Chapter 1275 - Untitled

Chapter 1275 Untitled

None of the members in the operations team could accept that their boss had disappeared.

The flames were gone with remnants of the speed boat left floating on the surface of the water. No one knew where Bo Jiu or Qin Mo had gone as there had only been flames during their disappearance.

The commander sent troops in search of them but nothing could be found. They seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

On the plane, the commander told Wolf and the others. “Qin Mo is extremely dangerous right now and for the sake of the bigger picture, he will no longer be the major general of the team and will no longer be participating in any operation. The moment he contacts the team, remember not to divulge any confidential information and to inform the senior management.”

Prince sat in a daze. How had things ended up in such a state? If it hadn’t been for their boss, they wouldn’t have completed the mission. But now, he was fired. He wasn’t just fired but even treated as a wanted man.

“Why?” For the first time as a soldier, Prince didn’t agree.

The commander knew it would be difficult for them to accept but he remained rational as he explained the reasons. “He has received a very serious psychological suggestion and is no longer the same person as before. His behavior is very dangerous. If you receive news, he can be given special treatment to reinstate his mental state.”

“He is the best psychologist in our country.” Psychiatrist added, “General, who are you going to arrange to treat him?”

The commander paused. “If we can’t get anyone locally, we can look abroad.”

“I understand.” Psychiatrist laughed, not a hint of warmth on his face.

The commander could sense their unwillingness to yield. Since they weren’t his soldiers and had just made a great achievement, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to manage them. It would be better to leave them to Major General Qin.

In reality, the commander couldn’t understand the situation as it shouldn’t matter who they were placed under.

Psychiatrist, Hunter, Wolf, Magician, and Fatty had experienced it before though. And now, history was repeating itself. But back then, when their boss had woken up, he had just lost a portion of his memory. He hadn’t been mentally stable but it wasn’t like this time when he had turned into someone completely different.

“It’s good that they left,” Psychiatrist spoke after a moment of silence. “If Boss is with that person, he will be better than if he was sent to a rehabilitation center.”

Someone like their boss, how could he be treated in a rehabilitation center? Being restrained and stripped off his dignity and arrogance. This was for the best.

Prince knew this was the most logical and reasonable decision from the military’s point of view but even so, he couldn’t control his emotions. He rubbed his head and buried his face in his hands as the negative emotions overwhelmed him. He finally understood why these people loved following the devil so much.

There had been many times they would have been exposed if it hadn’t been for their boss. That person always remembered his mission and responsibility regardless of the circumstance. He had saved so many lives, without any recognition or acknowledgement. And he was the one who ended up being forsaken.

Prince was frustrated, rubbing his hair violently.

“I wouldn’t tell anyone even if Boss contacts me,” Fatty spoke, his voice increasing. “As long as he doesn’t kill anyone, regardless of what he becomes, he will be our captain. He will always be our captain.”

The commander frowned, turning over. He was prepared to warn them but the others were looking at him with a stubborn and persistent gaze. The commander didn’t have a choice, reporting the matter to his boss.

The plane flew higher and higher. All the people they rescued were properly placed on the aircraft and the signal obstruction towers were destroyed. As for the flower fields, they were all burnt.

Kawang’s influences disappeared and his body had sunk to the bottom of the lake. Many of the local farmers broke into joy when they heard the news. No one was willing to grow such things and no one wanted to see their children being raised into demons.

The gravity of the mission couldn’t be explained. It was so significant that the drugs transaction along the Chinese borders reduced by 80% and within the next three years, no one would dare to commit such a crime along the borders.

They hadn’t just saved lives, they had saved the dignity of the country. But at the end of the mission, there had been a tiny mishap. During the crossfire, Fan Jia hadn’t appeared because she had been in the engine room and when she had seen the military aircraft in the sky, she had known they were faced with a major crisis. Hence, she hadn’t appeared and had disguised as a local farmer, returning to the village. It was only after the aircrafts had left did the malice seep back into her eyes.

Once again, it was that person who had wrecked their plans!

Fan Jia hadn’t expected that person to be Z. But now, everything was clear. She was indeed persistent. She was able to dig them out regardless of where they went. They were just one step away; just one step from turning Qin Mo into one of them.

Fan Jia knew the hypnosis was complete. If they could have dragged it another ten minutes, Qin Mo would have become their master’s puppet. When the time came, they would have been together. In order to keep him, her master would have made her act as his girlfriend, just like before. But all of this was ruined because of that person!

None of it mattered though because just a day before, once her master had made his plans, he had told her the secret hypnosis word. All she had to do was locate them in order to bring Qin Mo back to their side. Once the hypnosis was activated, would Z act the same as before? In this world, Fan Jia was the one who knew what she wanted the most right now!

“Reporting, Sir!”


“Fan Jia has not been found.”

Young Master Tang said in his jeep, still mid-action while arranging his sleeves, his eyes dimming. “Inform Z, let her know her imposter escaped.”


The wind was strong and the sky darkened. They tried to send out a message but the signal went dead.

Fan Jia was out loose, which was an operational error. Even though she couldn’t compare to Kawang, this was even more reason to guard against her. She was Kawang’s student and would certainly know about psychology. Her skills may not be polished but sometimes, the tiny actions done secretly were harder to deal with.

Using fondness as an excuse to infringe other people’s rights, those that hid behind the web or those without proper values, there were many of such kind. All of them could be used by Fan Jia. It was the reason the incident had blown up in Jiang City.

It would be troublesome if they couldn’t contact Z.

Looking at the scene just now, it had been a crafty escape plan. Indeed, but Bo Jiu still met with some troubles.

“Even though your intimacy is a beautiful sight, I have to interrupt because we are currently left with five percent of fuel.” Little Blackie was sure a poor car. The moment it said that, the devil turned over to look at it. His gaze seemed to express his redundancy.

Little Blackie trembled its rear mirror. Didn’t Master realize the devil’s aura seemed stronger and more overwhelming than before? Especially that malicious aura.

After Bo Jiu was done attending to his wounds, she moved over to the driver’s seat. The low fuel sign was flashing red and the smart system was unstable. She moved her fingers. “How long more can you go on?”

“Twenty minutes, twenty minutes and I will become a pile of useless metal.” Little Blackie didn’t see any hope in life anymore. It was afraid to be the first sports car to drown. Twenty minutes wasn’t enough time to reach the location. Since they couldn’t leave, they could only find a place nearby to rest. Bo Jiu thought for a moment and changed to manual operations, coming ashore.

“Prepare for mode change.”

“Land mode activated.”


The water was destructed and the black Lamborghini came out of slumber while water droplets trickled down the window. But Bo Jiu didn’t stop.

Although most of the region was uninhabited, if she remembered correctly, there was a turnaround station not far away. It had formerly been a military camp but had long been abandoned. She could get some oil there.

“Activate the navigation system.” Bo Jiu swerved the car, her actions handsome and cool. The car was fast but stable and inside was a warm and comfortable temperature.

Qin Mo sat in the back seat – his thoughts unfathomable. HIs eyes started to dim with the night sky. His clothes were still wet but his lips were hot.

Qin Mo frowned, probably aware of his body condition. Ever since the beginning, his body temperature had been on the high side. But they had been in the water and he couldn’t show signs of weakness. She might be an idiot but who could be sure of what she was thinking?

Qin Mo shut his eyes to take a rest. But the person behind the steering wheel stopped the car, reached her hand over to his forehead.

“It wasn’t my hallucination. After all, you are having a fever.”

The cooling touch from her hand soothed his burning skin but he wasn’t willing to admit it. Hence, he laughed. “It’s just a slightly raised temperature.”

Bo Jiu looked into his eyes while she leaned over and ripped off his clothes.

Qin Mo arched a brow. “I never expected my sugar daddy to be this proactive.”

Bo Jiu didn’t reply. Once she had stripped him down, she tossed it outside since there wasn’t anyone around. Without his clothes, Qin Mo seemed more devilish and evil than before.

“Do you need my cooperation?” Qin Mo held onto her hand.

Bo Jiu glanced down. “Not really, I just needed to remove your clothes and they’re already off.”

“A pity, I thought you had other intentions.” Qin Mo noticed her slightly dampened spirits and couldn’t help the heaviness in his chest. It must be the fever that was affecting his mood. Just as the thought struck him, the youngster reached over and planted a kiss on the corners of his eyes.

She chuckled. “Once you are better, I’ll have other intentions.”

Qin Mo stiffened. She was indeed an idiot. His fingers wrapped around her waist and he buried his face into her long and slender neck, his voice faint. “I have a headache and need Sugar Daddy’s help.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu reached out and returned the hug.

In that instant, Qin Mo seemed to see a tail behind her shaking with two ears on her head. It made him want to laugh. Probably due to the pleasant smell on the youngster, Qin Mo’s eyelids turned heavy and gradually, he sunk into pitch darkness. But even then, he didn’t release the poker cards in his hand.

Bo Jiu watched the back seat and sped up. It was normal that he didn’t trust her. No one would believe someone else after suffering from amnesia and especially someone like the Almighty wouldn’t. But nothing was more important than having him by her side.

Bo Jiu glanced at the architecture outside the window. The building was hidden. If it wasn’t for Little Blackie’s unique navigation system, she wouldn’t have found the place. With the current military’s focus, even an abandoned location was considered dangerous.

External forces were the greatest threat in no man’s land. Bo Jiu had to be careful. If she had been alone, she wouldn’t have to act so cautiously but now she had the Almighty with her. She had to settle down in an area with the basic living necessities.

“Master, I can only persist a while longer.” Little Blackie’s voice had never been this weak. It was clearly at its end.

Bo Jiu patted the steering wheel and opened the car door, walking in the darkness. She didn’t make any noise. In her palms were the poker cards she had taken from Qin Mo.

She couldn’t act hastily because she was worried that someone had discovered them. It was a possible scenario as many syndicates would relocate to abandoned military camps. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone here. It was probably because of the cold temperature. After observing for five minutes, Bo Jiu was so cold she seemed to lose consciousness.

Once she made sure they were safe, Bo Jiu held onto a tree branch and leaped down from above. Since it used to be a military camp, there would definitely be petrol as there were many military vehicles abandoned there.

Bo Jiu slid down and inspected the fuel tank. She grabbed a bunch of things useful for storing fuel before trying to open the tank.

There weren’t any other dangers other than the extreme cold. When Bo Jiu had gotten the petrol, her entire body had started to tremble. When she reached the Lamborghini, her lips had turned pale. Fortunately, there was heating in the car.

Once the tank was full, the smart system maxed out the heating. Bo Jiu could finally feel her fingers; they were slightly numb from the cold. She waved her hands in the air, trying to shake away the numbness.

As she wanted to test the Almighty’s temperature once more, she reached out her arm. But retracted it again when she realized it was too cold. With her hands back on the steering wheel, she turned towards a small town 30 kilometers away.