Chapter 1730 - Untitled

Chapter 1730: Untitled

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Just like a noble vampire that was asleep. His face was as beautiful as roses. However, You Sixin knew very well that his appearance had no effect on that person.

The moment the thought rose the footsteps stilled.

Hoshino raised his hand and drew a towel in his hand, looking down at the person in the bath, looking a little like the most competent deacon in the comics. He placed the towel on top of You Sixin’s head, his eyes pale, “What’s wrong with you?”

You Sixin opened his eyes, they were extremely sharp. “You didn’t terminate the contract with Z, Hoshino, you know what I require from the people around me.”

Hoshino replied calmly. “What do you require?”

“You can only look at me.” You Sixin stretched out his hand and pulled his collar, still drunk.

Hoshino lowered his eyes and glanced at his hand, his aura remained unchanged. “Didn’t I say it just now? I will abide by the promise I made when I entered the house. Since I became a Deadpool, I will only look at you in the future.”

“My family’s contract is really useful.” You Sixin smiled deeper, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

Hoshino felt the water temperature. “It’s getting cold, dry yourself and come out.”

With that, he stood up.

A splash could be heard behind him. You Sixin came out from the bathtub with a towel tied around him but the first thing he did was hug Hoshino’s waist from behind.

Immediately after, he said in a low voice. “You promised to sleep with me and you can’t back out.”

Hoshino glanced down and noticed the moisture on his back but he didn’t take the action to heart. He turned and spoke calmly. “Let go.”

You Sixin’s beautiful eyes narrowed and he said. “I’m not letting go.”

Hoshino’s aura seemed to always be the same, not allowing anyone to mess around. Even You Sixin.

He loosened the arms around his waist and walked out of the toilet.

You Sixin’s eyes were about to sink together with the silhouette that had left, when he returned, a robe in his arms. “Lower your head.”

You Sixin was still intoxicated, and followed his orders.

Hoshino helped him with the robe, he looked at his unhappy face, took a moment and spoke slowly. “I would be with you like the time we were kids, isn’t that enough?”

You Sixin paused but he didn’t raise his head. “Like the time we were kids?”

“Mmh.” Hoshino said, his gentlemanly temperament remained unchanged. He took another towel to him and walked to the bedside.

You Sixin wanted to say that he knew that that wasn’t all, but the sentence didn’t form. Besides, they had to sleep together later.

Since there was a breakthrough, he didn’t need to think too much.

Big deal, he could force his way through when the time came. With that thought in mind, You Sixin smiled.

That smile was very much like a beautiful snake spitting poison. However, it was clear that his charming and indistinguishable beauty, under his deliberate creation, did not arouse that person’s interest.

You Sixin smiled and when he came out, that person was already lying on the bed.

You Sixin walked over decisively, he held onto Hoshino’s hand and lowered himself slightly.

There was a faint visible porcelain white under the bathrobe, and his touch was cold in the beginning. Many people thought that he was cold blooded. Probably because of his low body temperature.

He lowered himself, and met Hoshino’s eyes. He was going to use force. However…