Volume 6 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Wild Boar's Piglet and the Fibre Material

A few days have passed since defeating Thorn Token together with Cloude. He continued to persistently inquire about the mucus issue but I dodged the topic every time.

Also, the information on the Thorn Tokens had been gradually gathered.

There wasn't much difference between the parasitised weak mobs and boss mobs as Thorn Tokens. However, some Thorn Tokens that parasitised mobs with certain characteristics were very strong.

"Yeah, they aren't something you can battle one after another. Haa, the inside of the store is wonderful."

"Isn't it. Here, tea."

"Thank you, Kyouko-san.

After being through a lot I ran out of energy and didn't leave the 【Atelier】 for even a step and was mixing potions, as well as crafting accessories.

"Hey, hey! Make me something too! I'm bored you know!"

"Eeeh, it can't be helped then..."

After such exchange, I have made a composite bracelet out of leftover leather and melted down iron equipment, but rather than of the size for a fairy's wrist, it had turned into something that was worn like a belt.

Some other time, when I frantically swung the hammer in front of the furnace, the sight of the Mischievous Fairy who had brought the snacks in and was crunching them soundly, had annoyed me greatly.

"Heyy, don't you have some other sweets〜? I'm tired of these〜."

"Certainly, no wonder you got tired of butter cookies, but your demands are too luxurious. Geez."

Ryui and Zakuro aren't complaining at all, I thought, when I turned towards the two, they looked away slightly. No way, so they were tired of them.

"Haa, let's stop eating butter cookies for now then. But, I'm not making anything else."

"Why! I was looking forward to human snacks!"

"No, today there's a tea party with Cloude and the others, so you can eat some in there, there's no need for me to make any."

"What! Then, fine!"

When I said so, the Mischievous Fairy went "pyuu" and bolted out through the window towards the field. Seeing that, Kyouko-san the NPC chuckled cutely, but personally, I'd like more peace to calm down in.

"Hello, Yun-kun. It seems quite fun."

"Emily-san. Since you've come, it's about Metallic Thread, right?"

"Yes, so it is. Well, let's talk talk about it leisurely, Yun-kun, how are you?"

The Water Fairy riding on Emily-san's shoulder took off in order to take a look at the plants on the field, Emily-san saw her off with a smile.

"How nice. Emily-san's Water Fairy is so quiet. Mine is complaining all the time 'I'm bored', 'I want this' 'I want that', like a kid."

"Mine isn't so. 'It's dark', 'dull', 'I want more plants'. She says."

Emily-san received a cup of tea from Kyouko-san, took a sip and heaved a sigh.

Since the conversation seemed like a talk of two mothers, I burst into laughter quietly.

"So it's like that on your side too."

"Everyone in the surroundings is at mercy of the fairies. They try to match them, understanding them better is constructive."

"Mmm, it feels like it's too late for me to do that. I've been quite cold to her."

"If Yun-kun is being cold to her, then most of the players would have treated her much worse."


"That's right. If you really was to be hated, she would respond to you mechanically without any expressions, like a noh mask. Compared to that, I think your Mischievous Fairy is really expressive."


When I looked outside the window, the Mischievous Fairy created a breeze which swayed the herbs in the field and formed waves in small grass. Emily-san's Water Fairy had moistened the ground by spreading water mist in the air, which resulted with a rainbow.

The Wisteria Peach Tree in the back of the field and the rainbow, as I watched the two fairies dance in that scenery a smile had naturally spilled on my mouth.

"The flowers are beautiful aren't they. It's worth clearing that hard raid quest."

"Yeah. It's great to spend time leisurely by that tree, brushing Ryui and Zakuro."

"Since my own Wisteria Peach Tree won't grow to this size in the plant pot I got from Yun-kun, I'm envious."

Saying so, she sipped the tea again and to her mouth, she raised one of the butter cookies the Mischievous Fairy was tired of.

A brisk crispy sound reached my ears accompanied by pleasant silence.

However, in the middle of it, just for a moment a shadow appeared on Emily-san's face.

"I kind of feel a gaze on us, don't you?"

"Hm? Not really."

"You see. Ever since I put down the plant pot with Wisteria Peach Tree I've been feeling a line of sight on me. It wasn't the malicious kind, the Water Fairy too, said that it's a good gaze, that a good kid has come."

"Hmm. I wonder what is it? A guardian spirit? A fantastical existence?"

I tilted my head, wondering, but from what I could recall I hardly felt any gazes on me before.

Even when there were, at most it were people peeking in through the 【Atelier】's and checking up how's the store.

When I told that to Emily-san, "Yun-kun, whether about the gazes or your own evaluation you're really dense", she told me something horrible. Incomprehensible.

"It's just your imagination, doesn't that happen too? Or maybe it's not imagination but 'tree's spirit' or something." (Note: 気のせい (ki no sei) for one's imagination and 樹の精 (ki no sei) for tree's spirit)

"Oh my, quite a pun it turned to. Well, let's leave the small talk at this and get down to main topic."

I didn't intend to make a pun at all, but it turned into one contrary to my intentions. With these words a smile returned to Emily-san's face and then, her expression turned into 【Material Merchant】's serious one.

"First, to report. The three types of textile materials, 【Arachne's Silk Bag】, 【Bamboo Fibre】 and 【Magical Silk】 have failed when synthesizing them normally."

"I see, so they were all misses."

Although I was disappointed, Emily-san's facial expression was full of confidence and in contrast to me, she just tilted her head.

"I said 'synthesizing them normally', right? So, I tried synthesizing some additional materials with them I had information on to see how it goes."


"Yes. The result is this."

While saying so, she placed a few bundles of Metallic Thread, the same Letia had previously showed me.

"The recipe is, an ore-type item and 【Water of Life】. And, this time the thread-type items that succeeded were 【Arachne's Silk Bag】 or 【Magical Silk】, it was 【Synthesis】 of those three."

"Great! We did it!"

"If I'm not wrong, the Runner Bug that spits out Metallic Thread comes from the 【Town's Dungeon】 of the Maze Town right? So, I tried to combining all three materials from the Town's Dungeon, like this the 【Water of Life】 was added to the recipe."

"I see. In the cave dungeon where you can get the 【Water of Life】 you can also get the item for summoning the Runner Bug, can't you."

"Also, I talked to the crafters who use 【Sewing】, apparently when they use 【Water of Life】 when producing thread or yarn, its quality improves."

Other than that, it can be used for 【Smithing】's cooling water and for 【Woodworking】's dissolving of varnish. I remember Magi-san and the others mention this before.

"Haa, I didn't notice it at all. I would have been able to make it immediately with the materials on hand."

Even without going to gather 【Arachne's Silk Bag】, I've had 【Magical Silk】's scraps, ore and the 【Water of Life】 in the 【Atelier】.

"This kind of thing can't be found without knowing the laws ruling it and experience. I just have a larger database than others do."

After saying so, Emily-san took out the materials left-over after crafting Metallic Thread.

"In the end, a third of it had disappeared as failures. The other third was changed to Metallic Thread. So, for surplus materials we'll divide it between myself and Yun-kun. Well, there's only lots of 【Bamboo Fibre】 left behind."

Even though I have carefully burned the bamboo to make them they weren't used, but thinking that there might be another opportunity to use them, I received my share.

"Can I try the recipe for the Metallic Thread right away?"

"Sure, go on."

I took out a sheet for synthesising three types of items, and on top of it I put 【Magical Silk】, 【Water of Life】 and Silver Ore.

"Go. ——《Synthesis》"

Light ran through the synthesis circle, it surrounded the three materials and gathered them together at the centre, overlapping them. And, the light gathered at the centre burst——

"It's——not done? A failure, huh. Even though I have quite high 【Synthesis】 level."

I picked up a worn-out thread-like material and heaved a sigh. Then, once again I confirmed my Sense status.

Possessed SP23

【Bow Lv41】 【Longbow Lv15】 【Sky Eyes Lv7】 【Magic Talent Lv46】 【Magic Power Lv49】 【Enchant Arts Lv27】 【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】 【Taming Lv8】


【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv15】 【Dosing Lv29】 【Cooking Lv27】 【Engraving Lv3】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】 【Linguistics Lv18】

My 【Synthesis】 level was 33, but it still failed, huh.

"Speaking of which, we haven't looked into the success rate by level. I wonder what would be the recommended level for the recipe."

"One more time——《Synthesis》! Oh, this time it succeeded."

When I changed the type of ore used in synthesis from Silver Ore to Iron Ore, I was able to synthesize it. It seemed that the success rate mainly depended on the type of synthesized ore, the only one I could synthesize in a stable manner at my level was up to Iron Metallic Thread.

"Well, since I know the recipe, I'll gather some materials and raise my level at least to the point where I can synthesize Silver Ore."

"That's a good idea. Also, can I try synthesizing something else while at it?"

Saying so, Emily-san took out some materials.

The materials she had put on top of a four-materials synthesis circle were a High Potion, MP Potion, 【Water of Life】 and 【Wisteria Peach Petal】. It can't be, I thought.

"Now, let's go. ——《Synthesis》"

With her quiet murmur, the four materials emitted pale pink light and turned into a single form.

"'s 【Revival Medicine】. It's amazing, Emily-san! So 【Revival Medicine】 can be made with 【Synthesis】 too!"

"So it's not 【Mixing】 Sense's exclusive, the price might drop then. Still, the recovered amount is just the default one."

Emily-san shrugged as she said that.

Really, the methods of using the Senses are very wide. There's not just one route, I was made aware once again that there's many routes to crafting.

And then, I proposed something to Emily-san.

"Emily-san, do you have time after this?"

"What is it?"

"Won't you participate in the tea party with Magi-san and the others?"

The tea party was an opportunity for exchanging information between the crafters. Well, at times we're just eating sweets and chatting away.

However, Emily-san responded immediately.

"I'll refrain myself. I'm not interested in that kind of thing."

"As I thought."

"I don't like standing out. I don't feel like getting mixed in together with the top crafters."

Saying so, she drank the remaining tea and stood up.

"If there's something I want to relay to that place, I'll have you mention it."

"Got it. It's a shame, but I can understand not wanting to stand out."

Emily-san's Water Fairy who was frolicking in the herb field has come back and sat on her shoulder, then with Ryui, Zakuro and the Mischievous Fairy we've seen them off.

"Haa, refused huh."

I already suspected it so I wasn't that dejected. Still, I'm glad I was able to talk about crafting with her before the tea party. I thought.

"Hey, how long until that tea party?"

"Let's see. It's about time so we can go already. This time it's at Cloude's 【Commonest Café & Clothier】."

We left the 【Atelier】 a little early and started walking towards the location the tea party will be held in.

This time the tea party was in Cloude's 【Commonest Café & Clothier】. It was carried out by the table prepared in the corner of the store's workshop.

During this tea party there were more conversations than ever.

That's because in addition to the usual members, there were a lot of guests.

"Wow, human sweets." "Nomnom" "Keh, you got no pride as a fairy, do you?" "Shoop"

"So Magi-san and the others managed to get fairies attached to them."

"Yup. Perfectly so!"

"Me too!"

When I said so, Magi-san and Lyly responded with smiles and then called out towards the fairies I have seen for the first time.

"C'mon, you need to do a self-introduction."

"Why do I have to introduce myself to some human..."

The male fairy with brown skin who complained seemed to have been the fairy who attached himself to Magi-san.

"Hmm. It seems like the 'Single Bite Sweets Series' sold in 【Commonest Café & Clothier】 is quite popular with the fairies."

"True. I like them too."

"I might love candies tooo."

Lyly and the Wind Fairy attached to him happily ate the single bite-sized sweets that Cloude had provided to go with tea.

Right now, aside from the bite-sized sweets that were already sold in the café, there were some trial products, something you couldn't taste yet as a customer.

Personally, I'd like to buy some baby castella and take it home.

"Haa, now that the crafting event is over, the 【Crafting Guild】 is back on track. Since I'm in the position of guild's figurehead guild master, I'm glad that I can return to normal crafting activities〜."


Magi-san and I drank the tea and rejoiced at the decreased workload.

The two of us drank black tea, Lyly drank green tea and Cloude's drink of choice was black coffee.

"Hey, Cloude. Recently, there's been talk about a material called Metallic Thread circulating, you know anything?"

"Right, the sewing-type crafter Kurocchi should know."

The information concerning Metallic Thread reached Magi-san and Lyly too. On the other hand Cloude conveyed the information that was open to public and passed the rest of the explanation towards me who worked on it with Emily-san.

"——And so, since I haven't managed to acquire any samples of Metallic Thread, I didn't make anything yet. In that case, wouldn't Yun be better-informed?"

"I figured you'd pass the baton to me. We have managed to confirm a method separate from using a tamed mob, we were able to craft it using 【Synthesis】 Sense."

While saying so, I took out a stack of Metallic Threads we made just earlier. There were silver, iron, and copper types.

I kept silent about the method of creation, but I told them Emily-san was the one who made it, and advertised that if necessary, they should ask her to make it.

"Hmmm. So that 【Material Merchant】 girl made it. I could use this material for reinforcing ring mail for example."

"Hmm. In my case I could tie the staff's core with it or something, I guess there's lots of uses? Next time I'll order some of it to try."

"Magi-san and Lyly, did the two of you discover anything new?"

I asked the two who held the Metallic Thread in their hands with serious expressions, but they denied energetically shaking their heads to the sides.

"Recently, there's nothing new you see. So, I was just wondering if something could be done with this Metallic Thread."

"Same the right side〜."

"Same here. By the way, Yun, how far did you proceed with deciphering that book?"

"Eh, well, there's still lots left I guess? I'm reading through bit by bit."

The book Cloude spoke about was the raid quest's reward I received which had 【Mixing】 recipes. Inside, there was the recipe for the Revival Medicine, but for the others, I was still in the middle of deciphering it using 【Linguistics】 Sense.

In regards to deciphering, I think that Cloude has gone further than I have as his 【Linguistics】 level was higher.

"Then, I'll pass this memo to you. The recipes I was able to decipher are written down on it."

When I peeled open the piece of paper he passed to me while saying so, I saw the recipe and the page numbers written down carefully. To think he'd pass me something this valuable. I put on a bitter smile.

"Thanks, Cloude. I'll use it well."

"What, don't mind it. It's a thanks for help with advancing the Fairy Quest."

Saying so, he sipped the pitch black coffee.

Since there were no other topics coming from Magi-san and Lyly, the tea party had immediately turned towards a normal chat and the fairies that turned to be our comrades have become its centre.

"Still, it's great that the Fairy Quest has spread from Yun-kun to Cloude and to us."

As she said that, Magi-san held out a bite-size sponge cake to the Fire Fairy, the Fire Fairy puffed up his cheeks and wouldn't receive it. But, just the sight of the castella chasing after him was cute.

My Mischievous Wind Fairy, together with the same Wind Fairy that had come with Lyly ate the sweets, getting along well. Just, I wondered where did those amounts of food go in, the huge amounts of sweets swelled their bellies to improbable sizes. I convinced myself that it was just a fantastical scene.

"So, Cloude. Sleeping over there is your fairy from last time, right."

"Yeah, the Darkness Fairy that has come to me."

I said and glanced at the fairy who put her head on a tiny cushion made for fairy-use by Cloude. The Darkness Fairy moved her mouth, mumbling as she slept leaning on the kitten, Socks.

"Somehow, it feels like she's wearing different clothes than I saw her in last time. The other fairies also look more colourful, something like that."

"Yun-kun, you too have passed a splendid belt to yours haven't you."

"Well, that's true."

Being told it's splendid by Magi-san, I felt a little embarrassed. The Mischievous Fairy noticed that she's the topic, but wouldn't let go of the sweets no matter what.

Magi-san and I only gave ours small ornaments, but Cloude's efforts were different.

The Darkness Fairy should have been wearing a simple black one-piece, but now, she was wearing a black-themed gothic lolita costume with plenty of lace.

"Fufufu, you don't know how long it took me to make this piece. Just how much material I have used up making it."

Cloude put on a fearless smile. Lyly and his fairy stared at Cloude's masterpiece with great interest.

"I'm envious. With my crafting speciality there's nothing I can make for a fairy."

"Indeed. I think so too. Since he's cute I'd like to make something for him."

While saying so, Magi-san pat the head of the Fire Fairy with her fingertips.

And, the Fire Fairy whose head was pat, responded to her words.

"What, are you dissatisfied with me?"

"No, not at all. Thanks for powering the furnace for me."

She said something interesting, Lyly and I tilted out heads in wonder.

"Magi-san, by 'powering' you mean?"

"Ah, speaking of which I haven't told you. When I do 【Smithing】 with him, he raises the temperature in the furnace so it's easier to process the metal."

"It's nothing."

Like that, Magi-san boasted of the Fire Fairy that was on top of her palm. The fairy himself folded his arms and said it's nothing, but seemed to fidget happily.

"Is that so. Then Lyly and Cloude, are yours doing anything?"

"Hmm. Nothing in particular, I guess? Just, she uses the wind to clean up the shaved-off wooden chips."

"I'm fine as long as she wears the clothes I make."

As Cloude answered, both Magi-san and I stared at him intently, so he cleared his thought and added that she's good at putting sleep bad status on enemies.

Since we spoke about the relationships with the fairies one after another, this time all the faces turned towards me.

"And, Yun-kun's fairy is..."

"Pheww, I sure ate lots!"

The Mischievous Fairy who, until this very moment continued to eat sweets. Although a few days passed since she attached herself to me, all she did was to sleep, eat and invite me to play around. Such things. Also, she did some minor pranks like changing arrangement of sorted items.

"Nothing in particular."

"What! You're speaking of me, right! I'm Mischievous Wind Fairy! I can do amazing mischief!"

"Like shifting objects by few centimetres."

"Stop mocking me! Mischief magic! ——《Take This》!"

Yes yes. Not paying any attention to her I finished pouring more tea for myself and put in a small amount of sugar, then sipped it.

"Geez, they're just little pranks. ——?!! Phuaa?!"

"Yun-kun, are you okay?!"

"Ynucchi, what happened?"

I suddenly spat out the tea, surprising Magi-san and Lyly. I myself didn't understand why, but seeing the Mischievous Fairy hold her belly as she laughed in mid-air, I understood I was pranked.

"Y-you,, what did yo do?"

"Ahahaha, that's for mocking me! What a funny face!"

A little of tea entered my nose so it hurt. Since I spat it to the side I didn't dirty the table, but since my mouth was dirty I wiped my face with a towel.

Cloude poured himself more coffee, took some sugar from the bowl and after dissolving it in the coffee, he sipped it.

"I see. Salted coffee. For next sweets let's try to ask for some salted ones."


Surprised, I picked some of the crystals and licked. The content of the sugar bowl changed into salt.

"Let's go with more! Theere, there!"

The Mischievous Fairy fluttered in the air as if dancing, with a swing of her arm tea changed into a different drink and one of the table's legs broke off. Cloude and I hurriedly supported it as it sloped.

"Hey, stop!"

"More, more, go go! Theere!"

A whirlwind raised Cloude's mantle and wrapped around his face. If I stopped supporting the table to stop the Mischievous Fairy, it would have fell down.

"Magi-san, Lyly! Catch her!"

"Got it."

As expected, Magi-san and Lyly also thought it's gone too far and rose from their chairs and reached towards the Mischievous Fairy.

"Hehen, you won't catch me!"

"Wai... stop moving!"

The Mischievous Fairy escaped slipping away from their hands. The fairy was flying around in the air freely having us at her mercy.

"Hey, be obedient and let me catch you."

"That's right. Wait... w-woahh?!"

"Lyly, careful!"

Magi-san and Lyly reached out at the same time to stop the Mischievous Fairy's movements. However, she wasn't at an open spot, instead was was flying over chairs and table so that they got in the way. The fairy moved the chair with the wind and made Lyly stumble.

Although Magi-san immediately tried to catch Lyly, since Mischievous Fairy pressed on his back to make sure he falls over, the two fell down together.

"Magi-san! Lyly!"

"What! What happened?!"

With the mantle still wrapped around his face, Cloude had no grasp on what's happening.

"S-s-sorry Magicchi!"

"No, it's fine as long as you aren't hurt."

"Magi-san! Lyly!"

I blushed seeing the two's posture. Falling over, Lyly's face pressed against Magi-san's chest.

Understanding the situation, Lyly tried to move back in panic, but he failed because of the hurry, somewhat unable to slip out from Magi-san's chest.

"Lyly. Calm down a little. C'mon, breathe in, breathe out."

"Suu, haa, suu, haa. Okay, I'm fine."

"Now, stand up slowly."

Magi-san herself spoke to Lyly as if nothing happened, telling him to breathe to calm himself. After calming down Lyly slowly stood up, moving away from Magi-san.

"Lyly, were you hurt?"

"N-no, Magicchi."

Lyly's face turned beet red and he hung his head down. Magi-san put on a smile like that of a Cheshire Cat.

"Lyly, was it embarrassing? Even though a child, you're still a boy aren't you."


"Ahahaha, sorry. You were just too cute.'

Magi-san and Lyly spoke cheerfully, but I was quite furious inside.

I somehow was able to fit in the leg of the table back in and moved away.

"Hey, didn't you go too far with pranks?"

I caught the Mischievous Fairy with a steel grip as she continued to laugh seeing her mischief a great success and asked seriously.

"Let go! I'm a Mischievous Fairy! What's wrong with pranks!"

"It is wrong! If it's so important to you, then limit it to just me!"

"What's with you! Whatever I doesn't concern you!"

"If you don't apologize——I'll bottle you up!"

Bottling, hearing that words all the fairies in the room tensed up.

To be precise, the fairies' expressions cramped up and the next moment, they started crying.

" " "NOOOOOO, not bottling——!" " "

Just the Darkness Fairy who was sleeping woke up and was looking in the surroundings, but including the fairy in my hand they all started to cry.

Magi-san who was teasing Lyly and Cloude who somehow managed to return his mantle to original have stared both at me and the fairies, wondering what happened.

"Eh, ah, as long as you don't do bad things I won't bottle you! I won't do it, so don't cry!"

I put down the Mischievous Fairy I caught on top of the table and comforted her.

"Really? You won't bottle me? Ever since long ago, bad fairies were put in bottles and used as Revival Medicine."

Bottled Fairies, is this the game with hero in green clothes?! I retorted to myself in my mind and continued to soothe her.

"I won't bottle you. But, going too far with pranks is dangerous."

"But, I'm Mischievous Fairy."

"If you're doing it, then do one that makes others happy. Also, since you troubled others, apologize."

"...I got too carried away. I'm sorry."

The Mischievous Fairy bowed her head obediently. The other fairies who were crying were also calmed down by Magi-san and Lyly.

"I don't really mind. Well, I was a little surprised, but there was no substantial damage."

"Same here. If you're to do pranks, then how about you let out some whirlwinds on the main stree——Magi, lower your fist."

Cloude spoke jokingly, but since he mentioned mischief that involved flipping skirts, with a smiley face Magi-san raised her clenched fist in front of his face.

Lyly who received the most damage was facing downwards in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry. I went too far."

"I-I'm fine. Um, I was a bit... surprised but..."

He took a glance at Magi-san and let out a groan. Magi-san herself wasn't really conscious of it since she treated Lyly like a little brother.

Seeing everyone get over the prank, I breathed out with relief.

"Kukuku, still, it was a brilliant response to those prank. As expected of 【Nanny】 I'd say."

"Grr. Cloude, don't say that. I don't like that name."

Told so, I looked around for a second and the overly-free actions of those fairies overlapped with the sight of kindergarten children.

As I made an unpleasant frown, Lyly diverted the topic away.

"But, that was amazing. Changing the contents of the sugar bowl, removing legs of a table and such."

"Hehen! 'Cause, I'm a Mischievous Fairy you see. I'm good at restraining others and making them fall over!"

"Getting carried away again I see. Some time ago you gathered a bunch of enemy mobs at us, haven't you."

Diverting her body sideways to us, the Mischievous Fairy bragged, I gave her a frank advice but it seemed like it didn't reach her. Then, Magi-san seemed to have noticed something.

"Hey, my Fire Fairy can support crafting, but, isn't this Mischievous Fairy a battle support? Just like Cloude's Darkness Fairy who can put bad statuses on enemy."

"I see. It might be so. Holding up enemy and pulling their attention away is quite splendid combat potential."

"Then, what can my Wind Fairy do?"

Lyly asked. We started to seriously think about the abilities of the fairies attached to us.

Until now I thought of mine as annoying and didn't face her seriously.

I was told so by Emily-san too, but it seems like I might have to face my fairy once.

Certainly, since I hardly engage in combat I didn't think of her supportive ability for combat.

Staring at the Mischievous Fairy I muttered quietly.

"Maybe we need to grow a bit closer. No, let's get closer."

Grasping resolve in my chest I raised tea to my mouth, and spat out salty tea again.

I forgot there's still the salt tea left behind.

After that tea party, the pranks have relatively settled down. Yes, relatively.

"Ahahaha! Forward! Forward!"


The Mischievous Fairy sitting on Zakuro's back seemed to have fun just riding on him as he walked around the store. Flying around would be faster, I thought while looking at it sideways and continued my preparations for adventure.

Over the last few days, I choose potion recipes I could create as of now from the memo Cloude gave me and compared the deciphered recipe with the undeciphered 【Mixing】 recipes book.

By using the decrypted recipe, the speed of my decrypting with 【Linguistics】 increased. While referencing to the decrypted material names and procedures I continued to develop new ones.

And, today, I headed outside the town to gather the materials I was capable of gathering by myself.

"Ryui, Zakuro, also Fairy. We're going outside the town."

"What, what?! A picnic?!"

"Unfortunately, we're gathering materials today. Also, we'll be done soon enough."

When I said so in response, Ryui and Zakuro lowered their heads dejected. However, the Mischievous Fairy who rarely leaves to the outside still seemed happy.

"Then, then! For our sake let's defeat the monster's subordinate and release the Fairy Village!"

"As long as there's an enemy's reaction outside town and nearby."

"Grr! You have no motivation! Bring some out! You never know when the enemy will come!"

"Yes yes, we're going."

The Mischievous Fairy riding on my shoulder prompted me to proceed with the Fairy Quest, but I simply ignored it, taking Ryui and Zakuro I left the town.

The place I headed to this time was the interior of the Wetland southeast of the first town.

I knew how to walk in the wetlands and as I proceeded while avoiding enemies as much as possible, between muddy ground and trees growing in the Wetlands I found a certain space.

A decaying cemetery's fence surrounded it. And, hidden in the back of it between two overlapping tomb stones there were stairs leading underground. It was an entrance leading to one of many small dungeons scattered around OSO's world.

Suitable to an underground dungeon of a cemetery, most of the mobs were of the undead-type.

"Ohhh! A staircase leading to the bottom of an ominous tomb! I can feel adventure! I can feel adventure!"

"No, we're not going in."


It wasn't scheduled this time and I was bad with ghosts in the first place.

My aim were the plants growing near the tombstone. As I looked around it intently I could see plant mobs sway occasionally.

I took out the kitchen knife I had by my belt and while pressing down the leaves I impaled the mob's roots while gouging the soil.

The root rampaged struggling in the soil and the plant's leaves shook vigorously, suppressed they slowly grown weaker and turned increasingly quiet.

"Eh, it can't be, a Mandragora?!"

"Correct. The drop is... 【Male Mandragora】 huh. Well, 【Female Mandragora】 is rare drop."

With that said, I took out the freshly dropped Mandragora out of the inventory and showed it to the Mischievous Fairy. Hiiii, she responded with a shriek.

Although Mandragora's face was distorted in a torturous expression like The Scream painting, to me it seemed like nothing but a radish with a human face carved on it, so I wasn't afraid.

"T-that! Isn't it much more dangerous than a ghost?!"

"Mandragoras can't be grown on a field so I come all the way to this cemetery to pick them up. Haa, I wish I could grow them on the field."

There were no seeds, since it was treated as a mob, I couldn't cultivate it. I hoped that I might be able to do it with 【Taming】 Sense, but there was no reaction.

"Quit it! It's dangerous! It's a plant whose cry destroys the surroundings."

"I know that, that's why I defeat it while it's still in the ground."

Mandragora was a very weak type of mob. I could beat it one-sidedly, but for those who don't know how to fight it, it's a very nasty opponent.

First, the player who doesn't know it gets close. Once close enough, it waits for them to pick its herbs.

Then once its pulled, combat begins, jumping out of the ground it lets out a loud cry that puts 【Curse】, 【Charm】, 【Confusion】 and 【Anger】, mental-type bad statuses on player and has an ability to call in other mobs.

As such, the method I chose to use was a pre-emptive attack while pressing onto it so that it doesn't come out of the ground.

"Now now, let's do our best to gather materials for a potion."

"H-hiiii! Treating a Mandragora that's treated as super dangerous organism in the Fairy Village like a mere weed, and with a smile at that!"

While casting sceptical gazes at the fairy trembling inside Ryui's mane, I recovered all the Mandragora around the entrance to the tomb. The ratio of male to female Mandragora was four to one. Although it was enough this time, I need to come again to pick some Female Mandragoras.

"Well then, that's it for harvesting in here. Let's go back."

"Let's go there then! There's a short-cut!"

The direction Mischievous Fairy pointed to, was north.

When we came here, we first moved to the south and then to east, by going straight north we would get out to the road leading to the Second Town. It's been a while so I can go buy some food ingredients like vegetables in there, I thought.

"Got it. Guide us then."

"Leave it to me!"

And, as I slowly followed the Mischievous Fairy, the muddy Wetlands' ground changed into a forest's soft soil, after proceeding for a while, I found something.

"Isn't that a Big Boar's young beast?"

After moving from south-eastern area to the eastern area, one of the aspects was that the enemies radically changed, in the middle of all that, I saw a sight of a small shadow running around the field that had a non-active, sleeping Big Boar.

The appearance that had white stripes on it and body of elliptic shape without any tusks by its mouth was that of a wild boar's piglet.

I didn't think that I would encounter one of the additional elements added by the update, a young beast.


It cried out and moved closer. The piglet that was of the same size as Zakuro had fixed its aim putting a lot of strength into its hind legs, then started to run towards Zakuro.



"Y-you guys, calm down."

Suddenly, Zakuro an the piglet started playing tag. The two animals ran around my feet in circles.

Since they kept running around me, I couldn't move and could only watch it, confused.

"Interesting! Go! Faster! Overtake!"

"What overtake, is this horse racing?! Stop this already!"

I had no idea why was it that they ran around me. Although it wasn't a hostile mob and the piglet only played around by chasing Zakuro, it seemed like Zakuro himself was escaping seriously.

Meanwhile, Zakuro jumped on Ryui's back and the piglet started wandering under Ryui's feet not sure what to do so I caught it.

Although its hair was slightly harder than Zakuro's, it was soft compared to Big Boar's.


"Hey, don't chase Zakuro around."


"Geez, so you understand."

I heaved a sigh and looked straight into piglet's eyes as I lifted it up with both hands. Wide open eyes, twitching nose and little ears, its weak cry seemed like it would drain me of strength.

"——Hey, hey. What do we do?!"

"Yeah, well, I don't feel like increasing the amount of my tamed beasts, so we can only let it go back to its comrade——"

"Not that! The third monster's subordinate is nearby and coming here!"

"Until now we were the ones who were looking for them, so this time it came by itself, huh."

Spitting a curse I put down the piglet on the ground and looked in the direction the fairy was pointing.

I nodded silently and ordered Ryui to protect Zakuro and hide themselves with an illusion.

I headed in the direction the fairy was pointed to, behind the bushes and trees.

The Ochre Archer's additional effect 【Recognition Inhibition】 was sufficiently demonstrated as I was able to watch the third Thorn Token while hiding in the vicinity.

"Seriously, this time it's a Blade Lizard, huh."

The boss mob that was blocking the way to the Second Town, Blade Lizard.

It's appearance eroded by thorns had its scales ruffled, limbs entangled by thorns and the hard nails extended with thorns. The roses that were the weakness of Arachne and Moor Frog's could be seen at its left eye and the tail.

Even though the Blade Lizard was a boss, right now it was an easy enemy to beat. However, I didn't know how much was it strengthened with the thorns.

Since Thorn Token would take action to defeat the mobs nearby, I waited for it to do so to confirm how strong it is approximately and to confirm a way to attack it.

"Let's watch for now——"Buu, buu"—— No way."

When I looked towards the voice, I saw the piglet walk my way. It looked around restlessly as if searching for something.

As if it had come searching us.

"Hey, look, if we leave it be it'll go to where the monster is."

"I know."

Right now, the Blade Lizard Thorn Token was attacking the mobs around it at random. Big Boars, Mill Birds and Rats, it took down the mobs using its claws and fangs.

"Buu buu!"

Looking for us, the piglet continued to raise a cry. Because of the 【Recognition Inhibition】 it had passed by overlooking us, I continued to observe the Blade Lizard Thorn Token.


"AAahh?!! It was found."


With the piglet appearing in front of it, the Blade Lizard let out a hoarse, intimidating voice.

"Bu, buu, buu!"

Despite being frightened, the piglet tried to intimidate the Blade Lizard as it continued to look for us.

And, the Blade Lizard swung up one of its legs.

"Ahh damn it! ——《Clay Shield》!"

I discarded my own advantage of 【Recognition Inhibition】 and created an earthen wall between the piglet and the Blade Lizard.


Hindering the attack of the swung thorn-claws, I earned a little bit of time and ran the distance separating me from the piglet all at once. Scooping it up I ran through, forward.

"Geez, if I decided to save you earlier, it wouldn't have turned into a troublesome situation like this., I'm so stupid."

"Still, better than forsaking it!"

The Mischievous Fairy that entered my hood had peeked out and responded into my ear.

Seeing us appear all of a sudden, the Blade Lizard had opened its mouth and started intimidating us. With its sharp scales erect, it pierced the ground with its hardened thorn-nails and thrust all four of its limbs taking a stance.

"Can we win a battle against it without enough information?"

"I'll help so we'll definitely win!"

"Buu, buu!"

Encouraged by the Mischievous Fairy, I found motivation to fight. However, the piglet seemed to be happy finding us and was rubbing the tip of its nose against my arm.

"Good grief, with one arm I can't avoid or shoot any arrows. 《Enchant》——Attack, Defence."

I further applied double enchant of physical attack and defence on top of the speed enchant against the Blade Lizard whose attacks were all physical. And, immediately after that I avoided the large claws swung at us to the side.

After avoiding, a tail with bristled blade scales had passed right in front of me, it was correct to avoid it with a spare, I thought.

I stepped backwards taking distance and threw Magic Gems at the Blade Lizard.

"Take this. ——【Bomb】!"

The Magic Gem bombs exploded grandly. They had about the same power as the ones I have previously used against a Blade Lizard. No, since my earth magic level increased since then, they were more powerful.


As I thought, both its defence and attack power were enhanced.

After it turned into a Thorn Token, half-assed attacks wouldn't work. When damaging Moor Frog and Arachne there was no response either.

"This guy, isn't he stronger than the other were?"

"Most likely. The monster doesn't want us to get close to the Fairy Village so it focuses on strengthening its subordinates."

"Then, the next Thorn Token is going to be even stronger, huh. First time hearing that."

"Yup. 'Cause it's the first time I said it."

She didn't have to confess the shocking truth in the middle of combat. I felt like sighing at the sky, but I couldn't let my sight off the enemy.

I slowly took distance trying to reach the position from which an attack won't reach the piglet, but as I took a step backwards, a green wall had appeared behind me.

"No way, a wall of thorns!"

"This, it cut off our retreat completely. What do we do?"

The wall of thorns that surrounded mine and the Blade Lizard's battlefield was like a wire mesh of a wrestling deathmatch.

I couldn't escape while holding the piglet.

"No choice but to fight, huh."

Holding the piglet in my left arm, I raised the kitchen knife with my right. However, since the bristled scales of the Blade Lizard were longer than my kitchen knife, unless I target firmly it won't go through to damage the body.



I manoeuvred as to prevent being squished between the Blade Lizard in the front and the wall of thorns.

The thorny deathmatch stage was too small to move in as a party. Perhaps, it was made for a solo player. Either a barrier to prevent one-sided attacks from the distance or a jail to prevent stand-away attacks.


The swung claws, swayed tail, the bite of its fangs, the scales standing on its entire body. Using my entire body I continued to avoid Blade Lizard's attacks and observed it.

"As I thought, my eyes have gotten better."

I was now clearly aware of the capability I felt during the fight with Arachne.

Only for a moment as enemy's attacks approached, the movement of the world around me appeared slow. Still, it wasn't that I moved like I usually did. Just, all the movements including my own felt like a playback in slow motion during that time.


"If I have time to think, then I'll chose optimal course of action! ——《Ingredients Knowledge》!"

Using the slow-motion during the moment of attack, I predicted enemy's attack and avoided it with minimum of movement, deciding the measures of the next action.

One of them was analysing enemy's weak points with 《Ingredients Knowledge》.

While avoiding the attacks I found the roses that were enemy's weak points and fought back, aiming at them.



I held out the kitchen knife in a slight counter against the tail's cleave. The rose blooming on the tail scattered its petals and the Blade Lizard trashed around.

The roses commonly blooming on the Thorn Token, as the 《Ingredients Knowledge》 marker reacted to them, I aimed at that point.

"Yes! My attac——!!"

My attack went through. There was no time to rejoice over that, the thick thorn connecting with Blade Lizard had assaulted me.

I forgot that the enemy wasn't just the parasitised Blade Lizard, but also the thorny vines stretching from the ground. The thorns have grown restless in response to the sight of writhing Blade Lizard and have approached me.

As even using the time to think I got from the 【Sky Eyes】 I couldn't find a timing to avoid nor find a safety zone, I started to get impatient.

("What do I do, where do I run, where do I dodge to——")

Unable to find a way, I took a defensive posture.

With a posture as to have the thorns hit my shoulder, I held the piglet as to protect it.


The thorns thick like a log hit my shoulder, blowing me away with the impact.

I endured only for a moment as the impact bit into my shoulder and was thrown in to the wall of thorns behind me.

Thorns stuck to my shoulder and the back, 40% of my HP was scrapped away and I fell on my knees.

The Mischievous Fairy fled into the sky before the thorns' attack, the piglet I held in my arms was also safe. However, as I was unable to completely block the impact, the piglet received slight damage.

"I'll heal you now."

Before my own recovery, I prioritized putting down the piglet that let out feeble cries in my arms and using a High Potion on it.

"Hurry up and stand, avoid it!"

I raised my head hearing Mischievous Fairy's voice, the Blade Lizard brandishing its thick tail was approaching from the front.

"——?!! I leave it to you!"

I realized that I cannot avoid it and tossed the piglet high into the sky. Immediately after that, the tail drew a curve and like a hook, captured the side of my head.

While my HP had decreased, I saw the Mischievous Fairy firmly catch the flying piglet and carry it outside the wall of thorns.

Outside the wall there was Ryui and Zakuro so I could be at peace of mind. As I thought so, at the same time as my HP went down to zero my field of vision turned black.

And, a choice had appeared in the middle of my dimmed vision——as to whether I use a Revival Medicine or not, I selected 『YES』 without any hesitation.

"Now, let's refocus myself."

I slowly stood up and once again faced the Blade Lizard.

I used the High Potion I took out earlier, but it wasn't enough so I used one more to recover my HP fully.

"Are you okay? You were done-in weren't you."

"I'm fine! Rather did y——"I properly carried it outside the thorns."——Well done."

"So, I must put you up to it but let me ask, our chances?"

"I have no confidence. But, we've got to do it, right."

While saying so, I changed my weapon from a kitchen knife to Black Maiden's Longbow.

"And, what should I do?"

"The battle will last just an instant. I'll aim for the vital point. So draw the enemy's attention however you can."

"Simple plans and easy to understand plans are the best!"

The Mischievous Fairy took off from my shoulder while saying that. She created a whirlwind in front of the Blade Lizard and attacked with it. Although it was for using as mischief and had no offensive power, since whirlwind continuously remained where the Blade Lizard's face was, it tried to swing its claws and tail at it. Also, it tried jumping at the Mischievous Fairy in the sky, but with the thorn in the ground acting like shackles, Blade Lizard couldn't reach her.

"Hehen. There's more!"

In meantime, I proceeded with preparations.

Since I have returned using Revival Medicine, the strengthening effects of the enchants have disappeared, so I reapplied them.

"《Enchant》——Attack, defence, speed. 《Cursed》——Defence."

I have strengthened myself with enchants and weakened the Blade Lizard's defence.

And, I swallowed ATK enhancement Boost Tablet, assisting myself with an item.

"The effective time is three minutes. ATK+8 for maximum attack power."

However, it wasn't over.

What else I took out was a fire Elemental Stone and an arrow synthesised with bad status poison drug.

"《Element Enchant》——Weapon."

I applied a fire enchant to the Black Maiden's Longbow and nocked a poison arrow. I aimed at enemy's weak point while adding attack correction from Art.

"I'll decide it now. ——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》!"

An attack I was most used to. The shot I released as if being sucked into it, had pierced through the Blade Lizard's eye while Mischievous Fairy attracted its attention.

Following the first one on the tail, the rose on the Blade Lizard's eye scattered, but it had glared at me with its remaining eye.

In addition to the accumulated damage, this blow had further delivered damage with poison, the 20% of enemy's remaining HP was decaying with slip damage.

Unable to defeat it with a single blow and seeing as it wasn't defeated with just 【Poison 3】's slip damage, the Blade Lizard turned its target back to me and charged at me again.

As it opened its big mouth, I could see numerous thin thorns inside.

Recalling what the Arachne did when I was crushed, I got goose bumps.

"So it wants to absorb my HP!"

Although the Blade Lizard jumped as to pressure me, I activated a Magic Gem to counter.

"——【Clay Shield】!"

I shouted and pressed the gem onto the ground.

With the gem as the starting point a wall of soil was raised from the ground, it struck the Blade Lizard's jaw, forcibly closing it.

And then I jumped at it, straddling Blade Lizard's head.

"I'll sew your mouth with this!"

I wound a several layers of Iron Metallic Thread I took out of the inventory around its mouth, unable to open it the Blade Lizard continued to shake its head violently. Unable to stand that I was shook off, but rolled on the ground and immediately stood up and raised the bow towards the sky.

"Guide it!"

"Leave it to me!"

I listened to Mischievous Fairy's proud answer and shot an arrow towards the sky.

And, as I looked towards the Blade Lizard who rampaged unable to get the Metallic Thread off, this is bad, I muttered. The several layers of Metallic Thread were unable to withstand it and started creaking loudly.

"Stay quiet for a little longer! ——【Clay Shield】!"

The Blade Lizard received a push-up by the mud wall again, its head shook and its movements dulled. In that moment I jumped on its head again, I wrapped the Metallic Thread around my hands and tightened the Blade Lizard mouth's binding more strongly.


In order to prevent it from using HP absorption by biting, I tied up its mouth with Metallic Thread.

In order to recover the HP that decreased, the Thorn Token tried to shake me off and bite me.

It rampaged with all its strength, rolled on the ground to shake me off.

Unable to defend, just by the Blade Lizard's attempt to shake me off by charging at the wall of thorns, 60% of my HP disappeared. Still, I endured it clenching my teeth without releasing the Metallic Thread.

And, as the rampaging Blade Lizard once again charged into the wall, my death through the collision's damage was decided.

My visibility dimmed, although my strength in my limbs loosened for a moment I immediately brought myself back with Revival Medicine and again, tightened the thread.

As the Blade Lizard repeatedly hit the wall with its body, I revived myself from death each time.


After I revived myself six times, it abruptly fell down.

The Blade Lizard Thorn Token had bent backwards and from a small gap in its closed mouth had protruded a tongue with thin thorns, letting out hoarse breath it fell to the side.

The Thorn Token couldn't be defeated with just slip damage.

And, the one who decided it with the last attack was—— the Mischievous Fairy.

"I'm the best! Guiding in was perfect!"

The arrow shot into the air was manipulated with her wind and had brilliantly pierced through the last rose on the back of the Blade Lizard.

"Thanks. If not for you I wouldn't have won."

"Fufun. You can praise me more!"

"You're getting carried away."

To heal my wounded body and to fix the broken armour I used a High Potions and MP Potion. My HP was recovered and the armour would recover its durability by absorbing my MP through the effect of 【Auto Repair】.

"Still, I'm fed up with fighting in such disadvantageous conditions. Next time, I'm fighting with overwhelming advantage."

I spoke as if swearing to myself.

The wall of thorns stretched in the surroundings also went loose and dove into the ground, on the other side Ryui and Zakuro, as well as piglet were waiting.

"I'm back. Sorry to worry you."

I gently pat the animals one by one and then leaning on a tree nearby, I let out a large sigh.

If not for that last blow my Revival Medicine might have ran out before enemy died.

The third Thorn Token had the rose weakness in three places. This time it was one eye, tail, and between the scales on the back.

I shot the arrow into the air and had the Mischievous Fairy guide it after which I tied the Blade Lizard's mouth with Metallic Thread, and the arrow had pierced through the rose weakness.

Through putting my body on the line I bought time, and thus we won.

If the guided arrow missed or if my restraint was broken off resulting in my HP being absorbed, or my Revival Medicine was exhausted, I would have died and had to return to town.

There was a lot to reflect upon. But, now I was really tired.

Unable to think immediately after fight, I took a moment of rest in the shade and the gentle wind.