Chapter 1732 - Who's On Top And Who's Below?

Chapter 1732: Who’s On Top And Who’s Below?

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Forget it. He was raising his cat for him already, it shouldn’t be difficult to raise another cat.

Hoshino lifted his hand and took the cigarette from You Sixin’s hand. He extinguished it on the ashtray and said, “Let’s talk.”

You Sixin was stunned for a moment. His gaze turned darker as he replied, “I don’t want to talk. You will just reject me.”

Hoshino’s gaze froze for a moment when he heard this. His aura didn’t change.

“Who said that I will definitely reject you?”

This unexpected sentence caused You Sixin to stop what he planned to do abruptly. Even his eyes turned wider.

The more you looked at him, the more he looked like the cat.

Hoshino stretched his hand out and grabbed the person’s chin. His gaze was still calm as he said, “Many ladies outside said that they will feel very happy if they can kiss you. They probably never saw this expression on your face before.”

You Sixin realized what was happening when his chin got grabbed. He sniggered and replied, “It is indeed a happy thing. Do you want to try?”

“No need for that. I can’t accept it currently.” Hoshino was speaking the truth. He liked ladies. However, based on his emotions, You Sixin was more important. It was probably related to their environment when they were growing up.

Hoshino was always indifferent towards relationships. Z was an exception. This person was an exception too.

Hoshino could clearly see the person’s gaze turning dimmer after he said this sentence.

He wasn’t sure why, but he didn’t want to see this person remaining like this after he grew up. As lonely as him when he didn’t have a goal.

He paused for a moment and added, “After I can accept it, I will look for you and give it a try.”

“Hoshino, this sentence sounds like something one will say to their back-up partner.” You Sixin started to smile slowly. It looked a little vicious. “I will not wait for you to accept it. When I have the chance, I will do it. If not, I won’t like you anymore. Why must I only like you?”

That’s right. Why must he only like him? There were so many people outside waiting to crawl on his bed. Ladies, men. Handsome, beautiful. They were all queuing to go to bed with him. Yet, he fell in love with this person, someone whom he could never get.

Hoshino raised his head. His aura was pure. “You can do it on me.”

The answer was unexpected. You Sixin glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and said, “You will never give me a chance to do it.”

Hoshino looked at his slightly red ears and knew that You Sixin understood what he said. He lowered his voice and replied, “If that’s the case, why do you think I’m here?”

You Sixin smiled again. He pulled the person over. “Then you should tell me properly why you can’t accept it now. Are you worried that my techniques are not good? Don’t worry. I will make sure that you’ll feel comfortable. After all, you have no experience.”

Hoshino looked at him with his dark pupils. “Who gave you the illusion that I will be the one at the bottom?”

You Sixin laughed softly. “Do you think the same way as others? Do you think that just because I look like this, I…”

Before he could finish speaking, Hoshino’s voice was heard again. “Let’s have a pure romantic love if you really want to.”

“Pure romantic love?” You Sixin squinted. He had a strong aura of a poisonous snake on him. “Even when you said those things to me, I had a reaction. Yet, you want me to have a pure relationship with you?”

Hoshino remained calm. “You already have a reaction?”

“If not, how do you think I know…” You Sixin suddenly stopped. The person’s fingers were crawling up from underneath his clothes.