Chapter 1313 - Untitled

Chapter 1313 Untitled

It wasn’t until Lin Feng saw Grandfather Butler that he was convinced that someone could roast an entire lamb at home.

The entire group stiffened slightly when they saw him at the door; Rao Rong in particular. He froze while showing his originally suave stance. After taking a moment, he apologized to the old man in English. After having turned, he asked Lin Feng, “Are you sure we’re at the right house?”

“109, it’s this unit.” Lin Feng was doubtful as well. Why had a British Grandfather opened the door? Should he send Little Spade another message to clarify?

He reached for his phone, prepared to send her a text when the old man dressed in a suit spoke politely, his mannerism akin to a nobleman, “Young Lord is debugging the network, please come in.”

Hearing the old man speaking in perfect Chinese, Rao Rong scratched his nose in embarrassment.

Lin Feng’s eyes opened wide. “Young Lord?” Did people still use such terms in this era? But if the person was debugging the network, this person had to be Little Spade.

The few of them entered the apartment in a daze. Even Uncle Yin was startled as he held on to the cigarette he had wanted to place in his mouth.

The British old man had caught them off guard because he wore a black apron around his waist and his voice was particularly melodious. “Today, I prepared roasted lamb. Young Lord mentioned your preferences for meat.”

Indeed, they liked to eat meat.

A large metal rack appeared before them and behind it was the old British man holding on to a professional knife and fork set. They couldn’t help feeling guarded.

As the fragrance spread throughout the room, Lin Feng glanced over at the full-sized lamb. Its skin was roasted perfectly into a beautiful golden-brown shade. The oil was still dripping down onto the fire, spreading the irresistible aroma.

The old man had to be a professional chef. He raised the curved knife and made a few splits on the lamb, his movements familiar and gentlemanly as though he was putting on a performance.

Coco caressed his chin. “This technique…”

“Mmh?” Xue Yaoyao leaned over and asked.

Coco bit down on the bunny in his arms. “It’s so cool! I saw something similar when I visited the Prince of Dubai with my dad.”

“Which means this meal is of nobility status.” Lin Feng commented in a daze.

Coco didn’t reply further, inhaling the fragrance. The roasted duck wasn’t like their usual barbecue.

The flavor of fruit and wood merged with the cumin powder, the burst of fragrance increasing their appetite instantly. There weren’t many households who knew of such tactics, unless they had been to the Mongolian grasslands.

Rao Rong wasn’t as surprised this time since he had encountered her before.

The Young Master of the Fu family would not be able to achieve such standards. But she was Z – a world-class hacker.

During the time he had still been held in the dark, he had heard many things about her. She was born into the Hacker family, with unfathomable origins. Some people claimed that Z came from a noble lineage or an Oriental or western bloodline from the 19th century.

But none of the claims had been confirmed since they didn’t even know her gender. If he hadn’t interacted with Little Spade, he would never have known that she was Z. But now it seemed that she was extremely wealthy. There was something he couldn’t understand though. According to his information, Z had always been at the Fifth Avenue – while Little Spade was in Jiang City.

But those things weren’t important anymore. What mattered now was Qin Mo, the person who used to be his competitor.