Chapter 1164 - Untitled

Chapter 1164: Untitled

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The sweet and refreshing fragrance of the fruit started spreading from the end of her lips slowly all the way to the tip of her tongue. When Bo Jiu felt the familiar sense of touch, she frowned and felt slightly frustrated. This was… a lollipop?

Qin Mo seemed to really like her current expression. After blocking a certain someone’s mouth, he retrieved his hand. The aura of the person was still present though.

Bo Jiu looked into his eyes. She had waited for half the day but all the Almighty gave her was a piece of candy to eat? She suddenly had the feeling as if she had taken off her pants but this was all you showed me!

Bo Jiu shifted her gaze down for half a centimeter. The corners of her lips were dropping slightly. Her ears were drooping too. These were all tricks to fool her. Where was the kiss she was expecting?

“What happened?” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. He found it a little funny. He closed in on the face and spoke with some elegance, “You don’t like it?”

Bo Jiu sucked her treat but didn’t reply to him.

Qin Mo used his fingers to pinch her face. His voice was cold. “Do you think that I will kiss you? You’re dreaming every day.”

Bo Jiu: … You can see through it but not speak about it. That way, we can still be friends. But the Almighty would probably never understand this idea.

“Finish your candy and get back to the bed to sleep.” Qin Mo tilted his body and laid down beside her. He looked very handsome as he raised his chin – as though telling her that she should go back to where she belonged.

Bo Jiu sucked the candy and stretched her hand out. She hugged the Almighty’s waist directly and smiled until her eyes became small. “No. Let’s sleep together.”

Qin Mo smiled. He grabbed the youngster’s chin in a mocking manner and said, “Little Bo Jiu, who gave you the courage to say these words?”

“The candy gave me the courage.” Bo Jiu was sucking the lollipop so her voice was a little muffled. “Do you have more?”

This time, Qin Mo didn’t push her away. It might be because the person in his arms was too soft or maybe because her warmth coincidentally hit his chest. He knew that this person was an adult and was also Z, the person whom he used to admire. However, for some reason, he still felt that this fellow was very young so if he rejected her too much, she might throw a tantrum like a teenager. He moved his thin lips and said indifferently, “Even if I have, it won’t be yours.”

“Brother Mo, I feel that we need to be sincere as humans. We can’t always act like arrogant little princesses.” Bo Jiu smiled. The corners of her lips were curved too. “What do you think?”

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Although Qin Mo smiled, his gaze was cold. “Get on the bed.”

After Bo Jiu was pushed away, she felt a little dazed. She was just starting her first step to seduce the Almighty. Why did it end so quickly? She wanted to hug the person again but the Almighty didn’t allow her to. She couldn’t get near him at all. Thus, she wasn’t able to take advantage of him. The Almighty was guarding against her as though she was a wolf.

Bo Jiu had no choice but to go back to her bed. She laid there and turned her body twice. In the end, her gaze landed on the figure on the floor again. She gave a lazy smile. “Brother Mo, are you afraid I will do something to you and you won’t be able to control yourself? Is that why you don’t want to sleep with me?”

“You know that you’re a ruffian?” Qin Mo closed his eyes and replied in a leisurely manner.

Bo Jiu didn’t know what to do now. The Almighty wasn’t reacting to her provocation.

“You can come up. I’ll sleep properly. I can’t win you in a fight either. If you’re really worried that I will do something to you, you can just handcuff me,” Bo Jiu said as though she was a righteous man.

Qin Mo opened her eyes and looked in her direction. “This arrogant little princess normally doesn’t sleep with just anyone.”

Bo Jiu: … Fine, he emphasized the words ‘little princess’ so strongly. I don’t have much hope anymore.

She knew that the Almighty loved to bear grudges. However, she had still underestimated how narrow-minded he was. He always caught people off guard with his teasing.

She licked the candy. It was still very sweet. Even her heart started to soften because of the sweetness. Actually, she understood. She knew that there were very little candies in the military. She understood what it meant when he bought it for her. She understood everything.

Ever since young, this person had been treating her like this. He had disciplined and doted on her at the same time. But this time, he was so hard to chase. Bo Jiu turned her face and looked at him again when she thought about this.

Qin Mo got irritated by her stares. His beautiful eyes turned deep in the dark. However, his voice didn’t change. It still sounded relaxed and a little hoarse. “Do you hope that you won’t be able to get off the bed tomorrow?”

“No. I’m just a little cold.” Bo Jiu wasn’t lying this time. The military blanket was too thin. At the borders, the difference in temperature between day and night was huge. In addition, the military unit was situated in no-man’s land so after autumn came, the night would get even colder.

If she hadn’t made a deal with Boss Tang and come to the military this time, she might never be able to personally experience how this person had lived for so many years. He was God’s favored one, the grandson of the main Qin family. After wearing the military uniform, he gave off a different stance.

There were too many people here who could live like a normal person and lived willfully. Yet, they chose to remain behind. They chose to be stationed at the borders where resources weren’t abundant. In order to protect the line, they could bear with anything. This was all so that the people behind them could wake up to a bustling city.

In this world, there were many kinds of love. Most of the soldiers of China were silent and strong, just like the snow on the Kunlun Mountains. The snow there never melted. They watched over this place, hoping that other people would never have to see any wars or battles in their lifetime.

Maybe, some of the people here didn’t even know this. They didn’t know that this person should be standing on the esports stage, enjoying the spotlight. That was what he really liked. But in order to better protect this country, he had to give up the thing that he liked the most.

Bo Jiu looked at the cold and long figure. Her heart felt as though it was stuffed with things. No matter what she had experienced, no matter what had happened, she would probably never forget that, even during times like this, that person took some time to buy her candies.

She smiled. Somehow, the tip of her tongue tasted exceptionally sweet. She pushed her tongue against her protruding canine teeth and pulled the military blanket up a little.

At the start, when he heard that fellow saying that she was cold, he didn’t plan to care about her. The military was always like this. If you can’t get used to it, you should have left long ago. But when he heard the sound of the blanket being lifted for the third time, Qin Mo stood up from the ground and hugged the person on the bed through the blanket.

Bo Jiu was still pulling the blanket up. She looked to her side and saw the extremely handsome face. She wanted to hug him back when Qin Mo looked at her and opened his mouth slowly. “There’s no precautionary measures here. Will you only be obedient after I lose control of myself?”

The voice was cold. However, the meaning behind his words caused Bo Jiu to stop moving.

Qin Mo achieved the result he wanted. He planned to close his eyes even though his entire body was burning.

Yet, unexpectedly, the youngster lifted the blanket and covered him with it. There were still signs of shyness on her pretty face when she placed her fingers on his waist. When she looked up again, her exquisite and beautiful collar bones were revealed due to her actions. They were enticing and fair, just like knockout drops. “Why do you have to control yourself? Let me help you.”