Chapter 1465 - She“s Still Too Young

Chapter 1465 She“s Still Too Young

The old man was dumbfounded when he heard this. He said, “Amitabha,’ and led Qin Mo into the worship hall.The Confucian classics were flipped to the tenth chapter. The gown on the monk floated up slightly. The words had the smell of Buddhist incense. There was only one sentence on the paper. “I hope that the little tiger, who wears her pajamas, will always be safe and happy.” After that, someone kept the amulet carefully and wore it on the spot closest to his heart.

Whether he was at the military unit or studying overseas, or after he finished his studies and was protecting his country at the borders; he was always wearing this amulet which contradicted his identity.

On the day of the quarrel, the two children hadn’t known what would happen in the future. Even the little tiger thought that she would be able to look for Momo after this thing was completed, all the way until the sky turned dark.

Bo Jiu’s father brought her beside the tombstone. He rubbed her hair with his fingers and told her, “Jiu, the best way to protect the people most important to you is to make other people think that he or she isn’t so important.”

“If not, you have to become stronger. Don’t leave any traces behind. You should know that to a hacker who is living behind a computer, revealing your traces and your personal life is lethal.”

“You are the same. Other hackers are similar too.”

“You will be the young lord from now on. I have told you the rules for being a young lord in the past.”

“Protect the people you need to protect and use the keyboard in your hands to voice up for injustice…”

That was why the little tiger was always enduring it. She learned many new things and created many awesome games not just for her confession. She incorporated many viruses in the games.

She even learned calligraphy, reading bedtime stories, rolling her sleeves, and tying her scarf herself. She never wore the little tiger pajamas anymore. That was because she didn’t need to act cute now. She didn’t need to wag her tail and follow behind anyone either.

Not everyone would give her a piece of candy when she was naughty. Not everyone would inspect the little pocket on her clothes because they were afraid that her teeth would hurt.

The taste of being swallowed by darkness was probably the fact that she could only hug her little keyboard when she was sleeping.

Bo Jiu was still sensitive. She understood what the situation was. She endured it for a hundred and one days. Finally, she couldn’t bear with it anymore. She sat in the car alone and rushed to the An family’s house. She knew that she wouldn’t see anything but she still ran in front of the window hurriedly.

There wasn’t anyone. He must have gone back to China. Bo Jiu was wearing a black t-shirt. Her aura seemed to have changed too. The small figure seemed to merge with the darkness.

The old butler watched her from the side. He couldn’t bear to see her like this so he supported himself with the black umbrella and came over. “Young Lord, let’s go back.”

The little figure lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

The old butler tilted his head and gradually became silent. For a period of time after this, his young lord would always pull him over and tell him how good her little princess was. She was able to speak continuously sometimes.

The old butler still remembered that his master would carry his young lord up and place her around his neck. He would allow the sleeping young lord to grab his hair. He wore a black trench coat. He seemed to be smiling but there were more things on his face. “Alan, some things, if you remember them too clearly, hurt even more. Jiu is still too young.”

It was a casual sentence. Yet, the old butler understood his master’s intention. A simple hypnosis would allow people to hide some memories. When you saw that person again, those memories would come back a little by a little.

Mr. Bo lowered his body and landed a kiss on Little Tiger Bo’s forehead. “Jiu, you must understand who you are.”

She had to understand who she was. That was the only way things could restart.

Had you ever thought of raising someone?

Bo Jiu had. She wanted to raise Little Princess Qin. Qin Mo had too. He wanted to raise Little Tiger Bo…