Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - The Golem and the Third Town

For the next three days whenever I logged into 【OSO】, it was only for an hour until it was 10 o'clock in the evening.

There is something I have to do before I can go anywhere else, honestly, my thoughts were completely pre-occupied with the game.

In our household, our parents are very busy during summer earning double income. Moreover, it's a school break, so Miu's at home all day long. I have to prepare three meals, do the cleaning, and do housework beginning with laundry.

The errands to do aren't only related to housework, At the school we attended, which integrated middle and high schools, the high school students were to attend the school on set days. It was a tedious day on which high-schoolers were asked to clean the school which wasn't cleaned during the summer, and we had no choice but to attend it... In addition, I've had bad luck being found by a teacher, and 『"You're interesting, I'll leave this work to you"』. I have been asked to do chores and, thus being bound in school for longer than the others. My payment was a refreshment; a single bottle of juice, in reality it could be considered a serious labour.

On that point, it seemed like Miu and Takumi had a 'sense' allowing them to sniff out such troublesome things and avoid them, they avoided being in the same place as me which seemed like the trouble is surrounding me.

When I came home from school walking under the scorching sun all sweaty, Miu greeted me with an ice candy in her hand. I remember feeling slight irritation.

But that feeling didn't help me take back the huge block of time I lost during the day. During the short time I was logged in for I delivered the potions I mixed, though the delivered amount was small. I felt resolved to buy another field.

And since moving to a land far away would be troublesome, I asked for the adjacent field——

"If it's that, then you need to pay 2000G of additional fees; 5000G in total."

Although that's what the NPC said, making me angry in process, I reluctantly bought it.

The amount of gold in my possession now is 30G. I'm broke again, moreover I don't have time to properly prepare the field, so it won't become a source of income yet.

In the end, I delivered the Potions to Magi-san's place. Since Magi-san was not always there; the NPC salesperson bought them from me, but rather than at the NPC price, it was purchased from me at Magi-san's price.

The Potion supply started to become smooth, and the resale shops also began to lower their prices, thus I was able to procure a small amount of Herbs.

Even so, I want money. I want a brand new weapon and armour, as well as time to appraise the fossil from before.

Other than that, I want to make accessories and metal ingots, I want to cultivate Antidote Grass and Paralysis Grass. I feel like my Senses are spread too wide, and they're going out of my control. The worst thing was, that I couldn't continuously manage the field, and would need to hire an NPC. However, that is only if I were to have the money for it.

And today under the blazing sun I stood in front of Takumi's house.

"Heeey, Takumi? Hurry up and open up. I'll burn to death in this heat."

"Come in, come in."

"Sorry to intrude. Here, Takumi. Ice cream."


As we ate the ice cream which I'd brought as a gift; we sat opposite each other.

"How's the homework?"

"I copied it without a hitch. Thanks."

"It's fine, it happens every year. So, what's today's bussiness?"

The reason I was here today, was because Takumi called me here. Well, if I was called by him then n

ine times out of ten it would be related to a game. And even if it's not that, then it would become talk about games anyway.

"One week after the service started. The Potions begun being supplied in a stable manner, and I've already arrived at the Second Town."


"What's with that indifferent response of yours."

"Nothing really. Did you call me because of something like that?"

"No, there's something else. The people who go enter the Second Town are able to transition from town to town via portal. That's why we thought of going to conquer the Third Town in the west next, and so we hoped you'd join us for that."

"Why. I'm a crafter."

In response to my questioning gaze, Takumi answered indifferently.

"Since you have 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】 Senses you can prepare recovery items in advance to take the recovery role, also in the previous fight we learned that Enchant is effective. So you can take turns with Minute for the recovery role, and attack roles, also you don't have to be worried about the secret of 【Enchant】 being discovered since the members are the same as last time."

"No, but still..."

"Is there a problem?"

"There's too many, it's troubling. I'm broke and still have beginner's equipment, there's no materials for Potions, also the field."

"A field... you, why did you spend money on something like that!"

"Is there anything bad about it?"

"Well, any β tester knows the stories about agriculture."

This was Takumi's plain description.

In the β version, the south district originally didn't exist, and the town was semi-cylindrical. It was added during an additional update two weeks before the β test ended. The seed items that were added with it seemed to be too difficult to obtain.

"That's why there's nobody who has a field. Even if you're lucky enough to find a Seed, the efficiency is too bad since there's twenty seed slots in each field."

"Hee. Then I need to buy more of them and become a Potion billionaire. Ahahahahaha."

Even in β 【Alchemy】 was treated as a mishappen Sense and when the Seeds were added to the game, people didn't try Lower Matter Conversion on the Herbs and since no one tried it in the official version there's no information about farms. According to what Takumi said, clearly more than half of the players considered it as 〈"Fuck agriculture"〉.

"In the meanwhile there might have been some modifications to the farm in the update. So? Will you help out?"

"Hmm. Recently all I've been doing is working and haven't leveled my combat Senses. Even so, the drops from Sandmans and Golems sound attractive."

"Got it, but are you fine with just that?"

"I want drops from the enemies. I don't know if I'll be of any help, but preferably I want plant-type drops, even if just one."

"Again, some detailed stuff. Yes yes I get it. Then, I'll relay it to the others. Our request here is this, twenty five Potions and fifty Pills."

"Haa?! Impossible. There's not enough Gallstones dropping from herbivores for me to make it."

"It's all right. I've got the materials. In the first place, drops other than equipment are just making a mess in my inventory."

"That's fine then, so when is the hunt?"

"Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. I'll contact you later with the exact time. Tomorrow's a warm-up with a Sandman, we're going for the Golem the day after tomorrow. If it turns out to be impossible because of your level you'll just have to do your best next time."

"Yes yes because in the end. I'm packed with trash Senses."

"Don't pout like that. We trust you."

Takumi said so lightly, but well I said it half-jokingly anyway.

Also, I can make the items with a 【Recipe】. Ah, but there might be not enough materials so I'll have to journey to the forest in the west to gather some.

"Understood. I'll be going home to make preparations in that case. I'm going to try making some accessories, my Defence Power's paper, but that'll be better than nothing."

"Sure, then I leave it to you."

Going with Taku's party to beat a boss mob huh... I'm looking forward to it a little.

After I logged in I made accessories from the ingots I had on me right now.

I put the Bronze Ingot I synthesized from copper and tin ones on a mobile furnace, and stared as it was heated up.

When an Ingot is being created, it was fine to hit it with all my strength. For accessories that seemed to be pointless. Time after time I went through the procedure step by step in my head, for any procedure that's failed the rating of the accessory is lowered.

There was a memorization and instantaneous reaction needed like in the so-called rhythm-games, moreover what was required was to be able to repeat the same moves.

To be frank, I ruined a bronze ingot in a blink of an eye.

"Hmm. If I apply an enchant it'll be the same as forming an ingot won't it. After that I just need to make the thing I want by selecting it from the screen——"

From that moment, the workflow similar to a rhythm game began. *klang* *klang*, I hit it soundly with a hammer a few times, then returned it back to the furnace. Then once again I hit with *klang* *klang*, and returned it back into furnace. Sometimes I bent it on a bench to make it round and then but it back into the furnace.

Without taking a break I continued to work in the furnace's heat. Making even the most basic accessories required time. I had to focus on the unfamiliar task, it was pretty tiring.

As a result, even though the rating decreased because I failed a few times. it wasn't a total failure. I was able to make an accessory for the first time.

Bronze Ring 【Equipment Item】 DEF+1

I was able to make lowest-level equipment.

It held great meaning to me, but can I sell something of this level?

It took quite a while, and I have no more Bronze Ingots. All that's left are Iron ones. My 【Craftsmanship】 level rose to 11 but, I didn't feel like I could make Iron yet.

"Well, it's fine even if I fail."

There's no point concerning myself too much with it, I put the Iron Ingot in the furnace.

Hammer it, bring it back, bend it, connect it, and heat it up...

Even though I was in a game, I wiped the sweat from my forehead. The raising heat was a nightmare and reduced my thinking capability, nevertheless I continued to pound it endlessly. Just like the polishing I once did. It failed. I put in another ingot without resting. The enchant costs and the amount of MP being recovered wasn't balanced so the amount of MP I had remaining continued to decrease, but my mind was focused only on the ingot in front of me.

Free of unnecessary thoughts. Unconsciously, the work continued to flow. Although my throat was parched, I continued to swing without stopping, shaping it. After that I continued to look at the created accessory for a few minutes.

And finally I was able to spit a sigh.

Ring 【Equipment Item】 DEF+2

There was a long way for me to go. There was a huge difference; like heaven and earth between what I made, and the accessories Magi-san made in her spare time. My ring was rugged without any pattern nor engraving on it. Magi-san's was created finely, and on them were embedded finely cut jewels.

"Geez, on top of this there are accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so on. I can't continue to stumble at this point."

After rolling the rings I created in my hands, I equipped them on my fingers. The iron one on the middle finger of my left hand, the Bronze Ring on the ring finger of the same hand.

I looked calmly on my left hand. It was somewhat different from 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】, I created a piece of equipment, a profound feeling welled up inside me, and on my slender fingers as white as the whitebait it gave off a feminine feeling which made me feel uneasy.

"Haaa. Well, quite good for the first time. Took me more time than expected."

I didn't have enough time to make an ingot, nor to hunt any more.

That's when a chat came from Taku.

"What is it?"

『"About tomorrow, We're gathering at noon twelve o'clock, and we'll be going to level on Sandmans. Are you ready on your side?"』

"I made two rings. The total defence is the same as that of an initial armour."

『"That's great. Your defence doubled, isn't that a cheat?"』

"As if making it twice as much as initial equipment was a cheat. Rather than that do you know anything about accessory prices?"

『"From worst to best. The good ones like a bracelet +8 DEF for example cost more then 10kG."』

"Uwaa, then how about rings with gems in them?"

『"Rings huh. The gems increase the accessories effectiveness, but they're also quite popular with women too."』


『"Well, because they're shiny things. And there are guys who want to give them to girls as presents."』

"Ahh, shiny things huh. Somehow, it makes me want some seafood."[1]

『"I'm not talking about food. You always do stuff at your own pace don't you."』

I just think there's no point in hurrying.

"Well, fine. Well then, don't be late tomorrow."

『"Same to you."』

After that, I had chatted with Taku about silly things and time passed imperceptibly. Speaking of which, it's always been like this in school, but this kind of behaviour expanded since the holiday began. I thought.

Next day. In order to go hunting Sandmans with Taku and the others I came to the meeting place at the west gate early.

If I didn't come at least ten minutes early I would be anxious.

"Taku, I'm here."

"As fast as ever. You're the third."

Taku said so; welcoming me.

At the meeting place there were two people, Taku and Kei. It looked like they were having a conversation between guys, they seemed to be quite fired up

"It's been a while, Yun."

"Yo, it's been a while. What were you talking about with Taku?"

"Hmm? About effective utilization of Senses as well as their effects."

"Hee. That sounds interesting. Taku, give me the materials. I'll make the Potions and Pills now."

While glancing sideways at the items Taku was putting in the trade window, I listened to their talk.

"Information sharing is important. Yun, did you know that you can change the colour scheme of equipment if you have 【Craftsmanship】?"

"This armour is made of Iron, but I had a crafter use 【EX-Skill】's 【Colouring】 to change its colour scheme. It's a skill most of the crafters have, it's necessary to dye the items."

"Seriously? Wait a second."

I checked to confirm it. In the 【Craftsmanship】's skill column, there was 【Ring Crafting】 and 【Colouring】 added. In other words, they have appeared when I made a ring.

Also this 【Craftsmanship】 had skills allowing to change shapes and patterns of the accessories from the default. Then, was my ring a default!? I was embarrassed to make a default item despite calling myself a crafter.

"Oh, then how about you try it now? Also, what kind of weapon-type Senses are there?"

"Hmm. Yun's 【Bow】 is a combat Sense, but there's a ton of other ones as well. Me and Taku use Sword, but there are also mage's Wand and Book, vanguards use Spear, Katana, Dagger, Shield, and Mace. There are also Senses for weapons attached to body parts like Gantz's. Didn't you investigate them before?"

"Yeah. Although I only skimmed through them, I've never seen them before. That's cause I picked stuff from the bottom of the website's guide."

"What an idiot, this girl! Well, it's fine since you showed me something interesting. From other interesting Senses there's 【Cooking】 and 【Fishing】, they are so-called hobby Senses."

"Sounds interesting. In a game food won't go bad. I'll try to remember it."

"You idiot!! Stop that. These are also called trash Senses. Taku too, don't teach her half-assedly!"

I didn't really get it, but Kei seemed to get angry for my sake. Well, in the meantime I used the Mixing and with a sparkle the Potions were prepared, it looked so surreal.

"I think that with his range and 【Enchant】 the style Yun should use is stealth."

Stealth, it seemed like a slang.

From Kei I've heard about 【Concealment】 which makes others unable to sense the light generated by your skills, and 【Discovery】 which allows you to find hidden things.

Allowing one to get increased Critical Hit Rate by striking enemy's vitals 【Vital Point Knowledge】, receiving a damage bonus for doing a pre-emptive attack on the enemy 【Pre-emptive Knowledge】 but I was discouraged since they were mainly combat Senses.

By the way, in case these Senses are incorporated, they are very compatible with combat Senses like 【Throw】 which allows throwing daggers and 【Dagger】 as well as 【Twin Sword】.

"Kei. Don't recommend such expert Senses to Yun. That's a build made with in PVP in mind right?"

"Ughh... I might have jumped the gun. Sorry, forget that."

"No, that was helpful. Well, 【Discovery】 looks interesting."


"Also, I made the recovery items."

I forced the items on Taku and looked for a new Sense.

Oh, 【Discovery】. Yup, found it Now, to acquire it.

Possessed SP10

【Bow Lv16】 【Hawk Eyes Lv22】 【Speed Increase Lv5】 【Discovery Lv1】【Magic Talent Lv22】

【Magic Power Lv21】 【Alchemy Lv9】 【Enchant Lv20】 【Craftsmanship Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv11】


【Taming Lv1】【Mixing Lv15】【Synthesis Lv15】

Oooh?! The collection points that didn't appear until now were visible! I can pick up the items I've overlooked before. As an collecting-type (?) player, it was a discovery that makes me happy.

"Taku! I can see an item!"

"Well, that's the kind of Sense it is. To think you acquired it."

"It allows to find people, it's something scouts and spies usually have, though I don't think it's an useful thing for a rearguard."

What are you saying! Being able to see is wonderful! Ahh, it's fantastic to be able to pick up items I couldn't before.

"Hey, what kind of Sense is there after this 【Discovery】?"

"Oh, I think it turned into 【See-Through】, a combat-support type Sense. 【See-Through】 allows you to perceive in advance what the enemy will do. There's also other ways to do that like having 【Sensing】 turn into 【Sixth Sense】 and such."

"Then, why are there are different ones?"

"That's because of Sense derivation. The most famous one is 【Attack Power Increase】 and 【Defence Power Increase】 turning into 【Physical Increase】 after leveling both of them up to 30. It's useful since two Senses occupy only a single slot."

So that's why Myu took those two. In other words, there's a way to make a place to equip other Senses. Just because she was a β tester she was familiar with Sense derivation.

"However, the drawback is that the Sense disappears before it can be derived and categorized into another tree."

Ughh, 'Sense Tree' or 'categorize'? Hearing unfamiliar terms I wanted to ask and clear it up immediately, but wasn't able to.

"Heey, I came!"

"It's been a while Yun-chan!"

As I was suddenly hugged, I screamed quietly. Hey hey, what a voice to came out from my mouth. Seeing this reaction Minute said I'm cute, and started rubbing her cheek against mine. Before I noticed, Mami-san lined up next to Kei. Somehow, the two lined up next to each other, looked like a picture together.

A quiet warrior and a gentle witch.

"Yuriyuri eh Let's start as soon as possible, but to think we'd see some yuri."[2]

It was Gantz, he had a pleased look on his face but——don't look this way.

Even so, Gantz's armour evolved from a normal Leather Armour to Scale Mail. I wonder if it's yet another class of armour. He's got some good equipment there.

As I continued to sulk alone, I noticed that Mami-san was quietly staring at my hand.

"Ara ara, Yun-san. That hand, fufufu."

"W-what is it, Mami-san. What?"

For some reason, Mami-san said 'hand'. My hand was normal, when I held it up and stared at it. I heard a loud voice in my ear and it resonated strongly in my head.

"Yun-chan! What's with that ring!'

"That's too loud, my ear hurts!"

"S-sorry. But fufufu, you sure are a girl〜. Who did you get it from?"


"I mean, that's a finger on which you put an engagement ring on right. Who is it from? Tell us!"

What. What with this? As I looked towards Taku and Kei, Taku responded with laughter, and Kei looked like he realized something. Hey, if you understand that much then at least explain it to me.

"What?! Why did you look towards Taku-kun?"

"Yun-chan was seduced by some man?!"

Suddenly, Gantz cried out. No, I'm a man! I want to tell them I'm a man and it's not like that, but what do I say?! And Mami-san quietly showed me her own left hand. There was an elaborately crafted ring on her ring finger.

"...nonono, it's not like that, listen to me!"

"It's fine, there's no need to explain to Onee-san."

I desperately tried to solve the misunderstanding, and because I was embarrassed I continued to fall in deeper and deeper.

I don't know what would have happened if Taku didn't stop it ten minutes later. No, seriously, save me earlier.

"I SAID. It's not like that."

"I'm sorry, I jumped conclusions."

"That's great. If some man were to attach himself to such a cute girl I would get mad and his neck would go, *crack*, and I would rip his head off."

After making Gantz and Minute who were making the biggest racket seiza in the west gate I folded my arms making a doubting pose in front of them. The ring I had on a finger was removed and re-equipped on the right hand as not to have it mistaken again.

"Geez. I've told you before that I'm a crafter. This is a ring I made."

"Ara ara, what a shame."

As Minute prostrated before me, Mami-san placed her hand on her cheek and spoke happily.

"Hey, the time's passing quickly. First, confirm the Potion distribution and positions."

Taku distributed the Potions I made earlier to everyone. Most of them went to vanguard. Rather, although with Sandman it wasn't as tough a battle as the one with the Big Boar, but we can't drop our guard.

The characteristics of a Sandman were slow movement, and it's attack power was no greater than that of a Big Boar. On the other hand, its physical defence was high. If you challenged it without a plan you will surely end up with a battle of endurance, and since the damage I deal with my bow wasn't too big, it seems like it's not my role to lure it in this time.

"——In other words, the strategy is simple. Men are holding it down, women are casting their magic. Yun will be putting his enchants on us."

"Is it fine without a defence one?"

"Down to 50% HP is the safe zone. Just like with the Big Boar, as long as the vanguard isn't taken down the rear guard won't be attacked. Let's decide this battle fast with the increased attack power."

If Taku says so then so be it. But if the magic attack power cannot be increased, it'll turn into wiping-power.

"Now, how about we try it out?"

"Yeah yeah, let's take it easy."

"Minute, don't take it too easy. Your recovery magic won't grow unless you commit yourself."

"Even so, I've got Light level 10 so there's no problem."

That was the conversation between Minute and Kei, and what was I doing in meanwhile? Of course I was running around while using a speed enchant. The forest was full of items, there was lots of Iron Ore and Gemstones. There was also Tree Branches and Herbs. I collected Mulch because it was necessary for the field. Also, Stones. Although I went a grade higher to Iron Arrows and it was no longer necessary, I continued picking it up for now.

And then we moved further than the places I've been in before, it was a area behind the west forest. It was an open bald area which looked like a quarry.

There were some kind of stones which looked like they would be perfect to sit on.

Those were also mobs. They were called Armadillos and Rock Crab. Their defence was high and their movement slow. The warriors didn't seem to like them too much, but they seemed appetizing for the mage-types.

We proceeded as Minute and Mami-san continued to hit them with magic. The men were the vanguard and acted like a wall. I put on attack enchants to help.

My enchants as a result of my growth reached more than 20 metres. I kept taking detours to collection points within that range, it was a really sweetly spent time. Thanks to 【Discovery】 I found hidden collection points that didn't appear up until now and picked up items. In one place there was five Iron Ore in a cluster.

We proceeded smoothly towards the safety area in the middle. Although I've seen several parties along the way, they went back before reaching this point.

"Lets take a break and organise our inventory here. After that, it's Sandman hunting and lets end it for today."

A voice called out. Certainly, I remember that I didn't organise the contents of the inventory recently since I wasn't looking for new 【Mixing】 combinations, I took a look inside."

——There were items I didn't know.

A Goblin's Horn, Blue Jelly, Venomous Insect's Shell, Acid Liquid, Stone Scales and Rock Crab's meat...

Given the order of them, Goblin, Slime, the Centipede and Large Centipede. And the drop from Stone Armadillos and Rock Crabs we killed today.

And, the amount of Iron Ore was over hundred and fifty. I want to hurry and make them into Ingots. The application for Rock Crab's meat was unknown. Is it used for cooking?

"Hey, Taku. What's this Rock Crab's Meat item used for?"

"Haa? You have 【Mixing】 and you don't know?"

"I don't know. That's why I'm asking..."

"The way to use it, is to do it with 【Mixing】 and 【Cooking】. As a material, it's a tasteless meat, but normally its used just for 【Mixing】..."


"Tasteless meat on which 【Mixing】 is used only produces negative effects. And for tasty meat there's a positive effect. The tasty meat is a rare drop, and in the first place the only one who can prepare it is someone who has the 【Mixing】's improved Sense 【Dosing】. Currently, no one focuses on it that much."

In other words, the meat that can be obtained easily is bad huh, although Rock Crab seems like it would be delicious, it has an appearance that made me feel like it could become a Crab stew. That appearance is a damn fraud.

And the delicious food is the Big Boar's. Big Boar's delicious. I want to try eating it.

"If Cooking fails its put in an abnormal state and cannot be utilized any more. The only utility value of the meat is to sell it. Now then, we've rested for long enough. Let's start hunting according to the schedule."

Taku called the break to an end, and everyone went into battle formation. On the other side of the safety area there was a broader quarry. The rocks on the left and right were steep, and in distance there was a pudding-like body, The Sandmen's bodies had sand constantly flowing from its hands.

Their number wasn't large, but to avoid them we had no choice but to run past them all at once. In the back there was the boss. When we ran through unskillfully and stopped before the boss. There was a large amount of Sandmen was behind us.

As they approached, Minute and Mami-san attacked them with magic. The three vanguards attacked them with swords and fists. I put the enchants on three people.

From what I've seen, on Sandman physical attacks were less effective, slashing in particular, but when Gantz twisted the Sandman's finger in the opposite direction, it made a clearly anguished expression. Hey, it's just sand so why can you twist its fingers...

Even though they had ATK enchants on them the damage didn't rise by much, and the rearguard was asked to finish it off.

Minute and Mami continued to cast attack magic but in the middle they ran out of MP and stopped, there were too many opponents.

"MP was a bottleneck after all. It's fine for short-term battles like Big Boar or Red Lizard, but this is a prolonged fight. In which case mages can't attack, I wish I had even the lowest level of 【Magic Power】. Shall we have Minute go back to healer position and prepare for a long battle?"

"Looks like it. Well, let's level up steadily. If it seems impossible let's challenge it again later."

"Hey, Taku. How about getting another helper? I think it would be good to challenge it with more people."

Ah, when I said that to one person while dragging out words. Everyone's lukewarm line of sight concentrated on me. Why?

"There's a limit of six party members. If you add any more than that you get a penalty when hunting mobs."

He said. Unlike the death penalty for dying, it's a penalty for having people join the fight. And the penalty for it is that the more participants is there the lower leveling rate of Senses and item drop rate decrease, stats decline and increase of mob's stats, random bad statuses... the occurrences were named in order. Unreasonably harsh.

By collecting monsters and pushing them on the others to MPK them, although the person doing the PK is subjected to penalty, the people who are involved do not receive any consideration. The recent AI's amazing.[3]

"There's no merit in attracting them, so let's hurry up and progress gradually."

"What's with you. That... you're always like that. You leave the most important things for later. The first time I've heard about 【OSO】 was when I went to your home, that's also when you passed the VR to me after just a brief talk... hey, are you listening? Taku!"

"I get it! So don't bring that face so close to me."

"You don't get it!"

I need to stand firm at times like this, I thought. And then I've felt a stare on my back.

To his home... childhood friend, tsundere's heeereeee. Although that's what I heard, I didn't retort.

"Let's continue hunting Sandmen! Since I can't attack I'll continue spamming enchants."

Seeing me panicked Minute and Gantz were agitated even further, but when we entered the battle they flipped their concentration switch on, as expected of players.

I contributed to the battle by diligently casting enchants.

Generally, in order to raise everyone's level and to learn how to efficiently hunt Sandmen with enchants, we continued to improve until we started running out of MP and were defeated.

We disconnected at a good time, to prepare for the battle with Golem tomorrow. We were scheduled to defeat the boss mob, and open the road to the Third Town. Well, in my case it would be the second town though——

It was the day. The boss mob——Golem was to be subjugated.

Taku and the others headed for the Golem, I felt quite insecure knowing I couldn't deliver the stock of recovery items. I told Magi-san that I couldn't deliver them today.

『"It's all right, no worries. Yun-kun too started to go out to hunt eh. Just bring some when you have spare time. Currently the Potion market is quite stable."』

I responded to that with gratitude. I was fired up wanting to prepare Potions after the hunt, I felt like I could prepare fifty of them. Well, I won't let it go to waste.

And then I did some 【Mixing】 research for the first time in a while——I tried boiling Blue Jelly in an iron container. The precipitation separated the blue mush into a solid mass and water. The solid further changed into a powder as the water disappeared. It's name was 【Blue Powder】.

And if I added water to it, it turned back into Blue Jelly. What's up with this.

And I tried mixing Herbs with Blue Jelly. What came out of it, was a Blue Potion. Was it as effective as synthetic Potion is? You think it would be? But that's wrong.

The Potion's effectiveness was different. When I tried to mix Blue Powder with Dried Herbs, there was an extract which looked like coffee, it's effect increased.

It's effect increased even more with Fine Herbs.

The recovery amount was large, that makes me happy.

I mixed it, and extracted it. There wasn't many of them, but I tried experimenting with 【Synthesis】.

——Why did it turn out like this. What came out of 【Synthesis】 was Blue Gelatin.

Moreover, it's description suggested it was a food item.

"I DON'T GET Itttttt!!"

From a material I made a medicine, and in the end it ended up as food, just how chaotic is this!

My shoulders rose and lowered as I took heavy breath, I fixed my breathing.

"Yeah. It's all right now. Let's just put this in the inventory."

I put away the Blue Gelatin and took out Blue Jelly once again.

I turned it into powder and mixed to extract. I used an enchant for stability since it unexpectedly required brute strength. Recently, I started thinking that I wouldn't survive in this game if not for enchants.

In the morning I prepared Potions like that and proceeded to the west the same as yesterday afternoon.

I avoided combat as much as possible and headed for the Golem.

Everyone was talkative at first, but they gradually stopped chatting. Looks like the boss battle will be tense after all.

And that's when we arrived.

"Is everyone prepared?"

As Taku shouted everyone nodded. In front of us was Golem. A 3 metre big bulk of brittle rocks. It's movement was slow but I can imagine there was a lot of power in that huge body.

"Then, to start this 《Enchant》——Attack!"

I enchanted the three vanguards, after that I put defence enchant on Taku and Kei, for Gantz I cast a double enchant with speed.

This was the most effective way to hunt Sandmen. Taku and Kei acted as a wall, Gantz decided to do grappling, whenever our movements stopped the magic rearguard wiped them out with fire. The same tactic as yesterday.

"All right, come over here!"

"We'll be your opponents!"

Taku's One-Handed Sword, and Kei's Two-Handed Sword were raised up and they shouted facing it from the front.

They used the swords to receive the strikes and parry them, whenever the Golem lost its balance Gantz took its arm and threw it with an Aikido-like move and used a kneebar on it. His movements were fluid, as if he was used to it. Ohh, the competitor Golem seems like he's in pain, wait, is this pro-wrestling or what?!

The lethal weapon a martial artist could boast of, is his entire body. His kicks and punches, although he seemed to start using throws, it's quite fierce. To be able to throw such a giant, is something that would probably only happen in games, although there might be some martial artists who can do it in real. Oh, Golem was completely downed.

"Mages! Now!"

A channelled magic was released with Taku's shout and hit the Golem. Gantz retracted immediately, as someone on rear guard position I had a good view on the entire battle.

"Yun-chan, recovery please."

"Yes, here. While at it I'll re-cast the enchant."

Martial arts-type player's fighting style was proximity fighting. And as such, since the body itself is the weapon, they receive a small amount of damage when they attack. While there were fist protectors, gauntlets, as well as foot protection, boots and sandals. There were many ways devised, it couldn't be completely nullified. Thus I took the role of the person responsible for recovery.

"Gantz's headin' out."

What a funny guy. I thought when I stared at his back.

As Gantz ran he left behind a red and yellow glow behind him.

When Golem got up it rapidly moved targeting Gantz, but was blocked by Taku and Kei, it changed target. And when its posture broke down, he was slammed with magic.

Every time it was hit with magic, its HP visibly went down with a loud *thud*.

It's going well isn't it? I thought that but, the enemy was a boss. It won't sell itself at such a low price.[4]

"We're out of MP here! Vanguard endure!"

The mage rear-guard ran out of MP when the Golem was at about 40% HP. My MP was also running out because I've been continuously casting double enchants.

From here on, we men will support the frontline until mages recover MP.

Even though I said so, I was out of mana as well and felt insecure. I strived to maintain the minimum.

I switched the three vanguard's enchants to defence ones.

Rather then putting an emphasis on attack, this is where the goal changes to surviving on the frontline.

Even though sometimes it was critical, all the vanguards managed to maintain their positions.

And to try keeping it up, the frontline was consuming potions en-masse.

"Come on! Fall again!"

"Stop it Gantz. It's different from before."

As Kei's voice resounded, Gantz jumped in front of the Golem.

He took its arm, sunk low and finished it by bending his joint. He took an effort to take it down, but if failed.

The minimum of enchants was maintained on him, although he could immediately withdraw if there was a speed enchant, right now he only had defence. He didn't have enough speed to dodge.

Golem's fist hit Gantz's belly, delaying his escape.

He was flung into the air, sent flying in a parabola with a resounding hit. It was a critical hit, but it seemed he still had quite a bit HP remaining. However——

"Dodge it!"

Minute's voice sounded as she was in a position to overlook it all. The Golem stood up, grasped Gantz's foot while he was still in the air and swung him down vertically. Gantz's HP who was slammed hard into the ground entered the red zone.

Taku and Kei stood between Gantz and Golem in a hurry to change its target.

"Hurry into the back and recover!"

"Hey move, 【Fainted】 damn! What a bad timing!"

Gantz didn't move. His HP remained in red zone.

Even though it was dangerous he didn't move, no, he couldn't move. The bad status 【Fainted】 was the cause.

The 【Fainted】 status appeared when a certain percentage of damage was taken all at once, it's an abnormal condition that happened with low probability. To think it appeared at this timing.

The two vanguards couldn't cover Gantz, and it was impossible for the two mages, they weren't supposed to go in front in the first place. The one who should move now, is me.

As the one with recovery role, I took out a Blue Potion with the biggest amount of recovery and broke into a run. I accelerated with a speed enchant and got closer with a single leap.

I sprinkled the potion on him and slapped his cheek literally hitting him awake.

"Um, it hurts!"

"Hurry and wake up! There, one more."

I took out another Blue Potion and sprinkled it on him. After using two, his entire health recovered.

"What's with this recovery amount."

"It's fine, go in the back. You're in the way of those two."

I grabbed his neck and pulled him.

"MP's almost recovered! We can attack again!"

"Then ignore the timing and don't wait for the down, just shoot!"


At the same time as we withdrew, light and wind magic passed by.

*krkkrkrrr*, a roaring sound of the stones breaking sounded. I couldn't open my eyes because of the strong light.

The moment magic stopped we waited for a moment, but Golem appeared rolling out of the dense sand cloud.

"Not yett! Damn it!"

"No, it's already over."

The moment I spat out a curse, Taku muttered.

The Golem raised a heavy roar and began to collapse.

It rumbled as it crumbled, the atmosphere of the Third Town's gatekeeper was kind of sorrowful, as if he wasn't able to protect it.

Everything collapsed, now that nothing was moving I was finally able to exhale.

"Haa〜. It's finally over. That was seriously dreadful."

"I'm saved. Thank you, Yun-chan."

Oh, he's back to being lively. Gantz showed it off by jumping lightly.

"Geez, would it better if I didn't save you, since the mages were able to attack soon after, eh?"

"That's too cruel. Even if the boss was defeated, if I was to die it wouldn't count as if I took it down. That'd make me lonely."

"Also, were Yun-chan not to pull Gantz's away I intended to engulf him with the magic as well."


Ah. Yeah, throwing a small thing away to get the big one. Minute knows her stuff. But well, right now we have no resuscitation items, if he died he'd be ported back.

"I'm joking I'm joking. You did your best Gantz."

"Everyone, good job. We can go into Third Town with this. Yun too, good job."

"Let's do a drop check before that. Someone might have a rare drop."

Oh, that. Well, rare drop aside, if I'm not wrong it might have dropped a Fine Iron Ore. Were I to use Alchemy on it I would get a several Iron Ores and make ingots to level up right?

I opened the inventory thinking about that, there was no Fine Iron Ore, but a different item.

"Something called 【Stone of the Earth Spirits】 dropped."

I murmured casually.

"""Rare drop's cameeeeeeee!!"""

Because of the loud noise my body trembled. I was scared of the sudden screams.

"Sorry about that. There are two kinds of item that drop from bosses. Normal and rare, but for one to come out suddenly, Yun might have good luck."

"Stone of the Earth Spirits can be used by crafters to reinforce weapons and armour, its rare and can grant items additional effects. Gantz's armour is also reinforced with Blade Lizard's Stone Bladescales. It has an additional effect of reflecting damage when receiving an attack."

Hmm. So what do we do with this?

Stone of the Earth Spirits 【Material】

A stone holding the power of an Earth Spirit within.

That's the full description? I don't know what's the additional effect, well, fine.

"Hmm. I don't know what's its worth. Let's ask someone later."

"You better not. The cardinal rule of 【OSO】 is not to show off your Sense build, and not to hint you're in possession of a rare item. The former is a PVP countermeasure, the other is to avoid being scammed in trade."

Hoo. So there are things like that, but I trust Myu and Magi-san, what about asking them? But I still have the initial armour and since I don't have much money I probably don't have a way to use it.

"Well, I'll just have it lie here in my inventory."

"What a waste. Well, it's just like you, and your pace. We've recovered, let's head to town."

All of us together headed to town. We arrived——at Mine Town.

The buildings had two wooden floors and didn't have much green on them. The NPC's skin tone was slightly dark, and they were a bit dirty.

With towels around their necks, they really did give off a feeling like miners.

"I'm here. In a different town."

As I trembled in excitement slightly, everyone else was.

"Cheers up for the good work. Now then, see you next time."

"Thanks for saving me this time, Yun-chan."

"Laters. Next time level up your 【Bow】 and lets find some enemies to hunt."

"Then, Yun. See you next time."

They touched a pale blue ball and disappeared. I was left behind alone, in a daze.

That was surprisingly bland from everyone. Hey, don't leave me behind.

 光り物 (Hikarimono), literally it means shiny things. But Japanese call fish with shiny skin with that term, usually when talking about seafood.  A Japanese term for love between women/girls.  For those who don't understand, MPK – Monster Player Kill, and PK – Player Kill.  Originally a Japanese proverb, translated the meaning of the meaning of the proverb literally as I didn't found a decent equivalent other than one Dutch one, which was even more confusing and far from the Japanese meaning.