Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628: Waited A Long Time For This Day

Bo Jiu didn’t know what Qin Mo was thinking. She only heard him ask, “Shall we shower together?”

The mischief in the corner of her mouth deepened, along with her characteristic laziness. “Sure.” After all, a certain Almighty was much more alluring in the bathroom.

This villa, owned by the Ans in a foreign country, has a huge bathtub and floor to ceiling windows on the other side. The lights below could be seen.

The bath water in the bathtub has been set, fresh roses and white foam bubbles intertwined. There is also a bottle of iced red wine next to the bathtub.

“Do you still want to drink?” Qin Mo tilted his head.

Bo Jiu smiled lightly, holding onto a side of the bathtub single handedly. “No, it’s a waste of time.”

Qin Mo glanced at her. Before he could move, she pushed him into the bathtub, causing a splash.

The drenched suit was more beautiful and abstinent than ever.

He looked aloof and indifferent, but for some reason, there was a sexiness that others wanted to taint.

That sexiness along with Qin Mo’s face made her heart itch.

Bo Jiu smiled and lowered her lids, planting a kiss on his wet brows.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, he could feel her hands on his shirt buttons, but he didn’t stop her. Instead, he just looked at her, his black eyes a little heavy.

Bo Jiu noticed this, the corner of her mouth, landed on his neck with a kiss, then moved up to kiss his ear.

Qin Mo moved his fingers, his back straightened, and his eyes became deeper.

Bo Jiu felt that it was alluring for such an Almighty to be at her mercy.

It was true that beauty could distract people. It was also true that when a beauty comes out of a bath, it is heart stopping. Especially right now, when his suit was soaking wet, his drenched hair falling downwards. He didn’t look disheveled at all, instead, she had an urge to bite his neck.

And that’s what she did. Kissing made her happy, especially when he cooperated.

For Bo Jiu, sitting on him and kissing him here and there, is probably taking a huge advantage of him. She was overjoyed inside.

But for Qin Mo, this level is far from enough. How can it be enough?

He wanted to hug her ferociously. To be the only person in her eyes. That thought has never ceased. Hence, how can he be satisfied with just a kiss.

Someone had pressed the electric curtains covering the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Bo Jiu was focused on the ‘delicacy’ that was inches away from her mouth.

The light kiss intensified into a deep kiss, the tip of her tongue still carried a faint red wine aroma. He allowed gently, and the familiar numbing sensation coming from her tailbone made her tremble. Unknowingly, he became the person that was leading.

He stretched out his hand, held the back of her head and started his crazy attack.

The bath water seemed warmer than before and Bo Jiu’s thoughts burned into nothingness.

There are two figures in the mirror.

The suit Qin Mo was wearing and Bo Jiu’s t-shirt were both wet. The black and silver hair mixed together.

When both his hands held onto her waist all she could think about was a sky full of snowflakes. His fingers were already inside.

Bo Jiu felt numb and her eyes turned blurry. But he approached her ears, his thin lips pressed behind, and his tall body started getting hotter and hotter, he could almost burn the water. His voice was hoarse. “Do you know how long I have been waiting for this day? “