Volume 1 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - The Trion Ring and Value of Information

And on the next day, after learning my lesson yesterday I decided not to leave the town for the day. No, I don't plan on becoming a shut-in, I'm just going to earn money to buy a bow.

Although I have a reliable source of income from Bluepots, I haven't had anything other than that, I thought of trying to sell handmade accessories.

When it came to my feelings it was on a 'it would be good if they sold' level.

Thanks to the armour's DEX the amount of failures when polishing jewellery decreased and I was able to work in a stable manner; I tried to proceed to the next stage.

That is, processing Fine Iron Ore.

"I want to try out the limits of a portable furnace, also, I want to make a one-off piece of equipment unique to only me."

Influenced by what Magi-san and Lyly said. The urge inside me to make unique equipment burst out, and this is the result. I put the Fine Iron Ore I prepared with Alchemy into the furnace and changed it into an ingot.

I applied an enchant on myself and continued to swing the hammer pounding into the ingot, and the first one was completed. Since my DEX is high the success rate of crafting was increased. In fact, it was really noticeable, it was easy.

Even the Iron was being made while humming a song, and I continued to mass produce more and more Fine Iron Ingots.

The reason he was struggling so hard up until now, was because he was leveling. Looks like the path of carnage is the path of the strong ones after all. Low rank crafting skills were okay, but at high rank, it was a highly valuable experience to make something with one's own hands. The success rate was also high.

And I, made a ring of my own.

I changed its name and design, the colour was changed into that of a black metal to match my black clothing, three rings intersected with a Peridot on a middle pedestal.

The effect of the jewellery material was a defence increase. For a minimal it was 1, for small-sized 2, for medium-sized 3. The ring I made now was incomparable with the ones I had made up until now.

Trion Ring 【Equipment Item】


The upper limit of Fine Iron Ore was 6, so it was a quite high-level accessory.

My Sense levels were also rising nicely I thought, and looked at them, it seemed like 【Enchant】's level reached 30.

【【Enchant】 Sense has reached Lv 30 or higher——Consume 3SP for 【Enchant Arts】】

Hmm. It seems like I got a Sense I've seen for the first time. Since the total number of SP I have acquired hasn't reached 20, it must be the Sense's growth.

【Enchant Arts】's description was——the amount of enchant types increase, releasing attribute-based preconditions, e t c...

The former meant that there were three more types of enchants including INT enchant. If I have an INT enchant then my existence significance increases as I'm able to strengthen the rearguard, And as for the latter, it was no good. I didn't know the unknown preconditions.

After that, the description continued.

——Item Enchant.

"...for real. If I can strengthen things in advance, battles will be easy. I wonder what can it be used on other than equipment."

I was excited after acquiring the skill.

In Enchant's skill column... ohhh?!! It increased all at once. The magic attack power increase with 【Intelligence】 and magic defence power increase with 【Mind】. Other than that, there was 《Cursed》 which lowered the target's stats appeared.

In addition to that, there were two new types added 《Skill Enchant》 and 《Item Enchant》.

"What what, 《Skill Enchant》... you can apply one of your skills into an item. Hey, that doesn'

;t benefit me at all! This, it's used to stick my skills into equipment of others!"

The other one, has properly benefited me.

"《Item Enchant》 player can apply the enchant to an item. This, if I put it on items it'll sell! 《Item Enchant》——Enchant attack."

Immediately I applied the Item Enchant on an accessory.

Ring 【Equipment Item】

DEF+5 Additional Effect : ATK Enchant

I did it, and then in a good mood I tried applying a second enchant to the item, but it broke.

"Ahh...fuu. Is that so. If I could enchant items indefinitely with no risk, I would do double, triple enchants."

Since they were items I intended to sell rather than use anyway, I repeated the experiment.

"I wonder if in addition to enchants I can put cursed on it? Well, let's experiment more. 《Item Enchant》——Cursed defence."

Along with a black luminescence released the ring's status has acquired 【DEF Cursed】.

"Uwaa, isn't that a cursed item. Now that I think about it. 《Item Enchant》——Cursed attack."

It broke after all. Next, I used enchant, cursed, and enchant in this order.

The Trion Ring I made. Seriously. This performance is impossible.

Trion Ring 【Equipment Item】

DEF+9 Additional Effect : ATK Enchant, SPEED Enchant, MIND Cursed

With this, for a mage, I could discard the attack and put magic attack as well as defence.

Why did it broke and was cursed when using two enchants. This, maybe a material has a limit to its tolerance. In other words, depending on the material it can take more or less. If the material's grade were to be raised, there would be no negative compensation with cursed. Moreover, these enchants, if I apply the cursed and enchant of the same types they cancel each other out. That means, this rule allows me to freely change enchants on the equipment.

By the way, it was impossible for food items and consumables. They broke immediately and disappeared.

I wondered how would it work if the stones and ingots I had were applied an attack enchant. Were it combined with Throwing Sense, would their attack power go up?

"The number of possibilities have expanded. Well, that's about this much for now. And now that I know what the conditions are for it. and the fact it doesn't break, I know it's magic, not crafting type."

Eh? Speaking of which, am I the only person who has ever leveled 【Enchant】 up to this point? In order to raise that question, I contacted Magi-san.

"Magi-san, is it all right now?"

『"What is it Yun-kun? Coming to deliver potions again?"』

"Yes, I'll come over. Also after that there's something I want to talk about."

『"Got it. I'll be waiting."』

I headed over there by running. Although I ran equipped with accessories that were subjected to speed enchants, the regular enchant and item enchant seemed to be separate and there was a slight difference between the speed.

Because of that, I almost hit people several times while running. In the middle I switched into walking at a brisk pace. And in the case of item enchants, there was no light generated.

"Magi-san, hello."

"Oh, you came. Shall we get onto the potion delivery?"

"Let's do it then."

As usual, I sold Bluepots, making money. Because of the DEX bonus the amount of potions which failed decreased, I increased the size of the field and wondered about making Antidote Potions and Paralysis Potions in addition.

"Yun-kun, how's your current state?"

"Getting better bit by bit. Also, the DEX seemed to have an effect on the bow's corrections."

"Ohh, you finally got that far. As expected of my disciple."

No, it has nothing to do with our master-disciple relationship, also she spoke as if she already knew about it.

"You knew?"

"Who do you think I am? Magi-san the blacksmith, during the β test I examined variety of Sense characteristics together with Cloude and Lyly, we were looking for optimal corrections and combat positions."

"If you knew then you could have told me."

She made a sign with her hand and apologized.

"I didn't do it on purpose to be mean to you. Just think about it. What would it be if I taught you everything? Wouldn't it be same as looking at the guide on the website?"

"Well, certainly that's true."

"Also, I hate people who overly rely on the others and the people who look for their own selves are my pride. I give advices to people who come or negotiate with them. I welcome interesting children like you. What I hate, is the riffraff. The people who want to be taught, the guys who track guide sites to boast I'M THE BEST. That breaks the Only One concept, is what I think."

"These are some harsh words."

"Well, even information is for exchange. I too bought information about items and mobs in exchange for the best weapons and armour for them."

I was thankful for the top crafter's words. Geez, I need to pave my own way.

"It looks like there's a need for payment for the advanced lesson just now."

"Ahahahaha, I'm not that much of a devil. As long as Yun-kun becomes a fellow crafter in the future I'll be satisfied."

"Then, for raising me up to this point I'll give you this ring as a present. I finally managed to make it out of a Fine Iron Ore today."

"Ohh?! You've finally reached that point. Right now I'm dealing with steel. Also, I deal with silver products."

"Well looks like there's still a long way ahead of me. Then here you go. I did my best."

I removed the Trion Ring from my finger and passed it to her. I still haven't had enough confidence as a crafter.

"Then, I'm going to secure some more money from now on."

"Yup. See you. Onee-san will cherish this gift."

I went out of the store and when broke into a run, Magi-san jumped out of the store in a rush. But since I already began running, I didn't notice it.

"Geez, why did she leave it and left like that? I've never seen an accessory like this one."

Magi-san murmured with an inaudible voice no one could hear.

In order to secure more money, I carried out the field expansion using the money I had. After buying the fifth additional field the price increased tenfold, there was a further fee for buying an adjacent one.

The amount of fields I had increased to six, and the amount of items I could cultivate was one hundred and twenty. Moreover, I bought items necessary for Mixing and ended up having only 10kG remaining.

"Even though I acted in such a grand manner in front of Magi-san, I'm back to being broke."

To improve my weapon and armour, also to buy my own store. The road ahead of me is long. But before that, in order to create accessories I'll need a higher-ranking furnace.

A furnace that can process steel costs 80k. The one above that, 800k.

"I wonder if I can do anything with the remaining money."

I browsed my inventory. The items that failed to go through the inspection were destroyed. Also, the randomly enchanted accessories occupied a corner of my inventory.

Other than that, what I could use was meat, centipede's poison... speaking of which, I forgot about the fossil.

"The appraisal fee's 5000G for a single time. If I take potions to Magi-san's place I can get some money, let's turn it into an item. Umm, so where do I restore it?"

If I'm not wrong, then I need to show it to an NPC named Geologist, I remembered. I didn't know where he was, but it should be fine if I proceed while asking the town's NPCs and explore the town.

I asked the first NPC on the central square, it seemed to be in the northern district. I had the NPC tell me the exact location and headed towards it, when I arrived, for some reason I was in front of an antique shop.

"Heyhey, fossils are fossils but why does an antique shop take care of fossils."

"Welcome, do you need anything from our store?"

A man wearing a shabby vest and a wild bedhead appeared.

"Can I have a fossil appraised in here?"

"Yeah, other than that I deal with antiques. Occasionally I have real bargains."

As I looked at the items in the store, most of them looked more like ornaments than item used for battles, in front of some of their names 【Broken】 was written.

"For today just appraisal. This thing here."

I removed gold from my inventory, and put it next to fossil.

"Sure. I accept. Then I'll take a look."

He removed a monocle from his breast pocket and looked at the fossil through it. Seeing his figure, it seemed like he could use it as a theme for making accessories.

"Appraised. This is a Seed."

"A Seed? One of those you sow on the fields? Well, that's convenient for me."

"What, are you a farmer? This is a vitality tree's seed. It's not really rare."

"Eh, and I thought it was rare."

"It's a tree that grows in a quite remote location, but it can be easily found in volcanic regions. Where did you find this fossil?"

"In a nearby cave."

"It might have been growing in this neighbourhood long time ago, if you want to sell it I'll purchase it for 100G."

"No, I'm taking it with me. I want to raise it."

"It's not an unusual tree, but if it takes root, it'll bear fruit every day. In long term, you might be able to collect it."

And thus I have received a Seed of Vitality Tree.

Although I went back to the field in a hurry and tried to plant it, but unfortunately, the preparations still weren't done. I swung down the hoe intently on the three new fields.

Under the blue sky I worked in the field, while emanating red and yellow light. Thanks to the bonus from the accessories, I showed a performance equal to that of a farm tractor.

It was easier than before, but as expected, it took some time. I wasn't able to prepare any funds by selling accessories. However, I'm cultivating the High Potion and MP Potion's materials on the field and have a prospect of stable production for Antidote Potions and Paralysis Potions.

Today, I logged into the game in the afternoon.

The fields I desperately cultivated yesterday and the day before were now about half-covered with plants. The other half was unused since there wasn't enough seeds. Good grief, I thought of blaming the fact that I didn't plan ahead, but I decided not to go to deep into it since it's a game.

*pon*, immediately after I logged in a sound rang out. The caller, was Magi-san. It was unusual for her to contact me on her own since I was at her place yesterday. Thinking that, I opened the friend chat.

"Hello, what happened?"

『"Heya Yun-kun. Actually, Cloude and Lyly want to talk with you. So could you come to Cloude's shop?"』

"Seriously? Ah, umm..."

Meeting him would be hard. The stalking incident aside, I'm not good with his attitude and behaviour.

『"Looks like you're bad at dealing with him. I too sometimes go 'what's this guy talking about?'."』

"Yeah, well..."

You don't really hide it, but I won't say that.

"Um, can I make some potions first? It'll take about thirty minutes."

『"Roger that. Then if you come to 【Open Sesame】, I'll guide you to Cloude's shop."』

I cut the call from Magi-san, and recovered items I cultivated on the field. The Vitality Tree only extended a little and wasn't harvestable yet. Even so, the amount of items that were planted increased.

However, since it was time-consuming to harvest from the field, there was no time to make potions.

"Ah, there's no time. Highpots and MP Pots should be fine for a delivery. I can make more after coming back."

I made sure there are items in the inventory and left the field.

It was a road I was accustomed to traverse. I was also familiar with the NPC I avoided as I passed by. Look, there's a perfect gap to pass through between those two, oh, those players were surprised by me slipping past. Sorry.

I continued to run like that and arrived at Magi-san's shop.

"I'm here."

"Oh, just in time. Let's go then."

Magi-san said something to the Clerk NPC and left 【Open Sesame】 with me. After we left the store, the people we passed by continued to glance at us in secret. Since I moved through the town at full power I wasn't being looked at too much, but an archer was unexpectedly unusual. I felt bad being looked at and wanted to go to a place I won't be seen in.

"Magi-san, um, Cloude's shop is..."

"It's a shop in the eastern district that faces the main street. Look, there it is 【Commonest Café & Clothier】."

In the direction she pointed to with her finger, there was a shop with an open terrace. No matter how I looked at it, it was a café.

"By the way, that one on the opposite side is Lyly's shop 【Lyly's Woodworking Shop】."

As I looked at the other side, there was a store with an elegant wooden sign. Although the amount of people entering wasn't all that big, but there were quite a few people coming and going.

"How to say it, one side seems quite diligent, I wonder about the other though. It's a nice café isn't it."

"Isn't it. Cloude said that it's supposed to be a cosplay café."

I have a bad feeling. I don't want to enter, no, I have to enter though.

"Then, let's go in."

"But it seems like it's closed though..."

"That's because 【Cooking】 is a mishappen Sense, so it doesn't serve as a café. Sorry to intrude〜."

Immediately after I entered following the calm Magi-san, I was attacked by a fierce regret.

"You came. Then change into this."

For some reason, Cloude was waiting for us holding a pink maid outfit as well as a Japanese-style maid outfit.

And while continuing to move with the flow as she entered, Magi decided everything with a blow to his belly. The way her fist hit him was beautiful.

"G-gufu... your fist seems heavier than before. I though I'd vomit my internal organs."

"Come on Kurocchi, don't make fun of people like that. It's not good."

"Hmm. Looks like the strength is different. That ring's amazing."

All three of them said something completely different.

I stood in daze at the entrance of the store and looked over the scene, Magi-san gripped her fist and confirmed it, Lyly sat on the counter seats further ahead and on the ground Cloude peeked through behind his knees.

"Y-you all right?"

"I'm okay. No problem. I was just shocked, there was no HP damage nor pain."

"So, why are you saying to people who are passing by something that makes the space freeze."

Cloude stared at Magi-san and laughed under his nose.

"Why? A foolish question. I want you to wear it, because I want to see it. This characteristic and practical pink maid outfit makes one seem like he's being fawned upon, it has a sly cuteness. Japanese-style maid clothes have calm and nostalgic colours from Taisho era's romanticism and Japanese beauty as well as slightly mature and non-striking atmosphere! I want to see it. That's all!"

"Yes yes. I don't really get it but since your acquaintance with Yun-kun is shallow you better stop."

As I listened to the flow of conversation between Magi-san and Cloude, I took some more distance.

"Well, that's enough jokes. Yun, I want to ask you something. Is that fine?"

"W-what is it?"

I was slightly shaken up after the lengthy speech from before, I braced myself slightly.

"You didn't give accessories to anyone other than Magi have you."

"...the Trion Ring? Ah, yeah. I haven't prepared enough assortment to sell yet."

Although I mostly used them to practice enchants, the Copper Rings couldn't bear it. Enchants were possibly only on accessories made from bronze or higher material.

"I see. Then this way."

I looked around the store. We were guided to the room in the back, behind the counter which had an atmosphere of a workplace. The tapestries were decorated with cloth and leather, there was a simple dressing room made of stone prepared inside as well.

The four of us sat down around a large wooden table in the centre of the workspace.

"Now then, I have a few questions."


"I'll say in advance, it's fine if you don't say anything. If you are worried about your own advantage in the game or things like to the point of wanting to hide it then that's fine."

Somehow, Cloude exuded an atmosphere as if he was a police interrogator and it felt even harder to deal with him. I glanced at Magi-san, she responded with an atmosphere which meant 'it's all right'.

"Then I'll ask. Can you make the ring Magi's wearing freely?"

"Yeah, if I have time."

At this point I thought of talking about 【Enchant Arts】, but earlier they said that they don't want to force the process out of me so I shut up.

"Are you completely aware of the process?"

"Not... yet. I think I know about half of it."

"The last one. If you were to sell Trion Ring, how much would you call for it?"

Somehow, an unexpected question came in the end. Hmm. It's the best from my weak rings, but I have confidence, it would be at least——

"——Hmm. It should be fine to sell it for 15k?"


That's when everyone spat out a sigh. Eh, too expensive huh. Then then.

"Too expensive is it... then 10k."

"No no. Yuncchi, it's the other way around. That's too cheap."

"Shocking〜. Since I've been buying her items up until now, Yun-kun doesn't know the stall's prices."

"To put it plainly, that thing of yours costs at least 50k. If the combinations can be freely changed, then mages would pay 100k for it."

"Haa? Asking for 50k for five Iron Ingots, that's too expensive. Impossible."

In fact, it would be fine if ingots sold for 500G each.

"Currently we can only make one bonus type as an additional effect. But you can make three types. Although there's a cursed which is a negative effect as an addition, but for players who don't need physical attack such a thing wouldn't bother them as they would get no disadvantage."

Well, I could tell that if I put on INT and MIND and ATK as a negative I could sell it to mage-types.

Other than that, I could make a purely physical one. Customizing it to individual's style was possible.

And if my Sense was still 【Craftsmanship】, if it increases to level 30 and becomes 【Engraving】 I might be able to attach bonuses with more freedom.

"In other words, that's this thing's only worth."

"Yeah, the equipment provides players enhancement. And here's the main thing. We want you to teach us the manufacturing method. Of course, we'll pay for information."


Another outrageous request came, I've stopped thinking for a moment.

I didn't know how to interpret it, Cloude began explaining with a meek expression.

"We're not approaching you with RMT. We intend to pay you with in-game currency."[1]

"N-no, wait a minute. How did it turn out this way? What's up with the 'sell me the recipe'? I don't get it."

"Even if you ask for the meaning, well. Just teaching us the process is meaningless. Once the information appears on the net, we'll get it. But if anything, there's a basic philosophy of the three of us."

I still didn't get it. My expression must've relayed that, that's why Magi-san took over after Cloude.

"The fundamental principle the three of us have is to 『Sell at a fair price』. It's no good if it's too cheap, or too expensive. It was a coincidence that we were called the top crafters in the β version. And so, the things we made usually sold. In other words, that's synonymous with us setting the price. That's why we want information about items in order to set a proper price."

That means, we're the ones who are indicating what's the fair price in this game?

"For example, what if Yun-kun created the accessories with his new recipe. Whether it was cheap or expensive, no matter. And if that price was thought of as appropriate, what do you think would happen?"

"...if I sold cheap, it would be resold at a higher price. If I sold it too expensive, I would be profiteering."

"Indeed. Moreover, with little availability it would be thought as premium and there is a possibility it would become breeding grounds for RMT. We don't want such situation to happen."

"That's why we want to know the preparation method in advance in case someone appears and makes it so that we're able to provide the same thing at reasonable price. Well, you're free to laugh if you think that wanting to balance the game is hypocritical. We're just going to find another player who found the new process and negotiate with him or her. After all, the game's currency is imaginary gold. There's no regret even if we have to pay information fee."

In other words, if I release those I would earn. And it would be a reasonable price too.

"Then, it's not about the talk about me selling it. Is it. It's about the possibility someone found that point."

"Yup. We have no intention of obstructing Yuncchi from playing, it's okay to play as you want to play. Also, it's fine if you refuse."

Lyly said so, I thought it was fine to cooperate with them. The first impression I had of Cloude and Lyly was bad but I was made this great armour, moreover I trusted Magi-san.

"I understand. I'll tell you. Though, it's not like it's anything special."

"Ah, that helps."

I explained about my 【Enchant Arts】 Sense.

There were the two newly-added skills 《Skill Enchant》 and 《Item Enchant》. The additional effect on the Trion Ring was made with usage of 《Item Enchant》.

"And for some reason, if you don't put a curse on it, it'll break."


"If I don't adhere to the rule the item disappears. I can put three effects on a material, but depending on the rank and type of the material, it's possible that amount of additional effects it can be enchanted with might change both for more or less. Also, it's impossible for food and consumables. It was possible for material items. That's about all I know right now."

"Hee〜 Yuncchi investigated quite a lot. I roughly understand what's 《Item Enchant》, but what does 《Skill Enchant》 do?"

"《Skill Enchant》 is, that's... I haven't verified it yet so I'm not sure, but probably it allows me to stick the skill I have into the items."

"That's why you said you know only half of it. I'm glad I asked in advance."

Cloude murmured. No, I think that was completely useless.

"Yun-kun, you've learned another outrageous skill. Being able to enchant your skills to the items freely is convenient."

"No, I don't think it's not useful at all though."

Umm, there's 【Bow】's 【Arts】 Long Distance Shooting and Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form, as well as 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】' recipes. Also, there are the 【Craftsmanship】's additional skills that are subject to 《Skill Enchant》.

《Skill Enchant》 cannot enchant passive abilities that are associated with the Sense, for example 【Hawk Eyes】' far sight or night vision as well as its targeting ability or 【Craftsmanship】's appraising eye.

The so called skills that were called 'active skills' could be added to the target.

That's why my 【Speed Increase】's speed increase nor 【Hawk Eyes】 far sight cannot be added, it's impossible.

"There are several possibilities, what kind of items can be enchanted, whether it can be enchanted into materials or not, and what happens to the enchanted items if it's a magical skill - where is MP taken from. Depending on these three it might change a lot."

"It has to be verified right. Then Yuncchi, try enchanting this staff."

A piece of of wood Lyly took out started emitting light and changed into an uncouth staff. It must've been made with 【Woodworking】's skill.

"Is that fine? But, I don't have any magical Senses."

"【Enchant Arts】 is also a Sense from the magic class. Isn't it fine to enchant it with 【Enchant】?"

"Got it. Ah... somehow, it seems like I need to register a keyword."

It seemed like there was a need for a word to trigger the skill. Hmm, I wonder if it's to make it so it doesn't overlap with creator's own skills? Then——how about 《Active》?

"It's set. Then, 《Skill Enchant》——【Enchant】 Attack."

My MP was drained and the cane started to emit a red light changing its status.

Staff 【Weapon】

ATK+2 INT+8 Additional Effect : ATK Enchant

"Then, can I try it out?"

Lyly held the staff.

"The keyword's 《Active》."

"Got it, let's go. 《Active》!"

Together with Lyly's voice the cane flashed red light which enveloped Lyly. And then the staff——broke.

"I see. 《Skill Enchant》 is too strong so this is the price. 《Skill Enchant》's skills can be only used once and then they're disposable. Also, Lyly, your MP?"

"Good grief. The enchant was used without any MP."

"Ohh, it can be used without MP Sense since it's not sucked out. But it's disposable."

Breaking weapons is wasteful, an out-of-place thought crossed my mind.

"This is dangerous, there'll definitely be a demand. The fact that not only Yuncchi can use it, and I could do it as well changes a lot. Anyone can use it. This can not only be put in equipment but also simple materials, inexpensive items might turn into items from which magic can be used."

After that, we experimented with a few items, but the 《Skill Enchant》's limit was maintained.

The enchanted skill can be added to item separately from 《Item Enchant》.

And the added skills will not activate unless creator sets the 『Keyword』 in advance. It will break whenever the skill is used. Having weapons or armour damaged in the middle of the combat is fatal.

Among skills, there were some that couldn't be enchanted in. It was 【Enchant Arts】' 《Skill Enchant》and 《Item Enchant》, just these two. It was obvious that it'll be impossible.

The final things, the fact that it could be attached to materials was a big thing. And the items 《Skill Enchant》 was used on can be named freely.

"Hmm. I see. At the moment Yun has monopoly on it."

"Looks like it. Well, I don't think that's its limit. Just like with 《Item Enchant》 which broke accessories made of copper, if the material is appropriately high-ranked to the skill that was put in it might not be destroyed. If you learn anything else contact us."

I was really grateful to the three of them. Although aside from them accompanying me to confirm things, I was the one they were grateful to.

"Thanks for today. If Yun-kun wants to sell some items made with use of 【Enchant Arts】 then I would be glad if you consulted the price with us."

"Yes. If anything then I would be the one grateful for such advice."

"Then, Yun. This is the information fee."

A trade request screen appeared, and connected with Cloude. Then, when I saw the amount being given I doubted my eyes.

———3000kG. Meaning, 3m.

Too much money, it was unrealistic. Being given a 3m fortune suddenly I was confused.

"Nono, there's so much it's weird! Wait wait, wait a moment!"

As I cried out Cloude tilted his neck, Magi-san and Lyly smiled wryly.

"One gets paid for the work they have done. It's natural. Also, the three of us discussed the amount we thought was reasonable beforehand. It's a fair price."

That means the three of them brainstormed and concluded they chip in 1m each?! Nono, I need to refuse.

"I can't take it..."

"Don't worry. In this game, you'll use up that kind of money in no time. If anything, it's twice the amount needed to purchase a shop. Even more is needed to expand the facilities. That's why take it. Or will you return it?"

With Cloude's last words my will bent. Big money sounded appealing. But I would be anxious if I held it. First, with my equipment I would lose to a PK. And I didn't want a huge amount of money to go to waste. I appreciate goods more. ——That's right, it should be fine if I change it into items as soon as possible.

"Umm, that's... Cloude and Lyly. Prepare me equipment for 1m."

"Sure. Yuncchi is using a bow, but what kind to make? Longbow? Or maybe a short bow? What bonus, ATK or DEX? I'll take the contract for 400k."

"Then I'll take 600k and make the waist and the underwear equipment. As for enhancement material, it can be strengthened later. The bonus will be DEX, the same as last time and I hope you will leave design to me."

"Umm, Lyly. As for the bow, a longbow with ATK bonus. And Cloude, the same armour bonus. As for design, absolutely no skirts."

Somehow, it felt really anticlimactic as I ordered the equipment so casually. Also, when I said no skirts, Cloude's made a unpleasant expression.

"You are a perfect model I found! Sailor uniforms and miko garments, battle maiden's costume. Yukata's and cheongsams, I even want you to wear a swimsuit. I'll put up with all that, but at least wear a skirt!"

"No, I'll be troubled if you emphasize it so much. And hey, why are you looking at me from above."

"After you wear it I'll take SS's[2] from various angles! I'll give you a discount too, and will be satisfied!"

"I don't want to! Rather, I'm a man!"

What... a man. Then a boy scout's outfit, military uniform, a naval costume. No, it should be a casual outfit or a swordsman's. Nono, it has to be one from animal pyjama series, a suit hiding body... and so on. I've heard quite disturbing words.

Magi-san re-equipped the Trion Ring and gripped her fist. As Cloude looked at it, he began to shed cold sweat.

"I beg you, wearing a skirt is too embarrassing, anything but that."

"I get it. A craftsman needs to fulfil the client's request. However, I will get you to wear my cosplay costume one day."

Kukukuku... hey, that's scary. Somehow the cool atmosphere was ruined.

Well, fine. I paid the two 1m upfront.

"I really have no idea what to do with remaining 2m."

"Yuncchi's using the initial equipment right now so she doesn't know, but repairing equipment unexpectedly takes time and money."

"By the way, the price paid for repairing broken equipment is based on its rank. Roughly 20% of the price paid when buying the weapon. I calculate 10% for armour."

In other words, 80k for the weapon I asked now, 30k for one piece of armour. The total for all items I asked for would be 140k.

"Well, the price is also influenced by the degree it was damaged by, it's an amount you'll use immediately and in a planned manner too."

I was grateful for Magi-san's words, I delivered the potions and logged out.

 RMT – Real Money Trade.  SS for Screenshots