Chapter 1401 - What to Write for the Title?

Chapter 1401 What to Write for the Title?

The reporter didn’t expect Sir Xin to be so friendly. He was afraid that his question was too direct and would provoke Sir Xin. Hence, he changed his method of asking. “Well, I believe that Sir Xin hasn’t seen Almighty Qin’s interview, right? Almighty Qin said that you’ve been waiting for Almighty Hoshino for a long time. Cough, do you think that what he said is right?”Before You Sixin could have any reaction, Hoshino frowned slightly on the other side. What did he mean?

The reporter wanted to cough again when he noticed that no one was replying.

Unexpectedly, You Sixin raised his arm and placed it on Hoshino’s shoulder. He gave a small smile and said, “Do you think what he said was right?”

The reporter was dumbfounded! Sadly, he hadn’t thought of starting filming. By the time he regained his senses, You Sixin had already left.

Almighty Hoshino had entered the crowd too. However, his voice could still be heard. “You did that on purpose, right?”

“Isn’t it good to confirm what Qin Mo said? Hmph, I think that it’s because you’re a huge threat. Hoshino, didn’t you notice this point? You’re too close with Z,” You Sixin said calmly. “As a boyfriend, he won’t like this kind of closeness.”

Hoshino smiled lightly. “As Z’s boyfriend, shouldn’t he be prepared for this kind of thing? Z is naturally very likable.”

You Sixin: … Why are you giving such a proud expression? I don’t feel like shopping anymore. There’s nothing nice to shop for.

You Sixin squinted for a moment. Then he wanted to leave. He would indeed have left if Hoshino didn’t pull him back. “Let’s go there and take a look.”

“Look at what?” You Sixin had the aura of a young master. He was handsome with a tinge of a devilish aura.

Hoshino’s voice was as gentle as always. “Don’t you need to feed the little thing you brought back? I don’t understand. Are you its master, or am I? There’s not enough cat food. There’s a pet shop there. We can buy some food.”

You Sixin didn’t say much after hearing this. He followed Hoshino for a few steps before opening his mouth and said softly, “You’re more considerate of a cat than of me.”

At this time, the Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street was always very crowded. Thus, noises were everywhere.

As it was so crowded, they needed to evade the reporters as well as the fans that might recognize them. Hence, Hoshino didn’t hear what You Sixin said. Therefore, he turned his head. He was still wearing a mask so only his eyes, which were as black as ink, could be seen. “What did you say just now?”

“Nothing.” You Sixin placed his hands in the pocket of his coat and said like a young master, “Where is the shop you mentioned?”

Hoshino continued walking forward. “If you don’t even recognize a pet shop, why did you bring the cat back?”

“I found it when I was getting rid of some people. It was raining. I can’t get rid of a cat, right?” You Sixin said these words extremely casually.

Hoshino could almost imagine the scene. There must have been a bunch of men in black. He would be standing right in front of the crowd lazily as if he wasn’t here to catch anyone. However, he was more ruthless than anyone else.

Of course, normally, he wouldn’t need to clear up the battlefield but it wasn’t difficult to understand what the fifth-generation master wanted to do. That was why his men were so obedient and docile.

It had probably started raining after he had gotten rid of the people. Then he must have seen a cat at the side of the road so he had opened his jacket with a cigarette in his mouth, stuffed the cat into his arms, and carried it back.

This person didn’t have any affinity with pets.

When Hoshino had seen him again, there had still been a cat print on his cheek. It must have been because his face was too ostentatious. It was so ostentatious that even a cat couldn’t accept it. The moment he had been back though, he had thrown the cat aside. Indeed, humans were even more arrogant than cats.

In senior high, this person had been able to defeat a gang all alone. They had arranged to fight on the roof and within a day, he had become the boss.

Ever since young, he had been like this. He hated it most when other people told him he looked beautiful. If someone dared to talk about his face, that person had reached the end of his life.

Hoshino smiled and opened the door of the pet shop. Besides cat food, there was nothing they needed to buy.

That aside, he felt that he should take a look at the interview the reporter had mentioned.

You Sixin really felt that he didn’t seem like a young master. He decided to turn off his phone.

If Qin Mo was able to watch over Z, that would be the best. However, even if he didn’t, there was nothing he could do either. As they were in China, Z wouldn’t be in any trouble.

You Sixin was just afraid that Qin Mo wasn’t able to control Z and she would return to Fifth Avenue. If that happened, Hoshino would follow Z back.

Honestly speaking, in the past, he had been interested in this person, the Young Lord of the hackers. Now, he didn’t have any good impression of her though.

Hoshino didn’t know what You Sixin was thinking. He grabbed a bag of cat food casually and raised it in front of You Sixin. “What do you think of this flavor?”

You Sixin took it over and placed a piece inside his mouth. His expression was as arrogant as ever. “Not bad.”

The people in the pet shop were stunned. This handsome person just placed cat food inside his mouth?!

Hoshino was stunned for a moment too. He grabbed the person’s face. “Spit it out.”

“Why should I spit it out? Aren’t you the one who asked me about the taste?” Obviously, You Sixin had forgotten where they were at.

Hoshino smiled helplessly. His voice sounded happy too as he said, “Hey, I asked you to smell it. I didn’t ask you to eat it. That’s cat food.”

You Sixin: …

He didn’t want to speak. This was probably what You Sixin felt like for the rest of the day.

Hoshino knew that You Sixin couldn’t read Chinese words so he picked a packet of cat food and turned around to ask, “Shall we get one more pack?”

You Sixin scoffed. “One bag is not enough for that stupid cat?”

“It’s not for the cat.” Hoshino took out his wallet with his slender fingers. “The extra bag is to feed you.”

You Sixin narrowed his eyes. “Do you want to fight?”

“Sure.” Hoshino took the bag and continued, “We can fight after we go back.”

The reporter, who was eavesdropping outside, rubbed his nose. It seemed like all the talk about love was fake. The relationship between the members of the Japanese team wasn’t good. It was obvious that the vice-captain didn’t listen to the captain. But what should the title be?

This was a difficult question for the straightforward newbie. No matter what, he should post the picture on the internet first. Sir Xin had placed his arm around Almighty Hoshino just now but it felt like a joke. Buying cat food was closer to reality. At least there was a conflict between the two of them.

Yes, right! That was right! He could create a conflict!

The new reporter felt that his idea was not bad since conflict would give people a topic to talk about. This was an unwritten rule on the internet.

People would definitely take a look at his photo. After all, the vice-captain wanted to fight with the captain.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his point of view was right.

After he posted the photo, the new reporter decided to give the two players some personal space so he didn’t continue following them.

Approximately three minutes later, he took a look at his Weibo. The scene he expected didn’t happen!

Instead, a huge number of people were commenting, “Ah! They are buying cat food together. How lovely! I will support the Ye-Xin couple!”

The new reporter was astounded and speechless. He thought that this was different from what he had expected. My fellow readers, why aren’t you looking at the title?!