Chapter 1625 - Untitled

Chapter 1625: Untitled

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Bo Jiu suddenly smiled, her silver hair moving with the wind, lazy and unruly. Originally, she wanted to walk over, hug him and begin taking advantage of him. After all, the Almighty said that he is hers if she managed to find him.

Unexpectedly, she was pulled into his arms before making a move. Between her breaths, she could smell a fusion of the fruity smell from the trees and menthol tobacco from his body.

Bo Jiu has always been shameless. After being hugged, she wrapped her arms around his waist. “I was worried it would be too late, and hadn’t expected it to be dark…”

“It doesn’t matter if it gets dark.” Qin Mo lowered his eyes. “I can still wait for a long time.”

Bo Jiu looked at him. “So, you are mine?”

“I have always been yours.” Qin Mo lowered his voice, emotions brewing in his eyes.

Only after he read the letter, did he realize that he was not the only one who was upset back then. There were even spelling errors in the letter, but that didn’t affect what she had wanted to express.

“Momo, I miss you so much. No one here buys me candy or helps me to fold my sleeves. I made several clothes wet when I washed my face. I know that you are angry because I went out with William but it wasn’t to play, I went to pray because I was constantly worried that mum and dad would be in trouble. Momo, can you stop being angry at me? I’m currently in a very big castle. Even though Grandfather Butler said that Grandfather An wouldn’t agree, I would still want to ask you if you are willing to live in the castle with me. I can buy you many calligraphy brushes. Don’t you like to write? If you are willing, write me a letter and I will definitely be back to get it!”

Qin Mo didn’t know how she felt when she came back for a reply, but as long as he shut his eyes, it seemed as though he could see her in her little tiger pyjamas, struggling to wash her face, always getting her sleeves wet. She was all alone, with no one to help her.

He remembered his grandfather had asked him if he really wanted to be so good to that little tiger?

Back then, he thought – since he had decided to raise her, he would have to raise her well. Besides, a certain someone was so stupid, if he didn’t raise her, who would? But he hadn’t done any of that.

Every word in the letter was skewed. Even the tone was child-like.

Back then, was Grandfather Butler the only one by her side? He told himself to raise her well but yet, he hadn’t been able to do it.

Qin Mo tightened his grip, his breath splashing onto her ear, his voice smooth. “Little Bo Jiu, let’s get married.”

“Married?” Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up like stars. “Now? Didn’t you say we aren’t of legal age yet?”

Qin Mo’s fingers helped to push her fringe aside. “We can get married abroad first.”

They can marry twice? Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “Alright.”

Qin Mo glanced down and landed a kiss on her hair.

An old grandmother lived in the neighbouring villa, and she caught sight of this scene when she walked in and out.

She had chatted with the tall young man before and asked him why he didn’t go in and was standing outside. He said that he was waiting for his wife.

She asked why didn’t he wait inside. The young man said that his wife wouldn’t be able to see him if he was inside. He wanted her to see him the instant she arrived. Regardless of whether it was dawn or dark.