Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Crystal Tree and Myu

After I remembered just how fun was it to hunt with Taku's party, I thought, how about hunting with a different party——but there was none to join.

Sadly, I didn't have the courage to invite anyone.

Taku and Myu said 『"Try making ties with some people by yourself at first"』. For Onii-chan to be told that by his little sister, it was a surprise.

Not organizing parties with anyone else, I diligently continued to collect as if it was my life's work.

Speaking of other players, among the large amount of players who were dissatisfied with the lack of potions, there were some who thought of seizing this business opportunity.

To be more exact, they secured money and acquired 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】 Senses one each, and by sharing the workload they created potions.

The division of labour was necessary for mass production, that's what I thought when I heard of it.

Calmly thinking of it overnight, I bought out all the herbs NPC had in stock, for the potion one herb was 2G, two herbs were 4G. And when I made potions out of it, Magi-san bought it for 35G.

In other words——easy profit. Although since I had only 130G, I could buy only that much herbs. Thinking like that. I wanted it to be afternoon already.

Let's go right from the morning. No, impossible. I'm the one who's supporting us with housework after all. I need to buy ingredients, also since the weather's worsened, I need to dry the rooms. And I was also worried about summer showers, so I linked the regional weather information together with 【OSO】's settings and set it to alert with a sound in-game. I'm quite bad with machines though.

I rushed to the town from the west's safety area which served as my middle base. Come to think of it, since I have SP I can get a 【Speed Increase】 Sense to run faster.

Also, the Senses I currently have, namely the combat side of those had grown during the Big Boar hunt yesterday.

Possessed SP5

【Bow Lv13】 【Hawk Eyes Lv18】 【Speed Increase Lv1】 【Magic Talent Lv15】 【Magic Power Lv18】

【Alchemy Lv5】 【Enchant Lv16】 【Synthesis Lv11】 【Mixing Lv11】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv7】


【Taming Lv1】 【Craftsmanship Lv5】

Fast, really fast. A stat-up-type Sense like the ones Myu and Sei-nee use. As I experienced it, it's really useful, that's the impression that enveloped me. This is, it's as if I had an Enchant on at all times. Moreover, it grows if one acted in compliance to the stat.

In order to level up, for attack-type you need to accumulate damage dealt, for defence-type you need accumulate damage taken. It seemed like for speed you needed accumulate distance traversed by running.

I thought that its growth method was similar to that of Armour Senses. I thought that defence power Increase was a mishappen Sense for me. In the first place, I'm not under attack because of the position I assume. On the other hand, armoured players receive the attacks in conjunction with defence power Increase and raise its level to further reduce damage received.

Hmm. Sense builds are quite difficult. I looked at the templates but, physical tasks like 【Smith】 for example have 【Attack Power Increase】. It seems like the number of times one hits metal is judged as number of attacks and so on.

I continued to run lost in thought, before I noticed I was already on the central square. Here, I should check in with the NPC store clerk.

"Excuse me, do you have Herbs?"

"I'm sorry. Herb's are sold out. They were bought to use for making potions."

The man lowered his waist and made an apologetic expression. No, recently NPC's turn

ed really realistic in games. Wait, not that!

"What do you mean!"

"Earlier various people bought it up to make potions. Incidentally, Beginner Potion's are out of stock as well."

No waay. Yesterday, I anticipated the crafting pair, but the resale shops bought it up already. Moreover, in various places on the stalls lined up on opposite side of the square I've heard a word 'Herb'.

I moved away from the NPC and headed towards the stall.

"Herb 5G each. Beginner's Potion 20G each!"

Wha! That's, Herbs are just a material item! Moreover its at an original price of a Beginner's Potion, in order to synthesis a Beginner's Potion you need at least 40G like that.

Selling them like this, is just a rip-off using a fact they are in possession of a stall.

Even so, there are people who joyfully buy Beginner's Potions and Herbs. Why are you guys so happy. It's unreasonable. That's what I've seen in several places.

Somehow, my mood turned really nasty. I hurried to Magi-san to make a delivery. While grumbling, I left this place.

After confirming with Magi-san in advance via chat, I came to the usual place.

"——Magi-san, listen to this〜."

"I know. The herb-related thing right? Eh, Onee-san's also surprised.'

Magi-san greeted me in a friendly manner as I raised a miserable voice.

"Those rip-offs, is it a declaration of war against my lack of money?!"

"Don't get so angry, come on. Your cute face is ruined."

I was quite frustrated. For Magi who's seen that, I only looked like a cute girl who's huffing in anger, it seemed like it was pleasing to her, judging from her expression.

Then, the delivery ended as I grumbled complaints.

The items I sold to Magi-san were Potion × 30 and Pills ×15 for 70% of final price. Total of 2100.

Hmm. Maybe I should buy a crafting kit, but I might not have enough.

"Hmm. I want money."

"Then, how about selling the potions by yourself? If it's now, then you could sell them for three times of the price I gave you."

Certainly she was right. That would be 6000G. Home-brewed Potions plus they went through drying process, the effect was slightly higher. Although I was confident they would sell, but...

"I'll refrain from that. If I did that I would be the same as resale shops. Instead, how about you look at items I've gathered so far? There might be some items that can be sold."

"It's not good after all, purchasing material items."

As Magi-san smiled wryly, I put the items I didn't use in the trade screen.

The membranes which drop from Bats, Furs that drop from Wild Dogs, and Fangs. Also, Furs that drop from herbivores and the big fur I made with 【Alchemy】. There was quite a lot of materials I didn't use myself.

"Hmm. All of them is normal. They're dirt cheap I guess? But can I ask something? Did you make the Big Fur yourself?"

Somehow, Magi-san grinned seeing the Big Fur.

"Yes. Well, I want you to keep it secret."

"Sure sure. I see. Then, do it with the other items as well, the same thing as you did with this. Then I'll buy them after they've gain some colours."

"But why just this?"

"Aah, let's say it's because of an acquaintance of mine? The furs and films are used in 【Sewing】 to make Leather Armours and Coats. Well, considering the only mobs taken down in early game are those on peripheries, there's not enough big furs. The same way you can make ingots, you can also make a fur out of 5 pieces, he wants to make it with 【Sewing】 even if it's only one piece, there's a setting he wants to expand... I don't really get it, but the durability what he can make with the material has is too low."

So 【Sewing】 can connect films and furs the same way ingots can be created.

"That's how it is, the acquaintance clothier has some of his own created, but he hasn't enough of first-class goods after all I guess? That's why he'd be glad if I passed it to him."

"Then, I'll make it with the materials I've left over."

There were people around, but since everyone has been making potions and there was shine all over it should be fine if I mix in with them and use 【Alchemy】, in fact I can use Alchemy without removing the item.

"Well, here I go."

"Yesyes. I appreciate it."

*ping*, a light appeared and it was done. I didn't like this bland way of changing, I've always morphed them when they were taken out. The large amount of items I had in my inventory was cleanly converted. Large Film × 3, Big Dog Fur × 3, Big Fur × 7, Large Fang × 30.

"It's done."

"Oh, it's done huh. Then show it, show it."

The trade screen opened once again, and I put there the items I made with 【Alchemy】.

"Ohh, thank you. So, how much for this?"

"No, I have no idea. Just give me a reasonable price."

"Even if you say so. 70% of NPC's price, it should be cheap in this case. Also, if it's kept secret it's worth won't fall. What will you do? Will you exploit Onee-san for your own needs?"

"Why are you saying something so pointlessly erotic. I'm fine with 70%."

"I've said it many times, but Yun-kun's not greedy enough. Well, honestly I don't know the price, I'll ask the acquaintance, that's fine for now right?"

The amount shown me in the trade screen was 2500G, hey that's a lot! That's more profit then I made from potions!

"Somehow, I'm always surprised whenever I trade with Magi-san."

Mainly when it came to money. I'm referring to the Fine Iron Ore from yesterday and the converted items from today.

"I too am constantly surprised. Yun-kun has a really interesting Sense build."

That mainly referred to the items I made, I knew that.

"Even so. It's a mass of mishappen Senses, why is it so interesting?"

"Well, because this character is aiming for the industrial gap."

"Ahahahaha, to think there's a player who thought of slipping into the industrial gap."

"Please don't poke fun at me."

Even though I said that, having gotten money I made a pleased expression and smiled. With this it was 4600G of profit. I can finally buy a portable furnace. Normally, 【Smiths】 and 【Craftsmen】 buy a portable furnace and go to the forest in the west to gather Iron Ore and craft. The route I took, was quite roundabout.

Ever since I started playing, it took me a while before I reached this point.

"Then, the trade's complete. Is there anything else?"

"Oh right. I've picked up Copper Ore and Tin Ore, will it become a Bronze Ingot if I combine them?"

"Ah, that. A friend from β version asked this before〜"

"What about it?"

"The bronze doesn't have good performance. It looks good but doesn't have high defence. Well, it's good for practising 【Craftsmanship】 even more so than copper."

Ah, in other words it's better than copper, but worse than iron. And my 【Craftsmanship】 Sense is low.

"Also for that, you can buy it from NPC's if you make at least one ingot yourself."

In other words, it was an item that was good to make only once. Somehow, I felt sad. Even though I picked it up so happily.

"Well, good luck with practice."


My craftsmanship road seems quite rocky. I separated from Magi-san's stall and gathered the required items from the NPC stores in the town.

I've had enough money. I've still had some left over after buying a portable furnace. ——800G

I've had enough money. Again I've still had left over after buying a higher level polishing kit. ——1500G

I've had enough money. Once again I've still had left over after buying a higher level Synthesis kit. ——1500G

I've had enough money. So I bought ten sets of Iron Arrows. ——300G

The result, what remained was——630G

What I obtained with it is priceless. No wait!! I splurged too much. I'm broke again. It means I need to craft again.

And I moved to to my field.

"Ah, I have no money. No, if I sell Potions every day in a stable manner it'll be 2000G every day. Also I have a portable furnace! I can make accessories with this! I can cut decent jewels from the stones! I can make Iron Arrows +10!"

But—— I have no money. I'm heartbroken.

Well, first to check the field. From the crops, one place yielded a Fine Herb after planting a Fine Herb Seed in it. In other words, if the seeds are planted as such, they won't ever diminish. Also, the herb types were all high quality thanks to the fertilizer added in.

There were twenty of them. Hmm. Forty of them even if I use 【Alchemy】's Lower Matter Conversion. That would make twenty Potions. It was a bit lacking to make a delivery to Magi-san, also I can't make Antidote Potions and Pills with Herbs.

Looks like hunting or harvesting is the main thing to do after all.

Well, twenty potions a day is a lot. The simple calculation says it's 700G a day. To refund the cost of the field five days are enough. Well, I'm the only person who has Seeds.

Then I increased amount of Herbs by using 【Alchemy】, made Beginner Potions and Potions through it. Since I didn't have time I made it through 【Recipe】.

The effect was inferior than when I made them manually, ready-made goods. No, the Potion's effect is better than those other crafters made, it's something I can be proud of. No, even so there's no visible difference between this and the lower Potions.

"Hmm. With this 【Alchemy】 【Synthesis】 and 【Mixing】 are raised at the same time. Until now leveling 【Alchemy】 was hard but now it goes up a bit."

It was still early to turn material with Higher Matter Conversion without losing any, but if I could get the higher material, I could increase its size with Lower Matter Conversion. No, the trash Sense is flowering rapidly but the conversion rate hasn't changed yet. Nothing might change in the future. Then, what will change? Well, time's pressing. Next I need to make ingots with a mobile furnace.

"Magi-san said Copper is a low level ore, let's start with copper then."

I made an ingot from Copper Ore × 5. I placed them into the furnace and hit the metal that melted out of it with a hammer, *ding**ding**ding**ding*, although the sound was comfortable. attack force "My arm, what's with this..."

The hammer was seriously heavy. If I didn't swing with a constant strength and speed the copper has grown cold losing its red glow and——it cracked. The ingot cracked resulting in a crafting failure, the item disappeared.

On the first try, it didn't become an ingot. Moreover, the second and third try weren't successful either. I picked about thirty pieces of Copper Ore and now, I'm down to half.

"Come to think of it, people who took 【Smithing】 or 【Craftsmanship】 have a 【Attack Power Increase】. That means, I was short on attack power, ATK shortage. Because I took 【Speed Increase】 now I'm in a deadlock.

If I take a Sense without thinking about it deeply, it seems like it'll strike back at me later, but if it's absolutely necessary I need to devise a way to overcome this problem no matter what.

Come to think of it, when I was doing the field work I worked while casting an enchant on myself, and that was classified as a crafting. In other words, applying an enchant on myself also has an effect on the crafting, in that case...

In order to try it out, I held the hammer and cast an attack enchant on myself.

"Oooh?! It's light, really light."

I could swing such a heavy hammer as intended. Moreover I wasn't tired that much. The sound echoed as I hit the metal rhythmically. That meant, attack enchant increased what in other games would be referred to as muscle strength. Hmm, in the weapon's case the strength had no role, something else had... no, let's not think about it that deep. Anyway I could substitute 【Attack Power Increase】 with 【Enchant】.

Hmm? Yesterday's field work was done with the speed enchant. In that case, the action operating speed is increased with a speed enchant.

The ingot was crafted, I was successful on my fourth time. I wasn't impressed, but it confirmed my assumptions.

"If I enchanted myself with two enchants, wouldn't my efficiency go up?"

I had the Sense build customized as 【Speed Increase】, 【Magic Talent】 【Magic Power】 【Enchant】 【Craftsmanship】 and 【Crafting Knowledge】.

First, attack enchantment. Next, speed enchantment. The red and yellow light occasionally intermingled, opposing each other they enveloped my body. Yup, looks like two enchants are possible. I tried to shake the hammer lightly, and together with 【Speed Increase】 I felt that the speed at which my arm was swinging increased.

And like that, it was fifth round of ingot production.

Once the enchant's effect worn off, I applied it again and wielded the hammer. Woah fast. The illuminated with red, forcefully hit copper had sparks occasionally appear from it.

It was going well until I reached halfway. But making an ingot takes time. I was too concentrated on keeping up the enchantments and MP ran out halfway. I failed one step after that.

"Hmm. I should level my Magic Power if I want to do it like this. It'll be impossible for me to do ingots better than Iron like this. Do I need to take 【Attack Power Increase】 after all?"

As I waited for my MP to recover I folded my arms and pondered. And then I remembered, crafters can make items with a shortcut from a skill after they make it once before.

So I could make Copper Ingots. Ahh, I wasted the five Copper Ore from before.

MP was consumed as the【Craftsmanship】 skill consumed a lump of Ore. Somehow, It was unsatisfactory.

However, it took about 20% of my MP. I already knew well how handy 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】 were. My current 【Magic Power】's level was 19. I've had so much of it, and yet this much was taken. In other words, the more it takes the better quality metal it becomes.

Same as with Polishing, Ingot had a possibility of a failure.

I can't use 【Craftsmanship】 Sense well and swing the hammer well enough to make various things.

It couldn't be helped even if I thought about a clear solution, I need to level 【Craftsmanship】 and 【Magic Power】. By doing so, I might be able to cope with higher metals.

Next is, the Tin Ingot. After that, finally Iron.

I worked manually while strengthening myself with enchant. Even though it's a game my arms felt heavy and heat rose from the furnace making me feel hot. Not paying any regards to it, I continued innocently pounded it with the hammer.

Cracked, made it; made it; cracked; I repeated it like that and was able to make some ingots.

It took me some time, but I was able to make a number of ingots.

I've had two Iron Ingots, others failed. Two Copper Ingots and four Tin Ingots.

【Magic Talent】 was at 17, 【Magic Power】 leveled up to 20. Because I did double enchants the 【Enchant】 leveled up to 19, I think it was about the same as an ordinarily-growing sorcerer.

Now that I think of it, although initially the MP's consumption wasn't good at first and yet it didn't change that much, still the 【Magic Power】 has grown and the things that were initially unavailable are no longer so. And coupling it with the 【Hawk Eyes】 it was possible to compensate for its short range.

Thanks to properly making the ingots my 【Craftsmanship】 level went up to 10.

"Although I've been requested to change by Myu, I quite like the Senses I've got now."

I whispered in daze. Fuh, I'm satisfied. It was pretty fun. Next time let's try making some accessories, and I logged out.

Waiting for me was, a hungry Miu who was bowing down to look at me.

As I leaned on sofa and was stared at by Miu who had a blank look in her eyes, I went in a hurry to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Onii-chan, no matter how much you're enjoying the game, don't forget to make dinner."

"Um, I'm ashamed."

After the dinner we faced each other while drinking tea, me and Miu. Certainly, I was engrossed in a game and forgot to prepare dinner, that was bad. But you too are sometimes late right.

"If Onii-chan's not here, dinner won't appear."

"No, you could be concerned about your brother and make it occasionally."

"You sure? It might end with food poisoning."

"No, try remembering some food that's not poisoned."

"I don't want to talk about that! How did it turn like this?!"

"How... even if you ask me. I've gotten quite a bit of money and was in a festive mood."

As I sipped the tea loudly, Miu stared at me intensely. Silently, she relayed 'say more details', that's what it meant.

"That's, I met a crafter who taught me a lot and bought items I made. Then I gained money to buy tools and could concentrate on doing things I was unable to before, and it turned this late."

"Hmm. Is that crafter a man, or a woman?"

"............? A woman, why?"

That moment, I felt like Miu's gaze turned even colder. Her eyes narrowed, being stared directly from the front wasn't too comfortable. Somehow, recently I've felt that my dignity as a an older brother was gone.

"So how much did you earn today?"

"I made 4600G by selling Potions and materials."

This was the only thing I was proud of. Being able to earn this much as well, I could boast of it. It was a chance for me to regain my dignity as an older brother after losing a bit of ground.

However, Miu's reaction was something different.

"So you only earned that much. Top level crafters earn ten times of that in a day."


Onii-chan's heart is about to break. I was originally a power level 5 trash. And I'm not a top-level producer. Even though I sold so many products and earned so much.

"By the way, I have 300k currently, Onee-chan should have about 200k."

You bourgeoisie. What. Is that your power-level? If that's the case with 630G I'll be treated as garbage.

β testers were able to retain their gold? What a horrible disparity.

"For today's dinner, I'll forgive you if you accompany me tomorrow."

"Want me to carry your luggage again? Do you really want to walk through this concrete jungle in this hot summer?"

"No! There's a quest I want to do in-game! It's restricted to a party of two women and I want to do it together with Onii-chan!"

"No, but I'm a man."

"Your game character is female right? Also, since it's a quest not many know of, don't pull along any other women."

That's why please. Miu joined her hands and asked me cutely. Certainly, my character was female, but it's not like I liked it. Moreover, I wanted to avoid such a challenging quest...

"I said, come with me tomorrow! If you don't I won't forgive you!"

"After a request it's a threat? I get it. But is it okay to go in initial equipment?"

"Eeeh, you're still in initial equipment?!"

"I was thinking of buying something cheap. When I save up some money I'll buy weapons and armour from an NPC."

"It's better if you don't buy from NPC. The bow purchased from NPC will have low durability. It's just the beginner's weapon and armour that don't have durability set and will never break."

"Eh, seriously. Then I'll keep using it."

"However, it's design is cheap."

She's right. I felt it in the back of my head. Somehow, even though there still are beginners around, Magi-san as well as Taku have fancy clothes and armour. I felt a bit envious of it.

"The bow is fine, but at least buy some clothes. How about buying some after we finish quest? There are some crafters who deal with cheap and cute clothes. However, their performance is a bit low."

"I won't buy it. Rather, I'm a man. Why do I have to wear cute clothes."

"I think it would fit you."

I spat out a sigh, rejecting. Right now, I need to concentrate on changing my entire equipment rather than appearance.

"I get it. Is there anything I can wear?"

"Nope. I don't have what would suit you after all."

I guessed so〜, being told that so clearly was a shock. My little sister already let go of Onii-chan's hand. Miu drank the rest of tea all at once and went up the stairs, but it seems like her grumpy mood from before was gone and she moved with a nimble gait. Geez, what's going on.

On that day, I went to sleep after that. And on the next morning, I was woken up by Miu hitting me.

The watch displayed five o'clock in the morning, hey, that's way too early! Although I was angry, I reluctantly made breakfast and finished the housework. However, waking up five o'clock in the morning wasn't such a bad thing, spending time in the cool morning was more comfortable.

Rather than have sunlight stab at me when I was hanging laundry, there was an enjoyable and fresh sunshine... it was satisfying.

No, I guess that doesn't matters. The quest I'm to do with Myu is scheduled to be given in the afternoon, so until then we'll act separately.

I went to sell the items to Magi-san. Yesterday I didn't have time to hunt so the only items I had to sell were Potions, forty in total——I earned 1400G.

And heard something good and something bad.

The films and leathers I sold yesterday were at much higher value so she'll pay more for it next time.

I was glad hearing that. However next were the bad news, I scowled.

"Ah, it seems like there's an oversupply of Potions now. That's why the price seems to be breaking down."

"So that'll mean my Potions will be the same."

"Oh, you don't need to worry. Originally they were sold at a fair price, moreover Yun-kun's potion have a high effect so there are people who know they're hidden masterpieces."

"That's great."

"Also, It's about time I purchased a store. I finally accumulated the right amount."

"Oh, congratulations."

I honestly congratulated her.

"Eh, the cheapest store costs 500k minimum, and if I'm buying one then I thought of getting the biggest one in this town. The initial capital I need is 750k, and I need money for materials too. Currently I have about 1M?"

"Is that so. You're quite rich aren't you."

M. In other words, either Mega or Million. A unit for 1,000,000. Yeah. That's more than Myu and Sei-nee. As expected of a crafter. Isn't she quite a top player?

"That's why, bring the potions directly to my shop. I'll buy them properly."

"Thank you very much. At that time I'll come over."

I bowed. Although I was a mercenary at first, thinking 'can I sell the potions?' and met her, now I think we've got a pretty good relationship.

Magi-san occasionally chatted with me, or called out to customers to promote her new shop. Then, I casually looked at the price and performance of weapons sold by Magi-san. The cheapest one cost 20kG.

"M-Magi-san? This weapon is?"

"Ooh, One-Handed Sword? I made it in spare time. Hmm, there's no Sense in it."

"Not that. The effect, effect!"

Wild Blade 【One-Handed Sword】

ATK+15 Additional effect: Critical Increase (minimal)

My bow had ATK+2 and Iron Arrows had ATK+3 which made a total of +5. It was roughly the same as the initial sword's. NPC's weapons had at most 6. The game barely started and it's already a high level weapon. But the problem wasn't there. There's something like an additional effect I've never seen before.

"Ah, additional effect? This, anyone can add it if they have a higher level of 【Smithing】 Sense."


"If you raise your 【Smithing】 to 30 it'll change into 【Tempering Iron】, if that happens your weapons will have an additional effect. Amazing right? By the way, when 【Craftsmanship】 is leveled to 30 it becomes 【Engraving】 so do your best."

"Um, if it's fine could you teach me?"

"It's fine, fine. It's all in the guides on the website. What's more important, is combining characteristics of each Sense. It's not something that can be standardized. It's a game where everyone seeks the only talent. It's not something one can do with a template. The least expected way to achieve it might come from within you."

Somehow, she said what I was thinking. 【Hawk Eyes】 and 【Enchant】. Others wouldn't think of it.

After all 【Enchant】 is a magic vanguards would use and 【Hawk Eyes】 only gives far sight. The first and the second, they were contradicting each other no matter how you slice it, but the range increases when they're combined.

"I see, but oh well. It really helps to hear that when 【Craftsmanship】 reaches 30 there's a derivation. I'll do my best and aim for that."

"Yupyup. Onee-san likes to watch young ones who do their best."

Isn't Magi-san quite young, I thought. Probably she's a college student or so.

"It's about time for lunch, so I'll log out and eat."

"Ah, I need to go out and make lunch as well or my little sister will be angry."

"Ohh, a young girl's cooking. Onee-san would like to eat that."

Somehow, I felt an interesting nuance there, I too logged out in a place no one will interrupt me.

Today's lunch was miso soup and stir-fried vegetables as well as white rice. Yup, I was quite generous with vegetables. Out of spite for being hit awake in the morning I mixed in eryngi mushrooms Miu was bad with...

When she was eating, her eyes turned teary but I ate it with appetite. After meal——

"Onii-chan, I'll be waiting at the east gate."

After saying that my little sister confined herself in her room. No, at least she could help me wash the dishes, I thought. Well it's not a big effort anyway.

Soon after I logged in to chase after her.

At the east gate there was a dense crowd of people. At the centre of it there was my little sister.

"Come hunt with us. We're about to break through a boss mob."

"Hey, can you come..."

"Won't you come with us?"

Well, she was being called out to by men and women. My little sister might give off a favourable impression, she's a pretty girl after all. She's being called out like that, I thought.

"Sorry to make you wait."

"Too slow! Let's go!"

Myu was wearing an armour, her sword was placed the same way as Taku's. There was a profound feeling to it, with white tonation her character image made it feel like she was a Paladin.


"Come on already."

Wanting to run away from the crowd, Miu pulled me by hand. From the crowd behind I could still hear voices calling out but I decided to ignore them and tagged along with Miu.

When we made some distance, I asked her what happen but——

"I'm a quite well known player now, there's lots of people who try to pick me up."

"Oh, is that really all right?"

"Also, this equipment is a made-to-order product I asked for an acquaintance from β version, 'talk to them for me' or 'give it to me' and so on, I'm quite tired of it."

"Be careful. Don't let some weird guy attach himself to you, it's not a good idea."

"What? Yun-oneechan's worried about me?"

Even though her brother's worried, she pokes fun at me by saying that. Since she looked at me with a knowing smile on her face, I pursed my lips and looked away.

"I'm sorry. Thank you for worrying about me, Yun-oneechan."

"Hey, I might be a female character in game, but can't you call me brother?"

"Impossible. Also, it's because Onee-chan was too slow it turned out like that!"

"Should I abandon housework? You could've helped me right? Like wiping dishes for example."

Impossible, game was calling me, she brought out emotional arguments. Haa, I spat out a sigh and changed the topic.

"So, what quest are we going to undertake?"

"Female only! Moreover it's a quest with set limit to 2 people, it's 【Investigation of Crystal Cave's interior】."

"No, I have no clue."

"To explain with simple terms, there's a cave to explore in the woods. There's a separate quest for men only called 【Environmental investigation of Hyumune Pond】."

"Hee. Quests are given by NPC's right."

"Yup yup. And so, the hunting grounds over there are just right for me right now. In β version I was the one who was taken care of, it's hated by everyone but in the end it's just a mob and not a real game."

"Umm, I'm starting to feel a disturbing atmosphere because of this conversation..."

"It's all right. If Onee-chan stays behind, I'll hunt all the Centipedes."

Blechh, I want to go back. Even if I'm not a woman I don't want to go against insect-type monsters.

"I'm going back! I don't want to go to a place with Centipedes."

"You promised yesterday! Are you going to break the promise?!"

"Before that you should've said so properly!"

"Uuu... and here I thought I'd finally be able to go on a decent adventure with Onee-chan."

What, what's with those teary eyes, all right I get it. I'll do it fine?

"I get it. However, I'll just cast enchants on you from afar."

"Yeah. Look at my valiant appearance!"

She smiled again even though she still had tears in her eyes. There were rich expressions even though it was a VR game, a completely unrelated thought crossed my head.

"However, along the way let me harvest. I want to take tin and copper ore around here. It's perfect for me to raise my 【Craftsmanship】 Sense."

"That, is that something you heard from that female crafter from before?"

"Well, yeah."

"Hm〜mm. Understood. While we're at it lets hunt some small fries. You haven't come here before right?"

There seemed to be something hidden in Myu's words. Well, let's not worry about that.

Although I've came here once, I haven't fought along the way. Unlike the herbivores on the plains, there are monsterish monsters in here, like Goblins or Slimes? A classic small green dwarves and a jelly cloudy bulging thing. Myu was wielding a One-Handed Sword and attacked two of them. I also aimed and shot at a small Goblin from a distance.

In my case, bow attacks were a single point attack and unless you hit the slime's weakness which was nucleus there was almost no damage. That's why I left the slimes to Miu and focused on goblins. I cast attack enchant on myself and took it down with six arrows.

Indeed, even if I use 《Long Range Shooting》 arts, having approach me after being shoot six times was a bit scary.

During the hunt for Big Boars I didn't know whether my role was to lure, support or attack. But I realized that I need to improve my equipment if I want to go to distant hunting grounds.

Whereas I killed one enemy risking my life, Miu killed one with a single swing. Looks like I'm luggage after all.

I wonder what she'll say after the combat is over, I thought while waiting for Myu to come back.

"It's finally over."

"Haa, it was a good warm-up, Onee-chan."

"That was a warm-up? It was seriously dangerous for me."

"There was room to spare. But I was surprised. Onee-chan's gotten good at handling the bow."

"I appreciate you saying that."

"Speaking of which, how are your Senses now?"

"Ahh, something like this."

Possessed SP8

【Bow Lv16】 【Hawk Eyes Lv20】 【Speed Increase Lv4】 【Magic Talent Lv19】 【Magic Power Lv20】

【Alchemy Lv7】 【Enchant Lv19】 【Synthesis Lv13】 【Craftsmanship Lv10】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv9】


【Taming Lv1】 【Mixing Lv13】

The levels were raised in the battle just now. The reason for prioritizing 【Synthesis】 and 【Craftsmanship】 is the appraisal of the stones picked up.

"Hee. You took 【Speed Increase】. Also unexpectedly 【Hawk Eyes】 【Enchant】 and 【Magic Power】 are high. How did you make it so only those are so high?"

"No, I use enchant on the move, whatever I do apply enchant for it."

"Ah, it's hard to grow if it's only applied in emergency during combat. But on the move eh."

"This, once you try it, it's really useful. It can be a substitute for 【Attack Power Increase】. How about you?"

【One-Handed Sword Lv7】 【Armour Lv28】 【Attack Power Increase Lv31】 【Defence Power Increase Lv27】 【Fighting Spirit Lv17】

【Magic Talent Lv24】 【Magic Power Lv24】 【Magic Power Recovery Lv14】 【Light Element Lv22】 【Recovery Magic Lv15】

"Real high level!"

"It's normal. It's something I've done once already so I can do it efficiently. Also, Senses are harder to level starting from 20, you don't need to be bothered okay?"

Myu's amazing for having 【Sword】 turn into 【One-Handed Sword】 in such a short time.

"In fact, I'm doing better than I did in β test. There's a difference of money and equipment after all."

While humming she went in front. Yeah, I need to hurry and accumulate some money, I swore to myself in my heart.

"Yun-oneechan, we arrived. Here's the Crystal Cave. Are you prepared?"

Myu turned around with a twirl. Her white hair shook and she made a big smile. Her armour gave her an appearance of a Paladin, no, she let out an aura of a Battle Maiden.

Behind her, there was an entrance to the dark den. Ahh, will we be able to go back safely?

"Now then, let's go——《Light》!"

The dark cave was illuminated with one word of Myu's. This too is a light magic's skill huh.

But I had 【Hawk Eyes】, I saw clearly into depths of the cave where light didn't reach. However, that didn't go my way this time. Yes——I saw it clearly.


The sound in the damp air was enough to make me not want to enter it. I don't want to have night vision any more. I'll remove the Sense and look away from that ugly appearance. A Centipede which had about 50 centimetres in width droves towards us.

Perfectly round eyes appeared in the darkness.

*zowawawawa*, I've got goosebumps. I wanted to look away and forget about enchants.

"Then, Onee-chan, let's go!"

Leaving those words Myu started running. She stood in front of the slowly moving Centipede, poised with the sword in both hands and——*slash*.

She continued to screw the sword in between the sections of the insect and tried to forcefully rip it apart by adding a twist.

The Centipede has been disconnected and let out a high-pitched scream in agony. The torso without head continued to move for a dozens of seconds independently. Come on, I want to cry already after seeing this scene.

I understand the feelings of the girls who ran away. This'll become a trauma. So why does she happily plunge into that instead?!

"Come, let's hurry!"

"I don't want to, no more! I don't want to see any more scenes like that!"

"Do your role before whining! Your armour's paper and your weapon's poor so devote yourself to defence! Also pick up the items!"

Myu reprimanded me, pierced with her sword and screwed it decapitating. I withheld the need to whine in me and looked away from Centipede.

Ah, since it's a cave there's a lot of stones. I found three stuck in one place, the result of appraisal was – Iron Ore. It was more efficient than run around the west forest but——it was the worst for mental health.

*higyaaaa*, the Centipede's cries of agony rang out increasing the physiological disgust which came from the surrounding's rustling sounds.

While Myu took care of three Centipedes that appeared at once, I continued to harvest. After thirty minutes I could see the end.

"Onee-chan, this is the boss room. And in the room behind there's the quest item."

"Should I fight too?"

"Hmm. Onee-chan must be bored right. Then, attract the enemy and cast enchants in advance okay?"

"Got it."

I drew the bow for the first time in this cave and shoot the giant centipede that was occupying the room with an arrow——

"——Hey, what do I do after I attract it?"

"Whoa, it didn't have enough attack power so the damage was ignored. Next time try increasing your attack power and use Arts."

That meant my attack power was too low. I want to change equipment quickly. Thinking that, I raised the bow again.

"——《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》"

【Bow】's Sense second Arts. An arts with a small charge-up that released two arrows at once. One of the arrows shot entered the gap in insect's body and slightly hurt it.

The giant centipede finally showed a reaction, and lifted its heavy body.

"Now, since you were able to attract it, try not to get caught."

"Got it. Then 《Enchant》——Attack, Defence, Speed."

Enchants were cast in rapid succession, while it was my first time casting triple enchants, it was successful. However the MP consumption increased exponentially as they were overlaid. It was too late to notice. Although in RPG's it was a fixed value for each, the 【Enchant】 became clearly more difficult to use for each one cast.

"Then, let's go!"

Myu vigorously jumped towards the back of the centipede, the Centipede was three times as big as the ones from before raised its head, saliva was hanging from the jaw it opened and closed. *ssshhr*. After the saliva hit the floor a smoke rose from it. It's name is Acid Dozer. By the way, the small fries from before were called Poison Dozers.


After raising a shout, Miu thrust into the Acid Dozer and walked around the large room.

I continued to look for stones in places magic light can't reach undisturbed.

While listening to the sounds of the centipede that was cut apart I looked for stones.

Somehow, I found a different kind of stone. ——A fossil, I don't know what kind of fossil, but it was most likely a fossil. I looked at it from all directions but I didn't recognize it. It looked like it was big like a fist, it be a small fossilized fish or a shellfish. And as I did that, the noises behind started to quiet down.

"Onee-chan, I finished over here!"

"Ooh, well done."

"What is it? Did you find something?"

"I found a fossil."

"Ohh, amazing!"

"Is it? I don't know what kind of fossil it is though."

"Fossils can be appraised by NPCs so it's okay. Get it appraised after we go back to town."

Apparently, fossils are remnants of ancient items, that's the setting. If you have an expert NPC look at it, you can change it back into item. It's been said around that they become weapons and armours as well as materials, some people had little luck and got items they didn't know what to do with.

"What's going to come out?"

"Hmm. No idea. Well, don't have too high expectations."

"But fossils are something like a lottery, in some cases there are rare weapons materials, in other equipment, and sometimes its dragon excrements with an unknown applications."


"Well, there's a possibility for a rare item to come out."

"I see. So, how much is the appraisal?"

"Hmm. Flat 5000G."

"...I've got 2030G."

"I-It's okay! Quest's reward is 3000G and a quest item!"

Even so, 5030G. My equipment improvement has been postponed.

"Cheer up, the quest is almost over."

"...ah, yeah."

Myu took my hand and pulled me, proceeding to the back of the cave. The light flooded from the back of the cave and blocked 【Hawk Eyes】' vision, I couldn't see anything ahead.

"The quest's end. The deepest part of Crystal Cave——【Crystal Tree】's Garden."

"...uwaa, beautiful."

There was a drifting scent of flowers, the ceiling of the cave was open and light rained down from above. The colourful flowers bloomed in full glory gathering the light and water was welling up to the spring in the centre, a huge crystal tree stood in the centre of it.

"This crystal tree is a symbol of this quest. It's a view you can see only here. I love this beautiful scenery."

"Yeah, it's a good place."

"At first I thought of showing it to you on a screenshot, but since Onii-chan turned into a girl I thought of coming here to see it together directly. But since you haven't leveled your combat Senses quickly, I waited until I'll be able to bring you here safely by myself."

"Ah ahhh?! That means, refusing because you go with friends, or saying you want to level up were lies?!"

"I lied about friends, but the part about leveling up was true! But Onii-chan cast enchants on me and helped me to finish the fight with large centipede soon enough even though it usually takes a long time! You were helpful!"

Good grief, lying to her older brother, when I thought that I put my hand her head and stroked it.

"Thank you. You showed me a great place."

Myu had a shy and embarrassed expression. Khh, seeing such an expression on her, it's been a while since I last saw it. She's usually an energetic girl, but occasionally she becomes really meek.

"I-I also want to save this landscape. How do I take a screenshot?"

"Ah, okay. I'll teach you how."

After that, it was a bit awkward but I was taught how to take screenshots by Myu. The crystal tree reflected in the well was too beautiful.

We sat down in the flower garden and after we chatted for a while we could relax and the awkwardness between us disappeared. Recently, the two of us shut ourselves in the game and haven't talked to each other from the heart like this. Well, like adolescent girls, although I'd like to refrain from calling it like that.

"Yup. It was a great change of pace."

"We're going back already?"

"We need to complete the quest and go back. Evening will come soon. Let's hurry before that happens."

Myu ignored the fact she was soaking in water and approached the crystal tree.


"I-it broke?!"

"Yup. The quest item this time is a branch of this crystal tree. Here, Onii-chan."

I received a glittering crystal branch.

Crystal Tree's Branch 【Important Item】

A tree that seems like a crystal. It grows only a centimetre per year, trees beyond the stature of a human are thought to be more than hundred fifty years old. In this world, it appears that thousand-years-old crystal trees exist. That was the description but...

Nono, it has a length of a little finger?! Is it fine to break it?

"It's all right Onii-chan. The place that's broken will return to original after we leave this place."

"As expected of game quality. A fantasy. Also, Myu. For a while now I've went back to Onii-chan."

"Ehee, so you noticed after all."

With her cheeks dyed red she entangled her arm with mine and entrusted her neck to me. Damn, even though we're related, she's still cute. Somehow, I felt like I'm being deceived by her appearance as she acted in a charming way.

What was to come was the worst, but she has prepared a surprised for me.

On the way back, the enemy hasn't appeared in the cave and we were taken home in the vicinity of the plains. On the way back, I chatted with Myu.

"Sorry. I invited you forcibly today."

"No, it was fun. I didn't know there was such a place."

As I looked at the fingertip she touched my nose with, Myu let out a small laughter. But soon after that expression disappeared from her face.

"One more thing I'm sorry about Onii-chan. You were unwilling to go on an adventure with me and you looked really happy as you talked about that other person, I was frustrated. That's why I forcibly brought you along."

"I don't really mind. In the end, it was fun."

I lightly put my hand on Myu's head and lightly stroked it. Without any resistance in particular, she nodded lightly.

After that I received a reward from the NPC ・Geologist who was the quest's client.

I was tired for today, and deciding to continue tomorrow. I logged out. Apologizing to Myu for yesterday, I tried making a luxurious dinner.

Securing money, equipment, leveling, and the fossil appraisal. The amount of things to do increased but, today I felt like I saw a different aspect of 【OSO】.