Chapter 1350 - Untitled

Chapter 1350 Untitled

Qin Mo didn’t move! Why didn’t he move?Fan Jia glanced over to look at him. He clenched onto the amulet, his gaze void of any emotion. The hypnosis wasn’t enough for him to kill Z – even though he could kill anyone else. Why couldn’t he do it to her?

Fan Jia clenched her fists, filled with unwillingness! But soon, she realized something. He might not be willing to kill her but he could hurt her. That wasn’t all, he was looking at her with a foreign look, meaning this was the end to Z’s cockiness!

Fan Jia turned. She kept her knife and pretended to be vulnerable, leaning towards him. “Brother Mo, she will take me away, she will definitely take me away. She is with the others outside, you have to help me.”

As expected, Qin Mo reached out and shielded Fan Jia, all the light leaving his eyes. He didn’t seem to be replying to Fan Jia but rather instructing himself, “I won’t let anyone take you away.”

Bo Jiu paused before she glanced up towards Fan Jia. Fan Jia exposed half her face, the sinister glint seemingly taunting Bo Jiu to come at her. Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. She had been mentally prepared but this wasn’t a scene she enjoyed.

Fan Jia kept up her pretense, calling “Brother Mo” to spite Bo Jiu. If Z took action against her, Qin Mo wouldn’t be disobeying her anymore. He would kill anyone that harmed her – that was the true hypnosis.

Fan Jia smiled. She couldn’t wait to see the sadness and despair on Z’s face when Qin Mo brought her down. Fan Jia took a step forward, making it easier for Bo Jiu to touch her.

Unexpectedly, she smiled lightly, dragged the wooden chair from the next table with one hand. Bo Jiu sat down with her long legs apart, saying carelessly, “I am not interested in a mouse living in the gutter. The police are the ones after you, I’m here for my boyfriend. Besides, who are you to call him Brother Mo? You’re even using the terms we use now? Miss Fan, you sure are funny. Do you intend to imitate others your entire life? When will you realize that an imposter will always remain an imposter? It can never be the real thing.”

Fan Jia’s face sunk. She used all her willpower to stop from stabbing her! She knew it wasn’t the time to show her true colors and instead forced tears into her eyes. “Why are you humiliating me? First you try to kill me and now you are denying my existence? My relationship with Brother Mo isn’t something you can break so easily. Arrest me if you want to but stop trying to break us apart.”

Bo Jiu turned over towards Qin Mo. There wasn’t a hint of expression on his face. Logically speaking, with his intelligence, he would have detected the issue but now, he was still trying to protect Fan Jia. It all boiled down to the key of the hypnosis. It was similar to a machine trying to identify his master. During the installation process, the fingerprint that was keyed in would remain as the only fingerprint.

Fan Jia was the only person in front of him at that moment. This was the role of the key, which destroyed a person’s mental endurance zero breakdown point and subsequently induced a suggestion in the deepest depths of this person’s mind. That would complete the installation – unless there was a loophole.

But Bo Jiu had no clue what the loophole was. Initially, she had assumed her appearance would clear the air. But from the looks of things, the authenticity didn’t matter. The only way was to restore his memory or for her to watch over him wherever he went.

Bo Jiu glanced up. He was watching her with a deep look. Then he spoke, “Have you always been this dirty?”

“Dirty? Where?”

“There is something on your shirt,” Qin Mo replied emotionlessly; it almost sounds like a lecture. “Didn’t anyone tell you not to climb the walls in the back kitchen?”

Bo Jiu pouted. “My boyfriend told me in the past but it’s a pity he has amnesia and doesn’t care anymore. I’m about to turn into a child no one wants.”

Qin Mo watched her, his fingers stiffening. She clearly had nothing to do with him but somehow, when he heard those words, he wanted to reach out and ruffle her hair. The thought triggered a piercing ache in his chest, which felt as though he was betraying someone.

Bo Jiu noticed the strange behavior. It was too obvious how he pressed his chest, his brows furrowed, and his lips turned pale. How much pain would cause such a reaction?

Bo Jiu wanted to help him but he took a step back with his arms outstretched, still protecting Fan Jia.

“I understand.” What your hypnosis is. Because you constantly feel like you didn’t protect me well. It ended him in this state. Bo Jiu inhaled deeply before she turned towards the plainclothes officers and stopped them.

She knew him too well. He didn’t mind her coming close but if it were the plainclothes officers, he would notice the danger – and right now, he would eliminate all danger.

“Let them leave.” Those were her first words.

The plainclothes officers looked at her with wide eyes, one of them scoffing, “Do you have any idea what you just said?”

If it hadn’t been for Young Master Tang’s instructions, he sincerely believed this youngster was trying to help the criminal. Even though she was the one who had found them, what was this rubbish!

“I know exactly what I said. Let them go.” Bo Jiu glanced over. “I know there are snipers in ambush but let me tell you, there isn’t anyone here with better aim than the person in the noodles restaurant. You won’t be able to stop him if he wants to leave. Moreover, the noodle restaurant employees are held as hostage, he can easily leave with them as hostage and that would be a situation you wouldn’t be able to handle. Do you think it’s better to let him go or for him to hold civilians as hostage?”