Volume 1 - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - The Black Maiden's Longbow and the Magic Gem

The need to secure money has disappeared. But forget 50kG I can't just carry around friggin 2m.

Although a huge amount of money rained down on me from the sky, I'm just a simple citizen. I don't want to carry such a fortune around.

I'm seriously scared of things like PK. I might be in a state a lottery's winner would be in.

I selected Taku from the friend list and called him.

"Hey, you there? Taku."

『"What is it? If you want an invite for hunt then it's impossible. We're currently hunting around the second town."』

"Not that, a short consultation. I won't take long."

『"Got it. Everyonee, a small break! I'm talking now."』

Hm, isn't stopping in the middle of a hunt bad?

『"So? It's unusual for Yun to consult with me."』

"No, I just accumulated a lot of money but I'm afraid to carry it around with me. Can it be deposited somewhere? Is there an in-game bank or something?"

『"Aah, I haven't seen one. But guilds and homes can function as a storage for items and gold."』

"I don't have a home."

『"Well, there are no guilds yet either. I'll start one soon, if I find people that is..."』

I see, a guild. Well, I'm hunting solo so it doesn't matter to me.

『"So, how much did you accumulate?"』

"No, it's scary so I'm not saying. Also, I want to deposit it as not to splurge. I would use it up immediately afterwards."

『"You're right, you'd buy something like a field."』

"Ahahaha... after buying fifth field the price goes up tenfold. There's also a fee taken."

『"No way, don't tell me you bought more."』

"...I bought six. I paid 100k for the fields up until now."

Although I've been earning quite well, the money continues to disappear for some reason when I buy materials or tools. How mysterious.

『"You, you should just set up a shop in there."』

"Eh, I can?"

『"No, I have no idea... it's possible? Maybe."』

"...I'll ask the NPC."

『"S-sure, then I'll be going too."』

Somehow that conversation ended. No, it can't be, it's a farmland, the south district. It could be done everyone would buy out the fields right. And that's not true is it, NPC-san.

"Hm? You want a store? If you buy enough land to become a landlord you'll be able to make one."

Hey, it can be done?!

"By the way, how much land do I need?"

"If you buy ten you'll be authorized as a landlord. However, the land for the store is a different thing. In addition, construction of the store is done separately from that."

"Then, four adjacent fields."

"200kG then. Can you handle all that land alone? If needed you can hire a farmer's daughter, want to try it?"

The NPC was worrying about me. No, he's right, I think I might not be able to manage it. While worrying about that, I received a deed of land.

"You said you wanted a store? There's a lot of land to pick from so you can freely choose."

"Then a place that's adjacent both to the field and the main street..."

"You chose some favourable conditions again. One land piece 200kG."

Eehh, just a moment ago I paid 200k for 4 pieces of land, now it's 200k for one!

"Well, with one it would be too narrow, if you bought three, four, it would be nice and wide."

"How wide is one land?"

"The same as a single field."

Ah, so

four would be quite spacious, but it might be good with just three.

"Then give me three please."

"That'll be——800kG."

"Wait a moment! Just now you said 200k."

"That's the lowest price. In that case it's 800kG together with fee for adjacent lands. This should already be a good enough compromise."

The NPC rebuked me saying so. Grrrr...

"Got it. Fine then. Then give me those."

I didn't think 2m would turn into 1m in such a short time. However, with ten fields I could produce two hundred items. That made me happy. I might even hire an NPC to manage it, when I thought that, the key item, landlord's certificate appeared in my inventory.

"Then I'll pass this to you."

"This is?"

The NPC passed me a few sheets of paper and a pen. It seemed important even though there was nothing written on it.

"Draw the floor plan of the store on it and just show it to 【Master Carpenter】 at the Second Town. Just put the estimates in there. After that you just need to pay me to build the store."

In other words, this is a quest item. This town only rents out shops, one isn't constructed by merely purchasing the land. There is a dedicated quest for construction.

In fact, a quest 【Store Construction】 appeared in the quest column but——

"Hey, have you been in the Second Town?"

"Oh, once you go there once you can move between with portals right."

"But before that you need to defeat the boss at least once."

The NPC narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. No, I already agreed. Is there anything else? Hey.

"Oh, right. I've forgot."

It seems like a new conversation. Is that something advantageous to me?

"In case you want to hire farmer's daughter, it's 100kG a month."

"You're saying that now?!"

"What will you do?"

"...3 months contract."

But well, I hired her. She can cultivate it with a hoe, plant the fertilizer and I just have to give her Seeds and specify partitions and everything would be done by itself.

And when it's ripe, it seemed like she harvested it.

NPC-san who did heavy labour, cheers for the good work. It seemed like she worked even after I logged out.

The field problem has been eliminated, from tomorrow I need to start heading to Second Town to capture it.

The store I dreamed of! I need to go to the Second Town to find Master Carpenter get the store plan, in order to do that I have to fight with boss mob, Blade Lizard.

Honestly, it was a pain. However, I had an idea who would help me with to pass it.

"...Miu, actually, I need to go to the Second Town. Could you help me pass through?"

That's what I let out of myself when we were sitting together at the dinner. Today's dinner was made to please her, thus I made Miu's favourite meat spaghetti. Well, it was easy to make noodles. But that was secret from her.

"Onii-chan got interested in moving forward! Of course I'll help! Let's summer aventure!"

"Not really. Rather than that Miu, do you know what 'aventure' means?"

Aventure meant adventure in French. Although it was necessarily wrong, it had a meaning of love adventures and playing with fire.

"I have a quest for which I absolutely have to go to the Second Town."

"It's unusual for Onii-chan to receive a quest. If it's the Second Town then there's 【Collection of Fairy Glow】 or 【Investigation of Milldandy's Road】, also there's a quest related to establishment of a guild 【Subjugate Mastil Dane】?"

"No, it's 【Store Construction】 quest."

"I've never heard about it. What do you get for it?'

"Ah, that's..."

Is it fine to say. Honestly, it's the Seed business, I want to keep it secret since I want to continue buy out the fields in secret. All right, let's say it ambiguously. As long as I'm not specific there's no problem.

"...I've become a landlord."

"How do you become a landlord?"

Yup, it didn't work. My little sister hath tilted her head cutely, a classic. If a natural-type pretty girl did it, it seemed like everyone would most likely drop in an instant. Damn, this girl's a hardcore gamer, the possibility of becoming a landlord has lodged itself in her head already.

She's a person who would start investigating flags to become a landlord.

"Um... I bought land."

"Land, where? I haven't heard of it."

"No, I think you know. I've heard of it from you."

From me... she thought silently with a fork in her hand. With that question, I shut up and watched her quietly.

"It can't be...eeeeeeee!!"

"Oh, you noticed."

"Southern district's fields! You bought it even though there's no seeds?! Even I haven't found any!"

"No, I bought it because I had seeds."

"Eh... Onii-chan has seeds. How did you get them?"

"Normally, like this, eiii..."

Indeed——it glowed and done. I used a skill, see.

Well, if she understands, that'll be amazing.

"...did you find a Sense that makes seeds?"

She understood. What's this, a non-verbal conversation between siblings?

"Don't spread the word, don't put the info on the forums."

"I won't tell anyone, I won't!"

"Then I'll tell you."

"Thank you Onii-chan."

What a greedy little sister. Good grief.

"I made it with 【Alchemy】 Sense."

"Eh... did you learn such a skill by raising 【Alchemy】 's level?"

"No, I used Lower Matter Conversion. If you use it on plant-based item, the seeds are the lowest level item of the type and they grow into the source plant."

"In other words... you made it from Herbs. That means..."

"I bought raw material for Highpots and MP Potions, and cultivated them. By using 【Alchemy】 Sense I increased the number of seeds, cultivating a whole field. I create potions by using 【Mixing】 and sell them."

"O-OOOOnii-chan! You can make Highpots and MP Potions?!"

"What, is it that surprising?"

"It's impossible not to be surprised! The items players create have a naturally high effect. When thinking of hunting efficiency, those potions are much more efficient then the ones made by NPC!"

But I'm playing solo, and I defeat things before they can deal damage, I will die if they get close. Other than the hunt with Taku and the others I haven't tasted any real hunting.

"Right now I'm in the middle of cultivating materials for Highpots and MP Potions. Meanwhile, I earn by selling Bluepots."

"For you to make Bluepots, you raised your 【Mixing】 pretty high. Recently there have been circulating premium Bluepots, they're perfect for rearguards who have less HP."

Premium Bluepots? After Mysterious Bluepots, now it changed into premium.

"I don't know about Premium Bluepots, but I purchase and make them with cheap materials, I have switched the fields to raising Highpots."

"Onii-chan! I'll get the best setup of members! Tomorrow I'll talk with everyone, so the day after tomorrow! Let's go and hunt Blade Lizard in two days!"

"S-sure. I'm also in the middle of preparing equipment, so if you could do that, it'd help."

I managed to get her on my side. That's great but it made me uneasy just how was Miu so easily motivated.

"Tomorrow I'll also be preparing so the day after tomorrow. I'm fine with any time so I leave it to you."

"Got it! We'll provide you the passage making sure you're safe and sound!"

I want to level my bow too so let me help, as I said that Miu started pondering.

"Hmm. I got it!"

I've become really anxious. It seemed like I'd be a huge nuisance to her party members. Rather than just provide the party provisions, how about I prepare them apology gifts? It will be a reward for escorting me through this boss, as well as for spreading shop's publicity.

After dinner I started preparations for the day after tomorrow, I bought materials and created potions. The enemy challenged was Blade Lizard.

When we were fighting Golem majority of the Bluepots I had were unused. After talking with Myu it seemed that the recovery items that were currently used were Highpots and highly effective Bluepots.

For players of Myu and the others' level Highpots won't be necessary, but I can't say it'll be absolutely safe. Although I couldn't increase the success rate to the extreme, I'd like to erase the elements that make me anxious as much as possible. Admittedly, I felt like something would happen because of how fired up Myu was. And so, despite knowing it's an excess I made about hundred Bluepots.

If there's this much prepared I can feel safe about everything. And the yet-unseen party members as well as Myu can use it on another occasion.

And, since there was no time at the moment, rather then preparing it manually I used a skill.

When using 【Mixing】 and 【Synthesis】 to create items one by one success rate is high but the experience amount given is low. On the contrary, if you create a large amount of items at a time, a part of crafted items will fail but a bigger amount of experience will be earned.

Recently the amount of Bluepots I could make at once with the skill increased. There was no more big material losses because of failures.

"Hmm. Passing just Bluepots to them doesn't seem all that interesting. Need to find something that'll be more interesting."

If possible, I want to pass them some items that would increase publicity of my shop.

I looked for items that would look good in my inventory.

Thinking of practical use, an assortment of Highpots and MP Potions would have an impact. Something like bon festival gifts.

"Wait, that's for house visit gifts. An enchanted ring...'s impossible. I can't pass them such a thing all of a sudden."

Come to think of it, 《Skill Enchant》 can be used on material items. If I don't have any items to give out, let's try making some. Let's try experimenting for a bit.

"Umm, the keyword 《Enchant》 should be fine. 《Skill Enchant》——Enchant Attack."

I applied attack power increase enchant to a stone.

The material received the red light of enchant and without breaking, it settled down on my hands.

"To name it now, how about Enchant Stone? The trigger key's 《Enchant》 too."

The enchant stone I held in my hand sensed the keyword I was thinking of and started the skill that has been embedded in, it finished its role and became sand.

"Not only just with a murmur, but also despite not intending to activate it. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be verified."

Checking the differences between the normal stones and Enchant Stones I made, I wondered.

"Like this it'll be hard to distinguish it from a normal stone, it's no different from the normal large stones I hold."

They are stones of the size of my fist,. It seems like it would be hard to carry them around.

"Well, I made this thing, but passing them something this clunky is well, awkward. That's right, I've got just the right skills for processing substances."

I took out a new stone, and then subjected it to 【Polishing】 from the skill window.

The scrubbed stone has changed into a size that was easy to hold and had a glossy surface.

"This, this is it. This size makes it easy to grip. But the colour has remained as it is. Since each type of enchant has its own colour, let's dye it to match the type of enchant."

Red for attack power increase, blue for defence increase, yellow for speed increase, also orange for magic attack and green for magic defence. After matching the colours, I polished the stones and dyed the each type in their respective colours before subjecting them to enchantments.

"There are items like these in games aren't there, ones that raise your stats temporarily."

Well, in this game's case if you have 【Mixing】's next Sense 'Dosing' you can make that kind of potions from monster's meat, that's what Taku said before.

And for no reason in particular, the 【Enchant Arts】 level increased... maybe to enchant a magic attack, I should level up a Sense which deal with magic attacks? And wouldn't putting a magic attack in be awesome? For example scrolls with magic in them that let you cast magic once.

There should be items like that. Ones that allow you to invoke magic without using MP and pointlessly long chants.

A Gatling Gun which has hundred magic rounds, truly, romance.

I was curious about it to the point I couldn't help but to try it out.

Possessed SP12

【Hawk Eyes Lv28】 【Magic Talent Lv28】 【Magic Power Lv26】 【Alchemy Lv18】 【Enchant Arts Lv3】

【Mixing Lv29】 【Synthesis Lv20】 【Craftsmanship Lv21】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv19】 【Earth Element Talent Lv1】


【Bow Lv18】【Taming Lv1】 【Speed Increase Lv11】 【Discovery Lv8】

Because I wasn't in combat, I removed 【Bow】 Sense, and got an elemental talent. The reason I picked 【Earth Element】 was because it was somewhat unpopular and none of my acquaintances had this element. No, it wasn't all that unpopular, it's just that others were putting appearance as the priority.

Of course, even though I took magic it doesn't mean I'm going to become a mage. Don't expect me to level Senses like 【Staff】 or 【Magic Book】, right from the beginning I'll focus on crafting items by using earth magic.

"【Earth Element】's magic. At the start, there's just this huh."

The only 【Earth Element】's skill was 《Bomb》. When I tried it out, there was an explosion of ochre-yellow light. Honestly, as far as explosions go it was just as vivid as light or flame.

"It's plain, but it's not like it's the only weak element among the six elements is it. Can it be enchanted into a stone?"

Although I tried it out on a stone, it cracked. I tried to enchant it two, three times and it broke every time.

In other words, stones weren't of high enough rank as a material. I tried using Iron Ingots but it was no good either. If it came down to that, the only item I could use were gems.

I tried using a small-sized gem but it didn't work. The synthetic gems of medium size weren't strong enough and collapsed too. It left only medium-sized Peridots.

"As expected, it's impossible to enchant small-sized ones. If the next size won't work I'll give up for today. Keyword's 【Bomb】 set. 《Skill Enchant》——Bomb."

After emitting ochre-yellow light the Peridot gem remained in my hand without breaking.

"Hmm. That means elemental magic needs quite a high-ranked material otherwise it's no good huh. At the very least medium-sized gems..."

Although it's not yet confirmed, but seems like containing the top level magic would be difficult or impossible.

Thinking of the game balance, deadly blows which could be triggered with just a keyword without consuming any MP just by preparing the magic in advance would be nothing else other than a cheat. In order to avoid that, the rank of the material required for attack magic might have been set higher.

"Ahahaha... seriously. I do think it's quite reasonable."

Also, one more thing. My MP gauge. Just by casting the weakest magic 30% of my MP was consumed. 1% of my MP was used when recited normally but...

The reason MP consumption didn't bother me when making Enchant Stones was either because of Enchant magic's low rank or the fact that it was originally derived from the 【Enchant】 itself.

And, depending on how much MP is required in order to enchant a high rank attack magic, I can assume that if there's not enough MP the enchanting will fail. Enchanting with high level spells will be hard.

"The material, and the amount of MP I possess, as well as the magic I possess are the deciding factors, eh."

If I were to name it in the same fashion as the Enchant Stones, it'll be Magic Gem, I guess.

"I can't make big amounts of Magic Gems. Well, let's think of it as of a trump card."

I sat down to recover my MP and put the bomb enchants into the remaining gems. After finally making about two dozen of them, my 【Earth Element】 went up to level 2.

Somehow, it took quite a while, maybe I should take Magic Recovery Sense? I thought, but it was too late to experiment with that.

On the next day, the moment I logged in I was called out to by the NPC I left management of the field to.

"Ah, Yun-san?"

"Yes? What is it?"

There was something to talk about concerning field, the NPC spoke to me by herself. Anyhow, even if I talked to the AI for the entire day I wouldn't get bored of it, that's the conversation ability it had. Amazing.

I wonder if there are people who train their ability to speak with people by using NPCs.

"The Vitality Tree has finally settled in."

"Thank you. I'll take a look then."

After I replied, she returned a charming smile. Uh, how detailed. Can it be that there's a person inside? I wondered.

And I've been guided to the Vitality Tree, it was tall enough to reach my chest and bore three fruits.

The shape of the fruit, amazing, it's garlic. Garlic growing on trees, how surreal.

"Hey, what can Vitality Tree be used for?"

"I wonder? On the contrary, I want to ask Yun-san, why have you planted this?"

"I had a seed so I planted it."


It would be better if there were no such realistic awkward atmosphere. If I was told that it's people who are operating NPCs, I'm confident I would immediately believe them.

Since the atmosphere was so awkward, I spoke out.

"I-I'll be going out for a while so I'll leave harvesting to you."

"Yes, have a nice trip."

I was running away, though I did have errands to run. I contacted Magi-san and the others beforehand and went to pick up the weapon and armour. It seemed like we're gathering together in Lyly's shop today.

I left towards the town, and headed to the shop in the eastern district. Probably since it was open today, there were people who entered and left Cloude's shop. Surprisingly, I felt like there was a lot of female customers.

"No, just a coincidence. Yeah, coincidence. It's just that there's a lot of women who dress in cloth and leather equipment."

While telling myself that, I entered Lyly's shop on the opposite side.

Inside, there seemed to be some customers, they were magic-users, and people who wanted wooden weapons.

In the store, there were wands and staff with jewels as well as bows, there were also striking weapons like flail, a stick with a chain attached to it, they all decorated the shop. The weapons had a different kind of charm from the ones Magi-san's shop had and were pleasing to the eye.

"Hee〜. Interesting... there's even a slingshot."

There was an Y-shaped wooden weapon with stretching leather material between branching parts.

"Welcome, Yuncchi. The bow is ready."

Leaving the people who looked at the weapons in the store alone, I faced towards Lyly who was behind the counter.

The store seemed to be smoothly operated by a Clerk NPC who had a slender face. After Lyly took me to the back of the store, NPC looked towards us and nodded lightly. This too, was realistic.

"I came, how about the other two?"

"Kurocchi's still in his shop, Magicchi is waiting in the back."

"Can I go into the back too? There's something I want to show everyone that I don't want others to see."

"Whatwhat? You've been naughty again?"

"Stop with the accusations. It's nothing I need to feel guilty of."

I mouthed a complaint, but Lyly in front of me laughed happily. I cringed.

"Oh, Yun-kun. Hello."

"Hello, Magi-san."

"Hmm. I feel like I'm not necessary today, but is there something?"

"About that, look forward to it later."

"Ahahaha, you're such a tease, Yuncchi."

Lyly said so and picked up a longbow that was placed in the middle of the table.

"The bow was made just as Yuncchi requested it. It's big so handling it might be hard, try holding it."

It was a curvy and flexible bow, the colour was black. The tone was like that of ebony.

The string was very tense, overall the bow was quite heavy. But it wasn't at a level where it couldn't be handled. Rather than that, it gave of a nice feeling as I held it in my hand.

Black Maiden's Longbow 【Weapon】

ATK+40 Additional Effect : ATK Bonus

Black Maiden's, why 'Maiden's'?

"Weapons just like armour pieces rank up, and additional effects can be added with an enhancement material. Also, I'll occasionally do a maintenance on it to recover it's durability but... Yuncchi, can you use it?"

"Yeah, it's a bit heavy but it fits nicely. Using it might be hard but I'll be able to aim quite far with this."

I pulled the string without an arrow and released it. A clear sound like that of a string instrument resounded in the room.

"...Yun-kun's really amazing."

"Is that so?"

"Among weapons the equipment that does not fit ones status gets a negative stat correction. If a metal armour is equipped without enough ATK, SPEED drops down extremely, and in case of a large sword, it cannot be lifted. That also applies to a bow. And so, Yun-kun wasn't rejected by the bow. That's amazing."

If the equipment does not fit the status there's a negative correction, a rejection, that's clever.

"The negative correction for the bow, is damage reflection. The people who use bows in reality sometimes injure their hands while handling it right? That's the happening phenomenon. If your DEX is too low, every time you shoot an arrow you receive damage. It seemed like they were groundless fears of mine. 'Maybe she'll somehow manage as she is now?' I thought, but it seems like you have enough DEX."

So the reason Lyly was hesitating as he passed the bow, was that.

Even so, to think 【Bow】 had such an unfortunate circumstance and I didn't know of it. Also, it seemed like its impossible to use any other equipment since it doesn't match me.

Speaking of which, Taku for example didn't wear a whole body armour. He didn't have metal equipment on his head nor arms. Among the players I passed by in the town only a few of them had full body metal armour, although it was lack of funds but it seems like they couldn't equip it for such a profound reason.

"It appears like Kurocchi has come. Come inside."

Lyly seemed to have been talking with Cloude via friend call. Before long Cloude came inside guided by the NPC.

"I'm last huh. Sorry, I'm late."

"We didn't really have to wait for you. Also, you were doing that again right?"

Magi-san waved her hand speaking in amazement. What's that.

"Hey, what does that mean?"

"I was putting screenshots of players wearing my clothes on the blog."

"...peeping shots?"

"You really are rude. I properly explain it to people. I hide their faces as well, it's a blog introducing the clothes. And you too, are one of my models."


"The clothes you're wearing are my masterpiece——they're pieces wearing the name of CS. How could I leave them unrecorded."

"No no, I've no idea about that. Just give me the armour."

Good grief, what a hasty girl. He let out a sigh. No, I'm the one who's tired mentally here.

"Here, Inner and Waist equipment."

I started gnashing my teeth in the middle. Inner was still good. There was an embroidery same as the one on the black coat. I didn't know what kind of embroidery it was, but it looked like a cool emblem. However, I couldn't accept the waist.

"Hey, this ain't pants."

"This is a swimsuit. It's not panties so you don't have to be ashamed!"

"I said no skirts so you made a swimsuit?! That's extra embarrassing."

"Don't worry, if you tie a loincloth on your belly it'll be like a skir... no, sorry. I was joking."

Magi-san raised her fist aiming for Cloude with a smile on her face. Among rings she had equipped on her fingers, there was the Trion Ring.

These are ATK increasing rings, that's for sure.

"The real thing, is this."

Instead of the swimsuit from before, what he took out was hot pants. These, were made from dark green fabric, they felt similar to jeans as they touched the skin. It must've been easy to move in them. I was a bit anxious about my back, but the hem of the coat was splendidly designed to hide my butt.

"CS No.6 Ochre Creator. That's what you should call it."

"That series name and number feels a bit embarrassing though."

"That's one thing I won't surrender. Also, look at the equipment's performance."

CS No.6 Ochre Creator 【Underwear】

DEF+10 MIND+10 Additional Effect : DEX Bonus

CS No.6 Ochre Creator 【Waist】

DEF+10 SPEED+10 Additional Effect : DEX Bonus

"Add the +16 Physical Defence from the Outerwear, there's Magic Defence 10 and Speed 10. That's what you get from three pieces of armour. The performance should be better than some lame full body metal armour."

No, I have no clue. There's nothing I can compare it to so I leave it to specialists.

"Is that so, Magi-san."

"It's true. If anything, there's the speed increase so you can move more nimbly than when using a metal armour."

You serious. Well, certainly being fast appears to be a good thing.

"I've already prepared the designs for the three other pieces. Hurry up and prepare gold for it, I want people to worship the fully complete Ochre Creator set."

"But won't they look even if it's on the display?"

"Clothes are to be worn by a best model! I have no interest in clothes that aren't worn!"

That line of his was cool, but he wants to dress me up. Dangerous, I feel goosebumps because of that.

"Lyly, is there a place I can change in?"

"Then, there's a private room over there, this way please."

I've been guided to the room and changed into Ochre Creator equipment.

It was comfortable to wear, much better than the initial equipment I've been wearing up until now, my body was light. I could feel the 【Speed Increase】's benefits.

"I've finished changing."

Hmm. Everyone's been staring at me. Wait a sec, the quiver is hung on my shoulder, my hair was fine. Although it felt weird to worry about dressing up in the VR, but I lightly fixed it up.

"It suits you. Yun-kun looks really light."

"Ohh, Yuncchi looks like a model."

"Hmm, looks like my judgement wasn't wrong."

Being given such a positive feedback by those three made me happy, but a bit embarrassed as well.

Maybe sympathizing with these feelings of mine, Lyly approached me and pulled me by my hand.

"Then while wearing that equipment, let's try out the bow."

Lyly took us all to the back of the shop.

In there, was a 10 metres wide and 15 metres long place that was reminiscent of shooting grounds.

"I made it for trial shooting with magic and the bow. Yuncchi, try shooting the scarecrow."

"All right, let's try it for a bit."

I stared with 【Hawk Eyes】 at the scarecrow wearing a plate armour.

I nocked an arrow on the new longbow and pulled the string. Probably because of the new armour's DEX increase it was easier to handle the string then a while ago.

I released the first one. The arrow flew straight and hit the centre of the scarecrow, but was repelled by the metal plate. However, in the place it hit there was a small dent.

Next I moved, walking to the right. I shot an arrow, and despite moving away to a different spot I hit the same place as before. The third one, was shot from the left and it also hit the same place. This time, the dent on the steel plate increased.

Fourth, fifth... I shoot from the left and right the same way. Sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, although it was a small pace, I continued to sidestep to both left and right and while shooting arrows, my posture was undisturbed.

After shooting eighteen arrows I was able to tear through the metal plate. I lowered the bow and let out a big sigh, I spoke to myself about my impressions.

"I think it's good. Before, I was unable to pierce through Iron."

"You pierced through iron with just an arrow. Shooting on the move is high level technique for those who attack from long distances, Yun-kun."

"Moreover, she shot all the arrows in the same place. Yuncchi's DEX is quite high."

Being told so by Magi-san and Lyly was embarrassing.

And while crossing his arms, Cloude mumbled. 'REC done, SS made, folder name: Black War Goddess. Finished, saved and hidden.'

I've heard something scary. Ignorance is a bliss. Let's move on with the conversation.

"Thank you for making me cool weapon and armour, Lyly, Cloude."

"Don't mention it. Won't you become my model? I'll give you a discount on the armour."

"Don't worry. I love making things with my own hands."

"Lyly, I look forward to being your regular customer. And Cloude. Men's clothes, and you won't use my name, these are the conditions."

Lyly made a joyful expression, and Cloude raised his shoulders in protest. As well as Magi-san who looked at us as if she saw something pleasant.

"Now then, the thing I wanted to talk to you three about. With the 【Enchant Arts】 's 《Skill Enchant》 from before I have itemized materials."

I showed the three Enchant Stones and Magic Gems.

The fact that enchanting in attack magic consume a large amount of MP and the possibility that higher level skills cannot be added unless the material is adequately high level. I have expressed my opinion on that and described what I think.

After my explanation finished, the first one to raise a doubtful voice was Lyly.

"Hmm. What about effectiveness? How much damage does it deal? When holding a wand or staff there's additional damage correction, how about the enchanted Magic Gem?"

The perceptive Lyly posed questions in a rapid succession. As a carpenter, he knew a lot of magic-users who used wands and staffs thus he asked. But I couldn't answer.

"In fact, I haven't tried it out yet. So could I do it in here?"

"Sure, try aiming it at that scarecrow."

I stowed the bow in the inventory, and took out the magic gems instead. I held it in my left hand.


I held another gem in my right hand, I made a pose to throw it.

Responding to the keyword the Magic Gem started to emit light. But the gem in my right hand wasn't the only one that lit up. The nine gems I held in my left hand responded as well.

"Shit... get down!"

Immediately after Cloude's yell rang out, all the gems I held in my hands——exploded.

After the explosion a dense smoke enveloped us, but I somehow survived.

The surroundings of ground zero were marked with brown burn marks, the part of the store was broken.

"*Cough*, *cough*... impossible, a spontaneous discharge."

"Uuu, I feel dizzy."

Since I was at the ground zero, my HP barely survived after being subjected to multiple magical explosions. Have I not changed my equipment I would be definitely dead.

Lyly who was nearby has also received some damage.

"Magi-san, are you okay?"

"I'm fine since Cloude held me down."

"Better say that I shielded you. But that sure was flashy. Scolding will come later, look at your body first."

He? I raised a dumb voice.

I looked at myself, the left half of the Outerwear's coat disappeared completely. The underwear and hotpants were torn giving them a risqué feel. My left flank and my left buttock were completely exposed.

Since I had a female body type, exposure of the white skin was horribly embarrassing.

In real I'm a man, even though it wasn't my original body, being seen still wasn't good.

Although I immediately hid my body with my hands, the torn places were very wide and it was pointless to try hiding them like that.

Seeing my reaction continued to stare. *click*, a sound of a shutter rang out. What did he screenshot just now?

"Lyly's clothes were torn as well."

"Hmm. It's true. My entire body received minor damage.'

I checked my equipment, the entirety of my new armour was damaged, even though it was brand new...

"For an armour to be damaged by ten rounds of beginner's magic... impossible."

"Not necessarily. There's a bonus for chaining the same type. Also with a simultaneous explosion a combo happened. The amount of damage was increased with every blow, it's not such an impossible phenomenon. Moreover, only I received the damage since I was at zero distance."

While hiding my body I took out a potion, and recovered.

"Looks like you need clothes to change into. You two can change into these."

What Cloude took out was... a sailor uniform and a navy's military uniform.

", it can't be that you want me to wear sailor uniform?"

"Wrong. The one who will wear sailor uniform is Lyly. You're wearing this military uniform."

"Sure. Give it to me, I'll change into it."

"Is that fine?! You're a man aren't you!"

"It's okay〜. Since it's a game one should fool around a bit."

After saying so, Lyly went into a private room to change into a sailor uniform. After he came back, this time I went into the private room and changed. The navy's military uniform let out a neat impression overall. I spontaneously accepted the waist equipment which were slacks, feeling the mood those clothes created, I tried folding hands behind my back.

"I changed. Lyly, um... I'm sorry for causing such a commotion with that explosion."

"Don't worry Yuncchi. My armour was broken just a little bit."

"Haa, playing with fireworks on the grounds is dangerous. But that's not a phenomenon you see in games."

Although two people were optimistic, Cloude silently crossed his arms. His form was beautiful, but unfortunately he was intimidating as he stood silent. Please say something.

"Haa, how sad. It was torn up immediately after I passed it to you."

", I'm sorry."

"I'll fix you two's equipment immediately. Yun's Outerwear will repair automatically. But the other has to be repaired, same for Lyly's who was hit by collateral. You will pay for the repairs since you're the one responsible."

"No way, I wasn't all that..."

"No, it's fine. I'm the one responsible, so let me pay."

The fact that I was the one who involved him with it didn't change, that's why I'll pay.

"Good, that's a great resolve you've got. Lyly's shop repair's approximately 300k. Your clothes repair 150k, Lyly's full body armour repair 350k. 800k in total."

Impossible. I can't pay! There's no way I can pay that. I don't have enough gold on hand now! A cold sweat starts flowing down my skin.

"...I don't have enough. I don't have enough gold to fix the store."

" spend 2m in just a few days, that's amazing in it's own way. Yun-kun."

"It can't be helped. If you allow me to put screenshots of you wearing those clothes on the blog, I'll pay the money you're lacking."

With that it'll get cheaper. Well, if it's just one or two shots.

"...well, that much is fine."

"Lyly, take a pose! Yun, fold your arms behind your back! I'm going to take screenshots until I'm satisfied."

"Eh, ah, hey, wait..."

The current situation escalated grandly, and many photos were taken. Later, he sent me commemorative pictures. I don't need them!

"...fuh, it's been a while since I did such a good job."

"Cheers for the good work Yun-kun. Cloude too, you should hold back some."

Magi-san happily watched our photo session. In the middle I gave up too, and continued to do what Cloude told me to. Eh? That has nothing to do with screenshot does it.

Right now, my broken armour was self-repairing itself by absorbing my MP. For other pieces, Cloude repaired them for me. My pockets were once again empty, I was left without a penny.

"Now then, we've strayed from the main topic. Yuncchi, what do you intend to do with Enchant Stones and Magic Gems?"

"I want to pass it to acquaintances to get impressions and then try selling them in the store. However, since making Magic Gems is tedious, I'll probably leave them for my own use."

"Then, let's do our standard routine, time to determine the price. We're going to market it with an average of the prices everyone says. If it doesn't feel good enough we'll adjust it. How much for an Enchant Stone?"

As Magi-san said that, everyone said their price going clockwise as we sat around the table.

"5000 from me."


"Then, I'll say 10k. How about Yun-kun?"

"Eh? I'd say... 5000G?"

"Then, A Enchant Stone for about 7500? For a consumable used for boss battles that's reasonable. If the effect's duration lengthens, then that amount can increase."

I don't know much about prices, but is that how it is?

"Then, how about Magic Gem?"


The opinion of the three was perfectly in sync.

"...well, I'm going to use it for myself. I don't know what's its value, but does is it really worth that much?"

I'm going to keep making them for myself, but I didn't think it was only worth that much.

"Well, the price depends on the magic type. The damage of ten bombs that brought you near death. Were such a suicide bombing to be used at the rearguard positions, I think that would surely send everyone to oblivion."

Ahh, 50kG for fireworks which will fly up from the ground.

"Also, if you can use a defence type-magic with one action, I think it might be useful when an immediate effect is needed. Magic Gem seems to activate about five seconds after the keyword is chanted. In the meantime, it's possible to throw it. From what I've seen, rather than using a tracking like magic, the drawback is that it's activated starting from the gem itself."

"Hmm. I don't really feel like it's a disadvantage. Maybe it's possible to install a trigger activation for it? You could make something like traps right? Something like bombs or landmines."

I can't think of 50kG lying down on the ground. Heck, from what I've heard it feels like it's more useful against other players rather than monsters.

In fact, after checking it later it seemed like it was possible to set up a trigger beforehand.

It seems like the ownership of the Magic Gems remained even after they left my hands. Although it was convenient, it felt like it'll be hard to handle multiple of them. I need to utilize the lesson I learned from the accidental explosion and give each one their own keywords. Honestly, it would be a hassle. I would definitely forget them.

"Haa, somehow, the value of gold remains the same. Ehh, I'm broke so I can't buy anything."

"It's fine. If you need money then bring them to me. I'll buy Enchant Stones in consignment along with the potions."

"Then after I'll get some impressions, I'll bring you some. I'm sorry to take your time today, and thank you for your counsel."

I said so in the end and left Lyly's store.

As a side note, in the evening of that day——I've been sent a picture of myself cross-dressing (even though I'm really a man) into navy uniform and a confused expression in a two-shot photo with Lyly hugging me with a big smile as he was dressed in sailor uniform.

It was taken really well, and since it would be a waste, I didn't delete it. Surprisingly, cosplay can be a good thing.