Chapter 1704 - Supreme Alliance Return

Chapter 1704: Supreme Alliance Return

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When Xue Yaoyao heard this, she wanted to say something.

Just then, the waiter called out. “Here.”

It was a private room beside the window. Jiang Zuo was already seated. He stood up when he saw them and took Yaoyao’s bag from her hand, a sweet grin on his face. “Was there a jam at this hour?”

“It was alright.” Xue Yaoyao was used to his actions.

But the few others beside her seemed to have lost their soul when they saw that scene.

What… What is going on here? They felt like they were dreaming even after they sat down.

Where is Yaoyao’s boyfriend? Where is he? No… it can’t be… the teaching assistant?

Jiang Zuo poured each of them a cup of tea and after a chuckle, he told them about him and Xue Yaoyao.

After listening, Li Tao’s first reaction was to ask. “So you came to C University…”

“Because of her.”

The three words were enough to move them.

Her roommates were in a trance the first half of the time. The second half, they decided that since he is the teaching assistant and they had known him for such a long time, there wasn’t anything wrong with eating more!

Finally, Jiang Zuo was happy and relieved. He could be the first in her heart again.

The waiter walked in. He seemed like an olden day attendant in his ancient clothing. However, he was holding a tablet about the size of his palm and was clearly not sold in their city.

“May I know who Miss Xue Yaoyao is?”

Xue Yaoyao placed down her bamboo chopsticks and glanced up. “I am.”

“A guest left this here and said to pass it to you when you are here for your meal.”

With that, Jiang Zuo’s eyes flashed.

That person knew they were eating here.

“Is it a scam?” Li Tao’s worry wasn’t without reason.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t believe it entirely until she took the tablet and saw the mark on it.

Her eyes stilled. This is… the Supreme Alliance logo!

Xue Yaoyao’s fingers moved to open the page.

A string of words appeared before her eyes.

Xue Yaoyao covered her mouth, her eyes turning red, but very quickly, she pushed down those feelings.

The next time she glanced up, there was something burning in her eyes.

Jiang Zuo didn’t have to look to know who had sent it.

Spade Z.

But there were some deviations with the content. When he saw the front page of the tablet, he paused as well.

Li Tao and the others didn’t know what was written but they could sense the happiness that was radiating from within Yaoyao.

At this moment, in Lin City that wasn’t far from C University.

After the three Almighties from Xiang Nan retired, they recruited a lot of newcomers.

One of them took a very interesting route.

Some students were very excited, and were talking about it even while they ate. “I feel like she is really like my Almighty Z, so handsome.”

“Almighty T is Almighty T, just because she is handsome doesn’t mean she is like Spade Z. Although I like Spade Z, this is intolerable.”

“Ever since the Supreme Alliance disbanded, Spade fans probably never came out again.”

“Does she have to be troubled just because she has silver hair, is called Spade T and is known as the future of tomorrow? Besides, I like the both of them.”

“Me too, Spade fans need to stop, it’s getting annoying.”

The chef that was serving suddenly laughed when he heard their conversation, a mask covering his face. “Let me ask, this Almighty T is called Spade T, isn’t it normal for the fans to be reminded of Spade Z?”