Chapter 1300 - Untitled

1300 Untitled

What were they testing? The scenario described in the book? Even a ruffian like Bo Jiu couldn't help blushing at the description.

The Almighty was still holding onto her waist as he ripped open her top and pulled her back, leaning down for a kiss. She couldn't see anything else.

White bubbles clouded the bathtub and the thick fog from the steam seemed to cast a layer of glaze over her eyes. It was a mesmerizing sight. Probably because they were both good looking, even the temperature of the bathroom had increased.

At this moment, Qin Mo seemed like those dark nobles from novels. Those that enjoyed British movies would probably be aware that the handsome vampire aristocrat liked to drag young girls into the bathtub and give them a joyride like never before. That was what he was doing but he wouldn't pierce through her throat. Instead, he planted kisses along her collarbone, trailing downwards where she was more sensitive.

Bo Jiu wasn't sure when he pulled off her jeans, her oversized shirt landing just atop her thighs, spreading like a flower petal in the water. Her white shoulders shone beneath the lights, easily stirring up his imagination.

Qin Mo held onto her tightly from the start, never allowing her to leave his arms. His gaze dimmed and went straight for her shoulders.

His breath turned unstable, especially when he heard the noise she made. However, there was a voice reminding him not to continue on. How could he allow his prey to control his emotions?As the person leading, he should be the one in control.

But her light moans and even the sight of her teary eyes were enough to tempt him to take her entirely. An unexplainable frustration stirred within him.

Qin Mo inhaled deeply. Retracting his hands, he reached for a towel and bundled her tightly. He couldn't touch her yet or it would be too much for him to resist.

Her skin was smooth and tender, like a sea demoness, watching him with her distinct gaze, tempting him to break her.

Bo Jiu didn't know why he suddenly stood up. Then the sound of the shower came. When she finally realized what was happening, her head was covered by a white bath towel.

He spoke with laughter in his voice, "You can do the rest yourself. I'll get you a cup of milk. There are some areas my sugar daddy requires nourishments. The feel would be better with more meat."

Bo Jiu: … Grandfather Butler had said he pretended to be gentle. How was this gentle? He was as sharp tongued as always. He couldn't seem to speak kindly, even for one day, especially when it was directed at her.

Bo Jiu held the towel on her head and laughed. Did he think she couldn't tell? He would tease her out of her mind and suddenly put a stop to everything. It seemed like he didn't intend to take her.

Bo Jiu chuckled evilly. The Almighty seemed to have forgotten something. Whether he wanted to take her or not had never been a single person's decision.

With a splash, Bo Jiu stood up from the tub, her long and slender legs snowy white and transparent once the camouflage was washed off…