Chapter 1389 - Untitled

1389 Untitled

The three-dimensional big screen continuously flashed the name of the team, including a review of every exciting footage from the game. It showed a peak of their sharpness in the city level competitions, relentless counterattacks in the top eight provincial match, and the tall and slender figure standing blankly on the battle platform with her head hanging down after losing the Nationals qualifying round.

It also showed the revival match, which had stunned the industry, and their perseverance in the National finals. When they were criticized so badly and felt insecure, they could only fall asleep in the Internet cafe, or the unwavering gaze in front of the cameras. And finally, it showed the unleash of their abilities in the Asian Games. The familiar IDs from Supreme Alliance appeared over and over.

The sadness and laughter of everyone along the way were imprinted in everyone’s heart as they waved the mouse. At the end of the scene was the indifferent voice that made countless fans scream. “I am the captain of Supreme Alliance, Qin Mo.”

With a swoosh, a countless number of people stood up. The MVP of the game was still Qin Mo!

When Bo Jiu saw this announcement, she knew she had finally fulfilled her wish. That man was not pulled down, he was still standing where he should be – and this time, she was next to him.

Qin Mo noticed her gaze. He turned his face and chuckled. “You like watching it that much?”

“Mmh? Mmh.” Since Bo Jiu was in a splendid mood, she was not sure what the Almighty was referring to.

Qin Mo’s voice was still calm when he said, “Then hurry and come over.”

Bo Jiu didn’t want to be far from him either, it was better to stand closer to her boyfriend.

Qin Mo saw through her thoughts and smiled, suddenly appearing sweeter than before. This smile was successfully captured by the camera.

Hence, the entire nation – scratch that, people from all over the world were fed their affection.

What else could Zhao Sanpang say? He was handsome and considerate but yet, he couldn’t find a girlfriend. Qin Mo, a stinky man who was alone and didn’t understand a girl’s heart, would actually laugh like that. Humph, he would never admit that he was jealous!

According to the procedure, the two teams had to greet each other. Thereafter, Supreme Alliance would accept their award.

The two teams were standing in the same position as before. The captains and vice captains facing each other respectively.

The Japanese were probably the team that lost most respectably because you couldn’t even find a trace of embarrassment on their faces. Instead, the manager of the club was a little distraught and ignored the interview. Even until this moment, he could not believe that his team had lost.

Not to mention the already dumbfounded Mei Lin, who had come here specifically for the Japanese and had spoken so badly about Supreme Alliance. How was she going to end the report?

You Sixin walked over with his team members. He stretched out his hand first. His face was very handsome and evil and there wasn’t any change to his voice as he said, “We will fight again next year.”

Qin Mo replied with a faint, “Mmh.”

They didn’t seem to have a friendly relationship even though they were very polite.

However, it was different on Hoshino’s side. He didn’t shake hands but leaned forward and made a move that was beyond everyone’s expectations. He stretched out his hand and very naturally pulled the person in front of him into a light hug. In a gentle voice, he spoke next to Bo Jiu’s ear, “Z, sure enough, you are the most dazzling version when you are by his side. Congratulations on the win you desired.”