Chapter 134 (END)

C134 (The End) “Mother, where is my wooden sword?”

A small figure rushed in from outside with a beautiful face as he asked aggressively.

Xie Rong and Gu Ruyi had wedding ceremony yesterday, so people of Duke Dingguo’s Mansion stayed up very late to host. When Xie Zhen came back, it was already late in the night, and Yan Yu had even pressed her down for a while before they fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

They woke up late in the morning, and the moment she heard Yan Su’s voice and opened her eyes, she saw a huge head buried in her chest. She was panicking as she pushed Yan Yu away and walked out from the private room while tidying up her clothes. Her cheeks were red and her eyes watered up. Even though she was already twenty-two, she was still as delicate as a teenage girl. She looked at the little boy at the door, squatted in front of him and asked: “What do you want the wooden sword for? Didn’t I tell you that it would hurt? ”

This little boy was precisely Yan Su who was five or six years old. Although he was called Yan Su, it actually didn’t match his name at all. Of the two children, he was the most boisterous one. (Note: Yan Su in Chinese means being serious.)

He didn’t know why, but he still wanted to find his wooden sword. The wooden sword was a gift from Yan Yu when he was one year old. Once, he accidentally hurt Yan Jin when he was playing and from then on, Xie Zhen would not allow him to play again. Why did he suddenly look for it?

Yan Su was furious. He pursed his lips that were exactly the same as Yan Yu’s, and said angrily: “Yan Song came over again! He is pestering Ah Jin, I will beat him and drive him away! ”

When Xie Zhen heard this, she burst out laughing.

Yan Song was the first son of the current Emperor Yan Tao and Empress Ling. He was a year younger than Yan Su and Yan Jin, and he was born with a pretty and cute face with red lips and white teeth. Yan Song liked to entangle his older sister Yan Jin, who was a year older than him, and followed behind Yan Jin like a small tail. This made Yan Su very unhappy, and made him feel that his younger sister was about to be robbed, so every time Yan Song came to visit him, he would act as if he was facing a great enemy and would immediately kick him out with a face full of dislike.

This time, he didn’t know how Yan Song had angered him, but even the wooden sword was about to be taken out!

Xie Zhen coaxed him, “Where are Ah Jin and Xiang’er?”

Yan Su pouted, “Flying a kite in backyard.”

“Why don’t you go?”

He held his head high and puffed out his chest. “I’m the elder brother, I don’t play with children!”

Xie Zhen exclaimed, she really wanted to rub his head. “Since you aren’t going to play with them, then why did you chase Cousin Song away?”

He stopped talking, hesitated for a while, then opened his arms and threw himself into Xie Zhen’s embrace, “He took A’Jin.”

He and Yan Jin were twins. They were born together, learned how to talk together, learned how to walk together, and so on. He listened to his mother and left all the good things to his sister, who was his favorite girl. But one day, suddenly, there was an exclamation of respect and obedience from the middle of the room. Of course he felt threatened, it was the sister he had loved since he was a child, so why should he give her away?

So he had always been at odds with Yan Song. So what if he was a prince? He used a wooden sword to knock him down!

Xie Zhen smiled and said, “Ah Jin will always be your sister. Others can’t take her away.”

Really? Yan Su was confused. He wanted to ask why, but when he saw Yan Yu behind Xie Zhen, he immediately called him “Daddy” with a smile.

This “father…” Just as he finished speaking, he stopped. It was because the expression on Yan Yu’s face wasn’t good.

Yan Su hugged Xie Zhen even more tightly and asked fearfully, “Is Daddy angry?”

Xie Zhen said: “It’s fine, don’t worry about him.”

Yan Yu pursed her lips. Being ignored by her, her resentment for not being able to eat enough in the morning became even worse.

If it wasn’t for Yan Su disturbing them, the two of them could have been bored to the point where it was late in the morning. In the past few years, Xie Zhen had grown even more plentiful, mainly on his chest and buttocks. His body that had given birth to a child was tender and soft, he loved it so much that he would often eat it multiple times a night.

Yan Yu was now living his own life, free and unfettered. He did not even need to go to the imperial court for a few days, and every month he would receive his official salary. With nothing to do, he spent all his energy on tormenting Xie Zhen. Sometimes, he would be so angry that he would be forced to sleep in the study room at night, while she would hug her son and daughter and sleep together. Yan Yu had thought that ever since he had a child, Xie Zhen’s heart would no longer be with him, and seeing that, he became even more jealous. However, it was not good to vent his anger on the children, so he could only silently hold it in in, and hold it in until his face turned black.

Yan Su blinked his watery eyes, released Xie Zhen, walked up to Yan Yu and grabbed the jade pendant on his waist, raised his head and said: “Daddy, don’t be angry, I’m not taking the wooden sword anymore.”

Yan Yu bent over and hugged him, “You want this wooden sword?”

He nodded, “Daddy, do you want to give it to me?”

“Why did you take the wooden sword?”

He looked determined. “I want to fight Yan Song!”

He dared to steal his sister? He must be tired of living!

Yan Yu patted his head, looked at Xie Zhen, then looked at Yan Su, “I’ll give you two wooden swords, you guys go play in backyard, and don’t come back until you can determine the victor, alright?”

His eyes lit up. “Really?”

Yan Yu nodded, “It’s true.”

Xie Zhen disagreed, “They will be injured! How can you teach a child that way? ”

Seeing Yan Yu teaching the child to the wet nurse and even taking out two wooden swords from the study room to give to him, Xie Zhen was immediately enraged, she shouted “Yan Su” and was about to chase him. Yan Su carried the two wooden swords and ran away quickly, leaving Xie Zhen behind.

Xie Zhen was so angry that he almost died, as she continued to punch and hit Yan Yu, “Quickly go and catch him and bring him back!”

With great difficulty, Yan Yu sent the child away. At the moment, he was wearing a relaxed and relaxed body, which no one could disturb, “With mother here, everything will be fine.”

Xie Zhen disagreed, “What if something happens? Who can say for sure? ”

In the end, it was only because Xie Zhen threatened to not chase after Yan Su and never let him get close to her that he reluctantly agreed. In the end, he even shamelessly pointed at his own face and said, “Kiss me.”

Xie Zhen cursed him in her heart. He was so old and still liked to play such tricks. Inwardly unwilling, she still tiptoed and pecked him on the cheek, “Is it okay?”

He turned his head and pointed to the right side of his face.

Xie Zhen grinded her teeth as she glared at him. She kissed him fiercely this time, then bit on his face and was about to leave when she was held by his head and kissed him deeply. His tongue had even been bitten off. Xie Zhen’s face was red, in the end, it was not as thick as his skin, it was too embarrassed to act intimate in broad daylight, “Go quickly!”

Although this kiss could not be compared to just eating her once, it was better than nothing. Yan Yu was satisfied. He kissed the top of her head and walked towards backyard.

By the side of the backyard’s Lotus Pond, Yan Su was standing on top of a flat rock with a serious expression on his face.

The one below was a pink and one blue little person. The one wearing the pink dress was Yan Jin, who looked just like a jade doll in a picture when he was young. The one wearing the royal blue robe was the current First Prince Yan Song, who was slightly smaller than them tomorrow. However, he was surrounding Yan Jin without moving an inch away from him, his head shaking like a rattle, “No, I want to fly a kite with Cousin A Jin.”

Yan Su was so angry that smoke was coming out from his head, “How old are you, for you to still want to fly a kite? There are so many palace maids accompanying you, why are you here? ”

This was a bit unfair for Yan Song. He had just turned four this year, so he didn’t fly a kite. Was he going to play polo with him? He didn’t bring him.

Yan Su curled his lips. “The palace maids are not as beautiful as Cousin Jin.”

Yan Su rolled his eyes. Of course his sister was good-looking, but what did it have to do with him? “No matter what, you have to go back today!”

As he said this, he threw the wooden sword in his hand towards him, “Or we can duel. If you win, I’ll let you stay.”

was half a head taller than Yan Song, and while it was fine to hold a wooden sword, it was a little too big for Yan Song. He stared at the wooden sword for a while. In order not to be driven away, he could only stagger forward to pick up the wooden sword. He solemnly nodded, “Okay!”

As the main host of the topic, Yan Jin was not the least bit interested in their conversation. While the two of them were talking, she sat in the octagonal pavilion and took out a book from her book, looking at it with interest. She had a completely different personality from Yan Su. The more Yan Su moved, the calmer she became.

Xie Zhen had always wondered just who Yan Jin was like. She and Yan Yu both did not have this kind of personality, and after thinking for a long time, he finally recalled that he looked the most like Xie Rong!

He heard from Madam Leng that Xie Rong had been like this since he was young.

However, Yan Jin was not always like this, she was cold to outsiders, but was very passionate to her family, and especially liked Xie Zhen. Only when she faced him did she sweetly call him “Mother”, which made Xie Zhen’s heart melt.

When Yan Yu and her husband came over, they just happened to see the three of them. Yan Su and Yan Song were fighting by the Lotus Pond as Yan Jin quietly read his book. The servant maid could not stop them, but they were afraid that they would hurt themselves, so they panicked and did not know what to do.

The Esteemed wangfei was here. It was as if she had found her savior as she said to the two little fellows, “Little Prince of young master, quickly stop fighting. The Esteemed wangfei is here!”

The two little fellows immediately stopped. Because Yan Su retracted his hand so fiercely, his body became unsteady and he swayed a little, about to fall into the lotus pond. Yan Yu hurriedly went forward to catch him, and fished him out of the air. With a frown, he warned, “This place is dangerous, you’re not allowed to cause trouble here next time.”

Xie Zhen rushed over quickly. Seeing that his son was alright, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Yan Su was bold, lively and moving, he was not afraid at all, in fact, he was not satisfied: “Daddy, Daddy praised me, I won!”

Yan Yu looked at him, “Yan Song is one year younger than you, what’s the glory in winning?”

He was like a deflated ball, listless.

Fortunately, the two children were uninjured and their faces were covered in dirt. It was obvious that they had fallen to the ground quite a few times. Xie Zhen took out handkerchief and helped the two of them wipe their faces, then asked Yan Song: “Hui’er, since you like Cousin Jin so much, can you be my son?”

Xie Zhen gave birth to two babies for the first time of pregnancy. After that, Yan Yu didn’t dare to let her become pregnant again, and would also take her out when the time was of the utmost importance. Now, in the past five years, her body was more or less healed, and she wanted to have another child. However, she was afraid of pain and didn’t tell Yan Yu about it. She could tell that Yan Yu also wanted another one, but he didn’t want her to feel any pain, so she was still hesitant.

She said this just to tease Yan Zhaoge, to see how he would react.

Who knew that before Yan Song could say anything, Yan Su had already disagreed, “No, no! How could Aunt take him? Mother and Jin are both mine! ”

Yan Yu pinched his small face, and corrected him: “Your mother is mine.”

The father and son duo fought each other day in and day out, but they were not bored with it either.

Yan Zongsheng was shy. The only bold thing he did was to be Yan Jin’s little tail. Upon hearing this, his face turned red, “father said that I like Cousin A’Jin, I can marry her in the future.”

Yan Yu shouted from the side, “Dream on!”

How old are these two children? Do they know what it means to marry a wife? What did Yan Tao usually teach him?

Xie Zhen did not know whether to laugh or cry. He rubbed his head and stood up, not putting the words in his heart.

In the octagonal pavilion, when Yan Jin saw his father and mother coming over, he put down the book and quickly rushed towards them.

Xie Zhen caught her, and laughed: “What are you so happy about?”

“I dreamt of Mother yesterday, and I missed you this morning when I woke up!”

Xie Zhen asked curiously, “What did you dream of?”

She said, “I dreamt that my mother gave birth to another little brother, and that he didn’t love me and my brother anymore.”

Xie Zhen found it funny and comforted her: “Even if you have a little brother, you and Yan Su are still father and mother’s good treasures.”

She quickly asked “Really? Really?” with an extremely cute look. Xie Zhen laughed as he nodded his head to tell the truth.

Not long after, a carriage arrived at the palace. The emperor and Empress Ling personally brought the young prince back to the palace. Yan Tao’s foundation had gradually stabilized in these past few years. Every time he thought of what he had done to Yan Jin, he felt extremely guilty. He was especially interested in her and would always give her gifts that she liked, causing others to feel extremely envious.

It was probably his idea to incite Yan Song to marry Yan Jin … Yan Yu snorted coldly, his plan was to slap himself against the ground, he would not let him do as he pleased so easily.

Want to marry his daughter?

He needed to work harder.