Chapter 1627 - Let Her Be On Top

Chapter 1627: Let Her Be On Top

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“Our ticket is for the day after tomorrow.”

Bo Jiu raised her brows and asked, “Senior Lin doesn’t know?”

“Probably.” Yunhu glanced at the closed smoking room. “He didn’t respond at all when I asked for his details.”

After Bo Jiu saw this sentence, she thought, “The submissive is always a submissive. He doesn’t even know that a flight ticket had been booked for him.”

The corner of her mouth lifted again, and she returned to the previous chat, with mischief in her eyes: “Senior Lin, what’s your counterattack?”

Soon, a message came back over there. “What’s the rush? I will sleep with him till he is convinced one day!”

“Is that so?” Bo Jiu asked slowly, completely unconvinced. “Good luck.”

“I have a plan in the next two days.” Lin Feng took a cigarette, “He can forget about escaping.”

Regardless of whether or no they got married, he can only be his. Tomorrow, he would sleep with him till he was convinced.

Bo Jiu reminded him. “Don’t end up being countered.”

“Are you kidding? Who do you think I am?”

The blind confidence made the mischief in Bo Jiu’s eyes thickened. Seems like she was in for a good show again. However, before she could continue ‘encouraging’ Senior Lin her phone was taken away by the person sitting opposite her. He swept her a faint glance. “Mrs Qin, it’s dinner time. You shouldn’t need me to remind you about using your phone.”

With that, he held a piece of chicken cube to her mouth.

Bo Jiu opened her mouth and ate it, looking at him with a faint smile. “Brother Mo, since we are getting married, can we do that thing?”

“What thing?” Qin Mo asked slowly. His slender and white fingers were moistened with seasoning after peeling the shrimp and he reached out and fed her naturally.

As Bo Jiu ate, her figure pressed to this side. Her handsome face, and with the uniqueness of a youngster, mixed with the mischief surging in the bottom of her eyes, she said “Consummating our marriage.”

Peng! Seeing that their wine glasses were empty, the butler walked over with white gloves as he held the base of the red wine bottle. When he heard Bo Jiu’s words, he hit his head.

As a butler that has lived with the An’s for many years, his current Chinese level was enough to understand what ‘consummating our marriage’ means.

Weren’t Asians more conservative? But Miss Jiu seemed just like her younger self, completely clueless about the word conservative.

Back then, Young Master was often pushed over by Miss Jiu, and now, Young Master…

The butler turned to observe his Young Master’s expression. Unexpectedly, he wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin, his expression noble and cold. “Yes.”

At this moment, the butler felt that he should disappear, he was the only one with a closed mind.

Once Bo Jiu was done speaking, she wanted another glass of wine.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo stood up holding her wrist and lowered his gaze to look at her. “Don’t you want to consummate?”

“Now?” Why does it seem like the Almighty was more impatient than she was? Bo Jiu glanced up.

Qin Mo lowered his voice. “It’ll be invalid if you wait.”

Bo Jiu smiled, and then stood up. Now was good, besides, her hands started to itch the moment she saw him standing under the streetlamp.

The Almighty has a cold aura, and made people want to take action.

Qin Mo looked sideways and saw her following by his side. When he saw her smiling mischievously, like someone who had stolen honey, the corners of his lips lifted. She didn’t even conceal her desire to take advantage of him.

If that’s the case. He would give in to her wishes, and let her be on top.