Chapter 1681 - You Are Supreme Alliance's...

Chapter 1681: You Are Supreme Alliance’s…

“Why are you looking for me for this kind of thing?” Xue Yaoyao had been in the Supreme Alliance for a long time, and after following Old Fox, she could basically hear the hidden agenda behind his sentence.

Lin Yang looked at her. “There isn’t anyone else more suitable in C University, after all, you are a professional.”

“Sure enough, you know about that.” Xue Yaoyao’s eyes were light. “I refuse.”

Lin Yang smiled and was not in a hurry. “Yaoyao, have you ever thought about it? It would be a waste of your talents if you aren’t in the gaming industry. If you can’t game anymore, you can be a game maker. Many people would feel useless whenever they talk about Esports. The Tetris we played when we were young is useful for intellectual development. Currently, there may not be a game like this in China, but instead of giving the things we like to unreliable people to do, wouldn’t you feel more relieved to do it yourself?”

Xue Yaoyao had never heard this argument. The steps that had been taken were retracted and she seemed to be considering it.

Lin Yang stood beside her, his voice calm. “I like watching the Supreme Alliance compete, from it’s establishment to its disbandment. When I first enrolled in college, I thought that if one day, what I made would be given to these people, I will feel very honored.”

“Games should not make people over-indulge. If we inject some textbook knowledge and add questions from the angle that people are interested in, will it also be a way to start with interest?” Lin Yang’s eyes stopped on the lake. “These are all things I will do in the future. Every time I feel like I am dreaming, I will watch a Supreme Alliance game. No matter what they encounter, they will continue on without giving up. It doesn’t matter even if countless numbers of people say it is absurd.”

Xue Yaoyao was shocked, her long black hair was blown by the wind, revealing her eyes.

Lin Yang continued. “To become outstanding in their respective fields. This is why I like the Supreme Alliance. Would you like to use this method too?”

Xue Yaoyao was convinced. Completely. She was even more determined than before.

When she refused to touch games again, it was because that group wasn’t around anymore.

After moving behind the scenes, she thought that there might be a possibility of meeting again, many years later.

In this manner, Xue Yaoyao became a game tester.

When Lin Yang brought her over, the two of them were faced with confusion.

“Four, come over, come over.”

Lin Yang arched his brow. “What?”

“Come over first!”

Lin Yang was helpless. “Don’t pull my shirt, talk.”

“I’m going to be straight forward.” That person took a deep breath. “I always regarded you as the aloof and mature type, right?”

Lin Yang smirked.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I said, I mean, we all agree with your initiative in chasing girls, after all, there aren’t many that catch your eye, but you can’t bring personal life to work. This is a very serious issue!”

Lin Yang glanced at Xue Yaoyao and shook off his dorm mate’s hand. “Don’t say nonsense.”

“How is that nonsense.” That person looked at Xue Yaoyao. “Junior, Four is sparing no efforts in chasing you, he even brought you to our workspace. Gosh, I can’t believe this.”

With that, Xue Yaoyao lied. “Senior, I wanted to say this yesterday, I have a boyfriend.”

It wasn’t just that person, even Lin Yang’s fingers stilled.

That person coughed and tried to clear the atmosphere. “This drama isn’t right. So you shouldn’t tease Senior Lin Yang anymore, it would be your fault if he doesn’t have a girlfriend.”