Volume 2 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Unicorn and the Collapsed Elf

Sleeping inside a game. It was the first time I've ever done that, it was surprisingly smooth making it anticlimactic instead.

Haa, the feeling of thoughts being heavy dissipated then it became clear. It was no different from sleeping normally.

I must have slept five, six hours. When I woke up I was wrapped in a dim light.

I slept on the lower part of the bunk bed, I heard a quiet regular breathing from above. I realized that it was Magi-san sleeping and got up quietly.

" woke up."

"Good morning Cloude. Were you on the lookout the entire time?"

As I woke up, I found Cloude sewing some leather by the table.

"I was doing my own crafting. There's no problem at all, in real I stay up all night as well."

"You better start living a healthier life."

"Hmph, impossible."

Cloude responded to my advice after which he passed me a leather belt and a knife to me.

"This is Magi's gift and my apology for earlier."

"What apology?"

"...that's umm, for naming the little one on my own, also as thanks for the food."

"Something like that? I don't really mind."

As I said that, I started to prepare breakfast from the ingredients which were left over from yesterday.

He must have been looking at me since I've felt his gaze on my back, I started a conversation with him.

"Are you really okay with that? For me to take a cub you've tamed."

"Ahh, well. I would be lying if I said I don't feel anything about that. However, can I ask something?"

"What is it."

Cloude spoke strongly. He must have thought that I'll request something instead. That's vexing. It really wasn't such a request.

"Let me touch Socks as well. I'll be healed just by touching him."

"...something like that? As long as they don't hate it, you're free to play with them as you please."

"Okay. Thanks〜. Also, thank you for the belt. I'll try putting it on."

I equipped the belt and the knife right away. The thick leather belt passed through the belt loop of trousers. The knife I took out was slightly longer than a knife that was in a cooking kit, it was almost the same size as kitchen knives in real world.

Magi-san's Kitchen Knife 【Weapon ・ Knife】


CS No.6 Ochre Creator 【Torso】


I thought that both the belt and the knife were good equipment. To try I equipped both of them and tried to hold the knife.

As I tried to slash in front, behind, left and right there was a sound of air being cut, it was enough to show how good it was. But——

"It's an ordinary kitchen knife. Although it can be used as a weapon, it's still just a kitchen knife."

"I see. But I need to properly tell what's my impression to the crafter. I'll report to Magi-san on it afterwards."

"Well, you know how to use a normal knife."

To use the knife and finish making the breakfast. Although it was first time I used this kitchen knife, it fit mysteriously well in my hand.

"Ah, let me tell you before I forget."

"What is it?"

"Open the menu and look inside."

What is that about? I thought after hearing these words suddenly, but I opened the menu and saw there was something extra added to the usual menu screen.

"——【Information Board】? What's this?"

A new menu has suddenly appeare

d. The trigger for its release was probably the time which elapsed ever since the event started. Or maybe when a certain amount of players retired. The already locked thread was filled with rambling, and the information on the current situation was divided by content.

While Cloude and I spoke, maybe woken up by the sounds of our work Magi-san holding a cub and Lyly came over.

Cloude started talking about the today's schedule based on the information from the thread as we sat to eat breakfast.

"Since a lot of players died on the first day, I can roughly tell how this area looks like."

The breakfast everyone ate was fruits, cooked apples, ohitashi, and a healthy salad. I wanted carbohydrates, but considering it's a game, we could recover satiety with just this.

The little beasts also gladly ate it.

"The image of the area is like this, mountains in the north, lake to the south, ruins to the east and underground was the main highlight in the west. In middle of each area there are high level enemies and materials, a number of players who work on peripheries of nearby safety areas."

"Mmm. I'm sleepy."

"The breakfast was delicious, but I'd be happy to have bread; Yun-kun, can you make bread?"

"If I obtain all the ingredients. But since we don't have facilities to make it, I can't guarantee how it'll look like."

A blue vein appeared on Cloude's temple. No, we've heard what you were saying, but it seems like it'll take a while and that's a pain〜.

"You guys, listen to what I'm saying. The things I, Magi and Lyly need are mainly in the north. And the food and herb-type materials Yun needs are on east and southeast. What will you do? Will you work together with us? Or will you move solo?"

"Then, can I head south solo? But what about this log house? We were keeping watch on it yesterday and now we're leaving it behind like that."

"No problem if it's that. Lyly is still owner of the log house and it can't be taken away. Even if the log house were to be broken, it can be set up once again. By Lyly, that is."

He relied on Lyly without any hesitation.

"Repair, construction, leave carpentry work to me〜, uu〜sleepey〜."

With Neshias on top of his head, Lyly was munching the salad. Neshias was also sleepy and slowly ate by moving its small beak.

"We'll be active in early hours and come back to the base camp later. I get it. What about lunch? Go back to explore once we're back?"

"That would make it inefficient, let's make simple lunch boxes."

"Then that's decided. Preparation and distribution of items for lunch as preparation. Let's search the fields nearby."

Reacting to Cloude's words the ones who finished eating breakfast started to move.

"All right. I thought of allocating potions to everyone now, while at it I'll pass you this too."

I took out the Enchant Stones I made in a rush.

"The keyword is 'Speed'. They're only the speed increasing ones so use them if you need to escape."

"Thank you, Yun-kun."

"I'll use it gratefully."

"Uu〜, mnn〜, haa, t-thank you Yuncchi."

Lyly finally woke up, and he stared at me with his eyes which finally found focus.

And then, as a result of us scattering to explore the surroundings, we found a new ingredient.

By the time everyone finished their preparations, I've prepared lunch boxes for four people + three animals and handed them out.

"Now then, we'll be going, Mom."

"Okay, make sure to take care. Also, Lyly. Who the hell are you calling 'mom'?!"

When I retorted to Lyly the others only giggled but didn't set it straight.

Kuhh... stop with 'mom'. It pains my heart. At least make it Onii-san.

"Yun-kun, call us if anything happens!"

"Understood. If you encounter any problems contact me from your side as well."

"Then we'll be going."

The three went north to find their own prey. Well, they have the lunchboxes, and even without appraisal they won't do something as stupid as eating poison. Also, they should have enough potion-type items.

They are the type who know when to quit. But I was still a bit worried.

"...what the heck, I really am thinking like a mother!!"

I took a breather after self-retorting. It's all right, I just need to do my thing. I proceeded towards the east alone and planned to start moving south from there.

As for the enemy's strength, I've learned from the information board that even unique mobs aren't very strong. The real danger is posed by mobs in the west and east dungeons. But because one won't encounter them unless they approach the ruins in the east, I was able to proceed alone and with confidence.

Even though it was only a single day yesterday, I've raised the level of my Senses.

Possessed SP16

【Bow Lv24】【Hawk Eyes Lv33】 【Speed Increase Lv19】 【Discovery Lv16】 【Magic Talent Lv35】

【Magic Power Lv34】 【Enchant Arts Lv10】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv23】 【Taming Lv1】 【Cooking Lv7】


【Synthesis Lv24】 【Earth Element Talent Lv7】 【Alchemy Lv27】 【Dosing Lv10】 【Craftsmanship Lv26】

【Swimming Lv8】

The amount of Senses I have increased considerably and management has become quite hard. In combat I need to properly switch out the crafting Senses. I tend to rely on DEX as it makes my bow stronger so I'm restless unless I have 【Crafting Knowledge】 which gives a strong DEX bonus.

Although I have equipped 【Taming Lv1】 in order to look for my own partner today, I wasn't sure how to exert an effect with it. I can only hope for a chance meeting like the one yesterday. I continued to proceed east until I reached the front of ruins, after collecting herb-type materials I proceeded southeast.

While taking on only mobs that seemed like they would yield food ingredients, I concentrated on recovering items in the woods.

There were food-type materials and potion materials, moreover, there were mobs that looked like the Blue Slime which appeared near the First Town. I proceeded while gathering, not feeling any impending crisis.

I went south along the river, the landscape changed from the river landscape filled with natural objects.

Stacked stones, an amateurish artificial canal directed towards the southeast.

I advanced while tracing the water canal, and I raised a loud voice seeing the sight.

"Uwaa... its a wheat field."

The waterway ended at a reservoir on the hill, right beside it there was a pasture. Golden wheat fields spread over it. *slosh* *slosh*, players were waving their weapons to harvest wheat. Deeper into the open area there was a remnant of an old field, a place which had various native plant species vacate the space.

First of all, I need to gather wheat, right. If it goes well we might eat some carbohydrates today.

I moved closer to wheat and tried pulling it but... it wouldn't budge.

"I can't pick it... my wheat masterplan is..."

Everyone in front of me seemed to harvest it by reaping it, I tried to copy the method. I removed the knife I've been given this morning and started cutting it at the base.

It felt crunchy, it was pleasant sensation to collect wheat randomly. After I gathered a bundle of wheat I changed it to Flour by using 【Processing】, a basic skill of 【Cooking】 Sense. I collected 10 bundles of wheat and processed it into a 1kg bag of Flour. After collecting about thirty bags I went back to the pasture.

"That was tiring. Eh, did I gather too much?"

I crouched down and looked at the circle in which I collected the wheat. However, the wheat started to grow once again from the left over roots and was restored to its former state soon enough.

The artificial canal in the middle and the cultivated areas, as well as the dungeons and ruins were evidence that people lived in here. This stray continent probably has a 'people once lived here' setting.

"Well, let's investigate it step by step. Now, to gather some more ingredients."

Although thirty bags of Flour was enough for more than four servings, I'm still worried about food. I made the flour with 【Processing】, but why did it appear in a bag, or rather where did the bag come from. Well, let's stop retorting to myself.

The next field I headed to had materials for poison potions, poisonous plants, they were mingled with vegetables.

When I pulled out one of the vegetables thinking it's was a carrot, I found that it was a poisonous plant which had a curse effect and the form of a carrot——Mandragora.

Speaking of which, they certainly do look like carrots, it would be easy to fail recognizing it by appearance. I could appraise it immediately after collecting so I could tell whether its safe or not, understanding the danger.

Considering the normal vegetables were mixed with the poison it took me a while to gather a sufficient number. After that I went to the pasture and decided to have a lunch.

The weather was good, I bathed in sun while having a picnic at the meadow.

"I'll take a look at the information board."

Suddenly, I thought that my current knowledge of the situation was underwhelming. Both about the circumstances surrounding me, and my own standing. I thought that I might have overlooked something fatal. I removed the easy-to-eat lunch and ate as I browsed through the board. Although it was bad manners, I focused on efficiency.

The board was divided into several categories.

The titles of the threads were as follows, 【Ruins Dungeon Guide Part 3】, 【Young Beasts are too cute :)】, 【Everyone's safe life】, 【Stray Continent's Mob Pictures】, 【Trade Board, Rates Consultation】 and so on.

From among them I examined the information that was relevant to me, like a kid in candy store I opened the threads that interested me even though it was pointless.

The dungeon configurations and types, the recommended Senses and levels. There were also stories of failure in the middle of the event.

『"If a fruit seems delicious, it's most likely a poison :)."』 『"Because of 【Confusion】 state we cut down three of our party members :}."』, and so on. It seemed painful.

The contents of the topics was either interesting or funny, I was absorbed in reading it.

"Waa! Young beast's screenshots?! I can post here!"

The thread which raised my tension the most was the one about little animals. A fantastical creature, a black mini dragon covered with fluffy feathers... a small silver monkey stuffing itself with fruits...

Small animals as big as stuffed toys frolicking around...

"Haa, I want a partner of my own as soon as possible."

I couldn't help but think so.

"Fuu... let's eat my lunch and do my best in the afternoon... hey, where's my lunch?"

The lunch I took out and left unattended has disappeared and was all cleaned up, instead, I found a pure white foal resting on its knees sleepily.

In front of me there was a pure white foal with beautiful fur, I'm sure that if I stroked it, it's mane would feel really good in touch. That was the extent of my thoughts. But considering the circumstances, this white horse must have been the thief who stole my lunch...

"Hey you, just when did you appear."

I must have been too focused on the information board to notice... I thought. But it seems like I was wrong.

The moment the white horse glanced at me, the scenery around it distorted and the horse disappeared.


However, when I concentrated my gaze at the location it disappeared at, I've seen its figure vaguely. The white horse didn't move a single step. It seemed as if it read my surprised expression, and responded with 'how about it, amazing right?'. It acted quite arrogantly.

"'ve got a stealth feature huh... impressive."

An impression that mixed both a surprise and praise leaked out of my mouth.

"If I didn't have 【Discovery】 I wouldn't have noticed you."

The 【Discovery】 Sense allowed me to find hidden people and collection points, if not for this Sense which allowed me to find mobs easily the lunch thief would have succeeded with his perfect crime. However, even though I looked at it carefully I could only see it vaguely, if I looked normally I definitely wouldn't have found it.

Feeling like that I muttered under my nose. Without any emotions in particular, the white horse replied by only shaking its tail once. For this horse, I might have been just an irrelevant existence.

The white horse's stealth capability might be one of the individual properties young animals had, just like Rickle's ability to summon ice. Even so, it didn't seem to have too favourable impression on me. There wasn't any hostility, but it lacked interest as well.

"That aside, I'm hungry too, you lunch thief. Well, I can always make more."

Making it was simple and there was plenty of ingredients. I took out a cooking kit and started making a proper meal.

The foal stared at me as I finished preparing food, it stood up quietly and then stared at the fried vegetables.

", you just ate and you want to eat again?"

As it nodded, I held out dishes in front of the young horse.

Seeing as it gobbled it down I wondered, can I touch it now? And motivated by curiosity I moved to its side and touched its body.

Even though I touched it with my hand it wasn't fazed at all. *pat* *pat*... *sparkle* *sparkle*

It wasn't as fluffy as other little ones, but this comfortable feeling might turn into a habit.

In particular when my fingers passed through its long mane, the light was diffused randomly. Beautiful.

", do you want to come together with me?"

The white horse turned its head towards me and stared at me with its clear eyes. Ten seconds, then twenty seconds, silence continued to last.

No good huh. Just when I was about to give up, it poked my belly with its head.

"Hey!! Wait, don't push me!?"

The sudden occurrence made me fall on my butt, and I had my knees raised up, my legs making up a triangular shape like this ㇵ——ultimately I sat in a feminine way. The white horse came over and put its head on my lap.[1]

"Hey... what does this mean."

It just waved its tail, it closed its eyes completely.

The white horse broke into a nap. I still haven't eaten my lunch, 'dis way I can't cook anythin'. Despite thinking like that, seeing the foal lie like that comfortably I felt like I shouldn't disturb it. I relieved my hunger by eating a fruit I took out from the inventory.

I caught a bit of its mane in my palm and enjoyed the feeling, I pat its forehead and mane. There seemed to be something hard on the white horse's forehead, I pushed the soft hair away to examine it.

Certainly, there was something there. As I pushed aside the hair on his head which lied on my thigh I found what I have caught on earlier.

"...this is—"

I blinked and looked towards the heavens to make sure it's not a hallucination. Seeing my reaction, the foal raised its head a little. 'What, any complaints?', that's how it felt.

Cause, this little one had a small horn. I didn't notice it earlier since it was hidden in the hair, but it was a famous mythical beast that had a horn growing out of its forehead, a Unicorn.

Unicorns were said to approach only maidens. Hey, I'm not a woman, I'm a guy.

For a while I wondered what was it. And reached that conclusion. The horse felt really nice in touch so the presence of a horn didn't matter. It's not like it disadvantaged me anyhow.

And while I enjoyed its sparkly fur, the white horse suddenly interrupted its rest and stood up.

"…? What is it?"

It rotated its neck a few times, and after staring in the direction of lake, it broke into a run towards it.

"Hey, wait!"

I chased it in a hurry. The white horse ran down the gentle hill and entered the woods, it continued to rush through the gap in the trees.

"At this rate I'll be left behind. 《Enchant》——Speed."

As not to lose the sight of it I raised my speed as well and chased. The white horse looked back once to see how I'm faring, and after confirming that I'm keeping up it raised its speed even further.

"Shit! What's up with him all of a sudden!"

I proceeded while avoiding obstacles like stones and tree roots. Passing by, I ignored all unique mobs occasionally saw which could drop useful items for survival. I felt it was a huge waste.

And from the wheat fields I entered a forest, the white horse stopped in a place where according to the map there was nothing in particular.

"I suddenly chased you, but it's not like you were escaping from me was it——hey, there's a person!"

Under the white horse's feet there was a player lying face down.

I realized its a woman from her petite figure and long hair, around her there were two animals, a Herbivore and a Mill Bird.

"She's being attacked?! For now——"

I took a step back making distance from Mill Bird and the Herbivore. Moreover, the white horse positioned itself between the fallen player and the two mobs. The fallen player was a priority.

"Hey, you all okay?"

"...I cannot... move."

"Were you attacked by some kind of mob?!"


Haa? Certainly, it was unnatural for her to have a full HP if she was attacked, and she didn't seem to be inhibited by an abnormal status. Also, by food she means...

"...I collapsed."

Despite having a pretty face she said something really disappointing, I took out a fruit and passed it to her. She grasped the fruit with trembling hands, and because of how wild she ate it, my admiration cooled down in an instant.

"Fuu... I finally recovered to 30%."

"You going to eat more?"

"No, I'm fine, but these tamed ones need food."

She pointed with her finger as she said so, she called over the Mill Bird and Herbivore that were surrounding her earlier. It seems like they weren't enemies but allies... so that's how it was.

"So you have the 【Taming】 Sense?"

"Yes, let's talk in detail as we're eating..."

No, that way of speaking makes it seem like I'm to prepare the food. That's not a line which should be said by someone who just collapsed, is it. I was about to put these words in my mouth, but I noticed something and took a step away.

"Elf ears..."

"Ah, yes. Elf ears indeed."


"Hm, I was playing around with ears in the character edit. I wanted to look like an elf."

Hee. I left the default from camera shoot, and my body was modified too. To a more feminine one.

The loose hair-strands of her blonde hair were raised up by the ears, since she showed her pointed ears I observed them intently for a moment, but I realized I shouldn't gawk at women and looked away.

I've heard her story while she was eating, it seemed like the three animals have eaten all the food she had. Hey, white horse. You've eaten earlier haven't you. As I stared at it, it pretended not to know anything. Geez...

"Now, self introductions. I'm Letia. I've made the character in image of the forest people; the elves. Now these tamed beasts, the Herbivore is Haru and Mill Bird is Natsu."[2]

"I'm Yun. As you can see, an archer."

"Well, I can see that. And I advise you to change it as soon as possible."

"I've been told that by my little sister. However, I've started to like it so give that a rest... rather than that, Letia, why have you fallen over in such a place."

"That's... there's a profound reason for that..."

A profound reason. Maybe her food was stolen by someone, or maybe she left it all as she ran away...

"Although I went into the woods hoping to find a rare young beast during the event, I've distributed my portion of food to Haru and Natsu... a lot happened."

"No, I won't say 'you reap what you sow', but food can be collected at various places. And if you have a corresponding Sense you can appraise items to check if they're safe, right?"

"That's... embarrassing, but I've acquired 【Light Element Talent】 for overnight activities and cannot get another new Sense."

Yup, she reaps what she sows after all. I spit out a tired sigh.

"Then you could join some party, or barter with items you had on you for food."

"The consumables only restored a small amount of satiety, I have eaten them. Several times I have received an abnormal state after eating food I picked."

Is that something to boast of?! Moreover, she didn't use the ingredients but ate them...

"Haa, geez. I'll teach you how to make safe food. If I tell you about it you'll be able to see the details on the item. In exchange, give me the ingredients you've been eating earlier."

"In other words, despite being already sate, I'll eat in excess, right?"

"That's what you're worried about?!"

"To go further, you want me to eat Haru's and Natsu's portion... you're a demon."

"Somehow, I want to protest..."

As I poorly retorted with an indifferent expression Letia spat out a small sigh and smiled.

"I'm joking. Thank you very much for taking care of me. Yun-kun's a gentle girl."

"Listen, I'm——"

"——So what's this white horse's name?"

"Listen to what I'm saying, you sorry elf."

I couldn't relay that I'm a man to Letia who was together with the Herbivore Haru and Mill Bird Natsu who had swollen bellies. What interested her more was the white horse.

"A rare beast huh. I want it. Does it have a name yet?"

"No, even if you ask me for a name... right."

I looked at the white horse for consent, it snorted and looked away. I haven't given it a name yet, and it hasn't become my partner. After a while it dispersed going somewhere.

"Oh, it's gone."

"Did something go wrong?"

"Isn't it just going on and off on a whim? That aside, let's go and look for proper items. I'll appraise them for you. We will gather the items we found in two, is that fine?"

"Yes, are the ones that have poison in them all right too?"

"It's fine. Poison can be used as a crafting material for other things than food. If you have a base camp somewhere we can trade the ingredients and products there."

"I understand. Let's do our best looking."

With that said, she used the two tamed beasts Haru and Natsu and started to look in the forest.

I also went in the forest to replenish the ingredients that I have used up. Also, I've felt the presence of the white horse following me even though it disappeared earlier.

"So for example, if you mix the poisonous herbs I've been eating for satiety you can make a medicine that recovers from bad status which reduces stats."

"No, although your wording is funny, it's not entirely wrong."

Among the mountain of items we collected together there were many types, I needed Letia to remember them.

"Look, eat this. Also, you can eat this too."

"Impossible. Why can you eat it despite knowing it's poison..."

"Don't worry, if you eat Antidote Grass immediately you can minimize the damage."

"Even so..."

Currently, I've had Letia remember which ingredients are dangerous, it was literally having her body learn. It was the so called 『Discerning』. Moreover, as we chatted I've told her how to use each one.

"If you have 【Mixing】 and have materials which cause abnormal states and recover from them, you can make a variety of items. Next one, it's a normal ingredient but..."

It appeared that if it was a normal item which had no disadvantages to it, then the tamed beasts, Haru and Natsu could appraise them. Even though Letia and the beasts didn't want to use poisonous plants, they took this to mouth voluntarily. It's not like I'm bullying them.

"Uuu... this is a camp, even if I put poison in my mouth I'll survive."

"No, if you normally appraised it you wouldn't have to eat it. Also, if you eat it once you'll be safe later."

The elf-styled girl stuffed the materials into her mouth indifferently to identify them, she turned her gaze towards the tamed beasts. They ignored their lord's gaze and munched the materials. It seemed like doing something dangerous should be done together by partners. The moment I thought that, I've gotten a surreal feeling that it was something subtle and sad.

"Well, whatever. It's good to be able to survive during the event. That's why, don't overdo it."

"You're a mysterious person. Helping someone who collapsed and teach them a way to survive without asking anything in return..."

I didn't really help her with any special intent in mind...

"And you have a bow as a weapon. I can sympathize as I too hold a mishappen Sense."

"Hey, are you selling me a fight here?"

"No such thing. 【Taming】 too is considered a mishappen and dead Sense, I've been told a lot of stuff about it."

"Ah, speaking of which I've heard something like that when I asked about 【Taming】. I've acquired it, but haven't been able to use it"

I recalled what Letia said, 【Taming】 Sense was a dead Sense. The probability of taming a mob was low, it was a dead Sense because a huge amount of luck was required for it to work properly.

"That recognition is half-right, and half wrong."

"Haa? What do you mean?"

"There must be something else other than relying on luck. For example winning them over, didn't you notice anything?"

"Umm, feeding I guess?"

"Indeed. Also, you can win them over by showing your combat skills with Taming turned on."

Certainly, although if you use 【Taming】 in combat at the enemy it's all up to luck, but it's possible to increase the chance of success by several methods. If you use a best method matching your opponent, they are likely to become your companion. However, the element of luck is still involved, and more attempts might be necessary. Also, if the mob becomes a partner, he will turn into an item called Summoning Stone which will allow one to call them.

Calling a mob with a Summoning Stone costs MP, the amount is determined by the mob type. Because of that, players MP limits what mob can be used with 【Taming】.

"Something like that."

"Hmm. Is that so."

I identified items while listening to Letia's explanation. I could already see the end of the item pile.

"Haa?! There's a young animal."

"Eh, no way. Where..."

Letia's gaze pierced into my back, she looked in the direction I was staring and she saw it stay on top of tree's thick branch.

It was a creature with bright red eyes and white fur, it had a long and narrow body. It was a creature resembling a ferret or a weasel, it was staring at us.

"Then, let's demonstrate what we were talking about earlier. Let's try several things before we try having it surrender in combat."

While saying so, Letia took a fruit which was identified as non-toxic and spoke to the little one on the tree.

"Look, it's food. Come over here."

The weasel's line of sight was focused on the fruit, it should come down soon enough. However, unlike the time I encountered the little ones, it was quite wary and wouldn't just come close.

"Next, you can try captivating it by playing a musical instrument."

She said and took out a flute. As expected, the self-proclaimed elf must be able to let out a beautiful tone from from it. I've had high expectations but——

*pihyororo〜*, an indescribable silly sound jingled in vain throughout the forest.

"Like this you use a 【Musical Instrument】 to deepen your friendship with the other party."

"Before that, it has already turned stiff in amazement! That weasel's mocking you!"

"Weird. When the enemy was a goblin it waved both of its hands and started dancing... well, the performance is finished, let's try it. It might have been because its level is low."

That ain't good. Just when I thought that, the young weasel's atmosphere changed.

Unfortunately, the moment the flute stopped playing, from being wary it turned into being wary and hostile, it tried to intimidate us.

"Hey, isn't it completely furious..."

"Sometimes they turn hostile for no reason at all in the middle of solicitation. How unusual."

"That's no good at all! Hey, uwaa?!"

The weasel's paw was wrapped in pale green light and there was wind swirling. I avoided a sharp wind blade that was released from the paw it waved, it left a small scar on the ground.

"A Kamaitachi huh. It's hostile now, is there no choice but to defeat it?"[3]

I pulled out the knife that was attached to my belt, wanting to confront wind blades with it. Letia and her two tamed beasts positioned themselves, but it didn't mean we have formed a party. We decided not to make one in order to avoid receiving a penalty.

"Letia, what to do once it turns into a battle?"

"Unfortunately, I have no way to fight in close quarters. Mostly I leave it to Haru and Natsu. Do your best."

"Haa, I too am an amateur when it comes to close combat."

The distance was too small and it would be difficult for me to maneuver with a longbow. Although I took out my knife, it would be better to have a tactical retreat. However, with this atmosphere I couldn't just leave it like that.

"I'll go in front. Letia, support me from range in a way that won't cause us to get a penalty."


The tamed beasts immediately moved and stuck closely to Letia's side as she has moved into the back. I'll move pre-emptively... and when I thought that I felt like something caught my hand in which I held the knife.

"You... what..."

The young Unicorn that was hiding from Letia up until now has pulled on my sleeves making it so I couldn't swing the weapon.

Did this guy turn into an enemy? I thought that, but it didn't seem like it was attacking me. It didn't seem like it was anyone's enemy, there was no hostility in its eyes.

"It's coming!"

"?!! It hurts."

Both the young Unicorn and I received the wind blade and our HP was reduced. I took one step back in shock, but Letia instantly healed my and the Unicorn's wounds with recovery magic.

Even after being attacked by the Kamaitachi, the Unicorn didn't show any hostility against it. Don't kill it. That's what it seemed to say.

"I get it. We just need to render it powerless. If that's fine then let me go."

I didn't know whether it understood my words, but it stopped pulling on my clothes and distanced itself from me. A way to incapacitate it without taking it down, there was one.

"Letia! Don't stop healing me! 《Enchant》——Mind."

I increased my magic defence with an enchant and took a step further. I have received the wind blades that were released in succession with my crossed arms, it seems like I managed to decrease the amount of damage taken as compared to before. With heals being cast on me I reduced the distance steadily. The wind blade attacks seemed like they were released in confusion and disproportionate. And when I got to the distance where I could reach it with my hands——

"Don't give me so much trouble, geez——"

I sprinkled a liquid I removed from the inventory on the Kamaitachi, immediately after it stopped moving and fell over.

"No matter what I make, it always turns out to be handy. An abnormal state drug."

In response to the drug, an abnormal state of 【Sleep】 was caused, the Kamaitachi started to let out sounds in sleep. Even so, after this it might wake up in less than ten seconds.

And then the young Unicorn moved forward and stood by my side, light has gathered near its forehead and it contacted the sleeping Kamaitachi. It recovered Kamaitachi's reduced HP and the abnormal state. We didn't deal any damage to it, that must have meant it was damaged earlier.

"Oh, it woke up."

Although Kamaitachi was in an excited state after waking up, it checked its own recovered body and after glancing at the Unicorn and us it ran away in a hurry. Letia was watching that from behind, even though she muttered regretfully, she didn't really say anything.

"Thank you for the support."

"No, it was a right person for the right job. Yun-san's a mysterious person after all. Well, to defeat a rare animal like that would be a waste. I think it was a good decision."

"It wasn't my judgement though. Hey, it's gone already."

The young Unicorn disappeared using its stealth ability right after it was over, it stayed some distance away.

"Even so, it seemed like it was damaged by someone before it met us."

Was there a player who aimed at the young ones, or did it fight with another mob.

"No clue. Hm, sunset is about to come. What will you do, Letia?"

"I'll make a base camp in an appropriate spot and go to sleep."

"Then we'll be separating here."

"It seems so. Next time, if the fate's willing."

She said so, and after taking her partners with her, Letia went into the forest and was no longer visible before long.

"Now, we should go back too... hm? What's this."

In the place Kamaitachi stayed in, there was something shining dully. It was a metal ring that had a reddish colour. Because I couldn't see any details I equipped the 【Craftsmanship】 Sense, I identified it.

Wrath Ring 【Ornament】

DEF+15 MIND+15 Additional Effect : 【Anger 3】

It was dangerous equipment. However, why was it in a place like this. As I examined it closely, I found a pattern that was strangely ominous.

"Well, no matter how much I think about it I won't find an answer. Let's just put this thing in the inventory."

I muttered so and went back to the base camp. The Unicorn followed me halfway, but when it saw Magi-san and the others in our base camp, it ran away to hide again.

We''ll meet again if so willed by fate, I stored these words in the corner of my head and reported today's results to everyone.

 To better describe the mentioned pose (it's obvious in Japanese, but not so obvious in english) I'll have this lass to present it: – something like this.  Haru means spring, Natsu means summer. She's naming her tamed beasts with the names of the seasons.