Volume 1.5 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Toutobi and Fashion

A few days have passed since Luka-chan officially joined our party.

Hino-chan, Luka-chan and I, the three of us actively did quests not just for leveling, but also focusing on collecting money.

"Hmm. We do quests to earn money during the day, but also brief high speed leveling in the evening so our levels are quite high."

While growling I glared at my Sense status.

【Myu】's Status

Possessed SP8

【One-Handed Sword Lv4】 【Armour Lv20】 【Physical Attack Increase Lv25】 【Physical Defence Increase Lv22】 【Speed Increase Lv7】 【Magic Talent Lv18】【Magic Power Lv18】 【Light Element Talent Lv15】 【Recovery Lv15】 【Magic Recovery Lv10】


【Sword Lv30】 【Fighting Spirit Lv17】

Through repeated leveling, my 【Sword】 Sense reached level 30 and derivation Senses appeared, so I took 【One-Handed Sword】 Sense I used in the β era.

But, I still haven't reached my goal.

To be precise, it wasn't the level that was required to reach the goal, but total acquisition of SP.

Once the total acquired SP reaches 20, there will be new basic Senses I'll be able to pick up, so I'd like to get 8 more SP.

"Still, it can't be helped even if I hurry. First I need to receive the equipment I ordered."

I muttered to myself in the town and headed in the direction of a certain store.

I entered 【Open Sesame】, a store built at the intersection of the First Town's main streets and said a greeting at the same time.

"Hello! Is Magi-san in?"

"Myu-chan, welcome. Did you come for the equipment?"

A brown-skinned woman dripping with sweat holding a hammer in one hand——Magi-san the top smith appeared from the back of ths store.

"There's that too, but I came to congratulate you opening your store!"

"With that said, the store is still in middle of preparations for opening. To be precise, I guide acquaintances from the beta to the store and spend half of the time by the stall."

When I congratulated her, Magi-san smiled in a bashful manner. She's cute and has great style, this destructive power is amazing. I'm envious.

"The reason I was able to make a crafting base so early was thanks to regulars from the beta like Myu-chan."

"No such thing, it's all because Magi-san's weapons are great!"

After we relaxed ourselves with conversation, Magi-san said "now then" to go back to the topic.

"For the ordered equipment, you're fine with the same one you had in beta, right?"

"Yes! My goal is to be an armour-clad paladin who cuts down enemies with a sword!"

As I showed my biceps to her, Magi-san smiled broadly with elbows on the counter.

Somehow, I turned embarrassed, ehehe, I laughed to cover it up.

"As I thought, seeing an energetic girl like you makes me energetic too. Therefore, a little service from Onee-san."

She said so and took out silvery equipment my eyes were glued to.

"Ohhh?! The equipment's stats are quite high!"

"Fufufu, you sure know your stuff Myu-chan. That's right! It's not just iron! It's made from Fine Iron!"


Although I responded jokingly, it was quite amazing. The Iron Ingots and the 【Fine Iron Ingots】 that was treated as a different material for crafting had the same properties, but the equipment crafted from Fine Iron had better performance in every aspect. At the same time the difficulty to craft something from it also increased but...

"I-is it really okay?! But, eh?!! I mean...!


I entered a slight state of panic and couldn't speak up properly.

Even though her service barely started, it seemed like she put a tremendous effort to make all of my equipment from Fine Iron.

One Fine Iron Ingot was made from five Fine Iron Ores. So, for a single one-handed sword and four pieces of body armour one would need to use thirty pieces of ore.

"I know what you want to say, Myu-chan. Something like 'how many Golems did you have to hunt to get enough of ore', right?"

Indeed, to get it early in the game one would need to defeat boss mob Golem we haven't been able to defeat yet and get it as a normal drop. For example, one would need to repeat the fight fifty times with a full party of six people.

"Just when, and just how many Golems did you beat?!"

"Unfortunately, the Fine Iron was obtained with a method different from hunting Golems. Well, a way to obtain it cheaply was found, think of it like that. Still, a lot more iron is used so I'm purchasing much more of it than usual."

Bring all the equipment to my place, she said and winked.

"Understood. I'll do my best and cut down the enemies to steal equipment from them!"

"Yup, please do. Well then, let's decide on the additional effect bonuses."

When I agreed, Magi-san started setting up the additional effects in the equipment.

For iron equipment there were only two types, but with Fine Iron there were more additional effects available. Since currently I didn't have any reinforcement materials of choice with me, the 【Smithing】's bonus would be the only one.

'Then, 【ATK Bonus】 in the sword and 【DEF Bonus】 in the armour pieces please."

"Same as it was before, eh? Roger."

She said and moved the equipment lined up on the table to the bench beside the counter and one by one added additional effects.

Meanwhile I had nothing to do, so I looked around the store.

On the shelves decorated with various weapons and accessories, lined up were mainly versatile equipment pieces. Specialized weapons with super high performance and unpopular pieces of equipment were Magi-san's own hobby.

There was also a small amount of consumables like potions and pills placed on the shelf.

"Magi-san, did you pick up 【Mixing】?"

"Ah, that. No, it's a corner with consignment. I'm purchasing them from an acquaintance crafter and re-selling them."

"This is quite cheap."

Just recently, the resale guilds have been very active with re-selling potions, so the price of the potions was temporarily inflated. Although the prices had settled down, these potions had very reasonable price when compared to their recovery amount.

"I'm selling in consignment so I still bumped the price a little."

"This is more than enough if you are purchasing some while coming for equipment maintenance."

Rather than go around several stalls to find potions, one could kill a few mobs during that time to get money back. In other words, that also combined into the cost.

"I'll buy some! Magi-san, give me 10 Potions and 5 Antidotes."

"Okay. Then I'll round down the price of the equipment and potions to 400kG."

"I'll pay all at once!"

I paid the money and received both equipment and potions from Magi-san. With high-speed leveling expanses and current equipment's price almost all the money I had from the β was exhausted. What's left is just enough for maintenance and few consumables.

It seems like I'll have to focus on securing money rather than leveling for a while.

"So Myu-chan, are you going to change?"

"Nope. Actually the girls from my party are going to buy equipment so we're gonna do an unveiling at the same time. Or so we thought of it!"

"I see. Then if you need something else, don't hesitate to come."

"Thank you very much!"

She returned to the back of the store and I could hear the sound of metal being hit with a hammer. While listening to the constant rhythm of the hammer I left the 【Open Sesame】."

"Hino-chan, did you wait?"

"Not at all, this time you were on time!"

"Grr, you're horrible!"

"Ahahaha, sorry."

After picking up equipment in Magi-san's store I headed to the place I decided to meet with Luka-chan and Hino-chan in."

Hino-chan who had come first had teased me about my being late before. When I puffed up my cheeks, she apologized lightly.

I wasn't angry in the first place, we were just getting along.

"And what about Luka-chan?"

"Just earlier she called me and said that she'll come after taking a look at the stalls."

"I wonder if she's looking for equipment then?"

Recently we've focused on hunting same specific mobs all the time getting a hourly rate of money so there wasn't much stimulation. But thanks to that we have gathered enough money for expensive weapon or armour.

"Hino-chan, did you buy equipment?'

"Yup! A moment ago I picked up the equipment I asked for. How about you, Myu-chan?"

"Same here."

The two of us thought of the same thing. Rather than putting on equipment in here, it's better to wait for Luka-chan to buy new equipment and change then, surprising her.

Since Hino-chan and I knew each other's appearance from the β, we consulted each other on the timing to change, preparing a surprise.

"Myu-san, Hino-san. Hello."

While we were speaking with each other, Luka-chan had come to the meeting spot. However, her expression was somewhat dark, there was a shadow on it.

"Hey, Luka-chan, what is it? Did something happen?"

"N-no! It's nothing! I'm fine?"

"If you'd like, we'll listen."

"A, uu... that's..."

As we peeked into Luka-chan's face, worried, she blushed slightly embarrassed and explained the reason for why does she look so discouraged.

"Um... there was a weapon I've had my eyes on for a long time. About the same size as the one-handed sword I'm using now."

According to Luka-chan the weapon's stats were slightly higher than those of iron-made ones, the sword with ATK bonus and critical hit correction was apparently set quite cheap.

She took the money she had for the armour price's initial deposit and thought she'll be able to buy it once she gathers just a little more, but once she headed to that stall...

"I couldn't find the stall anywhere."

"Oh my, but there'll be another chance!"

"I've had similar experiences. When I went to bargain items were sold out or the player and their stall wasn't there as they moved somewhere."

Downhearted Luka-chan was cute as she lowered her eyebrows, but to cheer her up I made a suggestion.

"Then today, how about we go look for temporary equipment for Luka-chan?"

"Equipment? How?"

"We'll aim for randomly generated weapons that drop from treasure boxes and enemy mobs. If we're lucky, we'll get equipment for Luka-chan and even if we don't get any, we can sell equipment to a 【Smithing】 crafter to get money."

Also, Magi-san would greatly appreciate any iron brought in. This was a good opportunity to go defeat enemies dropping iron equipment in order to earn money.

"Um, please don't worry about me. It's fine to do the usual efficient earning."

"I agree with Myu-chan's proposal. I also have my initial deposit for armour so I want to gather money as soon as possible."

"Is, that so. I understand."

"All right! Let's go to the dungeon with Living Armours!"



As Hino-chan and I raised our fists energetically, Luka-chan also raised hers, albeit embarrassedly.

We headed to one of small dungeons nearby.

"Full physical! Let's have a hunting spree for one of golem-type mobs, Living Armours!"

"Still, I don't see any enemies."

"I wonder if there will be any ahead of here."

Indeed. There was only one Living Armour on the first floor. Moreover, it was one that just respawned. It wasn't empty of just enemies, but also of treasure chests on the entire floor.

"What do we do? Go do some quest?"

"You're right. If there's someone who entered before us, it seems better to give it some time."

"This is——a competition! A fight deciding who will be the first one to recover the treasure chest in the deepest part!"


We can't just go back dejected without any results! Also, the player who had annihilated all the mobs in the first level so fast must be really skilled. I want to see their face.

"Plan change! We're breaking through the shortest route to the deepest part!"

"Well, it's a shallow dungeon so let's go along with it."

"I'll go ahead then!"

Hino-chan considered the manoeuvrability in the dungeon, put her sledgehammer on her shoulder and rushed forward.

Matching her, I have followed with Luka-chan.

Since Hino-chan and I were in this dungeon together in the β era, we remembered the shortest route.

Before long we located the stairs to the second floor, once we went down them we didn't see any enemies in there either.

"There's no one here either, we'll be going to the deepest floor then!"

"Myu-san, what enemies are there in the lowest floor?!"

Luka-chan running beside me asked about information on the enemy.

"It's all Living Armours! Just, their weapons change from copper ones to iron so their attack power increases a little!"

"Other than that, when there are multiple ones at once, they cooperate with each other."

"Ah, I forgot about that!"

When Hino-chan supplemented information I recalled how I was surrounded by a group of Living Armours armed with spears. Back then they were configured in an unlucky manner and it was difficult to pierce through the gaps, I was able to escape by breaking out of the siege in a corner thanks to magic.

"Also, their movements are slow but they're gonna chase you endlessly on the floor, well, there's lots of stuff. Ah, I can see the stairs to the last floor!"

We ran through the second floor and arrived at the stairs leading to the lowest floor.

On the other side of the stairs we saw Living Armours crowding in the hallway.

"Prepare for combat! There's lots of them!"

I picked up the weapon I had put away and slashed the Living Armour intending to cut it apart.

Hino-chan smashed the armour in the head with her sledgehammer. The head was blown away and slammed into the dungeon's wall letting a dull, echoing sound in the dungeon.

Luka-chan held a short sword and thrust into the gaps in the armour's joints, while suppressing the weapon's durability consumption she slowly damaged the enemy.

"Myu-san! What is on earth is this?!"

"Probably a monster house or something?"

It seems like for some reason mobs have concentrated in one place. If we left them be they would scatter which wasn't time-efficient. While thinking positively——

"Saves us trouble looking for enemy! Let's wipe them out and add them to our experience! ——《Fifth Breaker》!"

I used the Art I obtained in the same manner as Luka-chan to slash the passage full of Living Armours.

Five continuous sword attacks have repelled one Living Armour each, opening distance between me and them.

"Gather them up and send them flying!"

That's where Hino-chan popped out, swung her sledgehammer low and gathering the nearby armours she defeated them.

"HAa, there!"

While the Living Armours could be defeated by dealing damage to certain specific parts such as limbs, Luka-chan aimed for joints between the legs and arms in order to decrease the mobility and attack power of the Living Armours.

"HAA——《Light Shot》!"

I fired a bullet of light by the side of their vanguard to strike an individual that tried to thrust with its spear, cancelling the attack.

At the same time, as grazes have accumulated damage dealt to Hino-chan and Luka-chan, I used recovery magic on them.

If Hino-chan and I knew it would turn out like this, we would have worn the equipment we received earlier and made it easier for ourselves. While thinking so I continued to annihilate Living Armours near the stairs.

After that, since wandering Living Armour appeared from the corner on the left side, the three of us focused our attacks to defeat it.

"Hey, I said earlier it's a 'monster house', it seems like they're overflowing from the room in the left."

"Does that mean the Living Armours have gathered on the left side?"

Just as Hino-chan said, the left side was a large, empty room. And if one would come straight to the deepest part to pick up the treasure chest, there was a possibility of it turning into a monster house but——

"How about we wait, and if there's nothing coming out, we'll just go to pick up treasure chest?"

"If there's a player in here, there's a high probability they are in trouble."

Hearing Luka-chan's words, "got it" Hino-chan answered with a smile and entered the passage on the left side.

The three of us cooperated quickly taking care of Living Armour in groups less dense than the one earlier. And, as we approached the large room we heard the sound of sword strikes.

"There's someone here after all. Should we up the pace a little?"

"Agreed! I'll open the way so let's rush in all at once!"

Hino-chan swung the hammer both left and right blowing away the Living Armours that blocked the path to the sides. In order to stop them from chasing after us Luka-chan cut the legs of the armours, destroying specific parts. On the other hand, I fired light bullets from behind the two.

"I can see them!"

When we have entered the large room, it was packed with Living Armours. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that all the enemies on the lowest layer were inside. And, in the back, there was a player who wore a cloak and light clothing and fought back standing with their back to the corner of the dungeon.

"We'll assist that person!"

"Let's go then!"

Luka-chan and Hino-chan aimed for the Living Armours that the player with their back against the wall didn't engage and took them down one after another.

While avoiding joint struggle penalty you get when attacking another party's mobs, we burned through this monster house.

I used rapid fire of light bullets to attack the armours the two weren't able to reach.

"——《Light Shot》!"

And, we approached the player clad in the cloak.

"Are okay?!"

The player was driven into the corner of the room, but continued to narrowly to avoid the attacks with minimum of movements. Because the player's weapon was a short dagger, they had no way to counter-attack.

Seeing the player's HP slowly decreasing, I used recovery magic.

"Hold out a little longer with this! ——《Heal》!"


When I cast a stray heal on the player with a cloak who wasn't in party, the player cut down the Living Armour in front of their eyes.

Surprised by my behaviour, the player with the hood low on her eyes tried to say something, but seemed to have gave up on that.

"HAa——《Shock Impact》! Ah!! It broke. However!"

Luka-chan hit the Living Armour in front of her with her weapon. The armour fell down backwards because of the impact, but the durability of the weapon purchased from NPC went over the limit and broke.

"If I don't have weapon, I just have to take away enemy's weapon and use it! HAa!"

She took out the biggest sword from the ones that dropped out of Living Armours and found their way to her inventory and wielded it with both hands.

"Ohh?! A power type weapon! I won't lose either! 《Impact》, 《Giant Swing》!"

Hino-chan who swung the sledgehammer before now held it in her right hand and a long spear in her left, then spun like a top.

The sledgehammer swung at the full force had dented the armour in and the long spear mowed enemies down.

In no time the amount of Living Armours that had dropped down to half as compared to when they first entered into the room.

And since the distance between the Living Armours opened, the player in a cloak started to move.

"OHH?! Fast!"

The cloak fluttered and the player rushed between the Living Armours attacking them both while passing by. Moreover, both attacks aimed for joints and clasps destroying the parts of armour. From time to time the player thrust at the enemy delivering critical damage and defeating the Living Armours.

"We can leave half of them to that person! Let's clean up the remaining half of the enemies!"

"All ri...?!! ——Myu-chan avoid it!"


When I turned around in response to Hino-chan's voice, an axe had been throws at me from the front.

A Living Armour that had one arm cut off had picked it up and threw it at me.

I hurriedly tried parrying it with a sword, but I realized I can't avoid incoming axe and only prayed that the hit isn't critical.


That moment, a dagger was swung right in front of me. The cloaked figure had received the axe. However, because of the difference in weapon's weight she couldn't deflect it and it struck the player deep in the shoulder.

Since the player's defence was weak in the first place, they lost majority of their HP and fell onto their knees.

"You took the hit for me?! ——《Heal》!"

I used recovery magic in a hurry. However, a single 《Heal》 wasn't enough to fully recover them and waiting for the skill's cooldown was frustrating.

"At times like this, a potion!'

I used the potion I purchased before we came to this dungeon, sprinkling it over the cloaked player.

With a single recovery magic usage and a single potion, I recovered her completely.

While I healed her, Luka-chan took down the Living Armour which threw the axe and Hino-chan delivered the last blow to remaining enemies.

"Are you okay?"

"......, ah."

The mouth visible from under the hood moved lightly, but soon enough the person's lips closed tightly, an they nodded instead.

The cloak-clad player facing down had moved away from me and headed to get rid of the remaining Living Armours.

Since the axe's blow when she received it for me had torn her cloak on the shoulder, I could see the clothe equipment inside.

And after a while we were able to defeat all the Living Armours gathered in the room.

"It was different from the original plan, but Living Armours' drops, get!"

"Uhee. There's a spear drop, but this sledgehammer is already done for. Next time I"ll use my usual large hammer."

Hino-chan put away the sledgehammer that started clattering. And, Luka-chan did practice swings with the great sword in silence, when she noticed my line of sight she panicked a little.

"What is it, Luka-chan?"

"Eh?! Ah, I was unexpectedly familiar with the great sword I used instead of the broken one and..."

While saying so, she exchanged the broken sword by her waist with a short sword by and put the great sword into the inventory.

"Does it really feel familiar?"

"Actually, I feel that if it was a little smaller it would be easier to manage. In the dungeon's passages it can't be used well, so I'll use this one instead."

She said and stroked the short sword by her waist.

"Then, a weapon that can be used with both two hands and one hand?"

Since Luka-chan was able to skilfully use swords in both ways, I looked through my drops for a surplus weapon that fitted the description and was able to find one.

Knight Sword 【Two-Handed/One-Handed Sword】

ATK+10 DEF+4 Additional Effect: DEF+3

It wasn't very good, but it wasn't a bad drop either. The sword status had an unusual additional effect for a drop, but because it only slightly increased defence, it's evaluation as equipment was lower.

Were it 【ATK+3】 the evaluation would be slightly higher. However, for a player who doesn't have money for equipment it had enough performance as a bridging equipment.

"Luka-chan, try holding this."

"This, it's slightly smaller than the great sword."

She poised the sword she received from me with both swords, did a practice swing, then a swing using one hand, confirming how it feels in her hands.

"Compared to the one I saw on the stall the stats are lower but... it's easy to handle."

Next time I'll look for a weapon based on this one, she said and put away the Knight Sword in the inventory.

Luka-chan was slightly happy to have a replacement equipment, on the other hand Hino-chan looked through her inventory for a replacement spear, but unable to find one she puffed her cheeks.

Meanwhile as the cloaked player tried to leave this large room, I called out to stop them.



Startled by me calling out, the player's shoulders twitched. The silent person without showing their real face, had turned in my direction.

"Um... thank you for helping me!"

After I said so, the player bowed and left the room.

"A strange person, wasn't it."

"You're right. And we weren't able to speak either."

Hino-chan spoke, Luka-chan nodded in agreement and watched the cloaked player disappear in a dark passage.

If it was a silent cool-type or role-playing player, we shouldn't force them to speak up.

It was by chance that we helped that person, possibly our only bond with that player in this world of OSO will be this event.

"Now! Since we've come to the deepest part we need to get some money from the treasure chest!"

I strongly emphasized on our original purpose and headed to the back of the dungeon.

"Ah, aaaAAAAAHHHH——! T-the treasureee!"

And in the deepest part we arrived in soon, I cried out.

"Not here, it's not here! There's nothing inside!"

"Um... probably that person from earlier beat us to a punch."

Luka-chan put on a troubled smile, "it can't be helped", Hino-chan gave up.

That's right, in this game at times you cooperate with others, at others you compete with them.

This time we have cooperated in getting rid of the monster house, but originally we were rivals seeking the treasure box.

"What do we do, Myu-chan? Go around defeating Living Armours on the bottom floor until the treasure respawns?'

"Uu, uuu. can't be helped, let's go back."

Hino-chan called out to me, who was discouraged. Because the treasure box's respawn time was longer than that for mobs, I gave up on it this time.

"Myu-san, it's all right. Actually I secured enough money for purchasing armour."

"But, it's still frustrating!"

Oozing with reluctance, I left this small dungeon together with others.

After returning from the dungeon, we dropped by Magi-san's store, 【Open Sesame】, and sold the equipment that dropped from the Living Armours.

It seemed that currently Magi-san was working in the workshop, so a male NPC bought the equipment from us in her place.

While the NPC managed the purchase, we looked at the equipment decorating the shop. That's when Luka-chan found a single one-handed sword placed among products.

"Uuh, this is the one-handed sword from that stall! I want it."

"Your money for purchasing armour will be gone, right?"

Grrr, Luka-chan troubled herself over it raising her eyebrows, in the end, she gave up and returned the sword to the container.

But, I want to have a weapon made for me at all costs, a quiet mutter had reached my ears.

Next time, let's try consulting with Magi-san on Luka-chan's topic, I took a note in my mind.

"Okay, we're here! A store that sells armour!"

Ta-dah, together with Hino-chan we spread out arms. Ahead of where we guided Luka-chan, there was a single store.

Although it looked like a normal shop with clothes, as we stood in the entrance, the size of the store inside was beyond a person's imagination.

In the back, it was decorated with stifling armour-types, but there were also a some of others as well as weapons, but it was basically a store specializing in armours.

"Um... what kind of store is this?"

"You see, it's a store that gathers armours and sells them instead of crafters!"

Since Hino-chan explained it roughly, I answered with more details.

"The crafters are making equipment and selling it, right? The places where they do it is on the street stalls, in their own stores if they own them, but people who think it's cumbersome to hire NPCs and to manage stores and stalls leave it here for selling in exchange for profit division."

To describe it simpler, it was an armour store that sold equipment in consignment.

"Let's find armour to Luka-chan's liking in here and buy it. After that, let's have the crafter introduced for equipment's grading-up!"

And so, sorry to distuurb, as we entered the store a clerk had come to greet us.

"My, welcome. What cute customers had come."

"M-M-Myu-san! T-this person is...?!"

The person who had come to greet us was the store's owner.

Deep facial features and crew cut. Languid corners of the eyes...

"What is this! What's with this person, her arms are super thick and muscular, she looks sturdy like a rock!"

"My, how rude. Despite everything, I'm loved by everyone."

"Ahahaha, isn't it more like everyone is terrified by you?"

As Hino-chan retorted with a smile, "My, how severe", she responded. She was a tall onee-style woman, people are scared of her at first, but she was a person of great character.

"Although she looks like this, she's a veteran player from the β era, Kitty-san."

"Also known as Kitei-san (鬼体). It's a nickname she got for catching a goblin with bare hands and swinging him around."

"Nyaaw. Don't mention stories from so long ago. Right now I'm only mastering techniques to make bad brats submit."

As Kitty-san wiggled on spot, Luka-chan's face convulsed.

Kitty-san was in real an onee-style person, but in order not to be judged by her gender she had purposefully added mascuile correction to her body.

Normally it would be something to be disappointed with, but the character she made looked interesting like a story character, so the person herself was regarded positively.

By the way, for the players who occasionally mocked her being onee-style, she chased them to the ends of the earth calling them with her hoarse voice and to them she had become synonymous with fear, currently they have become gentlemen who don't do any sexual harassment.

"Kitty-san is a really good person. She takes the initiative in gathering information on items and mobs, helping others out."

"She's an amazing person who had mediated in my party when there was trouble!"

We described what kind of a personality Kitty-san has, but because the initial shock was too strong, Luka-chan's face was still cramped up and convulsing.

"Today, you've come to buy equipment for this girl, right? Take your pick."

" "Thank you very much!" "

"Aren't you two going to buy any?"

"No, we've already bought ours."

"Is it fine for us to change into different equipment in here?"

Although we weren't dissatisfied with our main equipment, as girls we would like to enjoy wearing different equipment as fashion. Therefore, we wanted to be able to freely wear various armours.

"Then enjoy yourself as you like. It's girls' nature to dress up."

Kitty-san winked and returned into the back of the store.

"Um, what a deep person."

As if tired with just a short moment of contact, Luka-chan let out a long sigh.

"Then, let's look for equipment Luka-chan will like in the back!"

"Oh right, I forgot."

Because of the overwhelming shock she forgot the original purpose, so Hino-chan and I guided her to the back.

"Try on the armours here and pick one you like."

Ahead of where we guided her, there were a lot of armours lined up. The full-body armours were only a part of the equipment made by crafters, there was also lots of joke and cosplay equipment made at full power.

"I understand. But, before that I need to remove this equipment, right."

Luka-chan said so and operating the menu, she removed leather armour, thanks to which we could see her size well.


"Even bigger than I imagined."

Her boobs were bigger than Hino-chan and I thought. Rather, they were big enough to make me think that it might have been painful to have the leather armour suppress them.

Quietly, I put my hands on my own chest. Yup, I'm still in my growth phase so there's hope... probably. Not to be as big as Sei-oneechan, but I want to grow a bit!

"Myu-san, Hino-san, how about you try choosing some good looking armour?"

"Got that. Let's go, Myu-chan."

Hino-chan didn't seem concerned with her breasts, but I was a little worried. Not knowing how I feel, together with Luka-chan we started looking for suitable equipment.

And, we have picked up armours that had a design which would look good on us or Luka-chan.

"Luka-chan, what's your favourite colour?"

"Favourite colour? Let's see, I guess it would be reds."

Luka-chan's hands stopped and she turned towards Hino-chan, thinking seriously about the question. Seeing her defenceless from behind, mischief welled up in my mind and I slowly crept at her from behind.

"So, a knightly armour after all?"

"I guess so. Thyaaa——?!"

"Ohhh! As I thought, amazing shape!"

"Nhh?! Myu-san, what are you doing?!"

Although Luka-chan twisted her body while blushing strongly, I embraced her from behind checking up her boobs so she couldn't really get away.

"No, um, skinship? These are some great boobs."

I'm so envious. When I thought so, my hands were shaken off. Ah, I wanted to enjoy them a little longer.

"Why are you looking so disappointed! Also Hino-san, please help me next time!"

"No, I can slightly understand Myu-chan's feelings. I mean look, we're like this."

Hino-chan and I looked at our chests, there were mounds, but only small ones.

"With our breasts mature-looking equipment doesn't fit us, so we're yearning you see."

"Indeed. I'm often told I'm childish."

As the two of us spat out heavy sighs, Luka-chan was all flustered. As I thought, wearing lots of various things is fun.

Then, we searched for armour that would fit Luka-chan but——

"Hmm. I can't really decide."

"That said, we've only looked through some of them."

Although she tried seriously, Luka-chan couldn't decide. She was bad with things like these, so it might be better to leave it up to Kitty-san's judgement. When I thought so I saw Kitty-san talk with someone at the store's entrance.

"You're cute, so why don't you take off that cloak and wear some cute clothes?"

"?!! ...impossible."

The husky voice seemed to be that of a girl's. It was quite cute so I got interested and turned in her direction.

"You should be more confident."

"...I'm, not cute."

When I took a peek at the player facing downwards, I saw her clad in a cloak that covered her entire figure. And, a diagonal cut on the shoulder looked familiar to me.

"A-Aahhhhhhh! The person from the dungeon!"


She twitched strongly and stiffened, because of that the hood she was wearing slipped and her face was exposed. It was a girl who hid her eyes behind her purple hair's bangs. Her hidden, clear eyes gave an impression of beautiful clear ocean's.

"My, Myu-chan's acquaintance?"

"Just earlier, she saved me in the dungeon."

When I explained clearly, "Oh, is that so. The world sure is small", Kitty-san put a hand on her cheek and muttered.

Luka-chan and Hino-chan who came to take a look have recognized the solo player from the dungeon and were surprised.

"This girl, she has a habit of choosing her words very carefully, so she has trouble inviting people to form a party."

C'mon, introduce yourself. The girl was had her back pressed and took a step forward, then blushing with embarrassment she slowly introduced herself.

"...nice to meet you, I'm Toutobi."

"I'm Myu!"


"I'm Hino, likewise!"

Although shyly, Toutobi-chan introduced herself without faltering.

"My, it seems like you're all right with Myu-chan and others. Then, for practice in socializing go choose some armours."

", that means..."

Toutobi-chan panicked hearing Kitty-san's proposal, but I grasped her with my both hands without regard to that.

"Then let's go choose! Let's go in the back!"

", ah, eeh?"

I pulled Toutobi-chan's hand, returning to others.

"All right, what kind of armours do you like? You plan to buy heavy or light armour?"

", aa."

"Myu-chan, calm down."

Interrupting my asking in rapid succession, Hino-chan put a stop to it.

"Look, Toutobi-san is confused. Ask questions one by one."

"Ahahaha, sorry."


Thanks to Hino-chan and Luka-chan stopping me, Toutobi-chan breathed out with relief and made a bitter smile.

"Well then——right, if you don't take off that cloak we won't be able to choose."

The playstyle of the player was important, but the suitable equipment also depends on the body type.

" I have to take it off?"

Although she was embarrassed, in response to our gazes she shrunk. Unable to withstand it any longer, she quietly removed the cloak——

"As I thought, so big. Far bigger than me."

"I lost, again."

Her boobs previously hidden by the cloak were about the same size as Luka-chan's.

"Grr, I'm envious."

", I'm sorry."

"Boastingg?! Agrr, gonna touch!"


As I reached out to her boobs from the front, Toutobi-chan reflexively hit my hands away. Even though I announced it loudly, she perfectly responded to my surprise attack.

I didn't want to lose so I entered full offensive, but every time my hands were repelled.

As I looked at her from the front, I could see her eyes narrow, not a speck of embarrassment could be seen in them. As if her switch for combat was pressed.

(I see. So she's the type who switches over during combat)

While evaluating her in my mind, I can't lose, I thought then improved pace as well as added feints adding more intensity to my attacks.

Possibly an adverse effect of playing solo, but she didn't have any PvP skill and before long I was able to grab her from the front.

"Ohhh?! They might be one size larger than Luka-chan's——"What are you doing!" "

I touched them only for a few seconds, but Luka-chan immediately peeled me off.

"Myu-san, it was too sudden and you startled Toutobi-san!"

"Are you okay? C'mon, Myu-chan, you're too free."

Luka-chan and Hino-chan got angry, sorry, I apologized but Luka-chan still stared at me intently. Sorry, I won't do it anymore without permission.

"Then as apology, want to touch my chest? Luka-chan can touch it too."

"How did you come up with——"...then, excuse me."——hey, Toutobi-san, you're touching?!"

For a while now, Luka-chan's expressions from one interesting one to other, on the other hand Toutobi-chan gently touched my boobs for a payback.

"...modest breasts aren't they."

"Uuu, I'm in my growth phase! They'll get bigger!"

"...somehow, it feels like a conversation between friends, it's fun."

"What are you saying? Tobi-chan and I are friends already."

In response to my words, Tobi-chan made astonished expression and thought about their meaning.

And, she responded with a question.


"Yup! Toutobi, so Tobi-chan. Also, Lucato, so Luka-chan!"

Can it be that Tobi-chan didn't like it? I tilted my head and looked up at her, but her expression that was stiff until now had loosened and her mouth arced upwards happily.

"...I'm glad, it's the first time I received a nickname."

She made a soft smile, making me unconsciously cling to her.

"Tobi-chan, you're so cute! A smile definitely fits you so much more!"

" way, I'm, not cute."

Possibly not used to being called cute, Tobi-chan panicked. If that's the case, we need to choose equipment that will make everyone think she's cute!

"Luka-chan! Hino-chan! Let's look for armour fitting Tobi-chan! And so. As a result of selection for mature-looking Luka-chan and Tobi-chan——"

"Wh?! What is that equipment?!"

"...uu, too embarrassing."

*bshh*, when Hino-chan outstretched the picked equipment in front of them, Luka-chan and Tobi-chan blushed.

The armour outstretched to Luka-chan was a so-called bikini armour.

Dyed red, it only hid girls' important parts, exposing everything else, a female swordsman-style.

And, the armour proffered to Tobi-chan, was a black bunny girl suit. In set there were fishnet stockings, a band with bunny ears and a bow tie, everything in playboy-style.

Both of them had high exposure and were already on the level of joke items.

"Such equipment is too embarrassing for me to wear!"

"Then, a cloak on top of it."

"That makes it more erotic instead, right! Tobi-chan!"

"I said, I'm not wearing it!"

In high spirits, I tried adding a black cloak on top of the bikini armour I took out, but a strong rejection had come from Luka-chan.

Tobi-chan was embarrassed because of the armour she was shown, but her stare was fixed on it.

Still, this equipment was reminiscent of one used in a certain dragon RPG, so I also felt like picking one matching it.

"If Luka-chan wears that, I guess I'll take this and this?"

I took two types of equipment and raised in front of myself.

One was equipment of a royal road's protagonist. A circlet with blue orb in it, yellow tights and blue one-piece dress. Hero-style with a sword and shield.

The other one was blue and yellow-toned robe with full body orange tights underneath and a hat with a cross embroidered on it, it was priest-style equipment.

"Ohhh! Party cosplay?! Then I'll take this!"

After saying so Hino-chan equipped a martial artist's equipment. Green-coloured dougi had "dragon" embroidered on it, although it was similar to the priest's robe, instead of a cloth it had a belt wound around the waist.

"This is fun in a way!"

"I'm not doing it! I'll be embarrassed to do it alone!"

Luka-chan strongly denied and puffing up her cheeks she returned the bikini armour to its original location, then started looking for equipment of her choice.

Tobi-chan hurriedly put away the bunny girl armour she was concentrated on and started looking for armour for herself.

"I played around for a bit too much, sorry."

"Hmph, really you..."

As Luka-chan got cutely angry, I once again apologized, and while apologizing this time I started properly looking for equipment for the two.

For Luka-chan, red and a warrior-style. For Tobi-chan, dark colours near black would suit her, I took one armour after another in my hands, but I was somewhat unable to find one that would suit the two's image.

On the other hand, both Luka-chan and Tobi-chan took armour each in their hands and raised them high.

"This, it would suit Toutobi-san."

"...and for Lucato, this one would be good."

The armour Luka-chan raised was one of a western-style assassin. It was a body-fitting equipment for both top and bottom and a crimson muffler. It was a slightly bold, dark sleeveless piece revealing sides.

The armour Tobi-chan was raising, was a red and black-toned light armour. The chest plate in a shape of breasts protected the chest and the design emphasised on breasts' shape.

Neither of the two were joke nor cosplay equipment, but they were both slightly risqué.

"Nicey! Try them on, you two!"

"I want to see how the two of you look in it."

"Well, I don't mind trying it on, will it fit me?"

"'s a little embarrassing being looked at, let's go to the changing room."

The two exchanged the equipment they held in their hands and entered the set-up changing room.

Probably when they confirmed their appearance in the changing room's mirror, we could hear slightly embarrassed voices leak out.

"Luka-chan, Tobi-chan. Is it fine yet?"

"A little longer, to prepare my heart..."

"Not waiting!"

Hino-chan and I opened the curtains of the changing rooms.

Inside, there were Luka-chan and Tobi-chan exposing their white limbs.

Although Luka-chan said she needs to prepare herself, she had great style and it fit her well. Dignified and worried about the short skirt as she was in a standing posture, she shown herself to us.

"Um, how is it?"

"It super suits you! Kinda, like, as if you were about to say——"All forces, charge!"——or something!"

"Ah, I'd like to try that."

Once again, Luka-chan confirmed her own appearance in the mirror, but seeing bare legs and arms, she made a regretful expression.

"Maybe I should order additional arms and leg armour from the same crafter."

Luka-chan smiled a bit shyly.

On the other hand, Tobi-chan curled up in the corner of the small dressing room.

Although her long bangs looked assassin-like but as she wound the muffler around her neck and hid her mouth, rather like an assassin, she looked just like a little animal.

"C'mon Tobi-chan, stand up, stand up."

Once Hino-chan and I helped Toutobi-chan to stand up, she faced Luka-chan.

"It's very cute, I'm surprised. It looks great on you."

"...Lucato too, you're pretty."

Tobi-chan faced downwards embarrassedly.

Together with Luka-chan, they seemed to like that equipment.

"Well then, shall we change our equipment too?"

"You're right. It made me feel like changing into mine as well."

Hino-chan and I switched our equipment on spot.

I changed from the leather armour I was using so far into a silvery-white armour made by Magi-san.

Hino-chan wore a leather jacket, a breastplate and a blue tiara. On top of that she wore a gauntlet disproportionate to her small body on only her right arm.

"Ta-dah! How is it, our appearance!"

"This is how we looked in the β!"

When I said so and puffed my hardly-existent chest, the two smiled.

"It suits you two."

Luka-chan praised us and Tobi-chan standing beside her had nodded several times.

"Thanks, you two! Well then, Kitty-san! We're purchasing equipment!"

"Yes yees, I'll check the price now. ——My my, it turned into quite a cute party."

The onee-style giant peeking at us smiled happily as she saw us.

"...I-I'm, not cute."

"Oh c'mon, for saying things like that, take this!"

I found a hair clip accessory on the shelf nearby and held it in my hand.

Before she could say anything, I used the hair clip to hold down her bangs. With just that the impression she gave off changed.

"Look, now you're cute! As I thought, it's much better than with your bangs down."

Seeing her own appearance in the mirror, Tobi-chan swallowed the phrase "I'm not cute".

Tobi-chan clenched her fist tightly and stared in our faces with a serious expression.

", please let me enter your party!"

"Yup. Sure!"

Since we heard that Tobi-chan was unable to enter any party, so I could tell she summoned courage to ask. Also, there was no reason to refuse.

"I think it's all right as well. I want to adventure together with Toutobi-san."

"I already thought of her as of new member of our party."

It was so natural, I didn't notice until now. Hino-chan said with a smile.

"Now, since we have a new party member Tobi-chan and new equipment, let's go adventure!"

Yeahh, as Hino-chan and I raised our fists high, Luka-chan smiled wryly. Induced by our enthusiasm, Tobi-chan embarrassedly, weakly raised her fist.

"And so, please give us the bill, Kitty-san!"

"Oh my my, since it calls for celebration, I'll make Toutobi-chan's hair accessory a free extra."

Cost of three pieces of Luka-chan's armour, General Rouge, was 180kG.

Tobi-chan's armour, assassin suit 【Assassinoid】and muffler 【Invincible】, cost 150kG in total.

The two received contact information of the crafters who made the equipment they purchased and then we left the store.

"We've added Toutobi-san in but, where shall we go?"

Hearing Luka-chan's question, I suggested a quest I wanted to do for a while already.

"I know! ——Let's go do the women-only quest 【Investigation of Crystal Cave's Interior】 ——"DENIED."——Hino-chan, you're horrible!"

Being immediately refused I fell into a slump, Hino-chan explained to the two who made clueless expressions.

That it's a quest for a pair of women, and when they heard that the emerging mobs are centipedes, the two shook their heads at full power.

"The quest reward and experience isn't that good, and I don't want to see any bugs."

As Hino-chan hugged her own small body, it won't work, I thought and gave up.

"In that case, let's defeat enemies nearby and improve the party's cooperation, then gradually increase the opponents' difficulty. How about that?"

Everyone agreed with Luka-chan's proposal.

"Well then, once again, take care of us, Tobi-chan!"

"...yes, please take care of me."

Together with Tobi-chan who replied with a cheerful smile, we moved on the road full of pedestrian traffic. While having fun chatting, we headed out for an adventure.