Chapter 62 (END) - Epilogue (After Marriage)

Chapter 62: Epilogue (After Marriage)



“Xiao Le, come and work at my company.”


“Xiao Le, my company’s atmosphere is not bad.”

“Xiao Le, are you coming or not? Say something.”

“Not going!”



“I heard … Zhuang Wei and Song Wei have divorced.”

“Yep,” Su Le flipped a page of the fashion magazine in her hands.

“Did Zhuang Wei contact you?”

“No,” She didn’t even lift her head.

“What do you want to eat tonight? I’ll make it for you.”

Su Le sighed and put the magazine down. She kissed a certain person’s cheek and said, “You can decide.”

That someone headed to the kitchen, satisfied. That night, the table was filled with delicious food.

But, in the end, Wei Chu got criticized as being wasteful while he lowered his head and ate his food.



Chen Yue was getting married and the groom was Wei Chu’s friend, Cao Yu Dong.

“I knew that guy had other feelings for my family’s Xiao Yue Yue.”

“Yep,” Wei Chu nodded.

“He had an ulterior motive, so disgraceful!”

Someone nodded his head again.

“Is that person reliable?”

Wei Chu nodded busily.

“Can he cook?”

Wei Chu paused his nodding.

“Can he wash the dishes?”

Wei Chu was deep in his thoughts for a moment before he replied hesitantly, “They decided to hire a housekeeper.”

After a long period of silence…

“After comparing, I discovered that you can be considered as an excellent man.”

After being called excellent, Wei Chu was instantly pleased.



“Xiao Le, did the doctor just say that… you’re pregnant?”


“A child?”

“I’m becoming a father?”

“I’m becoming a father!” Wei Chu spun around in circles excitedly.

Su Le rolled her eyes at the silly father-to-be. When she turned around though, she couldn’t hide the happiness in her eyes either.



“Doctor, how is my wife?”

“Son, Xiao Le has just gone in.” Mother Wei looked at the large doors of the delivery room, “Don’t be nervous. With the current medical technology, everything will be fine.”

Wei Chu paced up and down the hallway. 10 minutes later, his forehead was full of sweat. “Why haven’t they come out yet?”

30 minutes later, Wei Chu was in the corner fidgeting.

One hour later, the person in the corner became a statue.

Two hours later, the doors to the delivery room opened, “Congratulations, she gave birth to a son.”

The statue in the corner collapsed with a loud noise. Instantly, everything became a mess.

The nurse’s colleagues took the fainted father away calmly. Yes, this sort of thing happened every week.



“Son, you need need to be filial to your mother. It was difficult for her when she gave birth to you.”


“Son, what do you like? Father will buy it for you.”


Su Le couldn’t restrain herself anymore, “Our child can’t even speak yet. If you carry on muttering then go and sleep in the guest room!”