Volume 7 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The Magical Furnace and Blurite

A sound of hard metal being struck had echoed inside the 【Atelier】's workshop.

Pouring hot metal from a mould to a mould, I hit it with a hammer, shaping it.

The mass of metal purified from the ore had turned into a lot of Fine Iron Ingots and Iron Ingots. Currently, on the side there was a mountain of ore piled up.

"Phew, for now I was able to turn the iron-type ores into ingots. But what do I do about this."

The heat leaking out of the portable furnace installed in the workshop felt like it was burning my face and I stroked my forehead with the back of my hand to wipe off the sweat.

Beside the Iron Ingots there was Silver Ore, Black Iron Ore and Blurite Ore I didn't work with at all until now.

"I thought Blurite Ore is the same rank materials as iron, but even if I place it in the furnace, it doesn't melt at all."

I tried putting Blurite Ore in the furnace once for an experiment, but probably because heat wasn't enough as it continued to remain in the furnace it had eventually disappeared as a crafting failure.

Although I predicted this was a phenomenon happening when the furnace's performance wasn't enough, there could also be another cause of failure so I put out the furnace's fire immediately.

Feeling that a portable furnace is already insufficient for crafting equipment, I decided to upgrade it.

Still, since I didn't know how should I get a new one, I decided to rely on a senior crafter.

"——And so, please tell me where can I purchase a furnace."

"Yun-kun, to think you still used a portable furnace, Onee-san is a little shocked."

When I visited Magi-san's store, 【Open Sesame】 and asked lowering my head, she muttered amazed as she leaned on her elbow on the counter.

"No, I'm mainly using 【Craftsmanship】 for polishing gems so..."

"Still, since you have money you could purchase decent equipment earlier."

Magi-san made a bitter smile and lightly listened to my circumstances.

"How much firepower do you need, Yun-kun? You can immediately purchase a furnace for changing iron into steel and processing Silver Ingots, but any more than that and it gets troublesome."

"Right now, the ore I can't process is Silver Ore and Black Iron Ore. Also, there's the Blurite Ore item I can't handle at all."

I took out sample of each ore and put them in front of Magi-san.

The reason I came to consult Magi-san was to consult the purchase of a furnace with a top crafter, but also to ask about Blurite Ore I couldn't handle.

"This is... show it to me for a little."

Magi-san narrowed her eyes, turning her expression to a serious one. She lifted the ore and looked at it from various angles.

After observing the ore with blue metal for long enough, she turned towards me.

"Yun-kun. Where did you get this?"

"I mined it along the mountain area located in the north. Did you know about this ore, Magi-san?"

"Yes, I'm occasionally brought one or two. I certainly did hear its mined in the northern area but..."

Did something happen that she speaks so uncomfortably? When I wondered that, Magi-san opened her mouth heavily.

"Could tell me specifically where did you get it?"

"Yeah, it's not really a hidden area. It's just that you need to mine it by climbing that mountain's cliff."

"C-climbing a cliff you say..."

It just so happened that I acquired 【Climbing】 Sense and was digging the mining points at the cliff as we climbed. There wasn't too many Blurite Ores when I dug under the cliff, but the closer to the top I was the number of Bl

urite Ore I mined had increased.

"Haa, you sure are aggressive, Yun-kun."

"No, I was just swept with course of events."

I didn't intend to deny that I moved quite actively, but it was to the extent where I thought positively about the fact my means of mining ore had increased, so it was not a mistake.

"I-it's fine about me already. Magi-san knowing Blurite Ore saves me time. Actually, I need to decide the price for it..."

When I said so, Magi-san went "aaah" and made a strange expression. Why did Magi-san who purchased it before react like that?

"You see. Actually I can't decide on the price of Blurite Ore either."

"Eh, Magi-san can't?"

"Certainly I did buy the Blurite Ore that was brought to me, but I wasn't successful in refining it into an ingot yet. That's why, when I purchase it I pay three times the price of Black Iron Ore."

When it was first brought my furnace's performance wasn't enough, then I didn't have the technology to do it, not high enough level, not enough firepower... and so, I'm now in a situation where I'm waiting to gather up enough ore to make an ingot, she said.

That's where a single question for Magi-san had appeared in my mind.

"Um, but Magi-san should have the Making Box, right. Couldn't you get the number required by using it's duplication feature?"

The Making Box was one of the rewards from the summer camp event, the functions aimed for the crafters were a delivery of a random item every day and duplication of a specified item.

Since I selected the same rewards I remembered about it, but I thought Magi-san could use random delivery or item duplication to align the ore...

"Aah, that. I'm in the middle of duplicating another rare ore I got from random delivery so I can't use it for this one."

Ahahaha, Magi-san laughed dryly. It seemed like it can't be helped.

"In that case I'll deposit all the Blurite Ore I have."

"Ehh?! But, this would put you in a loss."

"I can go and pick up more so it's fine. Also, I can't use it yet anyway."

To me, who had a furnace which could only process iron, this was a useless treasure. That's why, I wanted to make sure of the Blurite Ore's value even if I had to hand it over to Magi-san to learn it.

"Uuu, I'm still unconvinced."

"I only want to know what would be the reasonable price for Blurite Ore, so don't mind it."

"...I get it."

Although she was still dissatisfied with my words closed her eyes and muttered quietly.

"If I settled with this situation all content, it would be a disgrace to me as a top crafter! Therefore, I'll present an exchange condition to you, Yun-kun!"

"Exchange condition?"

"That's right. Yun-kun will provide me with Blurite Ore. I will make equipment with that Blurite Ore and pass it to Yun-kun. Of course, for free."

How about it? As Magi-san tilted her head inquiring, I accepted without any objections.

"I understand. Then please do that. I'll pass the Blurite Ore to you in that case."

Saying so, I left 47 pieces of Blurite Ore with Magi-san. It was enough for making 9 ingots. If it goes well, she'll be able to make at least one ingot.

"So, contract established. But before that, we have to purchase a furnace for you."

"Yeah, speaking of which..."

I've gotten caught up in the Blurite Ore's price problem and forgotten about it.

"We'll go buy it immediately, but there are two choices I recommend."

After we left 【Open Sesame】 Magi-san spoke as we walked towards the NPC selling furnaces, she raised two fingers as she explained.

"First, there's the Blast Furnace that can stably process gold and silver as well as black iron. Normally, you would eventually purchase it by raising a grade for each stage, but since you have money Yun-kun, I think you can immediately buy it."

A higher level Blast Furnace was impossible to carry like a mobile furnace and had to be installed inside a workshop, but the performance was guaranteed.

"That sounds good enough to make accessories."

"True. The other one, is a furnace that can process magical metal. It's called the Magical Furnace."

This one was also a crafting equipment that required installation like the Blast Furnace, but had different features from the Blast Furnace.

"The Magical Furnace can temporarily increase the firepower by using player's MP. On the other hand, if MP expires in middle of crafting and firepower decreases suddenly the crafting fails."

The Blast Furnace which had more stable performance or the Magical Furnace that had higher performance but was harder to handle.

From the two Magi-san had proposed I choose——

"Better too big than to small, they say——I guess the Magical Furnace."

"As I thought. Then, you'll have to do your best with the quest."

"Eh, that's..."

What did she mean? I tried asking, but Magi-san had entered a building at the town's outskirts.

I followed after her in a hurry and inside the building I felt a breathless because of the steaming, hot air inside the building.

"Yun-kun, the bricklayer NPC here sells the Blast Furnace and Magical Furnace."

"Welcome. Do you need bricks?"

The one who appeared was a rugged male NPC with an apron dirty with mud. As I looked up at the man with square features, he left the scoop he held in his hands to mix clay and had turned in our direction.

"Um... I want a Magical Furnace that can process magical metals."

"Sorry. Magical Furnace is made of the special-made bricks and we don't have materials for those."

The rugged man lowered his eyebrows as made an apologetic look. I wondered what to do and turned my gaze towards Magi-san for hlep, who nodded with a smile.

Should it continue like this?

"However, if you bring in the materials it will be possible to make it. I'll tell you where you can find the material."

"Ah, so that's it. I accept then."

——【Quest: Look for Fine Magical Clay Balls】 has been accepted.

Gather 30 of the quest item, 【Fine Magical Clay Balls】

I opened the map that appeared along when the quest was accepted and checked the location. It seemed that there were several places to pick up the quest item around the First Town.

"You can gather 3〜4 clay balls in each place. Bring them to me once you gathered the required number."

After saying so, the Bricklayer NPC turned his back towards us and started kneading the clay in brick kiln in front of him.

"Thank you for guiding me, Magi-san."

"Well then, that's it for my guidance. I'll go try my hand with Blurite Ore, so you do your best too, Yun-kun."

I've seen off Magi-san who went on the road to 【Open Sesame】 waving me goodbye and motivated myself.

"Still, I'm used to walking around the first town, so there's no need to worry."

It seems like it'll be laid-back gathering no different from the usual picnics and walks.

Therefore I called out companions for my stroll.

"Now, let's go! Ryui, Zakuro——《Summon》!"

I summoned my partner young beasts, unicorn Ryui and two-tailed black fox, Zakuro.

"Now, let's gather some items as well walk around like usual!"

I stroked summoned Ryui's and Zakuro's neck and brought the two on a walk outside the town.

While collecting the quest item 【Fine Magical Clay Balls】 I also collected various other items on the way.

Branches required for arrows and gemstones as well as herbs. Making a little detour I also gathered rare herbs from a secluded location as I steadily collected clay balls.

"Phew, I've gathered two thirds of the required clay balls. But, I'm a little tired so let's take a break."

Locating the places I could collect clay balls from was easy, but digging under the ground to gather it required quite a lot effort.

I dug the layers of clay which had exactly the same hue as the ground in surroundings up to thirty centimetres deep and then I formed a clay balls of a basketball size with my own hands.

Making two, three of them and putting them in the inventory was quite tiring.

I gathered it as I moved from the eastern are towards the southern area and once I entered the safety area on the west's side area I decided to sit down and rest a little under a tree's shade.

"Haa, Ryui, stop putting your heads on top of my knees like usual. Also Zakuro, why are you trying to enter such a narrow place?"

I stroked Ryui who requested a lap pillow and Zakuro who tried to enter my clothes from my side and meanwhile, I looked for some food in my inventory which would match the mood.

"Today's mood... ahh, there's 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】."

I took out the grapes Taku found in the woods in the northern mountainside area.

When I put in one mouth, sweet juice spread inside.

I took a few from the bunch and gave to Zakuro since he rose on his hind legs and seemed to want some, he started to eat it along with the skin.

"Normally grapes are bitter if eaten without peeling skin, but I guess it saves effort to eat them along with the skin."

I picked another one and put it in my mouth.

Since I was distracted with Zakuro for a moment, when I felt the weight on my lap lighten and turned towards Ryui, I saw him eat entire bunch of grapes.

"Wooah, what's with that lavish eating?! Is it really fine to eat it by bunch?!"

I retorted in response to the sight, but Ryui continued to chew only spitting out the stems.

He cleanly only ate the fruits.

"Aaa-aah, and I still haven't eaten myself."

And I wanted to eat some more of them. I felt depressed, but the small fox froze as he gulped grapes down.

"...Zakuro. It's fine, you can eat the rest of them."

I picked the remaining grapes from the bunch and heaved a sigh quietly.

It's not like grapes are that unusual, why did Ryui eat them up all at once, I wondered and the answer I ended up with was that we haven't eaten any fruits recently.

"It can't be helped. After we gather up the quest items let's go to the northern area and search for 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】."

One more push, I slapped my own cheeks lightly and resumed clay ball gathering.

In the western area nearby the shallow cave which was bat habitat, near the pond I dug up clay balls and finished their collection. Then, I headed to search for 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】 in the north.

"Ryui, hide yourselves with illusion like usual and protect Zakuro. We'll avoid combat as much as possible."

I gave instructions to Ryui in front of the northern forest and started to walk inside carefully.

Using my armour's 【Recognition Inhibition】 additional effect I advanced so that we're not found by enemy mobs.

"Although it's just ore at the cliff, there's a lot of gemstones in the forest. Although there's few herbs, seems like a lot of food ingredients can be found here."

From the food items other than 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】, I found 【Mountain Apple】 which resembled an apple, a blue fruit similar to a plum 【Shiyu Fruit】 and 【Tou Fruit】 which had a sweet fragrance similar to that of an apricot.

【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】 was easy to pick up because the fruits are hanging in a low position, but the other trees were tall and picking them up seemed difficult...

"Should I drop them with the bow? But I'd rather not, fruits will be hurt."

Maybe I should just pick up what's within the range of my reach, I thought, but recalling that I had 【Climbing】 Sense I equipped it and climbed the trees thanks to motion assist in order to pick fruits.

"I forgot about this Sense since I got it just recently. Now, let's go look for the next one!"

The four kinds of fruits each provided a resistance to different bad statuses, 【Shiyu Fruit】 improved resistance to Poison and Charm, 【Tou Fruit】 resistance to Paralysis and Stun, 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】 resistance to Confusion and Anger. And 【Mountain Apple】 correspondingly improved Curse and Sleep resistance.

If only could I grow these on my field, I thought and tried to look for seeds in the fruits, but I was unable to get any. Instead, I located a small tree called 【Shiyu's Seedling】 and scooping it out from the ground I succeeded in putting it in my inventory.

Although I did walk around looking for the seedlings of three other fruit trees, but since I could only find a single 【Shiyu's Seedling】 I resolved myself to come here occasionally to search.

"Phew, I guess this is enough?"

Since every time I found fruits Ryui and Zakuro requested a taste of them, rather than searching it had turned into something like fruit hunt for Ryui and Zakuro.

In addition to gathering clay balls I went fruit picking, since I did quite a lot of field work, it's about time I go back, when I decided that a bright red colour had appeared in front of me.

Speaking of red colour in the northern forest, it would be 【Mountain Apples】 so I decided to return and complete the quest after picking the apples.

When I proceeded in the direction of the red colour I exited to a small, open area.

Lined up in there, were trees covered in red flowers. The flower petals were half-open like a bowl. And then, the entire flowers fell down from the tree.

Under my feet spread lots of those flowers, still maintaining their shape.

"So this is the safety area, right. Also I feel like I've heard of 'Whole-falling flowers' before..."

Zakuro walked through the flowers composed and Ryui had fearfully bounced around as not to step on them.

I walked checking up one tree after another as I searching my memory.

"I feel like I've seen this recently. Where was it again."

"Oh right. It resembles a diagram for a material I extracted from this book."

I took out the book from inventory and opened the relevant page.

"Is this the 【Double Camellia】? If so, by squeezing out its seeds I should be able to get oil."

Although it was supposed to have camellia fruits, I couldn't find anything similar to seeds in them, I could only find some broken off seeds from time to time. However, their number was small.

"Means I can't gather large amounts of seeds so easily, huh."

And, as I walked between the trees with camellia flowers on them, I stepped on something hard.

What was that, I looked at my feet and saw a hard seed of a golf ball's size.

Hidden by 【Double Camellia】's flowers there was a fallen seed.

"It's darkest under the lamp post, they say."

I picked up the camellia seed and started collecting the seeds that fell nearby. Looking at it mystified Zakuro tried imitating me and brought a seed in his mouth, but not knowing the use of the seeds he bit on it while tilting his head.

"Thanks, Zakuro. If we collect lots of these, I'll make oil."

I opened the book and confirmed the diagram for squeezing out oil and its applications.

【Double Camellia's Oil】 could be used for both Mixing and Cooking, moreover the draff could be used for a fertilizer in the field.

"Also 【Double Camellia's Oil】 is the base material for ointment."

According to the recipe for making an ointment for wounds and cream, oil, water and a stabilizer third material were used for the base cream.

Among the materials, 【Double Camellia's Oil】 was used for oil and 【Water of Life】 for water, but the stabilizer material was still missing.

In the book it said a sumac wax squeezed out of a certain plant was used, but unfortunately no material came to my mind.

"...but sumac wax, a wax huh. If I'm not wrong honeycomb wax was also a material for candles."

When I gathered the camellia seeds as I was thinking, before I realized lots seeds were gathered by my feet.

Since Zakuro happily waved his two tails, I pat his head as a thanks and recovered the seeds he brought.

"It can't be helped even if I stay here and think endlessly, so let's go back for now. Ryui, Zakuro, we're going."

I patted the two animals who ran up to me in response to my voice and without any detours, we headed straight back to the First Town.

And, we stopped by the Bricklayer NPC's store located in the outskirts, reporting the quest.

"I finished collecting clay balls for the quest!"

"I see. I can make a Magical Furnace with this. The making of the furnace and installing will cost 1.2mG, when should I begin work?"

"Umm, I don't have the money with me, so please come to the 【Atelier】 first and confirm the location for installing in the workshop part before starting."

"Understood. Let's go then."

I passed all the clay balls I had and being able to purchase the Magical Furnace, I brought the Bricklayer NPC with me and returned to the 【Atelier】.

After exchanging greetings with Kyouko-san the NPC I guided the Bricklayer NPC to the back of the store, then after conveying my request as for the installation I paid the costs of the furnace.

"Well then, near the furnace's location put down a magic barrier to prevent the hot air spreading in the entire room, noted."

"Since I got other materials for Mixing you know. Also, I don't want to take a break in a hot room."

"Understood. I'll start working with this for the time being."

But, the craftsman who was about to return to his store to begin the installation of the Magical Furnace had dropped a bomb as he was leaving.

"The installation of the furnace will take three days. Meanwhile, it will be impossible to enter here."

"Hee? No, it's first time hearing this, that'd be troubling."

The Bricklayer NPC left the 【Atelier】 before I could respond. No way, has construction work already started? As I put my hand on the door of the workshop part of the store a message saying 【Entrance Prohibited】 had appeared.

"...Kyouko-san, do we have enough in stock for three days?"

When I asked the Kyouko-san who was tending to the store, she answered with a smile that it's all right, making me feel slightly relieved.

"But it's still troubling. If I can't mix a base cream then..."

No, but thinking again about it, there was still an option of mixing with the beginner's crafting kit I haven't used for a while.

"...haa, good grief. Well, let's just confirm the recipe works and worry about performance improvement later."

For now, in order to proceed with preparation of the base cream I took out the book and started squeezing out oil out of 【Double Camellia】's seeds while consulting the method with the recipe.

"Hmm. I made a stabilizer for the time being, but it looks somewhat poorly."

I sniffed it, but the smell that had come from the green stabilizer placed in front of me was far from what could be called refreshing.

Two days have passed since then. Until the installation of the Magical Furnace completes I slowly dried the 【Double Camellia's Seeds】 under the 【Atelier】's eaves and on the wooden deck facing towards the field, I worked on the stabilizer with the materials I had.

The material I used as for the stabilizer was 【Bark of the Fragrant Moss Wood】 which was the material for 【Insect Repelling Incense】 and using that, I proceeded with extracting the stabilizer.

I boiled a large amount of 【Bark of the Fragrant Moss Wood】 in hot water for more than thirty minutes.

As I stirred it dyeing water with the moss wood, eventually all of the water had been stained by the green moss and something like oil started to slowly appear floating on the surface. Once I boiled it for a long time it had become a thick layer of oil and the remnant of the moss and bark was swimming inside the pot.

Then, I took the pot from on top of fire and waited for it to cool down slowly.

With the use of the difference in temperature between water, oil and the stabilizer, I waited for the green solid on the surface——【Moss Wax】 to solidify.

Finally I took out the green mass, and throwing away the remaining water, oil, moss and bark I secured a certain amount of 【Moss Wax】, but the grassy smell didn't disappear.

"I should have asked Lyly about a suitable material for making wax."

Lyly the woodworker should know about a stabilizer material for making wax or varnish for polishing the surface of bows and staffs, I thought. What should I do, I wondered.

"I have cometh! Hey, what are you doing?"

When I was checking the texture of the prepared wax, the Mischievous Fairy had come to play.

"Welcome. There are sweets prepared in the back."

"Yayy! Well then, have this in exchange."

The Mischievous Fairy who visited from time to time had placed a small pot full of honey on the table and flew towards the store to pick up some sweets.

"Geez, so energetic."

"Yahoo! Candies today!"

Apple-flavorued and grape-flavorued candies were something I made by mixing juice squeezed out of fruits I collected recently, sugar and water. I decided to use 【Shiyu Fruit】 and 【Tou Fruit】 on some other time.

As for the 【Shiyu's Seedling】 and 【Double Camellia】's seed I have had them currently planted inside a planter and was waiting for them to grow.

The Farmer NPC in whose care I am very often said that the 【Shiyu's Seedling】 and 【Double Camellia】's seed will have to grow in a planter for two weeks before they can be re-planted in the field. And, I was told that they will start bearing fruit a month after they are planted in the field, I already had the place to plant them in prepared.

"Mm? Whashiit? Sho 've anyshin on my fashe?"

"No, I just thought that you're eating deliciously."

The Mischievous Fairy put in the candy of a size for humans into her mouth and licked it with her cheek inflated incredibly.

She couldn't speak too well but, What is it? Is there anything on my face? She must have wanted to say. Seeing her like that, a smile appeared on my face.

Although she continued to lick the candy for a while, in the middle of it she had started to chew on it. Once she finally settled down, she flew right in front of me.

"Looks like a strange lump, and it kinda smells."

"I intended to make wax out of a plant. Actually, I'd be glad if I had Beeswax."

"What are you saying. You have Beeswax don't you."

Saying so, the Mischievous Fairy pointed at the honey she brought in.

"I mean, 【Fairy Village's Honey Crown】's pot is made by processing the light and sturdy honeycomb."


"Seriously serious I am. There's no way we could carry an ordinary, heavy pot after all."

Use some common sense and you'd realize, hmph. I was a little annoyed by how she snorted, but I felt like I found a new method.

"Well then, next time prepare a cake!"

"No, even if you make a request I won't... heck, she's gone!"

I received a big hint from the free and unrestrained neighbourhood Mischievous Fairy.

Taking out the small pots the Mischievous Fairy had brought in the honey in so far, I checked them.

Certainly, the pot was light and durable. There was a moist texture somewhat different from ceramic.

"All right. Now that I have the prospect of stabilizer, let's prepare the base cream!"

I set up two small pots.

I filled the pots with water and put bowls inside which had a Beeswax and Moss Wax, making them float on hot water.

Since the Beeswax pot was quite big it was somewhat hard to melt it so I smashed it with a hammer first. The Moss Wax was slowly purified as I slowly added fresh water and removed the impurities.

"It's not like I have a beehive. I need to be able to make it with the materials I have access to."

It was important to be able to make it at any time rather than count on rare, high quality items I couldn't make myself.

Meanwhile, since the crushed Beeswax pot had melted turning into big mass, I took it out from the hot water to cool it down.

After removing the impurities for about three times the Moss Wax too, had its colour and grassy smell fade, it had only a light green colour and refreshing scent.

"Since Beeswax didn't have much impurities in the first place, there wasn't much change, huh. And for the Moss Wax, once I got rid of the impurities it doesn't smell so bad."

Rather, since it had refreshing scent of greenery, it might actually be better that way.

"Hmm. Let's make it with both."

I stopped heating up water and crushed the lumps of chilled Beeswax and Moss Wax into several bottles.

"What's left is... oh, a friend call from Taku?"

Next were the large pot for the oil extracted from 【Double Camellia】's seeds and a large amount of water, and when I was preparing a steamer, a friend call had come from Taku.

『"Yun, how are you?"』

"We meet in the school all the time don't we."

『"Haha, I guess. I'm going to drop by your store now, is that fine? I want to talk a little about the highland area in the north."』

"It's fine. I'm in the 【Atelier】 right now."

『"All right, I'll head over right away!"』

It was sudden for him to contact me, but I understood once he spoke about the highland area. Soon, we'll probably go explore that place, I thought and finished preparing the steamer and waited for water to boil.

After I waited for a while, Kyouko-san had guided Taku and the others from the 【Atelier】's store to the wooden deck.

"Welcome. So today Gantz, Minute and the others are with you."

"Yeah, we'll intrude for a little. Still, you have some strange things lined-up."

Following Taku were Gantz, Minute, Mami-san, Kei. Also, the climber Ivan was with them too.

"Eh? This looks like a strange combination. It's old man Ivan."

"Hey, I wanted to see missy's store so I asked Taku lad to guide me."

"Well then, look around freely. We can talk once I finish up with this work."

As Ivan smiled showing his white teeth, feel free, I said, and continued to work in front of Taku and the others who watched it with interest.

When the steamer was filled with steam, I put in dried 【Double Camellia】 seeds in.

"Now, the preparations are finished. Well then, let's talk about the highland area in the north."

Acting as representative for this talk were Taku and Ivan, others were looking around at the Wisteria Peach Tree and herbs in the 【Atelier】's field, or stared at the tools spread on the wooden deck's table that were in middle of processing.

"Simply put, I want to invite you to search in that highland area. Gantz, Minute and the others also seem interested in that area, so before everyone gets the 【Climbing】 Sense, won't you go take a look in there with me, Yun?"

I don't mind but... as I muttered that I turned towards Gantz and others, who responded to me excitedly.

"It's a new area! I want to go there too, but because I don't have the 【Climbing】 Sense I can't go! Why didn't I log in back then, really!"

"Gantz is acting way too excited all alone. But, I am slightly anxious about sending off Taku and Yun-chan alone into an unknown area."

Although appalled about how Gantz clenched his fist saying "I'm envious", Minute worried about us going to the highland area.

"Then, does Ivan teach you about 【Climbing】 Sense all alone?"

Ivan who crossed his arms beside had made a happy smile and shook his head.

"It turned out that my acquaintances who have the 【Climbing】 Senses gathered up and we're going to carry out large-scale study for climbing. I came in order to consult about the items required as preparation for that."

I see, so Taku wanted to invite me to the highland area and Ivan actually had come to seek advice from me and Taku who actually experienced learning about the Sense under him.

First, let's respond Taku——

"I don't mind going to the highland area, but I don't want to search too deeply. If it's light, then sure."

"Sure, leave it to me."

Taku said so all confident, but will it really be fine? I tilted my head puzzled.

Then, I took out a notebook from the inventory and wrote down a several items and a Mixing recipe for Ivan.

"Food and consumables like potions are essential. Also, since Bunker Bees appear in that place they need to light the 【Insect Repelling Incense】 from this recipe so that bees don't attack them even during daytime. I've written down where each material can be found."

I wrote down things I needed when I was leveling my 【Climbing】 Sense.

If they had acquaintance crafters other than me they should just ask them to prepare a number of those. It would be too much of a burden to provide items for a large number of people studying. In order to reduce the burden on myself even if just a little, I passed him the recipe.

"Is it fine to take this? Aren't crafter's recipes something confidential..."

"First time hearing that. Ah, also, I've checked up on the prices for ore, but since Blurite ore's price is still undecided, want to sell it for slightly more than others?"

For the Blurite Ore I entrusted to Magi-san, following her example I purchased it at a price three times that of Black Iron Ore. Together with the other ore, it all cost quite a lot.

"It's more than enough. But, if you have this much money missy, it seems you can collect the presented items with ease. If it's needed I'll split up with acquaintances to secure materials. Sorry, I'll be in your debt!"

It seemed like Ivan's bussiness was over since after I purchased the ore from him, he left the store early.

After that I discussed the schedule for going to the highland area with Taku and did adjustment.

"Hey, Yun-chan. What is this?"

When I was done discussing with Taku, Gantz had pointed towards the 【Double Camellia】's seeds inside the steamer. Minute also looked at them with interest.

"I guess its an ointment's material? After steaming, I plan to squeeze out the oil from camellia seeds."

Originally I was supposed to crush the seeds whole on the grinding machine in the workshop and then put them into linen cloth and squeeze out, but since I was unable to enter the workshop because of the Magical Furnace's installation, I had to crush them with the hammer used in craftsmanship and squeeze them out.

"Since they're camellia seeds, you mean it's Camellia Oil?"

"I guess so. If I squeeze out the oil I'll get a versatile material that can be used in cooking and mixing. Also, it can be used for medicine. Speaking of which, I guess it could be classified as a cosmetic."

Mami-san had asked puzzled, so I responded confirming it and then took out the steamed seeds so that they cool down slightly.

Meanwhile, Minute had stared at the camellia seeds with her eyes shining.

"Are you saying it can be used for hair and skin?!"

"I wonder? But I guess since its a material for something like a hand cream, there should be no harm."

As the seeds cooled down I checked the ointment recipe using Camellia Oil in the book set aside.

The basic things were ointments and creams, but by changing the recipe it seemed like I could make things like a lip cream.

"Great, this is really great! Since you're squeezing, you need strength! Gantz, come here and use some strength instead of Yun-chan!"

Hearing about item associated with skin care and beauty Minute had grow energetic and struck Gantz back repeatedly.

She did it so powerfully that Taku and Kei had escaped to 【Atelier】's store section.

"Ahh, Taku, Kei! Don't make me a sacrifice and escape!"

Gantz called out to the two who were already gone and tried to escape but Minute had pressed against the nape of his neck with a smile.

"Now, if you're a man, then get to work."

Threatened with a big smile, Gantz had used his fists used for martial arts in order to squeeze camellia seeds. Thanks to that, a plenty of oil was squeezed out, more than I could have gotten by myself. Incidentally, Gantz hands have turned all wet with oil.


"Um, cheers for good work, Gantz."

"...d-damn ittttt!!"

With Camellia Oil all over him, Gantz had headed towards the store part where Taku and Kei were.

"Hey, Yun-chan. What will you do now?"

Minute had rushed me, wanting me to proceed with the next step. Beside her, Mami-san stood silently but with excitement in her eyes.

"Um, first I'm going to emulsify Camellia Oil, 【Water of Life】 and stabilizer at a 5-6-1 ratio."

This time, I dissolved the Beeswax in hot water and mixed it with Camellia Oil. After adding a small amount of 【Water of Life】 in there, I continued to mix them together until they blend. This work would be faster if I used automatic stirrer that was in my workshop, but this time I did it all manually, slowly mixing 【Water of Life】 and oil into a cream.

"Keh, it's quite hard, but by doing this we get a base cream."

Although in this state the item still didn't have any effect, the scent of Beeswax was great.

"Amazing. Can I take a little?"

"M-me too, me too."

"Go on."

When I passed fresh base cream to them, the two scooped it up with their index fingers and spread it on their arm, ascertaining how comfortable it is. I also rubbed some on the back of my hand and when I raised it to my nose, I could smell a faint, sweet honey aroma.

Although there was no change in stats, it made me feel a little happy.

"How is it? The comfort, scent and such."

"It smells a little sweet. How would you make a lip cream?"

"For that, I would add more stabilizer making it closer to a solid."

"Then, at the time how about you mix in some honey or a flower extract for the scent?"

I hurriedly wrote down Minute's advice.

Although it felt like it was to Minute's liking, but Mami-san frowned slightly in response to the sweet smell.

"Mami-san, if the scent of Beeswax is no good, how about this one?"

When I used a material in exchange and held out the purified Moss Wax, it seemed like Mami-san preferred a more refreshing scent of greenery.

"I might like this one."

"I see. So the preferences can vary depending on just a single material."

Slightly impressed, I have divided the sample base cream into small containers. Currently, preparation of a base cream was the main goal, but overall it should exert an effect by adding more material afterwards.

The small portions of base cream were for verifying the combinations with other materials.

"Still, Camellia Oil, huh. It might be good to putting it on the hair directly."

"Then why don't you try? Your hair might turn shiny."

When I muttered that half-jokingly, Minute in the edge of my field of view had made a merry smile.

"True. Let's try it on Yun-chan then. Mami, hold Yun-chan down!"


Mami-san had clung to my waist as I was making base cream. Although it was far from being a restraint, seeing her desperation, I hesitated to resist.

"Yun-chan has long black hair, so we'll try it out a little."

"H-hey, Minute. Won't you calm down? I'm fine, really. Also, I'm a man, too."

I tried to resist with my words, but Minute approached with her hands covered thinly in Camellia Oil.

"Resign yourself!"


She grasped my head from behind and holding it down strongly, she rubbed oil on my hair.

"How is it! This Camellia Oil hair care!"

"Uu-faa, w-wait, this is..."

I involuntarily let out a voice, it felt good. As the oil was rubbed into my head with modest strength, it felt so comfortable I naturally relaxed my body.

Before I realized, Mami-san's restraint had disappeared and I fell down limply on the table located on the wooden deck.

"Y-you're horrible."

"U-uwoaa, I can see it glow."

"*gulp*, this is some terrifying effect."

As the two stared, I took out a mirror to reflect my appearance in and ascertained the effect of Camellia Oil.

My long black hair had an increased lustre and was strongly reflecting light, glowing. As I slid my fingertip on it, the texture of the hair had grown smooth.

But the problem was, that because of the massage Minute gave me my face was flushed and tears appeared in the corner of my eyes.

I squat down in place in order to hide my sloppy-looking face.

"This isn't me!"

"It's amazing. Your hair is even more beautiful now."

"I don't need such praise!"

I sat down and retracted my neck like a turtle, waiting for myself to settle down. Meanwhile, Minute and Mami-san had covered each other's hair with remaining Camellia Oil and their merry voices reached me.

Minute's wavy blonde hair had turned smooth and Mami-san's smooth hair under the hat had become too smooth, making the hairband slip off and fall down.

"You should enjoy yourself more, Yun-chan. Hey, won't you make a lip balm next?"

"I would like a hand cream with refreshing scent."

"What, aren't you having fun."

"Taku, you're here! Stop those two..."

It seemed like Taku, who escaped from the task of squeezing out oil from the camellia seeds, has come back. I turned around in order to ask Taku for help with dealing with the two girls acting enthusiastic about cosmetics and tried to make me a guinea pig, but when I saw him I fell silent.

"Hm? What is it, Yun? Falling silent like that."

"Ww-w-what's with that sparkle!"

Is there anything strange? Taku puzzled himself as he stroked his neck, but his hair looked much better and was sparkling as compared to a while ago. Somehow, he looked cooler now.

Something happened in this short while.

"Oh, Gantz had touched all over my head while his hands were sticky with oil."

It was a real pain. While Taku said that, beside him there was Gantz, who had Camellia Oil all over his face and whose skin was all shiny, but he still had a smug expression on his face. There was no change in particular in Kei's appearance, but, the moving parts of the armours are smoother with oil put on them, he muttered.

"Uwoah, Taku-san looks even more refreshing."

"Hoee, so it has an effect on men too."

Since I had a female character, the Camellia Oil had emphasized on its femininity upon use, but it had a different effect on Taku, even though we are both men in real, I thought and tears appeared in my eyes.

"Shut up! Stupid Taku! Don't show yourself in front of me for a while!"

"What happened, Yun."


I vented out my anger. But she's being shy, she's embarrassed, Minute and Mami-san had decided. That's definitely not it.

Meanwhile, with a smile on his face Gantz had made a pissed off expression and, are you showing off, you damn riajuu?! And delivered a body blow to Taku from the side.

I somehow managed to drive Taku away and I crouched behind the counter, holding my legs.

"Why only Taku gets to look more manly. When my hair turns glossy I only become more feminine. Even though I'm a man in real."

*sniff*, I sat down for a while waiting for my energy to return.

Hating myself for driving Taku away mid-way as I vented my anger, it didn't seem like I can face him for a while.

"...Taku's a dumbass."

A quiet mutter had spilled from under the counter.