was amazing.

Let’s play some music and get high!

Just as the navigation system started fluctuating, a university professor came to drive his car home. He got a shock from the car beside him when it suddenly moved. The main thing was, there was no one inside. Where did the music come from!

The professor turned his head and wanted to take a clear look when a faint voice was heard. “Is there something wrong with my car?”

“Nothing. It’s very cool.” The university professor smiled. He must have heard wrong. Why would an empty car play music on its own?

Qin Mo walked to the side of his car and whispered the password to it. He pulled the car door open and sat inside while waiting for the car beside him to leave. Then he opened his mouth. “Didn’t your master tell you that if you suddenly make a sound, other people might think that there’s a ghost?”

The lines on the navigation system moved. “Master says that there’s no need to care about these details.”

Qin Mo didn’t reply to it. He steered the steering wheel with one hand.

The navigation system got serious too. It had no choice as its master’s little vixen didn’t act according to its plan. “Where do you want to go? I can automatically fill in your destination.”

Qin Mo’s handsome and elegant face seemed a little lonely. Finally, he said, “Back to the castle.”

“Back to the castle?” The black Lamborghini shook from shock. Was this person crazy? He allowed himself to be kidnapped and now, he still wanted to return to the castle?

It really didn’t understand these complicated humans. However, if its master knew that her little vixen wanted to go back, she would be very happy.

The navigation system would fluctuate when it was analyzing. Sometimes, it would ask questions too.

Qin Mo replied in a calm tone, “She slept with me. I can’t just let go of her so easily.”

The black Lamborghini: … This was the ultimate boss!

“Check to see if there’s any Burger King around here.” Qin Mo disregarded the movements on the navigation system.

Little Blackie said, “We need to make a detour.”

“Do it,” Qin Mo replied simply.

The black Lamborghini started to suspect who its real master was. It thought that it would have to wait for a while outside but the man ordered a takeaway. He just placed it beside him and didn’t eat it.

As an intelligent car, the Little Blackie had some analysis skills. “Master always buys this when she comes out.”

“She likes to eat all this junk food.” Qin Mo’s tone seemed casual.

The line on the navigation system moved again. “Is that why you bought only one serving?”

“Don’t you know that your master likes to feed me? French fries and nuggets are easier to feed.”

Little Blackie: … Did you just buy your own food so that Master can feed you?! How shameless can you get!

Why did it feel that the information its master got was all wrong? This boss was enjoying himself!

For some reason, the Lamborghini felt that its master had misunderstood something. Once it had a chance, it would tell its master about this boss’s plan!

Actually, there was another reason why Qin Mo bought this food. Besides wanting Bo Jiu to feed him, he knew that she liked to eat them too.

The fellow must have been depressed when he had left today.

He didn’t have the time to buy sweets because he was afraid that if he stayed outside longer, that fellow would start thinking too much. Thus, he decided to buy a bag of nuggets. When she saw food, her ears wouldn’t droop. It looked pretty but he felt uncomfortable every time he saw her like this.

His mind was filled with the image of that fellow drooping her head down and looking very pitiful. Unconsciously, he stepped on the accelerator and increased the car’s speed to its maximum.

Murcielagos had a quick acceleration. He managed to overtake four cars instantly as he zoomed towards the direction of the huge bridge.

The colorful lights lit up and New York’s night scene was seen. The sparkling lights were like shining stars in the night sky. Music could be heard floating out of sports cars.

This scene gradually died down when they reached the suburbs. The castle in the depth of the forest always seemed quiet. But today, it was too quiet. No lights were lit up, not even one. There were no torches lit up outside the castle too. From afar, only the outline of the castle could be seen.

Qin Mo parked the car. He lifted the takeaway bag with his uninjured hand. However, when he saw the castle, his gaze turned cold. There was no warmth in it.

He walked over hurriedly and pushed the broken door open. Even without light, he was able to tell that there were signs of fighting and explosives based on his experience.

This was the first time Qin Mo froze on the spot. Then he hurriedly rushed to the basement. This was the only place that fellow would hide to escape the attack. There was no one here.


Qin Mo forced himself to calm down. Even so, when he switched on his receiver, his fingers were shaking.

“Young Master?” The shadow guards hadn’t expected their young master to turn on his receiver at this time. After all, when he was spending time with Young Master Jiu, he would block them.

Qin Mo took a deep breath as he clutched the railings of the staircase. This seemed to be the only way to clear his mind. “Check which mercenary team executed a mission recently. I want results immediately.”

On the other end of the receiver, the shadow guards exchanged glances with each other before replying, “Yes.” They had never heard their young master ordering them with such a commanding tone. What on earth happened?

No one might be able to understand Qin Mo’s feelings now. He felt as though a part within his chest was empty. He just stood there in a daze.

At that moment, he thought of many things. The thing he spent the most time thinking about was whether he should go out. Even if he went out, he should bring that person along.

Qin Mo slowly clenched his left hand which was dangling beside his body. His heart was aching and this pain spread all the way to his brain like a virus…