Volume 1 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Pursuers and Equipment

There still weren't many players who had arrived at the Third Town. It felt really quiet. I went on a stroll and along the way I listened to what NPCs were talking about, I looked for item selling booths.

"Welcome, looking for something?"

I was greeted by a somewhat-motivated man. His skin was white and he didn't fit the atmosphere of this town, but let's not bother about that.

Medical Spirit Grass——no matter how I looked at it, it was upwards-interchangeable with grass.

And one more.

Magical Spirit Grass——somehow, it seemed like it was a herb related for magic. Maybe MP potions can be made with this. However, it's expensive.

500G each. Total of 1000G. Were I to spend a few days here, and buy some; 2800G would disappear in no time. However, in my case if I buy one each I can grow them with time, that's why I'm going buy it.

After that, I asked the NPCs around, and was recommended a certain place.

It was a tavern in the centre of the town.

I thought that since it's a town there's no danger and entered to take a look. There were quite a few people dressed like thugs, since there were muscular people inside; the feeling that I was out of place couldn't be denied.

"Hoho, Missy. This is not a place for children to enter."

"Don't call me 'missy'. And I'm a man."

I returned a glare to a man with a short cut and short sleeves who spoke to me. I wonder if it's an event NPC. Well, let's answer appropriately.

"Hm? What are you wearing on that finger?"

"A ring."

Somehow, the drunk man has suddenly turned silent and it turned eerie. The eyes of the man in front of me turned stern as well.

"Did you make that ring?"

"Yeah, I made it with 【Craftsmanship】."

"I don't think such slender arms can handle metal!"

I was yelled at for some reason?!

"Whaat! I made it! Look!"

"If you're satisfied with no better than scrap iron equipment and ornament makes it obvious."

*kachin*. This guy kinda pisses me off. It pisses me off that even NPC's know that. I too want some more time to make elaborate accessories, but I don't have time to.

"What? Want to go at it? Then try hitting me. If you make me move even a single step I'll acknowledge you."

"Men don't go back on their words."

"Of course."

I dropped my waist and accumulated my strength. And then I threw a punch into his stomach with force of my entire body behind it. However, this man wouldn't budge. His six-pack abdominal muscles were as hard as iron. The hand I punched him with hurt, it felt as if I hit an armour.

"Hey, you must be joking."

"That's how a woman's slender arms are. Go back and train."

"Wait a moment!"

I tried calling out to the man, but I was made to leave the store by a dandy old man who looked like the shopkeeper.

As soon as I left the tavern I heard voices of men chatting leak out from inside. Somehow, I felt like I'd saw a horrible atmosphere and got in a bad mood. Oh come on, once I'm back I'll complain to Magi-san for a bit.

The sun was still high. The portal——if I used the pale blue sphere object it would be fast——but let's run and collect items while at it. The quarry's enemies are slow after all.

After deciding so, I ran through everything with 【Speed Increase】 and speed enchant. The Golem and Sandmen cast me a sceptical gaze and went inactive, I went back to the First Town while collecting items.

Thanks to harvesting in the quarry the amo

unt of Iron Ore I had on hand was extremely abundant.

"Magi-san, listen to this."

"Ohh, Yun-kun. How was the boss' subjugation? Did it fail?"

After arriving at Magi-san's shop, I spoke to her across the counter.

I went to a chair nearby and started complaining.

"The Golem was successfully defeated and I went to the Third Town."

"Aah, that place. There are people among friends who want a high metalworks, so I want to go there in the near future too."

"Magi-san's a crafter right? Can you fight?"

"No waay. That's why, six parties. We're going to break through it with 36 people in total. Half of them are crafters. Since the purpose is to go to the town it doesn't matter to me even if I get a penalty. In the first place the way we raise levels are different."

"Haa. Combat and crafting are different huh."

"There's a substantial and clear difference. So, it's not about Golem's subjugation?"

As she said that, we finally came back to the topic.

"Earlier, I went into a bar when looking around the Third Town and got in a quarrel with an NPC, I couldn't hold a candle to him."

Although it was brief, it seemed like Magi-san realized something.

"Ahh. The tavern near the centre. Haa——how nostalgic."

"What is that place?"

"It's a place through which everyone who handles metal goes through. Yun-kun, what's your 【Craftsmanship】 level?"

"Umm, 13?"

"Impossible then. You need to have at least 25 or that event won't proceed."

"What does that mean?"

"Actually, we 【Smiths】 【Craftsmen】 don't work only on metal."

"Well, that's right. Hey, right now I can only use metal and jewels."

"Yupyup. That's why in there, after you hit him after reaching level 25 he'll say 'physical strength is the essence of a smith!' or something and will throw you forcibly into a mine alone."

What's the meaning of that event? They want to offend the player?

"Well, you get a special skill from that. In general EX-Skills are obtained in events."

"Hee. What kind of skill in this case?"

"You can change appearance of items other than metal."

"And their performance?"

"It's unchanged, but design is often by players who want the looks in equipment."

For example I could attach fur to an alice band making dog ears, cat ears, or animal tails. There are some maniacs who would buy those.

"Well, the one who started it first was me."

"Magi-san has?"

"Right now I'm using tough metals to make weapons and armour, but if there's an order I'll make it. By the way, I made a killing in the β version."

"It doesn't sound too interesting. But that looks like it could make a custom image for a character."

"Indeed indeed. A carpenter came to me for some reason wanting to attach a skull to an ugly stick to make it into a necromancer's image. Then there's a case a weaver who wanted to make a vampire cloak by covering the fabric's surface with bat's film. There's quite a lot of freedom. In the end, I happily made it. Those two deal with cloth and wood, and paired up for an event in the second town. I guess now we've kind of partnered up into an association?"

I see. That's quite an interesting story I've heard. Hmm. Ornaments to match character image. A high degree of freedom.

"Well, I guess that's it. Also, do you have any potions for sell?"

"Ah, yes. I understand. Are the new ones I made okay?"

"Hohoo, let me check them."

"The new thing, Blue Potions as well as the remainder of Potions. In the end I overestimated the Golem's challenge and made fifty, only about half was used."

"Oh, a Bluepot. Moreover the recovery amount is high. It's as good as the average Highpot."

"Is its effect that high?"

"Yupyup. Ten Bluepots and twenty-two Potions huh. Well, Bluepots are cheap when sold to NPC, but this recovery amount is that of a Highpot, half price of the Highpot so... 500G, about 5770G in total?"

"Woah, a cheap material like Blue Jelly's made it so expensive."

"I don't know how to make it but I'm glad it has high effectiveness. I'm leaving, I look forward to future deliveries."

I was able to let out my complaints and earned deliciously for the Blue Potions.

My evaluation of Blue Jelly sky-rocketed. After that, I bought some from the NPC shop, even if you pile up a dust it'll become a mountain... 7G for one, I bought a hundred for a total of 700G, it was quite out of schedule.

What remained was 6000G. I need to procure equipment, then I'll be short on money to expand the field again.

After I logged out during that day's dinner we reported to each other on the recent events.

"Woah! Onii-chan went to the third city eh."

"I was invited by Takumi to be a pseudo-healer."

"Ohh, well, Takumi-san thought of it well. Crafters want to go to the third town as soon as possible."

For some reason Miu was convinced. In fact, Takumi might have thought of that as well. When I thought that I felt like I was dancing in his palm.

"Oh right. Onii-chan, today my 【Defence Power Increase】 was disposed of and I got a new 【Physical Increase】 Sense. I put the 【Action Restriction Release】 in the free place."

"Speaking of 【Physical Increase】, I've heard about Sense Tree, but what's that?"

"Sense Tree is, so to speak, a diagram of Senses. From the 【Sword】 either 【One-Handed Sword】 or 【Two-Handed Sword】 is derived, it changes into a different class."

"So what's in there?"

"For example if you level Senses A and B you'll be able to get a Sense C from a separate tree. And if you pick Sense C you won't be able to go down the trees for A and B."

"In other words, you need to redo it all."

"But re-leveling it from the beginning is a bit hard, only extreme power fighters would take it. There are some people who don't transfer into another tree and continue to level the same ones."

"Hmm. What's that 【Action Restriction Release】 Sense? It wasn't acquirable in the initial Senses."

"Onii-chan, you need a bit more info."

Being efficient is all right, but your brother wants to leisurely sip his tea on a veranda.

"Once you acquire more than 20SP, the amount of Senses you can take increases. In the β times, it increased at 40 too and will probably increase at 60. That's why there are people who make a total replacement when they get to 20 to fit their image."

"So, are the Senses that appear at 20 strong?"

"Nn, not at all. Speaking of performance, there's not much difference. However, what appears are things that allow to exploit enemy weaknesses or resist abnormal states, a conspicuous kind of things I guess? Also, some turn into are insight-types Senses when leveled."

"So is 【Hawk Eyes】."

"For example there's a 【Snake Eyes】 Sense. That one gives a paralytic effect on the seen enemies when activated. it's one of the ones that can be obtained at 20. It's more fight-oriented than 【Hawk Eyes】 is."

You were called garbage. Sorry, 【Hawk Eyes】. But I won't forsake you.

"If 【Hawk Eyes】 is grown, one day it'll be the strongest."

"Certainly, no one knows what's the 【Hawk Eyes】 derivation, since even in the β no one raised it to more than 25."

"All right, I'll try raising all the Senses to 30 and see. But now that I think of it, in order to get a lot of SP it's good to get a lot of Senses."

"In fact, there's a lot of people who take Senses and level them to 10 to get new ones. But when I consider it I think that's hard. Moreover, higher level Senses take 2 or 5 SP. After doing such a thing to get those Senses you need to level up to 50 or 60. Leveling up on average is quite hard."

As expected of an advanced player. She assessed the shortest route.

"I still have quite a while until I reach my level from β I think? Onii-chan what are you doing?"

"What do you mean by what?"

"Exactly what I meant. What are you doing to level up?"

"Ahh. I'm making potions, accessories. I make money by creating consumable items. It's a good way to level. That's for crafting only though."

"You're broke like usual aren't you."

Miu laughed merrily with a voice like a bell. It's fine isn't it. Even so I'm at a level where I'm somewhat useful in the combat. It's true.

"Well, little sister will watch over Onii-chan."

"Hoo, do so then."

"Yupyup. It's my role to make sure no nasty insects attach themselves to girl Onii-chan."

"Give it a rest with such teasing jokes. Sometimes when I recall I'm about to lose consciousness from the agony."

"I understand. Then I'll be going to hunt with Sei-oneechan."

"Yes yes, send my regards to Sei-nee."

"Onii-chan, want to go hunt together?"

"I'll pass for now, I'm tired."

I did a lot of things, I was nervous on the boss mob, although VR isn't all that realistic, It was incredibly tense during the battle. I didn't think I would wear down my nerves so much. And what about fighting with a Dragon, I went to my room. I thought of these words and of Taku's hunting party, enhancing weapons and armour's great after all, that instant I realized it.

A few days later, with a goal of enhancing my equipment I went out to do field work. By making accessories and polishing with 【Craftsmanship】 leveling as well as making potions I saved up 40kG.

I had a pleased look on my face after accumulating this much money. It would be good if someone sold me a bow for this, I thought as I walked through the town...

I——was being stalked!

No, wait. It must be a mistake. A model man in his early twenties had a lolishota-type boy with him . Heyhey, wait. This isn't no joke, why do they continue to stalk me even after I left the town at a brisk pace, chasing after me? Aren't they quite high-level players?

As I turned around, the edge of the cloak and the tall man's head could be seen from where he hid, I can see you. But, for some reason even knowing he was seen he didn't stop tailing me.

"Should I call SOS to someone? But... no, if it's a PK then people will ran away before that."

I have confidence in my feet. They won't come to the third town after me. After deciding that, I escaped to west at full force.


I applied an enchant and ran through. Up until now I learned the entire forest's geography as I collected. I left toward the quarry quickly using the shortest route, but the two continued to remain behind me. They're high ranked after all! But why are they aiming for me?

What I could think of was——Stone of the Earth Spirits and the money I had on hand.

Can it be that they know I have the strengthening material?! Even if not so, the half of the 40kG of my sweat and tears could move the enemy.

The benefit of the PK system allows you to take money off the person you defeated.

I can't stand up to two people with initial equipment!

Even though I'm a man, I'm stalked by men, this is my life's crisis. Even though it's a game.

I need to flee to the Third Town, then go back through a portal and ask someone for help.

In the quarry I avoided Armadillos and Crabs, as well as ignored Sandmen and the Golem. The two in the back were stopped by Sandmen. Yeahh, I seeded them out with this, I took a breather after entering the town.

"Haa haa, finally seeded them out. What's with them. Ahh, that was scary."

They aren't coming after me. I turned back and looked, although I wasn't confident they disappeared and at ease, I entered the portal hoping that someone would sell me a bow in the First Town. Also, an armour, one made from cloth. Ahh, speaking of which that tall man had some good clothes, I wonder if they sell those. While thinking that I transitioned through the portal.

"We finally meet you jerk."

There were those people from before in front of the destination portal. I didn't think they would travel such a long distance.

"We underestimated beginner's equipment. I didn't think you would go as far as the Third Town. We died and came back here."


They returned after dying. I don't have much use for that town yet, they assumed I would use a portal to return and just waited for me to appear!

"Now, let's talk, hey wait!"

I ran away again. This time I need to go to a place these people won't come to. No, I need to hide somewhere where I can wait until someone responds to my SOS. That's right, Magi-san's shop should be good. Thinking that I started running.

As I glanced behind, the two were running at full power, but they were slower than earlier. Oh, I see, the death penalty status decrease huh.

At this moment, I rushed plunging towards Magi-san's shop.

"Ah, Yun-kun... 『"Magi-san, hide me."』 he?"

Like that, I jumped over the counter and crouched behind it.

I suppressed my breath as much as possible and started moving my sight to see signs of presence behind me. Somehow, my heartbeat rate increased rapidly and sweat flowed unpleasantly.

After a while, people entered the shop.

"Magi, got a moment?"

It was those men. The two people's footsteps. My heart rate jumped further, even though I couldn't see, I moved my eyes to ascertain where they are. Even if PK is impossible on the streets, I don't want to stay together with such guys.

"What? What happened? And how did the speed accessories from before feel?"

Magi-san spoke in an informal tone. Those two seemed to be frequent guests at Magi-san's shop 【Open Sesame】.

"Yeah, they gave us quite good speed. With five accessories speed bonus we were as fast as speed-type players."

"It was fast. If I were to put the left over SP into speed, I would be the fastest."

The two spoke indifferently about the dead chase after me.

"Looks like there's a huge difference just with the equipment's enhancement. So, Magi. You're hiding her."

I looked up at Magi-san from inside of the counter and shook my head. Magi-san continued to smile and gave me an OK sign with her fingers.

"Whom? Recently there's been quite a few smiths coming to beg me to teach them, but our rule is to sell things at reasonable price right?"

"A reasonable price, no problem. I more or less know your Sense build."

"What we want to know is about the 【Mysterious Bluepot Vendor】. The one Magicchi is selling for in consignment, it's effect has reached our ears too."

Bluepot he says, my Blue Potion?!! But why. Anyone could make that.

"Hahaaan. In other words, you want to force out of her how to make highly effective Blue Potions and for her to teach you how to how to use 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】? Cloude."

Magi-san's tone of voice lowered by a level. Because of this voice the man called Cloude faltered.

"M-Magicchi, that's not it. Kurocchi was just interested. Also, we're curious about the novice player Magicchi got to know recently. The weaver Kurocchi wants to know the origin of the Film and the Big Fur."

"Listen Lyly. I don't know what you're up to, but the fact that she came to ask me for help is enough. Moreover, what about forcibly eliciting technology from someone? Won't that girl's efforts and advantage be lost?"


This time, the lolishota went silent. Magi-san, seriously thank you. You're really dependable.

"So, what did you do."

"We thought of asking."


Magi-san looked up at them from below. Her face was scary, or rather she cornered her opponents with a smile on her face.

"At first we wanted to call out to her but... we couldn't get the timing and... that's, she ran away. Although she finally came out from the portal, her expression changed and she escaped in a dash into this place, did she escape through the back door already?"

...hey, aren't those people just pathetic?!

Weren't they like, super angry when one of them called me jerk? I totally thought so.

"Geez, what kind of a retarded thing is the top weaver doing? You too Lyly for keeping him company. Think about feelings of a girl chased by two men. Even if it's a game the expressions are transmitted to it. Even if in a game ethics are different from ordinary, it can't be helped that someone would get suspicious."

Magi-san said everything I wanted to say. However, I'm a man. As for ethics being different from ordinary. In other words, murder isn't a sin.

"Cloude, your sulky face is scary so anyone would escape."

She ended it perfectly.

"I get it, my bad. Um, can I ask you for a follow-up? I'll also prepare some goods as apology."

"From me too please, Magicchi."

Magi-san spat out a big sigh.

"——So, what will you do? Forgive them? Yun-kun."

Like that, I was called out to on the inside of the counter. Certainly, after hearing the story from earlier it didn't feel like I was being stalked, well it should be fine to show my face. That Cloude man was a bit intimidating. He was so tall.

"Umm. Magi-san, thank you very much."

" she was there."

Cloude had a somewhat uncomfortable expression.

"So, will you forgive them?"

"Forgive or not, Magi-san already said everything I wanted to so it's fine."

"I see I see. Yun-kun's a kind girl. You make Onee-san happy."

"I said, what girl, I'm a man."

"There's no way such a cute girl is a boy!"

Suddenly Cloude raised his voice.

Ahh, somehow I understand what kind of person Cloude is. He's that. His vectors are the same as Gantz's. In response to my cold gaze Cloude started coughing and Lyly smiled wryly.

"So, can you introduce me?"

"Hmm. This is the archer selling the mysterious Bluepot."

"I'm Yun."

"Then, Yuncchi it is. I'm Lyly. Since I'm a Woodworker come to me if you want to request a bow. I'm bored with all the requests being staffs."

"I'm Cloude. A weaver mainly dealing with cloth and leather."

Ahh, both of them are crafters. It felt like they had no weapons, so it was like that. I thought they were sorcerers, surprising.

"So, I wanted to ask, what are the Bluepots?"

Hmm. Everyone put on a subtle expression. Only the person asking didn't notice, but the out-of-place feeling was undeniable.

——Mysterious Bluepot.

It was a potion sold in consignment with 【Open Sesame】, a shop that dealt with metal weapons and armours in 【OSO】.

The Blue Potion was equivalent to Mixed Potion, it's been found very useful in β version as it was very cheap. However it was difficult to create as it required level 15 【Mixing】, the hurdle was too high for players who just started the official version, with the early potion uproar, there was no one who would make Bluepots.

Currently, the Potion prices have settled down but a concern for High Potions' price rising, and then a Bluepot with high recovery amount appeared.

Although it was inferior to High Potion, it was cheap and easy to use making frontline players rush to 【Open Sesame】 to obtain them.

And then a story of a mysterious potion mixer appeared as well as a story of Mysterious Bluepot.

"We were looking for the person but... um, I apologize for scaring you."

"No, it's fine. So, I'm that Bluepot maker?"

That's surprising. Even though I just mixed Dried Herbs with Blue Jelly Powder.

"Yeah indeed. We saw a player who went in and out despite not using metal weapons or metal armour, it was out of place."

Certainly, I had a bow and cloth armour, Magi-san sold neither of them.

"Well, I'm just a broke crafter. I just try to barely make a living selling potions like this."

"However, I don't like it. You, look at my appearance all right?"


Cloude had quite a frown on his face. Honestly, his glare was scary. Magi-san grinned having fun. I looked back and forth between him and Lyly comparing them.

"We're crafters, why do you think we insist on such equipment?"

"Who knows, maybe to enhance your basic stats?"

As I tilted my head lightly, Cloude's eyes were opened wide.

"Wrong! That's where the romance is!"


"Certainly, enhancing the status part is necessary in the game! However, were just that the case, it would be sufficient to just use what's already in the game system to make ourselves unique. Us crafters are seeking what's not available in the game system. For example, if we are ordered to make a skimpy outfit we would make one. However, if it's just a costume that has a purpose of showing boobs it would be vulgar. Indeed, it's important to make it beautiful, to make it attractive. That's where the romance is! Wear cat ears made by Magi! Use equipment made by Lyly! Dress in the clothes full of romance made by me!"

The language I've been hearing was Japanese. However, I didn't know what the man in front of me was saying.

"Therefore, I'm trying to say. For you to continue wearing initial equipment——is a waste."

"A-a pervert?"

"Well, Cloude's weird, but there are parts I can sympathize with. How to make it so it's easy to use, how to make it to fit the person. How will the person wear it after its made, imagining that is fun."

Magi-san said so. Somehow, I could understand the meaning that way.

"I didn't think of such a thing, I just created potions to sell them expensive."

"I'm the same. I just make what I want to make. Everyone is different and that's all right."

Lyly looked towards me with a carefree smile. There crafters really say various things and there are various crafters out there.

"Therefore, let's consult it. No, no consulting. Even if you don't pay, as an apology I'll make you best armour I can."

"Cloude. You're really condescending aren't you. Hmm?"

"Uuu... p-please let me make you armour."

"Kurocchi's being really humble."

"Eh? Who was the one who chased her together with him? Lyly."

"Eh? Me too?"

"Of course, the two of you are to apologize. Using the technology you have, right. By the way, she has made 40k."

For a while now, I've felt a big change in Magi-san as compared to when she taught me about crafting.

"...that's too cheap! Every piece of the cloth armour costs 40k! Six pieces of top and bottom would cost 250k!"

"Who said, it's only for you Cloude? 40k, for both of you."

Hiiiiiii, Magi-san. That's cruel.

"Magi-san. That's overdoing it, an overkill."

"Come on Yun-kun, you're too kind. If you didn't entrust the potions to me you would earn it sooner."

"No, I want money. But if I, umm, if I get too greedy my little sister's complaints will get worse so I'm not in that much of a hurry. Also, Magi-san is selling them at reasonable price aren't you. That's it. If it's this person then I can trust her, is what I thought."

"You said something that makes me happy. It can't be helped. You, men."


Magi-san's tone of voice was lower by a tone.

"You escaped by a narrow margin. Be thankful to Yun-kun. However, the main culprit, Cloude. You'll make Yun-kun the minimal possible armour."

"Yeah, of course."

Hmm, 40k per piece.

"By the way, what are the six equipment pieces?"

"Main are Head, Arms, Torso, Waist, Underwear and Outerwear. By the way, beginner's equipment is just the waist and outer clothes."

"Oh-ho, Then first the outer clothes please."

"Understood. What about additional effect? For a crafter DEX would be good."

"Is that the best choice for a crafter? Oh right. Can you use this to strengthen it?"

I took out an item from the corner of my inventory.

"I see, certainly to pass by the Golem, you need to defeat it at least once."

"Ohhh, Stone of the Earth Spirits. Another request for Kurocchi with a rare material came. I'm jealous."

I took out the Stone of the Earth Spirits. Originally I thought that I'll be PK'd if I held it, so using it in such a way might be a good idea.

"If you have a rare material, then pass me all your money. I'll ignore the minimal possible and make it the best one I can make."

"Is that fine? Isn't the 40k a price for the the minimal piece?"

"That would have only the minimal performance then, the reason is lack of the material. Fufufu, like this I'll be able to level up as well and we'll be mutually beneficial."

His black smile was somewhat scary. Well, if you can then please do make it.

I left the store leaving the Stone of the Earth Spirits and all my money behind.

A day later, I was contacted through Magi-san.

I waited for the armour to be done restlessly. In meantime I continued to craft potions in silence and trained Enchant.

Since it seemed like there wasn't enough pills I hunted around the town collecting Gallstones and Fur.

On the field, I completely changed over to harvesting Medical Spirit Grass and Magical Spirit Grass, and completely migrated to buying herbs from the NPC.

My status has grown as well.

Possessed SP12

【Bow Lv17】 【Hawk Eyes Lv25】 【Magic Talent Lv26】 【Magic Power Lv24】 【Alchemy Lv15】 【Enchant Lv28】

【Mixing Lv24】 【Synthesis Lv17】 【Craftsmanship Lv15】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv12】


【Taming Lv1】 【Speed Increase Lv7】 【Discovery Lv5】

From the Medical Spirit Grass I created High Potions. From the Magical Spirit Grass I created MP Potions. Moreover, through going the same drying procedure I was able to increase the recovered amount. Perhaps because my 【Mixing】 was low more than half failed at first, but right now there's about 70% chances for success.

It was also of high quality, their number increased by using Alchemy's Lower Matter Conversion, although I was quick at preparing them, I couldn't ensure big amounts. For the moment I recovered the excess from the additional recovered HP.

On the contrary, my recent worry was that I wasn't able to level my 【Synthesis】 Sense. There was no longer any need to create synthetic Potions and I no longer felt a need to raise it. Recently, I've been buying the arrows from the shop.

"【Synthesis】 went back to being a trash Sense."

At this rate 【Synthesis】 will no longer be needed. I need to do something, I thought and looked at unused items in my inventory.

"Hmm. Recently I haven't been doing the Synthesis with three different items, even adding potions increases the amount they recover. Highpots and MP Potions are too high level so they'll fail. Is there an item... stones?"

I have stones piled up in large quantities. Isn't there like two hundred of them already? They were destroyed when I used 【Synthesis】 and 【Alchemy】 on them before, I feel like it would most likely be successful now.

"Easier to do something than worry about it——《Synthesis》!"

The result of three stones being combined with 【Synthesis】 was——a Rock.

A beautiful round rock was lying on my waist.

"H-heavy. I need to move it to inventory... oh, there it is there it is."

Since they were in the way, and to raise the level I began changing Stones to Rocks. In the middle, I used 【Alchemy】.

I tried it, but it failed. I wonder if there's some kind of rule for it. Rock wasn't a higher level stone. I wonder what's it used for.

They were of perfect size. I'll put them around the field, it's just a whim but like that it'll be more scenic. I'll leave a dozen rocks.

Gray stones, ocher soil and green herbs as well as yellow and purple Antidote Grass and Paralysis Grasses changed it into something that looked more like a flower bed than a field.

"Uwaa, it turned beautiful, it would be good to leave it for a while and show it to Myu later."

Everyone makes fun of agriculture, but I think it looks beautiful.

There was also decoration called frame, it seemed to add on onto the taken screenshot. One day, I want to decorate a shop of my own.

*pon*. A sound echoed in my head. It was Magi-san contacting me.

"Yes, Yun here."

『"Ah, the armour's made. Cloude left it over earlier along with a note."』

"Oh, then I'll pick it up as I deliver the potions."

『"Understood I'll be waiting."』

Well for Bluepots I can make them immediately from a recipe. As long as I go through multiple processes it'll be the same and the only difference will be an intense MP consumption. Instead, for that amount Magic Power will be leveled up. It has its good and bad points.

"Now that it's made, let's go. 《Enchant》——Speed."

I changed into 【Speed Increase】 Sense and applied an enchant on myself before advancing to town at full speed. Leaving a yellow afterimage behind me I arrived near the town centre at the 【Open Sesame】 in matter of minutes.

"Magi-san, hello."

"Yes yes. Welcome. Armour, here you go. Also, there's a service he said."

Nervous, I received the armour through the trade screen with Magi-san. There was some kind of a note attached inside.

CS No.6 Ochre Creator 【Outerwear】

DEF+16 Additional Effect : DEX Bonus, Auto Repair

"Uwa, it's as different from my old armour as heaven and earth."

"That's right. But what's the most amazing is the effect of Stone of Earth Spirits."

The rare material gives the equipment an additional effect, that's a so-called reinforcement material which can bring on special effects.

"The effect of this Stone of Earth Spirits was Auto Repair. With this effect the equipment will absorb MP to automatically recover, even if it's completely destroyed it will recover as long as there's time and MP, that's what's written on the note."

That's convenient. If it's broken I won't have to pay to re-purchase it again.

"Ahh that makes me happy. Then, I'll try it immediately."

After I took it out and looked at it, it felt like black and yellow-brown coat. There was a large cut on the shoulders which exposed the entire shoulder and its skin, focusing on the ease of movements. There were decorations made from leather and golden metal at some places, I understood just how good Cloude's sense was.

The inside was simple, black and durable. It felt nice. When I put the leather coat over it, the inside was hidden.

Although I said it was a leather coat, it's hem wasn't too long. It was at a degree where it hid my butt at best. Around the waist there was a belt I could adjust to have it fit the body.

"It's cool. I like it. But what does the CS in the name mean?"

"Ah, that. Crafters can freely change the name of items they create. In Cloude's case for him to put his ID in there means he has has confidence in them. It's an abbreviation for Cloude Series."

"That's embarrassing."

Somehow, it felt like a limited edition item. Well, fine.

"Next time I'll pick it up from him normally."

"It's embarrassing after all isn't it. Also, if you act as a model for him next time, there'll be a discount. That's what was written on the note."

Uuh, somehow I had a bad feeling after being asked to be his model. That guy's on the same vector as Gantz, he'll most likely have me wear some weird clothes.

"I'll think about it."

"Right. Also... there's nothing else."

"Is that so. Then, Potion delivery."

I placed the Bluepots in the trade screen.

"One Bluepot for 500G, 50 for 25kG. You've gathered a lot in three days. Have a little patience, won't you have your own shop soon?"

"I wonder. I want to have it one day, but well, hey hey."

"I see. If that happens you'll sell them by yourself. Onee-san will be lonely."

"Then I'll show my face here once in a while. Talking to Magi-san is fun after all."

"Oh-ho, you trying to make Onee-san fall for you?"

"Don't joke. It's true. Also, we can talk with each other as crafters, right."

As I smiled, Magi-san opened her eyes wide in surprise, and immediately responded with a smile of her own.

"A conversation between fellow crafters. That sounds appealing. Well, if that happens I'd be glad if you were willing to deliver some potions here."

"Then, in exchange for a souvenir from this shop."

The two of us had fun speaking about time that hasn't come yet.

"Then I'll try making something with armour performance."

"Hm? Going to create items again? Your DEX was rose from before when you failed, so it might succeed."

"Before that there's a battle. I don't know what kind of effect the status will have."

"Hmm. When you confirm it let me know."


After I heard that I got out of the town, and headed east.

Goblins and Big Boars, in the middle area where Slimes emerge there were two other kinds of mob emerging, Mill Bird and Grey Rat. In terms of level they were corresponding to Armadillos and Rock Crabs, but here, their speed was fast but defence was low.

The Mill Bird was twirling around in the air, when I approached within a certain distance it raised a cry and assaulted me. In Myu's case, she waited for the enemy to approach to slash with her sword. Even though it was charging at me, it announced its assault in advance with a loud cry and was easy to perceive.

Grey rats were just big rats. Not cute at all. The rats were as big as a small dog, if I didn't approach them they wouldn't attack. It's a mob which linked at short distance.

My target today were the birds.

I aimed from long range at the Mill Birds flying in the air. My attack power wasn't high, but their HP wasn't high either. After I shot it I was noticed, and before it approached I released three arrows, dropping it down to the ground.

My bow's accuracy hasn't as low a hit rate as others said it had, but the accuracy was kind of different from before now.

I aim effortlessly. Indeed, I can aim at the place of my choosing freely.

In fact, when I aimed at the bird's wings it's flight was disturbed resulting in its destruction.

Just by changing armour, there was this much difference.

And by aiming at specific parts of the bird I learned that there is a significant difference in amount of damage dealt.

In particular, if I hit its head it'll be a critical hit for sure. By hitting both wings I disturbed its flight.

"I see. The damage is determined also by the location which is hit, also it seems like bow has a close relation with DEX."

The relation between bow and dexterity.

Thanks to the bonus DEX from the armour; accuracy went up. That meant archers had their accuracy improved with DEX.

The reason many archers were frustrated before, was cost to performance of the bow, accuracy and range.

For the range, there's a trend for relying on ATK. For the accuracy, there's a trend of relying on DEX.

Cost to performance was related to player's ability to manage their own finances.

While certainly, in this game the player's skill is necessary, that doesn't mean there's no assistance. Something like the swordsman's motion assist and mages' tracking.

In other words, the bow also has its own assistance, but everyone was too distracted with shooting range and didn't notice the accuracy correction.

"In other words, muscle brains. And because I'm a crafter, my DEX is high. How ironic. The fact that I took trash Senses led me to this."

Early I didn't level much, but as I continued to train everything my DEX increased and the correction was applied to my accuracy. That was my hypothesis.

That meant, if I lowered the DEX on purpose my accuracy would decrease, and in exchange my DEX and correction would continue to increase.

I returned to the initial armour and removed all the Senses which might have been involved with DEX.

I didn't think I could shoot down the birds without 【Hawk Eyes】. Now, I'll believe in the bow's level and shoot them.

The arrow flew 10 metres. It didn't go as far as half of the usual range with full Senses equipped. It didn't reach the crow and after drawing a parabolic trajectory it fell down. It hit a rat that was wriggling on the ground.


In a state with an arrow stuck to its back, it has come to assault me angrily.

I pulled an arrow in a hurry and aimed it, but it didn't hit at all. It took too long to equip the Senses and the equipment, the rat closed the distance between us. Since I removed 【Speed Increase】 and 【Enchant】 even if I ran away I would be caught.

I was brought to close combat, and because of a single rat I returned to town by dying.

"Ouch... dying is surprisingly painful. It's been a while since I received any damage hasn't it."

The last time was on the first day the game started. Although I was doing crafting and long range shooting up until now, I might have went too far with Sense experimentation.

The place I was returned to, was the central square of the First Town.

I have proven if, probably. Considering the initial speed of herbivores, if DEX is low then a enemy might be made to avoid the arrows.

I stood up and fixed the equipment.

Because of death penalty I've got boring leisure time. Not good. I've still had time.

"Maybe I'll log out to do shopping. How about I do Chinese cuisine for dinner?"

I gave up on crafting for the day, and obediently logged out.