Chapter 1242 - Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl

1242 Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl

Soon, his phone vibrated.

“The transfer student? He seems rather approachable and is already in the class’s chat group.”

Li Jin read the reply and replied with three words. “Is that so?”

“Wang suspects him?” The few girls in the class regarded Li Jin as Wang but they didn’t know his true identity.

Li Jin glanced over at the computer and his typing slowed down. “He seems overzealous?”

“He’s alright. Just now when the teacher instructed him to pass the information to Li Jin, he agreed.”

When Li Jin saw his name appear on the screen, he grew cold. “If that’s the case, he can become the new joker.”

He hated when others saw him in a bad state. Li Jin would never forget how they had bullied him, banging his head against the wall. Thereafter, he had realized that humans were social creatures, blindly copying others.

As long as there was someone they could bully, they would all swarm over.

Li Jin still remembered the time he had handed the teacher the footage he had recorded. Back then, his teacher had called the parents from both sides. But because the bully’s father was an official in his county, his stepfather gave him a slap and his mother had to apologize to the bully.

After that exposure, the bullying had intensified. They had even pulled off his pants. Since then. Li Jin had never gone to school again. Instead, he had approached them with another identity.

All of them wanted attention. Hence, that was what he gave them. Gradually, they started to make comparisons, twist facts, and lie. They had to wear branded clothes regardless of their family background and claimed ownership over anything they liked. If someone else came to ask for it, they were considered petty and as having loose morals. Such people were easy to control.

Until this moment, Li Jin had managed to control their behavior, which was where the term joker came from. The joker would be the next victim ostracized by the entire class.

Li Jin chose the clown according to their wishes; the people they had always wanted to deal with but couldn’t because of their status. He would send out the joker card.

Everyone avoided getting the joker card but none of them thought about leaving the group chat because they enjoyed the feeling of being in a group.

Choosing the transfer student was a last-minute decision.

Even if there wasn’t anything wrong with him and nothing in his room had been moved, he hated when someone’s appearance broke the balance…

Since he was a sensitive person, Bo Jiu had a feeling she was targeted but she didn’t panic. She was just targeted and hadn’t been exposed. Li Jin hadn’t suspected her yet.

The people from the police probably wouldn’t have thought to investigate a high school student. Even if they looked into him, it would probably be from a victim’s point of view, which would give Li Jin sufficient time to execute his plans. But how did Li Jin get to know Kawang? And how did he contact Kawang?

This information was essential because the moment she uncovered the two points, perhaps, she could uncover Kawang’s identity…

Bo Jiu held the steering wheel with one hand, her face tilted. She toyed with her lips as she processed the situation, a habit of hers. Suddenly, Bo Jiu stilled, remembering the words Li Jin’s mother had said…