Chapter 1390 - Untitled

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Upon hearing this, Bo Jiu smiled. “Hoshino, thank you.”

This sort of words was probably only understood by the most intimate partners.

Hoshino smiled. His words were slightly teasing. “I really want to know what expression Qin Mo has now.”

Lin Feng, who was standing next to Bo Jiu, wanted to shout that Hoshino wasn’t the only one who wanted to know, he wanted to know too but he dared not look! Hoshino was a real hero indeed, with enough guts to hold Little Spade in such a manner. Lin Feng respected Almighty Hoshino and proclaimed him a real man in his heart.

With the thought in mind, Lin Feng stealthily shifted his gaze. As expected, the smile at the corner of his captain’s mouth had turned cold. His face wasn’t black but anyone who saw that devilish smile would feel chilly.

Lin Feng was sincerely afraid that their captain wouldn’t be able to keep it in and would end up kicking him. After all, their captain’s combat power wasn’t easily challenged whether it was in the game or in real life.

The members of the entire Supreme Alliance could imagine the jealousy jar being overturned but unexpectedly, Qin Mo didn’t stop the both of them. After their hug, however, he reached for Bo Jiu’s wrist and when he passed by, he said only one sentence. “You will never get another chance.”

Although Hoshino had thought about Qin Mo’s reaction, he hadn’t expected that line. It was really a bit hurtful. However, probably from the beginning, he hadn’t thought about who he had to be to that person, so he had thought it was good.

Qin Mo was a person that was indifferent to the opinions of others but he respected her completely.

After all, that was Z, the young lord of the hacker word, who rescued him from the whirlpool.

He knew better than anyone else how she had walked through everything. The only thing he wanted was probably this.

Hoshino turned around and his gaze landed on Qin Mo’s back. As soon as the thought was raised, a voice landed in his ear, “Still looking? Aren’t you leaving?”

It was You Sixin. The corners of his mouth were lifted but there was no warmth in his eyes, showing he wasn’t in a good mood. Why did you hug the victor? You Sixin’s lips were pressed together a little as he walked in the opposite direction.

The audience couldn’t see the invisible tension here but they had seen the hug, which they hadn’t expected to see. The crowd exploded.

“They hugged! My Almighty Hoshino is so tough! Fearless indeed!”

“I bet a hundred dollars that today, at this point, Almighty Qin will definitely get it back from Big Spade.”

“Add another hundred, I’ve been a fan of Almighty Qin for a long time and know him the best. Do you still remember the photo of Almighty Qin glaring at Lin Feng when he tried to block Big Spade? I used to be naive and simple and hadn’t been able to catch the intricacies. But now… the jealousy jar overturned!”

“Almighty Qin will definitely say, come here, let’s have a good talk! Ah, ah, ah, just thinking about it is going to cause a nosebleed! That’s adorable, I never expected so many secret loving moments!”

Looking at the interaction between the two persons made the young girl’s hearts of the CP fans explode. The game was great and the moments after the game were even better; this ticket was so worth it!

Coincidentally, Qin Mo was turned slightly sideways to the left when he spoke to the youngster. Both of them were wearing the Supreme Alliance battle uniform, their figure tall and handsome. This scene was sweeter than ever.

Many fans couldn’t help taking out their phones to capture the moment. Looking at it every day would make their heart feel sweet. Of course, if they knew what Qin Mo said, they would definitely grow more emotional…