Chapter 5633: Family Reunion

Chapter 5633: Family Reunion

Chapter 5633: Family Reunion

“Young master, you’re talking about Miss Song Yun?” the Netherworld General asked.

“That’s an unnecessary question. Which other little sisters do I have other than little sister Yun’er?” Chen Hui replied in displeasure.

“Is Miss Song Yun sweetheart Chu Feng? Why have I never heard about that?” the Netherworld General asked. His earlier imposing air vanished without a trace, as if he had been reduced to a gossipy uncle.

“There’s no reason for you to know that. This is none of your business, so you need not probe into it. Just feign ignorance,” Chen Hui said.

“Understood, young master. Did you come here to look for Chu Feng?” the Netherworld General asked.

“I told you I came here to join the commotion. I am a prodigious world spiritist myself, so how can I miss out on such a prestigious event? I also didn’t expect to meet Chu Feng here. It might be heaven’s will,” Chen Hui said.

“Young master, how did you know Chu Feng is Miss Song Yun’s sweetheart? Did Miss Song Yun tell you?” the Netherworld General asked.

“For heaven’s sake, Uncle Qing, you are a Demon-character Netherworld General! Why are you so curious about everything?” Chen Hui asked.

“Ahaha! Young master Chen Hui, how could I not be curious about Miss Song Yun? She’s the only one in the Netherworld Sect who might surpass you in the future! It’s only natural for me to be concerned about her,” the Netherworld General replied with a chuckle.

“In any case, you just have to know that I am certain that Chu Feng is little sister Yun’er’s sweetheart,” Chen Hui said.

“Is that Chu Feng the same one who’s on good terms with the Totem Dragon Clan’s young master, right?” The Netherworld General took out a scroll containing a portrait, and the person depicted in the portrait was none other than Chu Feng. “It really is him.”

Chen Hui didn’t say a word. Clearly, he had already known about this.

“There are many exaggerated rumors about Chu Feng floating around, but based on what I have observed, there’s a huge gap between you and him. Young master, what’s your take on Chu Feng’s capabilities?” the Netherworld General asked.

“Chu Feng is indeed a talented person. I can’t say how far he’ll go in the future, but he’s at least qualified to be my rival and little sister Yun’er’s sweetheart at the moment,” Chen Hui said.

“That’s a high compliment from you, young master. Sounds like the rumors are true. Chu Feng is the real deal.” The Netherworld General’s interest in Chu Feng was piqued.

“Let’s go,” Chen Hui said, but the direction he was headed in wasn’t where the entrance examination was held.

“Young master, aren’t you going to participate in the entrance examination?” The Netherworld General was surprised.

“I’m just here to join in the commotion. I don’t plan on joining the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. I’d be dead meat if they discover my identity,” Chen Hui said.

“But young master, you have an Ancient Era’s treasure infused into your soul that thoroughly conceals your cultivation and your bloodline,” the Netherworld General said.

“I am confident in the treasure’s prowess, but it’d be unwise to underestimate the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. The entrance examination hasn’t started yet, so the managerial elder is only a pinnacle God-cloak World Spiritist, and the formations they used aren’t too potent yet. However, they might use stronger formations for the subsequent trials. It’s better to be careful,” Chen Hui said.

“Young master, where are we heading now?” the Netherworld General asked.

“We’re heading to the Constellation Sect,” Chen Hui replied.

“Why?” The Netherworld General was confused.

He knew that the Constellation Sect was one of the Seven Realms Galaxy’s powers. It was not particularly powerful, but neither was it weak. Most important of all, there were no ties between their Netherworld Sect and the Constellation Sect.

“My hands have been itching for blood, but I couldn’t find anyone suitable. It just so happens that the young master of the Constellation Sect provoked me and Chu Feng earlier in the trial. That bastard dared to beat me just because I was hiding my strength. Even though Chu Feng killed them afterward, my anger still hasn't quelled yet.

“The father should pay for the sins of the son, don’t you think? Since the young master of the Constellation Sect likes to cause trouble so much, we’ll fulfill his wish and let his entire family and sect reunite in the netherworld,” Chen Hui sneered as he got to action.

The Netherworld General followed him.

Chu Feng returned to the area where the crowd was, but he still couldn’t find Chen Hui.

“Has he decided to back out of the entrance examination? He should have sent me a word. Oh well,” Chu Feng murmured under his breath.

He initially thought that there was something amiss with Chen Hui’s disappearance, but given Chen Hui’s nonchalant attitude with dealing with Zhao Tian’ao and his talent, it was likely that he had formidable backing.

He didn’t think that Chen Hui’s boldness wasn’t just blind recklessness.

Following this train of thought, he figured that Chen Hui might have left on his own accord. It was not as if there were deep ties between them that necessitated Chen Hui to properly bid him farewell, not to mention that Chen Hui was a quirky person despite his hearty appearance.

It was not a big deal for Chen Hui to leave without saying a word, so he decided not to think too much about it.

He still remembered his goal here—he had to clinch the first place in the entrance examination and obtain the Seven Realms Soul Forging Incense so as to save Eggy.

Time passed quickly, and it was soon afternoon.

A formation slowly appeared before the crowd. All of the juniors cast their gaze over, knowing the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s entrance examination was about to officially commence.