Chapter 1409 - Untitled

Chapter 1409 Untitled

“He said he only gave tuitions to his girlfriend and told me not to disturb his dates with such trivial things!!! What?!”Judging from the use of the punctuations, Bo Jiu could tell how Coco felt at this moment. She didn’t read through the comments anymore. Instead, she glanced over at the Almighty, who was beside her.

He probably noticed her glance because his hands, which he had placed on the steering wheel, stopped in front of the red traffic light. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” Bo Jiu thought that as an overbearing CEO, she shouldn’t expose the Almighty’s thoughts about her. After all, the Almighty could be shy.

Once again, the little black car shook involuntarily when it understood its master’s intentions.

It was perplexed since the devil had so many cars. Why did he have to drive it?

As a world-class smart sports car, Little Blackie felt a need to have a good chat with its counterparts. It had discovered a benefit ever since coming to China. This was that as long as you went online to complain, someone else would complain along with you. That was great!

Little Blackie had it all thought out. Once they arrived at their destination, it would secretly switch on the internet and share events about its master online.

Seriously, don’t underestimate his account as there were many people following his account. Some would even ask it for follow ups!

“Are you hungry?” Qin Mo stopped the car. He asked this question because he saw that she wasn’t behaving and had started to whistle.

Bo Jiu laughed. “A little, I’ll go down and buy it.”

They stopped in a good spot, directly in front of Burger King.

Wearing a mask, Bo Jiu didn’t make any detours. Relying on the length of her legs, she jumped over a railing that was about half her height.

When Qin Mo saw her actions, he frowned, although her moves were indeed handsome. Her black trench coat flew slightly before falling down.

The girls that just came out of Burger King were watching the incoming youngster, who had long legs, a slender waist, a face mask, and silver hair.

They started to speculate about his identity. The girls first reaction was to think she could be an internet celebrity but it didn’t seem like it.

After she pushed the door open, she took out her wallet. She bought a bunch of things. Judging from her voice, they couldn’t tell which broadcaster she was. It would be a pity if this little hottie wasn’t in the internet industry.

The girls still tried to look for clues when the youngster finished buying her things. She held a takeaway paper bag in one hand and a cup of unsweetened coffee in the other as she walked over.

They still couldn’t tell her identity. Not even half her face was exposed and yet, it was enough for their thoughts to wander. If she removed her face mask, what sort of result would there be?

Bo Jiu noticed their stares but she didn’t avoid it, her eyes curving into a smile.

In that moment, she heard the screams from behind. “Ah! Ah!”

Someone had taken a photo of her face and posted it on Weibo. “I met a hunk today with a black mask and silver hair. He jumped over a hurdle to buy hamburgers. Even though I didn’t see his face, he seems very handsome.”

The words black mask and silver hair quickly attracted everyone’s attention since Coco had just posted and now, there were similar keywords appearing.

Many of their first reactions were, “Am I thinking too much? Why does the back view of this person look so much like my Big Spade?”

“Definitely, she kills through jumping walls in the game, which makes the real-life action of jumping hurdles to Burger King seem normal.”

“Ah! The more I look, the more the person resembles my Almighty Z!”

Almighty Z? Who was that?

The girl who had posted the photo didn’t play esports and wasn’t the least bit familiar with it.

However, because of that, strangely, the number of her Weibo retweets had somehow grown so frighteningly high. There were many people tagging her and asking for her location

Of course, there were clearer ones as well.

“I just left that place. This is upsetting, it seems like I brushed past my Big Spade.”

“I probably wouldn’t make it if I head over now.”

“Am I the only one who noticed that other than the coke, there is also a cup of coffee in Big Spade’s hands?”

“She must have bought it for Almighty Qin.”

“She must have bought it for Almighty Qin. +1”

“Almighty Qin always makes his girlfriend buy things while he remains in the car.”

“And asks for his girlfriend to avenge him.”

“And for his girlfriend to carry him.”

“Facepalm, I have no words for Almighty Qin’s relationship…”

“As a qualified Qin fan, I just wanted to say, Big Spade, you must not ask for a refund!”

The fans’ worries would not arise though. After all, what sort of person was Young Master Qin? How could he give a certain someone the opportunity to return him?

He made a certain someone alight to shop perhaps because his phone kept ringing. The caller wasn’t anyone else but his mother, Movie Queen An. It wasn’t just the call as there was also a WeChat text.

“Why isn’t your household registration book at home?”

“Today, I received a call from a family in Country Y saying that they wish to marry our family.”

“I asked your father and you actually agreed! You actually agreed, Qin Mo! Let me tell you, if you dare to forsake my Jiu, you’re dead! Did you hear that!”

Movie Queen An had always been beautiful and elegant but even the most elegant woman would be burning with fury when their son refused to reply to any of her messages. Was that cold boy seeking death?!

Her manager shivered, reminding her softly, “There are reporters.”

In such a moment, how could she be bothered about reporters?

She inhaled deeply, her beauty in full swing. “Continue to call him.”

The manager was also from a branch under the Qin Group. What was he supposed to say? That was Boss Qin, he didn’t even dare to even gasp when this person was around. But now, under Movie Queen An’s instructions, he had called him three times.

Why did Boss Qin have to leave work on time today?

It was a mystery to his subordinates.

“Perhaps Boss Qin is busy.” The manager found a random excuse while maintaining a smile. He was afraid that the fourth call would disturb their boss’s date.

After all, he had watched boss and Young Mistress Jiu walk out with his own eyes and Qin Mo’s expression at that time was difficult to describe. Although he had been smiling, there had been no sign of laughter in his eyes.

That wasn’t even all. The most important thing was that he had specially sent a message to them. He had ordered them to remove certain red tapes in the office. For instance, he wished there wouldn’t be any more gift giving. Hmm, this was obviously him being jealous.

Movie Queen An didn’t know what had happened but she had to ask him about the marriage. The marriage proposal came from a family with ancient royal blood ties. If Jiu knew about it, she would be devastated…