Chapter 1728 - Ambiguous

Chapter 1728: Ambiguous

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Hoshino. He was wearing a white shirt with a sweater from late autumn. He carried a cat in his arms and from afar, he looked like a character that walked out of a manga. He couldn’t be ignored.

The bartender looked as though he met a saviour.

The ends of You Sixin’s eyes paused, and he spoke carelessly through his thin lips.”I haven’t drank enough, so I won’t go back for the time being.”

Hoshino threw the cat into his arms, every bit the gentleman he is. “I’m not making you go back. Aren’t you going to feed your cat?”

“He won’t die of hunger.” You Sixin picked up the cat with one hand and saw that the lady from before had focused her attention on Hoshino’s face. He laughed. “What? You don’t want to take me away anymore? You want to bring him to your car?”

The lady blushed, her thoughts exposed.

You Sixin didn’t bother looking at her anymore, he turned to look at the security guards.

Soon, someone came to clear the area. They wouldn’t do anything to her, but she wouldn’t have to come here again.

The music may be loud and messy, but it didn’t seem to affect the air around the two of them.

You Sixin carried the cat, met his eyes, and snorted. “Your master has no time to care about you now. If you don’t want to starve to death, find something to eat.”

He was in a bad mood, and didn’t want to care about this cat. He was covered with the smell of alcohol.

“Young Master Hoshino…” The bartender paused.

Hoshino glanced down. “Get a room.”

“Yes!” The bartender thought to himself, with how his boss looks, he was indeed suited for a sleep. Otherwise, it would be bad if another fearless person comes his way.

You Sixin laughed. He didn’t have an opinion, but he wouldn’t be too cooperative. Sitting there, he picked out a bottle of spirits and poured it into the wine glass with one hand. After he was done pouring, Hoshino downed the glass.

You Sixin narrowed his eyes and poured another glass.

“I’m leaving.” Hoshino spoke calmly. “I’m sleepy from finding you and I’ll be even sleepier with a few drinks.”

You Sixin glanced up and suddenly laughed. “With the way you are, it’s no wonder the lady wanted to take you away. It’s a pity she doesn’t understand, our Mr Hoshino doesn’t care about anyone other than Z.”

Hoshino looked at his slightly tipsy face, the corners of his eyes were red but yet, it was cold and sharp.

“That’s the reason?” Hoshino’s temples seemed to crease, but it smoothed out quickly, his tone so ordinary he seemed to be stating a fact. “Other than Z, don’t I also have you?”

The venomous words You Sixin was about to spit stopped. He wasn’t sober, but that didn’t affect his thoughts.

He knew that Hoshino treated him as family. And that was the point he couldn’t understand at all. He knew him earlier. If something hadn’t happened, and he had rushed to Hoshino’s side at the first instant, Z wouldn’t have had the chance. But even till now, Hoshino was still holding on to the contract with the Bo family, and it was voluntary.

Even though Z had terminated it, he didn’t give it up.

It made You Sixin helpless, but that wasn’t the same now. Z had Qin Mo by her side, and had cut off Hoshino’s ideas.

Since that was the case, why was he worried?

You Sixin lowered his eyes and laughed, “I thought you forgot what you said.”

“I wouldn’t.” Hoshino remained firm.

You Sixin leaned closer. “Then keep the promise you made when you came to the House and stay by my side like a shadow.”