Volume 2 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Cooking and Satiety

The satiety system made it so that the satiety number decreased as time passed or activities were done. It was necessary to regularly restore satiety by using food items.

When satiety hits 25% there will be a negative status that has an impact on stats, and when satiety reaches 0, HP will gradually start decreasing.

The satiety level put a status on the player that was different from other abnormal effects and couldn't be recovered from as such. In order to restore satiety one could use consumable items like pills and potions which recovered a small amount of satiety, or food items like rice balls which recovered a high amount of satiety.

In short, that's how it felt.

Also, if you have a 【Sense】 and make food items from materials that dropped from monsters, it will temporarily increase one's stats. Also, the opposite could also be achieved...

"Oh, Yun-san. Hello."

"Ah, Kyouko-san. Hello. Any customers today?"

Not moving from in front of the 【Atelier】's counter, I checked the menu screen for satiety and didn't notice a person standing next to me until they I've been called out to.

"No one came. Although it would be good if someone did."

Kyouko-san said so while raising her shoulders. Come to think of it, because of the maintenance which started this morning no player could log in and purchase anything from the store. NPCs are really close to real people. I thought, they had very realistic personalities.

"What happened? Yun-san."

Because I stared intently at Kyouko-san, she looked back at me in wonder.

"It's nothing. Could you buy a larger amount of Herbs, as well as materials for Blue Potions tomorrow? I need to replenish the Beginner's Potions stock."

"I understand. Then, this is today's harvest."

I looked at the items I've been passed. They were herb-type items that were grown on the field next to the shop.

The herb-based items grown on the field were higher level than normal ones, and if potions were made out of that material, there were effective to the point of overhealing.

Well, because of that I compensated it with another Sense.

"What should I try today. I need to secure money for upgrading the facilities too..."

Also, I want to acquire the 【Cooking】 Sense because of the newest update. And I need to organize items for delivery before that. When I looked down at the menu for that, I've heard a voice call out.



Since I was called out to, I stopped working and looked in the direction it came from.

"Yahoo. It's been since earlier today, Onee-chan."

"Hello there, Yun-san."

"Oh, Myu, Lucato. What is it?"

It was my little sister Myu and her party member Lucato.

The reason Myu called me 'Onee-chan' was my current appearance.

Since I was originally feminine, the correction that was applied on me by OSO's character edit added even more femininity. My hair extended to my waist, my voice was higher, and my body has gained curves. Once again I was reminded of that fact and let out a sigh.

"What happened? Is there anything on my face?"

"Stop that, um... calling me 'onee-chan.'"

"Even so, it doesn't seem like there are any customers. Are you able to properly secure funds?"

"Listen to what people are saying, geez..."

As Myu looked around the store no customers visited, Lucato who was beside her smiled wryly. I spat out a small sigh.

"The item types and prices aren'

t bad, but people won't come just because I made a shop."

"The restrictions you placed on the number of items purchased is probably one of the reasons. Please get rid of that."

"ST Recovery and Highpots. I get it. I just have to steadily continue."

The NPC Kyouko-san was doing accounting instead of me. Initially when the game started there were multiple resellers who bought out all the potions and sold them at high prices, to avoid that happening to 【Atelier】 and to sell potions to everyone at an affordable price I imposed a limit on number of items. Though, unless I remove it I won't have enough people coming over. And, the accounting was completed as I was lost in thoughts.

"Now that we have prepared ourself for an adventure, let's go on one that's full of dreams and romance, expect a souvenir! Because I expect a delicious dinner!"

"Isn't that the same as always. Good grief... Lucato, can I leave Myu to you?"

"Yes, it's the usual thing..."

Lucato's smile made it seem like I could leave it to her and be at ease. I sent off the energetic Myu and Lucato, then once again, I considered what to do.

"So, what do I start with."

Help came from the NPC Kyouko-san who had her arms folded.

"How about you deliver items and show your face at Magi-san's?"

"You're right, lets start with that. I'll be going then."

I took the items and left the store. Since there was an update in the morning there were a lot of people on the streets, I walked while observing them.

People were forming parties, purchasing equipment as well as advertised their stalls with loud voices. While enjoying the atmosphere I arrived at Magi-san's shop, 【Open Sesame】.

"Magi-san? You here?"

"Heya, Yun-kun. It's been a while. Since you've been leaving all the deliveries to NPC I started to worry about you."

Although she said she worried, Magi-san greeted me with a smile on her face. If anything, it seemed like she had fun talking with me.

"Well, since it's been a while since I came over to Magi-san's place, Kyouko-san proposed that I come myself this time."

"The NPC's are highly autonomous aren't they. Just a while ago, one got really angry at me."

"My condolences."

Magi-san turned her gaze at the NPC who was organizing weapons in the store.

While we were talking like that, I delivered the items.

Magi-san's shop was dealing with metal weapons and armour, she herself had a 【Smithing】 Sense. I was crafting potions and medicines with 【Mixing】 Sense and sold them in consignment with Magi-san. The Blue Potions I delivered to Magi-san were made from relatively cheap materials and their effect was reasonably high. Because there was a lot of people coming to Magi-san's shop, they sold out like hot cakes.

"Why are they selling like that at Magi-san's place... even though they're the same items..."

"I still haven't seen Yun-kun's shop, how does it look like?"

"Ah, want to see a screenshot?"

I displayed the screenshot of the shop I was proud of for Magi-san to look at.

A small wooden store, the store I loved. Also, the verdant herbs. As well as the Vitality Tree that has started to bear fruits recently.

"Amazing, it looks like part of the background."

"...doesn't it..."

That's how it must've been looking from perspective of general public, and as she saw my eyes cloud over, Magi-san started to panic.

"N-no, I think it's good! I-it has a good taste or... how to say it..."

"It's all right. The store's pretty shoddy, but I can set the limit on items purchased or leave it all to the clerk, I haven't advertised it yet either. So the only ones coming are my little sister's party members. The consignment is the majority of my income."

Another thing to do, was to invest into the shop's appearance and equipment. That's why, I wasn't being sad at all right now. Hey, just now, my visibility has distorted a bit.

"Come on, Yun-kun. I have a proposal for that. Won't you sell Enchant Stones in here?"

"Enchant Stones, huh?"

While rubbing my moist eyes, I blinked to see Magi-san.

Enchant Stones were one of main 【Atelier】's products.

It was an item I made with 【Enchant Arts】's skill 【Skill Enchant】.

When my 【Enchant】 had reached level 30 I received a skill 【Skill Enchant】 which allowed me to put Arts and Skills I possessed into an item which could be activated with a keyword afterwards, it wasn't a crafting skill in a strict sense of the word.

I was using 【Enchant】's skill on Stones which were an inexpensive material and made convenient Enchant Stones. Moreover, the skills that can be put into an item were dependant on the skills I had. One of them were enchanted Gems called Magic Gem, because I couldn't create many of them, they became my personal means of attacking.

The once-enchanted items, no matter their level and type, whether its weapons or materials, they all disappear after being used once. Therefore, it was a basic disposable consumable item.

And like that, I was slightly lost in thoughts.

"Yeah. I'll make sure to properly explain to people how to use them and give your store publicity. Since we're mainly a store which deals with metal items, it's fine if you give us just the attack and defence stat raising ones."

Hmm, it's an attractive proposal. If the existence of such items is known, there might be people who will come to 【Atelier】 seeking magic attack and defence ones. And if the amount of customers increases, there will be more repeaters coming over to our store. Incidentally, the rearguards will probably purchase MP Potions as well.


"Is there something that bothers you?"

"No, it takes a minute to make them, it's more like casting magic on an item rather than crafting items."

"So, what do you mean by that?"

"Assuming I have a hundred of herbs I can use a skill to make a hundred of potions at once. As for Enchant Stones, I need to select the target stone and apply magic on it so it would be troublesome to make many of them. Well, one per minute."

Included in that there's the process of polishing and dyeing. This effort was done in order to make it easier to differientate each type of enchant.

"And if I don't gather the material, which is stones..."

"So you can't make too many of them. Then, that person! I mean, me, I will try to advertise your store to people."

"Then, how about I deliver some starting from tomorrow? Also I'd be glad to hear impressions after people use them."

"Understood. Looks like a customer came, see you later."

"Yes, see you."

I said so, and left the store having a customer replace me.

I acquired 【Cooking】 Sense by using the surplus of SP I had and purchased a beginner's crafting kit for it after which I transferred to the Second Town through the town portal.

Possessed SP16

【Hawk Eyes Lv31】 【Speed Increase Lv16】 【Discovery Lv12】 【Magic Talent Lv34】 【Magic Power Lv32】

【Enchant Arts Lv9】 【Dosing Lv4】 【Craftsmanship Lv24】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv21】 【Cooking Lv1】


【Taming Lv1】 【Synthesis Lv22】 【Earth Element Talent Lv3】 【Bow Lv22】 【Alchemy Lv24】

I instantly switched over to the idyllic scenery leaving the First Town.

And I called out to the NPC Clerk who stood next to the portal.

"Good day, Martha."

"Oh, Yun-kun. Hello."

I greeted the well-built middle aged woman who was holding a basket. This person was Martha the Baker. From Martha you could get a item delivery quest, but also undertake one more quest from her.

"Will you deliver for pocket money today too?"

The delivery quest Martha gave was one that had you deliver items to local residents, there was a similar quest in the first town as well, all you I had to do was to pass out items on the street, it was an easy way to make money. The amount was small but it was easy and safe, players also got various items from the NPCs involved with the quest.

"No, I came to receive bread-making lessons today."

"Oh dear?! For such a young girl to come to me! It's 5kG for one lesson."

"Then here, tuition fee."

That moment, I received the quest 【Martha's Bread-Making Lesson】.

This was a tutorial quest which assisted a player in utilizing the Cooking Sense in many ways.

A tutorial quest was one that taught players knowledge and techniques it wouldn't hurt them to know in exchange for gold. Currently I still needed to take a similar quest from the fish store and a butcher.

"Now then, I'll show you how to make bread in a way even beginners can use. Well, don't strain yourself and use the tools and materials as you please."

While being slightly overwhelmed by the NPC who continued to do preparations, I wore the brown apron that was pressed against my chest.

"Now, I'll explain. The 【Cooking】 has three basic skills,【Preparing】 【Processing】 and 【Facilitating】. The 【Facilitating】 skill can be used to shorten the time it takes to prepare dough. And to tear it to form the shapes you desire. The next one is 【Processing】 which allows you to change the rough shape into the form that has been registered. If you don't have time then you can use the【Cooking】 skill to make dishes right from the material. However, because this skill is used to make it all at once, the evaluation is low. You need to make it properly if you want to cook something delicious. Now then, try making the bread the way you want it."

"Hey, what's with that all of a sudden. Oh well, there are tools so I'll just do as I like."

As I was told to make bread, there appeared a material called 'Fresh Bread'. I took advantage of it.

With Martha's bread, lettuce and bacon and the cheese I cut appropriately, I used an easy and fail-proof recipe to make a sandwich.

Yun's Sandwich 【Consumable】

Satiety+25, Evaluation 5

A sandwich Yun put her heart into making.

And it became like this “『Crafter's name』 and 『Dish Name』” has become this item's name. Moreover there was that description. “『Dish Name』『Crafter's』 has put his/her heart into making. ” as well as the item evaluation which was something that estimated how tasty the item was in numeric value.

"Oh, you've made it. Now then, try eating it."

Although the Satiety stat still had a wide margin, since I already made it after so much trouble I might as well eat it.

"Here, the bread you've made. Also here's this house's recipe."

I received a poor quality brown paper from Martha as well as a mountain of bread packed into a basket as a quest reward. Although I glanced on the several recipe sheets, they were all simple and that consisted mostly of required material listings. It was stuff that could be made without any cooking knowledge.

"Now then, bread-making lesson is over. Incidentally, I have a bread delivery for old man Hustel. What about it?"

"I'll do the delivery quest then."

I received the paper bag containing sandwiches for delivery and the quest.

"He's fishing in the river as usual. Be careful when passing through the woods. You might be an adventurer, but it's still dangerous."

The old woman saw me off with a peculiar sigh. All of those NPCs have that human-like smell as they smiled wryly.

With a paper bag stowed away in my inventory I left the town and started running through the dense forest.

Through a gap in the forest entered light. The moment I left the forest, I felt cool moisture of the river on my skin. It was wider than the river flowing through the town and its flow was stronger, it deserved to be called a mountain stream.

This was a place inviolable by mobs, and they didn't emerge in it. A point made for players to take a break at——the safety area.

I found an old man fishing while sitting on a large rock beside the stream.

"Hello, Hustel-san right?"

"Indeedly, what's up?"

"Sandwich delivery."

As I said that, old man Hustel turned back towards me happily.

"I totally forgot about the meal. Thanks, Miss."

The way this old man interacted with others was very gentlemanly. However, It's a shame. Old man, I'm a man.

After receiving the paper bag from me, the old man Hustel immediately began to rummage through its contents. He skilfully sandwiched the fishing rod between his legs and took out the sandwich.

The moment he received it the Martha's delivery quest was completed. The old man Hustel stuffed himself with the sandwich. He happily said "Yum, tasty.", I felt that appearance of his was pleasing.

Hustel didn't miss the reaction from the fishing rod sandwiched between his legs and caught the fish with practised moves and threw the fish to the basket beside him. He looked at me as I stared at it and flashed a smile.

"This 【Fishing】 is just a hobby of an old man's. Well, it's about time to stop fishing for today, guess I'll go back home."

The old man stood up heavily and moved away from the river while dragging his right foot. I also stood up the same way, thinking of going back together with the old man, then, I noticed.

"Old man, is there anything in the water?"

"Not really. Stones and rocks. A quiet spot you can find fish in."

"...stones! I see. There are stones in there! "

"Whoa?! What's with your sudden shout!!"

"Thanks, old man. I'll be going back into the river for a bit."

I turned around and headed back where I just came from, hurrying towards the river. I entered the river without any hesitation, even though I was surprised by a strong flow which seemed like it would carry me away despite how shallow it was, I knelt and plunged my hand into the water.

"Uhee?! It's cold!"

As the places that touched the cold water immediately felt cold seeping into flesh and bones, I picked up stones from the bottom. They were of good size. As a material for Enchant Stones they were satisfactory. I continued to pick them up one by one and put them in my inventory. Before I realized I was already near the middle of the river. The water has come up to my waist but I kept picking up stones without noticing it. And, I carelessly——


Slipped in the water. It was in the deepest part of the river and I flowed together with the stream. Water soaked my clothes making them heavy. I panicked because of what suddenly happened, I struggled but water was only passing through my fingers. When I finally grabbed something, it turned out to be a fist-sized stone. And my consciousness faded away gradually, I understood I was rolling around on the bottom of the stream.

I was washed away, and so to speak, knocked out. Cold water flowed into my mouth.

The momentum of water currents differed in various places, while spinning, the stream washed me away.

Every time I hit a rock the air leaked out from my mouth. The edge of my field of vision was gradually eroded.

Not releasing the stone until the very end, my consciousness gave out——when I woke up, I was in the central square of the First Town. Among people who died just like me, I was the only one with wet hair and standing in daze.

And I was bathed in gazes on the spot, I checked my body. It was all soaked, wet and heavy clothes were sticking to my skin.

It wasn't the colour of clothes themselves as they were all dark-coloured, but the lines of my body which stood, making people around focus on them.

"Ah... uu..."

Heyyyyyy!? This is embarrassing! Returning after dying was fine, but this isn't!

I screamed in my heart and began to run at full power. I ignored the mental exhaustion due to my half-drowned body which was heavy with water and escaped to 【Atelier】.

The sight of me leaving at breakneck speed while leaving behind yellow light might have made a different kind of strong impression. When I reached 【Atelier】 after running I immediately logged out and lied down on the sofa in the living room lifelessly.

Having drowned in a river inside of a game has dealt a blow to my spirit. I noticed that after logging out. The hands which were removing headgear were trembling slightly and my knees were trembling.

To try rehydrating myself I took out the chilled barley tea from the refrigerator, I was walking unsteadily like a newborn fawn.

"Haa. Today was quite dangerous."

I no longer had motivation to do anything. Sorry Miu. Today's dinner will be retort pouch, or maybe instant? Onii-chan's tired. I apologized in my heart.

When I planned to lie down on the sofa and sleep, my mobile phone went off.

It was the default continuous ringtone, after it rang out four times I decided to pick it up.


"Yo, Shun is it?"

"...this morning we met in school haven't we."

"You seem under the weather. What happened?"

Probably sensing it in my voice, Takumi asked. Geez, when it came to noticing people's change of mood he was really something.

"I've come back from my worst death ever."

"Ahh, careless, did you fight with a boss?"

"No, I was collecting items in a river, my feet slipped and I drowned."

No, that was seriously a death. It wasn't something' on the level of 'painful', it was an unstoppable violence. I'm in a groggy state now.

"Seriously, what are you doing."

"Hahaha, how to say it. When I drowned, water entered my lungs, my body hit the rocks as it was being swept, it was more and more painful until I finally came back from the death. You too should try it out."


Probably imagining it, Takumi let out an unpleasant voice. That place, although I picked a large amount of stones in there, it was dangerous. Unless I take safety measures like binding myself with a rope, today's occurrence will repeat itself.

"Which river did you drown in?"

"The safety area around the second town. The scenery was nice."

Come to think of it, I forgot to take a screenshot of the landscape. For the time being I don't want to go back there and gouge out the trauma.

"Hee〜, so there's a place like that."

"There was no enemies, it was a quiet spot. So, I ask you this late, but the reason for the call is?"

Oh, yeah. He let out a voice as if he remembered. I wonder what's happening.

"I wondered what are you going to do to prepare for the event."

"What do I do. Hey, what do you normally do before an event? I tried to cope with the update changes but..."

"You mean the satiety level update? That 'coping with' you don't mean..."

"Hm? I acquired the 【Cooking】 Sense."

It can't be, that conversation was a flag... and Takumi started to mutter incomprehensible stuff on the other side of phone.

"So, what do you normally prepare for event."

"Ah, yeah. That's leveling, strengthening equipment and replenishing consumables. So, how about you?"

"Naw, nothing big. I'm steadily crafting potions."

"That's barbarous! We discussed the party balance yesterday and decided by consensus it would be best to have you. Though, I wouldn't mind it even if you joined us for the event too."

I was happy being relied on, but it was bothersome. However, I couldn't refuse my best friend's request.

"Good grief, it can't be helped. Next time, take me to a place I can gather some ore and I'll team up with you temporarily."


"But only occasionally. If I feel like it. Also, show your face at my store at least once. I've decent assortment right now."

"Thank you very much, tsundere." he said. Hey, I'm not a tsundere.

Well, the story from just now, if I weren't a crafter then I would probably have gladly accepted it. However, there were several things I wanted to do right now.

"Establishing a safe way to secure stones is a priority now."

I reached out towards the ceiling of my home.

"All right, my energy's back! Let's make dinner."

I raised my voice to inspire myself. Somehow, after speaking with Takumi my mood has gotten better. For that, I'm thankful to Takumi. I thought.

I ended for the night soon after. Mentally calm, I logged in into 【OSO】 next afternoon.

What was waiting for me over there, was newly prepared equipment installed and waiting for me in the new workshop. I looked at it with a satisfied expression.

"Not good, this isn't good Kyouko-san. I can't stop smiling."

"Well. With this we have secured the minimal required appearance."

"Ahh, I want to call over others for some tea. Or rather, I want to boast."

Because I was way too happy, I tried touching everywhere. The texture of stone walls, a big mortar that was a part of Mixing equipment, wooden windows and item box for materials storage.

As I was delighted like a child, Kyouko-san continued to smile, but that smile was an incredibly wry one. When I noticed that, I unnaturally cleaned my throat and changed the topic.

"Next time, please buy materials that can be used for making sandwiches which will be sold in the store."

"I understand. But no matter what you make, make sure it sells, the store is having a hard time getting by..."

Haa, Kyouko-san let out a tired sigh. No, I'll do my best.

"It's all right. The number of item types we sell will increase! It'll definitely sell... probably."

"...probably, is it. Well, there's a lot of products in stock at the moment, it's not like they'll sell out immediately. The harvest on the fields is done, will you use this time for research?"

Implicitly she stated 'the customers aren't coming, so there'll be stock left over', but I wasn't bothered.

"I will. I want to use different materials like raw monster meat which wasn't used up until now."

"Do your best. Then, I'll be go back to store."

She said so, I saw Kyouko-san off as she went to the counter store's section, then started Mixing.

I put a large amount of herbs in the bigger mortar and started to grind soundly. Before, I decided to discontinue preparing it by hand outside, and felt it was a progress. But this time... this time I put the liquids that were extracted in process of grinding the herbs in the new device, the condenser.

It was made with the same amount of material synthetic potions consumed, but what's the effect?

The component extraction was complete, I stared at the change like a child.

But as it continued to boil in a large pot, I began working on something else.

With a well equipped workshop extension like this I could work on pills and potions in parallel.

Right now, I concentrated on Mixing the usual Pills which was a solid recovery drug, and the High Potions which were an upper level recovery potions.

Haa, looks like having a lot of space and tools just like when I'm cooking makes it fun... oh damn, the potions?!

It seems like the new condenser component was operating beyond expectations. Usually it turned into something dark ten minutes after putting in potions as a material.

Condensed Potion 【Consumable】


It was registered in recipes as as a completely different kind of potion. Despite being concentrated, the effect recovered was the same as that of an ordinary potion. Since it was condensed, then it should be fine to return it to normal with water, thinking like that, I diluted the concentrate with five times the amount of water and was able to obtain five times the amount of Potions.

When I diluted it with ten times more water, I received Beginner's Potions.

"Somehow, I managed to do it without failing, but what is Condensed Potion used for?"

I don't know. The recovered amount didn't increase, I felt like there isn't any use for it considering the extra material it needs. However, in order to confirm how the condenser operates, I subjected variety of materials to it.

Antidote Grass, Paralysis Grass, Medicinal Spirit Grass, Magical Spirit Grass as well as variety of dropped meat-type items.

For herb-type items, if previously dried herbs are subjected to concentration there seems to be a slight increase in effect as compared to usual. For Antidote Potions and Paralysis Potions their state recovery increased making them 【Antidote 2】 【Paralysis 2】.

The High Potions and MP Potions were improved having now 1 more charge. In the future, I will continue producing them through the condenser.

It was possible to condense High Potions and MP Potions as well, but as compared to Potions, it took more time to produce.

In addition, when I tried producing an item like MP Potion from the condenser through a 【Recipe】, the MP consumption was very intense and I couldn't continuously use the skill.

The usage of crafting skill was replaced by a tedious task which was condensing MP Potions to the limit. I did everything with skill before condensing, and then did the necessary stuff manually in different manners.

"Well, I could recover MP between manual work. Even so, for medicine to become a poison. Although I say that, it seems like I can make poison too."

When I tried extracting from Poison Blood which dropped from bats, I've gotten 【Poison ・Droplets】. It was a different item from Poison itself and as the name suggested, it was an item which caused someone to fall into an abnormal state.

When I tried to extract that poison component further, it has changed into an item called 【Poison ・Weak】. It was causing an abnormal status 【Poison 2】. Considering the rules that govern it, if I concentrate it five times more, up until the item's limit, it will be no longer possible to concentrate it any more. However——

"Hahaha... I knew there's more than one route already."

By consuming all of the 【Poison ・Weak】 I crafted from the Poison Blood and using the recently neglected 【Alchemy】's Higher Matter Conversion skill on it I have succeeded to put it on a separate route beyond of Dosing limits.

While it was only one sample that I successfully managed to make, for me it was a major progress. I needed to gather ten more of 【Poison ・Weak】, but currently I didn't have any material for it.

"So the crafted item's effect is 【Poison 3】 huh."

In ten seconds it slipped in 1% of damage. It was an item that dealt 9% of total HP in damage over 90 seconds.

Other than that, I studied if I could generate any items by using poisons.

Starting with poison, I crushed monster meat and drop items, mixed them with water and put in them in the condenser.

But the best thing I could make, was the weakest poison 【Poison ・Droplets】. And it could only be condensed into 【Poison ・Weak】. After which the effect could be raised with alchemy, I gave up on trying to acquire the necessary number of 【Poison ・Weak】 to improve it further.

"Haa〜. there's not enough material items. For the event, it seems like I'll have to take mainly Magic Gems with me."

In order to prepare consumables like potions for my own use, and to prepare some for the shop, I will definitely have to collect some gems. I realized that.

And for that, I have to overcome the trauma of drowning in the river no matter what.

One week has passed since the event announcement, the update introducing the satiety level has caused a slight confusion but they were able to react to it immediately thanks to NPC stores which were dealing with food items. As the official event was getting closer I continued to swim in the river to overcome my trauma.

Possessed SP15

【Bow Lv22】 【Hawk Eyes Lv31】 【Speed Increase Lv16】 【Discovery Lv12】 【Magic Talent Lv34】

【Magic Power Lv32】 【Enchant Arts Lv9】 【Dosing Lv4】 【Cooking Lv5】 【Swimming Lv5】


【Taming Lv1】 【Synthesis Lv22】 【Earth Element Talent Lv5】 【Alchemy Lv24】 【Craftsmanship Lv24】

【Crafting Knowledge Lv21】

("Ain't this an endless supply of gemstones!")

While grasping the rock on the riverbed to withstand the rapid flow, I threw stones and gemstones into my inventory.

I acquired 【Swimming】 Sense in order to work safely in water, and I continued to work hard at collecting materials.

"Puhhaa! So tired〜."

I rose from the water and after sitting on a nearby rock I wiped myself and the clothes with the towel I took out from the inventory. The characteristics of 【Swimming】 Sense was making it possible to swim in clothes as well as allowing one to dry them. As such, it was a quite good Sense.

There were two things I discovered, a good one, and a bad one while I swam. The good discovery was that 【Hawk Eyes】's far sight effect is adapted to water, and coupled with 【Discovery】 Sense it was possible to find items on the bottom as well as fish. Thanks to that I could comfortably act in water.

On the other hand, the bad discovery is that since I couldn't speak normally in water, I couldn't cast skills and it was a fatal flaw when it came to combat. However, I didn't feel like such a condition in which I couldn't use Arts and Skills put me at a disadvantage.

"Both 【Swimming】 and 【Cooking】 are currently at level 5 huh. The growth rate is so-so."

While resting I checked my Sense status. The two I just mentioned were growing, however the other ones weren't changed much. The exceptions were 【Hawk Eyes】 【Discovery】 which leveled up during the activities in the water, but only slightly.

My 【Earth Element Talent】 increased to level 5 and I acquired a defensive magic 【Clay Shield】, if I enchanted Magic Gems with it, I would have defensive Magic Gems prepared.

The surroundings were all speculating "The first official event?! It might be the First Town defence!" or "It might be a PVP event." like that. And while there were people who raised their combat Senses in a hurry, I've had a defiant attitude. I felt it was meaningless if everyone raises their combat Senses in a similar manner and amount, so I continued to raise my crafting Senses.


"——There's not enough slots for the items."

With the event imminent, I stocked up on the items. Enchant Stones, potions, although I also prepared items like Magic Gems, I haven't decided on the main configuration yet.

With the official event having a limit on number or items which can be brought set at 100, the things I brought——

Alchemy, Synthesis, Mixing, Polishing, the portable crafting kits for these and a portable furnace for Craftsmanship as well as a cooking kit.

My bow. Six sets of Iron Arrows. Three of my armour pieces. That's ten weapon items and six crafting items.

The breakdown of the remaining 84 item slots was still undecided.

What about cooking, what about recovery consumables, and what about Magic Gems? How much attack and defensive Magic Gems should I bring? In the first place I didn't know what I might be short on during the event. As I thought so, it seemed like hundred items wasn't enough.

Maybe I should distribute space equally to be on the safe side, and just when I was about to spit out a sigh, a friend call from Magi-san came.

"Yes, what is it?"

『"Ah, Yun-kun? Are you going to participate in the official event?"』

"Yes. Though I say that, I intend to participate alone. Most of my acquaintances have fixed parties and it's hard for me to join any of them."

『"I see I see! Looks like Yun-kun's alone!"』

Was there someone else beside Magi-san? She immediately replied.

『"Yun-kun, won't you participate together with us?"』

"And who's 'us'?"

『"Other than me it's Cloude and Lyly who are participating. I'd love to see what kind of official event it is!"』

"Is it fine? For me to join that is. Aren't there better people who could join you?"

『"Ahh, nope, not at all. Everyone's like 'yahhoo a battle event!' and ain't laid back like we are. Our goal is to tour the event. Look, we prefer soloing, and we're not too good at acting as a group."』

"Haa, I guess you're right. I'm not that fired up with the participation either. Take care of me."

『"That's decided then! Sorry for being sudden, but we want to have a meeting so could you come to my store?"』

"Yes, I understand. I"ll come over immediately."

After saying so I ended the call. After that I passed through the portal in Second Town and went to Magi-san's store, 【Open Sesame】.

Cloude and Lyly were already waiting in the store, when I entered they raised their hands to greet me in a carefree manner.

"Sorry for being so sudden. But we need to carefully select the items we need..."

"I understand. So what items are the three of you taking?"

And then I listened to the three of them. Magi-san had a smith's crafting kit and full set of armaments including mining pickaxe. Other than that, she had metal ingots as well as heavy weapons.

Cloude and Lyly who were crafters were generally the same, Lyly who was a woodworker had processed wood with him and Cloude who was a weaver brought cloth and leather with him.

And I——

"In that case looks like I need to go with 【Dosing】 and 【Cooking】 after all."

"So Yun-kun took 【Cooking】 huh. Then how about I decrease the amount of food items I hold?"

"Hmm. If I bring ingredients with me I'll be able to increase the food number by Cooking... in that case——. But why are you bringing so many heavy weapons, Magi-san?"

Cloude and Lyly brought crafting materials, but Magi-san took a large axe and a large sword with her, other things like metal weapons and full body metal armour were taking her equipment slots as well.

"I've got quite a few sub-weapons. But the rest is similar to Yun-kun's. If I melt the equipment I can make multiple ingots from them. Well, their value will decrease though."

Magi-san spoke with a bitter smile, indeed it worked well for suppressing the amount of items brought, I think it would work. But there was also a need to bring some ingots as well to get to work instantly. Balancing it out was difficult.

"The things I'm crafting are mainly consumables, so it requires a lot of materials... it's difficult to bring the materials in large amounts."

"Certainly. Since Highpots and MP Potions are consumables so you can't bring many of them.."

"No, I've got that figured out already."

For the time being, when I heard what they were saying I remembered about a way of compressing items. If I bring a 『High Quality』 material it'll need only one frame. After that I can decompress the items by using 【Alchemy】's Lower Matter Conversion after the event starts. Also, there's the way of condensing potion-type items with Dosing and dilute it with water afterwards. I should bring high quality materials for High Potions and MP Potions as well as ready Highpots and MP Potions which could be used immediately.

It was unclear what the contents of the event will be. It might turn into a free-for-all fight immediately after start, we might not have time to organise the crafting. But I don't think such a hard event would happen without a prior notice considering the large amount of players participating. No, I hope it won't be.

After that, we discussed the items we brought with each other, each of us saying what was our opinion.

It took us a surprisingly long time to select the items, after which we went back to our own stores to diligently prepare for the day of the event.

And on the day itself. After eating lunch I met up with Magi-san and others to make a party, after which we waited for the event to commence.

"I look forward to it! With this much people gathered in one place it looks like a festival."

Lyly let out a smile as he said so and Cloude spat out a tired sigh.

"I don't feel well. I hate crowds."

Then why did he make a store, aren't people gathering in those?

"How about you Yun-kun? Nervous?"

"Not at all. It's just a game after all, there's no need to panic."

"Oh-hoo, you've got nerves of steel. I'm a bit nervous myself."

"You don't look like it at all."

"That's true."

Magi-san and I were waiting for what was about to come as well.

And when the time has come, a loud announcement has resounded throughout the main square of the First Town which was the meeting place.

『"The official event will start soon. The participating parties are asked to remain in place. Non-participants are asked to move away from this place as soon as possible."』

There were few people who only looked at the scene from far away. As I looked at the people all around, players nearby had expressions of anxiety or full confidence.

『"Now then, everyone who has remained on spot will be transferred into a different, special server. There will be a detailed description after the transfer completes. You might feel a slight shock, but there will be no effect on your body. 10, 9..."』

As the countdown started, a visible tension appeared on everyone's faces, I prepared for the shock of the transition.

『"——2, 1, 0."』

My field of vision distorted, I felt like I was on a rocking ship. Not feeling good, my legs bent, my body has swayed and unable to withstand it I fell on my butt. Immediately after my senses went back to normal, I looked around.

"...where is this?"

"Who knows? From what it seems, it looks like a vacant space in middle of a forest. What do you think Kurocchi?"

"It might be a safety area. Even so, where are the other players?"

Around us, there were about ten groups, everyone was looking around restlessly.

There were much more players who are participating, others must have been moved to a different location.

"Hmm. The parties were located all over the place〜. This isn't an event for mass battle event."

Magi-san said so, and stretched out her hand towards me and helped me to stand up.

"Thank you very much."

"It's all right. Let's just help each other. Also——"

Just when she wanted to continue, an announcement rang out once again.

『"Thank you for participating ladies and gentlemen. I am Yoshino Kazuhito from 【OSO】's development department."』

As I looked at the 3D hologram which was projected in the sky, I thought 'huh, this guy again'.