Chapter 1672 - Jiang Zuo Asks her to Stay

Chapter 1672: Jiang Zuo Asks her to Stay

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Every freshman was about the same. During the summer vacation, while relaxing, there was also a hint of indescribable loss. Their highschool life was finally over. Those endless days and nights trying to finish test papers. Sometimes, they would fall asleep while studying.

It was a very ordinary life, but there are important people in those bits and pieces.

The day before leaving, she was about to finish packing her luggage.

Xue Yaoyao looked at the black and red team uniform, her fingers paused for a moment, and she hung it in the innermost part of the closet, putting it away properly.

Mother Xue was very reluctant. “Why do you have to go so far? There are good universities here too.”

Xue Yaoyao laughed. “The professionalism is better over there.”

Mother Xue knew that wasn’t the reason her daughter chose to study abroad, but there didn’t seem to be any reason to stop her. After all, she knew in her heart that after marrying into the Jiang family, her daughter was talked about the most.

Xue Yaoyao took all her things and was prepared to go over to the base. She was going to leave and wanted to spend the last day with Coco and the others.

She heard that Coco was leaving as well. He wasn’t going to compete and would return to inherit the family’s business. They would be in different cities in the future.

Fortunately, she was going to a coastal city in the south, and the students did not feel that much pressure due to competition.

It was difficult to imagine Coco wearing a suit. Xue Yaoyao smiled and carried her luggage.

Because there were too many people in front, she decided to take the back door. Mother Xue and her Yaoyao’s younger brother sent her off from behind.

Unexpectedly, after asking them to go back, Xue Yaoyao saw a figure leaning in the corner.

After seeing her, Jiang Zuo turned his eyes to the side. They hadn’t spoken to each other in a long time. So now, it was strange to be standing face to face.

But Xue Yaoyao was really unlike before.

It seems that the manifestation of maturity is that even in the face of the past, she could be like an adult. She greeted him calmly, because in this relationship, she was not the one with regrets.

“I’m leaving.” Xue Yaoyao smiled.

Jiang Zuo tightened his grip and replied faintly. “Mmh.”

Xue Yaoyao walked over, her long legs stretching.

The moment their shoulders passed he held onto her wrist.

“There are good universities here,” Jiang Zuo said, his voice hoarse. “Didn’t the old man help me arrange it? It wouldn’t be necessary to move to another city just to avoid me, our contract ended a long time ago. What did you think I’d do?”

Xue Yaoyao paused, she understood him to a certain extent. After all, she used to know what he was thinking.

In this situation, he was just trying to make her stay.

Xue Yaoyao was indeed a bit surprised, but it was more of other emotions. “It’s not because of you.”

After saying this, she looked at her shadow and smiled suddenly, “I really lost a lot of weight. I didn’t even dare to think about it before. You are all amazing, naturally amazing. But I am different. My appearance and background is both ordinary, and was even known as a fatso to others. Very early on, I really felt that hard work is useless. I used to dream, I thought that I was Cinderella and could meet Prince Charming. It was until I met that person. Only then did I realise I have to face up to reality. She said that she values one’s appearance, and since you can’t even maintain your best condition, why would others discover you? She said that there would always be things in this world, that you have to do for yourself, and I understand. If I want to be better, I would have to work hard instead of blaming others. And now, I just want to go somewhere further.”