Chapter 1692 - Untitled

Chapter 1692: Untitled

Jiang Zuo, who had originally thought it was his roommate, suddenly stopped after seeing Xue Yaoyao standing outside the door.

From the way he looked, Xue Yaoyao didn’t have to test his temperature to know that he was still running a fever. Hence, there was not so much hypocrisy. She dragged him to the bedside. “Lie down and take your temperature, if it is too high, return to the infirmary and if it isn’t high, take the medicine. I’ll get you some water.”

Jiang Zuo felt giddy from her tug. So when she let go, he lowered his eyes and looked at his wrist.

It had been too long. It really had been too long, since she took the initiative to touch him. Instead of hiding every time he saw her.

Such a moment was too long ago.

Jiang Zuo glanced over towards the busy figure. His thin lips were still pale, and he really didn’t have much strength to speak.

If she hadn’t kept knocking Jiang Zuo probably wouldn’t have even stood up. Now that he thought of it, fortunately he had stood up and opened the door.

When Xue Yaoyao walked back, in addition to medicine and hot water, she had also brought over a wet towel to place on his forehead.

Jiang Zuo finally understood why Qin Mo loved to act pitiful. But now, he no longer wanted to use schemes on her.

If she was hurt, he would stay silent.

It would be fine as long as no one came close.

Probably no one would understand about his worries. He was afraid that she would suddenly have her own new life in university and that he wasn’t included in that life. And he knew very well what ideas the School Hunk had of her.

It wouldn’t have mattered if he was just a kid, but he actually managed to convince her to touch Esports again.

Jiang Zuo was frightened, he didn’t even have time to arrange the matters at home, coming over even without the teaching assistant title.

Even if he had to face the possibility of losing her everyday, it still seemed better than having his thoughts run wild. But he couldn’t seem to tolerate it when she ate with him, did game testing with him, and spoke to him of topics he didn’t understand at all.

Now, he really regretted, why didn’t he let Qin Mo teach him Esports. But there is no cure for regrets.

He was a businessman. He was fundamentally different from people like them who had dreams in their hearts.

Jiang Zuo spent so much time thinking, but he never told her that she was his dream. The person he wanted.

He wanted it so much. Hence, when he didn’t know anything he felt betrayed. And when he tried to stop her, he would use the most instinctive commercial methods.

He wanted to ask her if they could start afresh.

She didn’t have to be so thin. In fact, pretty or not, in his opinion, it was all her.

The fever must have affected his brain.

Xue Yaoyao sat beside him and looked at the temperature on the thermometer, she wanted to pull him up but couldn’t. She wanted him to take the medicine and to cool him down physically. Fortunately, she asked for alcohol from the infirmary.

There was a refrigerator in the teaching assistant’s dormitory with ice cubes inside. So she bundled the ice cubes and placed it all on Jiang Zuo’s forehead, coming to and fro to cool him down.

He probably noticed that someone was near him.

Jiang Zuo opened his eyes, his cherry blossom eyes beautiful. He held onto her hand. “Is it fat Yaoyao?”

That was what he called her back then.

“Mmh” Xue Yaoyao replied.

And he said. “You’re lying, she wouldn’t care about me anymore.”