Chapter 1135 - Untitled

Chapter 1135: Untitled

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There was a spacious viewing area in the international airport, the huge transparent glass separating the viewers from the ascending aircrafts.

When the phone in his pocket vibrated, Lin Feng shifted but didn’t pick it up. Instead, he sat motionlessly as though it was the only way to drown the emptiness within him.

Yun Hu was really gone.

Lin Feng hung his head, his lips downturned as he pressed the fringe across his forehead.

Since Mother Lin and the others hadn’t left, she turned and caught sight of him, a flash of confusion running through her. But it wasn’t hard to understand because they were the best of brothers and had been together ever since young. The pain was undeniable.

The news was dissipated through the esports channels with the headlines “What path is the Supreme Alliance going to take?”

There were fans hoping Almighty Yun would stay and there were some who saw it as the end. It was an uncertain time for fans of Supreme Alliance. Supreme Alliance was no longer a team suited for the Asia Cup as their skills were probably only at the provincial level now.

Supreme Alliance was overwhelmed by obstacles but that wasn’t all, a self-proclaimed Spade fan wrote a post on the official Weibo. The contents were basically Spade Z’s old news. “Firstly, I’m not here to defame Spade Z, I was once his fan but subsequently decided to take another path. Let’s touch on Spade Z’s maneuvering, it is indeed impressive but this is the only merit of this person. I am here to speak up for my group leader. She splurged about three thousand dollars on Spade Z, it is indeed…”

The moment the post came out, those that saw the post sided the author, reposting to show their support. But there were also a few logical ones who raised their doubts. “Big Spade doesn’t have a group. Everyone knows about this. Besides, you claim you aren’t here to defame Spade Z but the entire post is clearly defamation.”

“Forget it, I was just venting my frustration.” The author tried to end the conversation, adding, “Back then, Spade Z told me to train well and protect myself. I was way too young. This person used this method to gain many fans.”

At this moment, someone else added, “I don’t get it, why does Spade Z act in such a manner? This is speechless.”

Outsiders tapped in out of curiosity and asked, “Why are you defaming someone that encouraged you to train well?”

Once the post went viral, it was a matter of time before Spade fans caught on.

“From the author’s description, he seems to have held back on information. Back then, you guys created a private group and once you were done pulling fans into your group, the group wreaked havoc and even lodged a complaint against the official management. Why didn’t the author include that in his post? The swell in fans was due to the management’s recommendation, you are indeed too young.”

“Hahaha, why does the last sentence sound so ridiculous.”

“Too young indeed.”

“Let’s not divert from the gist, isn’t an esports player supposed to be good at maneuvering? Cherish his fans? Do you think these sort of people are considered fans?”

“They are just passersby that coincidentally teamed up with Big Spade in the past.”

“Alright, close the post, play elsewhere.”

This matter seemed to have ended but another netizen made use of the post to reply to another post. The words were obvious, “Spade Z was laid for fame.”