Chapter 1419 - Untitled

Chapter 1419


Qin Mo froze once more. This time, his hands and feet were really frozen. His facial expression had never been like this before.Bo Jiu, however, was oblivious to this. She leaned back and poured the water in the bathtub onto her body. Her white and tender face reddened by the mist, looking soft and satisfying. “Momo, the water smells nice. Is it because you added milk? That explains your fair skin, it must be because of the milk baths you have taken. Princesses are indeed different, even your baths are so comfortable, right?”

Qin Mo suppressed the urge to ask what she meant by princess. He just wanted to distance himself from her. It was best if there wasn’t any more interaction.

Bo Jiu could see his resistance and was puzzled. “Momo, there has to be a limit to your shyness. I’m already this far from you. If you go any further, you’re going to fall over.”

With that, she wanted to move. When Qin Mo saw her moving, he spoke up. Even though his voice wasn’t as threatening as when he would have grown up, it still carried a hint of warning. “Don’t come over.”

Bo Jiu raised both her small hands to show that she understood, that she would listen to anything he said, and for him to stop being so resistant.

Qin Mo’s inner thoughts were obvious. He kept retreating. He shouldn’t be soft-hearted to this little tiger. If he were to give her another chance, he would definitely throw her out, regardless of whether her house was still dark.

Bo Jiu didn’t know what the pet she wanted to take home was thinking about. Regardless, she just needed to find a way to increase their level of intimacy.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, thought about it seriously, and then smiled sweetly. “Momo, let me wipe your back, I’m good at it.”

“No.” Qin Mo refused almost the next second.

It was the first time that Bo Jiu met such an unapproachable kid. Aish, she had such good looks after all. Bo Jiu told herself that and continued to pour water onto herself. Not only that, in order to make herself look as clean as the little princess, she leaned her small body over, got some shower gel, and put it in the palms of her little hand.

Little children her age wouldn’t be neat when they showered by themselves. Bo Jiu was the same, her actions slightly clumsy. She washed her arms and legs, making it seem as though she had completed a huge project.

From beginning to end, Qin Mo could only watch from one side. He had used the side of his eye in order to avoid seeing something he shouldn’t. He deliberately averted his gaze but the little tiger wouldn’t behave.

He couldn’t always stay like this though. Qin Mo couldn’t stand it since that would cause embarrassment. Young Master Qin was still a child, after all, no matter how mature he was. He was exceptionally concerned in this regard.

But there was a trait that Young Master Qin had ever since young. Regardless of the situation, he was able to maintain his elegance and wouldn’t be anxious or impatient.

It seemed like he could only get up and go out after this stupid little tiger finished washing. That was Qin Mo’s only solution. He couldn’t just stand and expose himself after all.

But she really was an idiot. She couldn’t distinguish between a boy and a girl even at this stage. All she knew was to play with the water. And her pair of round tiger eyes always made others feel as though she was up to something.