Chapter 1160 - Untitled

Chapter 1160: Untitled

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“In the military, you need to follow the military rules. Do you understand?” Qin Mo pulled his hand away. However, his gaze landed unintentionally on her neck.

The light in the room was very bright. Thus, when someone lowered her head, the back of her neck could be seen clearly. It was so soft it seemed a little glaring. The porcelain white skin was glowing. There was a tinge of color on it, probably because of his breath. Instantly, it became beautiful and attractive.

Qin Mo turned his head and shifted his gaze away. He walked towards the door and went out.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. She didn’t understand what just happened to Qin Mo but that person was already gone.

After Qin Mo walked out of the room, he stood in the wind and finally got his rational back. That fellow in the room probably didn’t know that he wasn’t able to control himself when he was facing her. He didn’t know what he would do. He even had the thought of destroying her entirely. Yet, she continuously sent herself to him voluntarily.

Bo Jiu stood against the corner of the wall. When she noticed that the Almighty showed no signs of coming back any time soon, she turned her head and laid down on the only single bed in the room. The mint tobacco smell was very obvious. Even the pillow was full of that person’s smell.

Bo Jiu buried her head into the pillow. It was so hard to chase the Almighty. She finally managed to successfully chase him the last time but this time, she had to start all over again. The hardest thing was that the Almighty’s vigilance was extremely high. He didn’t even give her a chance to seduce him.

This was a little hard to deal with. She couldn’t send flowers in the military unit as that would be too high profile and the Almighty didn’t like things that were too conspicuous.

Bo Jiu laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She would be leaving this place after some time. Thus, she needed to quickly chase the Almighty.

Thinking about this, Bo Jiu turned her head and changed her posture. Her gaze fell under the office table. There was a keyboard there.

Bo Jiu was familiar with this keyboard. This was what they used to train their finger speed when they were at the club together. It wasn’t just the Almighty and her. All the other members of Supreme Alliance used it too. He even brought his keyboard here. Actually, the thing you liked the most in your heart was still esports, right?

Not as the grandson of the Qin family but just purely as Qin Mo…

Thinking about this, Bo Jiu sat down and took out her phone. She turned on the phone that had been off for many days and dialed a series of numbers. The phone rang two times. Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows.

She didn’t know that when Lin Feng saw the display name on his phone, he forgot to even cough. When the screen blinked for the third time, he placed the phone immediately beside his ear. “Little Spade, you bastard. Why are you playing the disappearing game? You went missing after you went overseas to film a movie. What exactly happened to you? F**k. I thought that you had a breakdown after seeing all the comments on the Internet. Let me tell you, whether or not you’re a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. Does esports care about gender? Hurry up and come back. If you don’t come back, I’ll block you.”

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After hearing the voice from the other side, Bo Jiu replied calmly, “Did you catch a cold? Why does your voice sound a little hoarse?” Compared to the dumb Brother Lin, she was still smart enough to change the topic.

Lin Feng sneezed. He pulled the collar of his sweater up and placed one hand in his pocket. He looked a little cool from his side profile as he stood there. “You can hear it? I think I’m a little sick. Who knew why the temperature suddenly turned so cold?”

“You’re outside?” Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows.

Lin Feng acknowledged her. His gaze started fluttering around. “I’m at the airport. Yun Hu is coming back today. My mom forced me to fetch him. She’s worried about letting her god-son take his own transport.”

Bo Jiu replied, “Oh.” She dragged the end of her word. It was obvious that she was mocking him.


Bo Jiu continued laughing while Lin Feng snorted. “I’m hanging up.”

“Don’t.” Bo Jiu opened her mouth and said, “I really have an important matter.”

Lin Feng tilted his head. “What’s the matter?”

“I will like to request you, no, I should be saying, I will like to request all of you to protect Supreme Alliance’s right to take part in the Asian Cup.” When Bo Jiu was saying this sentence, her eyes were very dark.

This was one of the rare times Lin Feng straightened his back. “Little Spade, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Brother Mo’s hand has been successfully treated. However, I’m not sure if he can participate in the competition. I don’t know if he can reach in time too.” Bo Jiu raised her head. Something flashed past her eyes. “But we need a chance.”

Lin Feng coughed again. His nasal voice was very heavy. “Feng Shang has been fighting for this all this while. However, the answer from the committee isn’t less than satisfactory. That year, we didn’t put up a fight and didn’t even get the right for our team leader to participate in the competition. This time, it won’t happen again.”

“As expected, I was right about you, Senior Lin.” Bo Jiu gave an evil smile. “I will not disturb you as you wait for your husband, who is a thousand miles away. Good night.”

“What do you mean by good night? Who is waiting for his husband…” Before Lin Feng could finish his sentence, the person had hung up. By the time he called the number again, the phone was off, just like before. What the hell was Little Spade doing? Was she planning to never appear in the future again? Whether or not she was going to appear, she should explain what she meant by that sentence just now!

Lin Feng felt a little frustrated. There was a different emotion in his heart. It was changing into something strange along with the echoes in the airport.

He clearly heard that the flight he was waiting for would land in two minutes. Two minutes.

Lin Feng paused for a moment. He pulled his collar up again and went to buy a bottle of water as he continued coughing. After only taking two gulps, he started getting restless again. He went into the toilet and unzipped his pants but nothing came out. In the end, Lin Feng knocked his head against the wall. His breathing could be heard clearly. What the hell? Why was his heart beating so quickly?

Lin Feng raised his hand and took another gulp of water. He grabbed his hair due to his restlessness. There were other young ladies in the airport too. When they saw him, some just simply exclaimed how handsome he was while others covered their mouth with a surprised expression. They obviously knew who he was.

Lin Feng noticed them too. His fans were present so he mustn’t do anything stupid. He sat back in his position and pulled his sweater up again and again. He covered his nose and mouth with his sweater, pretending to look like a man of great depth. He appeared tired.

He raised his hand and looked at his watch. The closer the time got, the hotter his chest became.

Finally, the time had arrived. Lin Feng stood up immediately. Suddenly, he remembered that it would take some time to alight from the plane so he sat back on his chair again nonchalantly.

During these two days, because of Spade Z’s identity, Supreme Alliance was being watched by many people. Thus, Lin Feng knew that when he came out, he didn’t just represent himself. He was representing the entire Supreme Alliance. He pretended to remain calm and cool and tried to keep a low profile. Normally, in such conditions, more and more fans would gather.

Lin Feng rubbed his wrist. Just as he was about to change his seat, he saw a pair of brown cowhide shoes walking towards him. They stopped in front of him. Beside his legs was a luggage bag of the same color. The two long legs made people jealous…