Volume 8 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - 【Eight Million Gods】 and Tasting Party

It might be fun... I want to punch my past self who thought so.

"Now! Start preparations for tasting party!"


Since I heard it will be tasting of fruit-based drinks, I thought they would be poured from wine bottles into glasses and it'll be an elegant buffet party, but what was prepared at the venue were entire barrels.

Starting with the 【Eight Million Gods】 members and 【Cooking】 Sense holders slowly gathering, through small feasting, it grew to huge sizes and became nothing but a "party".

Unable to slip out Myu and I held grape juice squeezed out of 【Cold Crimson Glory Vine】 in one hand and sitting, we looked around.

Other than us, the adult players were drinking the prepared red wine like it was water.

Myu allowed herself to be swept by the atmosphere and undertook the dancing and singing role. Sei-nee was acting as a stopper for Mikadzuchi who started drinking with overly lightness, so she remained by her side.

"So, what do I do now?"

As I sat alone with nothing to do, by my sides there were Ryui and Zakuro whom I called out to relieve my anxiety and snuggled up to me.

Since it was forbidden to touch the two, by having them by my sides no one approached me so I ended up being isolated and standing out in a bad way.

"What should I do... this might be a little uncomfortable."

"Hey, got a moment?"

"Hyah——?! W-what is it?!"

I didn't think someone would speak to me, so having a hand placed on my shoulder I ended up letting out a strange sound. Ignoring the fact that I ended up attracting further attention I turned around and saw a boy's face in front of me.

The player who spoke to me was a boy who wore a spacious brown and white kimono. He stared straight at me with his sleepily-looking half-open eyes.

"There's still time until the party starts, you look bored so I'll show you around the guild."

"Party you say. Um, is that fine?"

When I asked him, he responded saying that he got the permission from the guild master. I looked towards Sei-nee, who said "have fun" and saw me off.

"Well then, could you?"

"Yup. Let's go then."

With that said, guided by the boy with sleepy eyes I slipped away from the hall and we started walking around with the first floor.

"This guild home has two floors up and one underground floor, and an expansion. The first floor has meeting rooms for combat players and private rooms, as well as various others like rooms with NPCs the crafters can ask for things."

"Hee, the guild management must be hard."

"Yeah. Every month there's a quite high maintenance cost so that's collected from the guild members."

"Isn't that too kinda harsh?"

I wasn't knowledgeable about details on guilds, but even in the 【Atelier】 the cost of employing Kyouko-san the NPC is several tens of thousands. From what I saw there was more than ten NPCs here, which would make the cost ten times that.

"I don't think it is. If the guild maintenance costs were covered only by some of the members, other probably wouldn't feel attachment to the guild, right? Also, every month the cost of maintenance is shared over a lot of people so it's not that high."

"I see..."

"Also, people who don't know how to earn money for maintenance costs are helped out by other guild members to find a method. For combat players it's helping out with hunting and leveling. For crafters it's selling items to players with money. Of course, with in-guild price it's made

and sold quite cheaply."

So he said, by fulfilling minimal amount of obligations they were able to play freely, I was convinced.

The boy moving ahead of me went up the stairs to the second floor, then stood in front of the doors leading to one of the rooms.

"This is the room with guild crafters' facilities including craftsmen's rooms. It's where we, the guild's crafters gather. People who don't like the parties below come here."

When I entered the room prompted by him, I saw miscellaneous rooms with variety of crafting equipment installed in them.

Since it was a shared space, crafters took turns using unmovable crafting facilities. In the back, it seemed like there were also private rooms available.

The players who gather here do their work in front of their crafting facilities and sometimes chat with crafters from other specialities.

"Hey, you're late, what happened? And Otonashi, who's that behind you?"

The one who spoke to the sleepy-eyed boy was a tall, easygoing young man. He had a jacket on top of naked upper body and had multiple accessories on him.

"I'm showing a participant around while escaping the party myself. She'll be out soon."

"I see. I'm Langley. Nice to meet ya."

"I'm Yun. Nice to meet you, I guess?"

I made an amiable smile as I exchanged greetings with Langley.

"By the way, what crafting speciality did you take?"


I checked up my Sense status.

Possessed SP35

【Bow Lv46】 【Longbow Lv20】 【Sky Eyes Lv12】 【Swiftness Lv10】 【See-Through Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv11】 【Enchant Arts Lv36】 【Earth Element Talent Lv27】 【Dosing Lv42】 【Cook Lv11】


【Alchemy Lv40】 【Synthesis Lv41】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv42】 【Taming Lv14】 【Engraving Lv23】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】

"【Dosing】, 【Engraving】, 【Alchemy】, 【Synthesis】 and 【Cooking】."

"Seriously? To take five professions, eh... wait, are you Yun the 【Nanny】?!"

My mood turned grumpy hearing that nickname. Noticing that I don't really like that way of calling me, the man in front of me panicked.

"Sorry sorry. I didn't mean bad. Oh, you're also an engraver aren't you. Then let me teach you how to make some minor accessories and forgive me with that."

Langley apologized and smiled bitterly. Despite looking flashy, he didn't seem like a bad person. Also, I was indeed interested in making of accessories.

"Well, I am a little interested in that."

Since I came to 【Eight Million Gods】 for a change of pace, it might be a good chance to try putting some effort into 【Engraving】.

"I'll bring some accessories to show you."

After saying so, Langley brought things from the work space, they all looked like small parts.

At first glance I couldn't tell what materials were they made of, but bigger and smaller parts were made of the same material.

"What material is this? It's light and hard. Also, a little warm."

"These are accessories made of goblin-type mobs' horns. They're bone accessories, a different type from metal ones."

Saying that, Langley took out a chisel, drill and a file from the 【Engraving】 crafting kit.

"These are the tools mainly used. You carve them roughly with a chisel, finish up with a file and then drill holes for passing thread through them. Unlike rings which is made in one part, this is made of multiple and connected with a thread, so it can be made little by little over longer periods of time."

Continuing, he passed a thread through variously-sized parts of goblin horns.

"Well, it doesn't look all that good, but it has it's own roleplay flavour."

"You're right. Unlike metal and jewellery that are cold, these feel warm."

Also, the atmosphere also was somewhat oriental as if made by some tribe. I could feel the depth of these accessories.

"So you get it! Horns and fangs, bones, also wood rings made by cutting out hard wood. There's a lot of applications."

"Hee, what, that sounds interesting. Can you make bead accessories?"

"Nice! I'll use that idea! In that case, we'll have to look into the materials that can be used... and gather up samples."

It should have been him teaching me how to make bone accessories, but before we realized it had evolved into a discourse between crafters.

"Then I guess we can try right away? Though, I have no materials..."

The only materials at hand were those prepared by Langley, and I put everything I'm not using in the item box at the 【Atelier】.

We can't make items without materials.

Reminded of crafters' disadvantages I felt it's a shame, but that's when Otonashi who was quiet by our side had pulled on my and Langley's clothes.

"Hey, if you go to the basement you'll find materials."

"Basement, basement rooms huh... well, certainly you'll find them there but..."

Langley spoke uncomfortably. Unable to understand, I asked puzzled.

"Hey, so are there materials in that basement?"

"Yeah, well I guess there are. Someone stored materials that can't be put in store or are sold for cheap change to NPCs in there, and then it started turning into a yard for unwanted items. So, I guess it's something like a garbage dump for entire guild."

Since Langley and other crafters asked guild members to gather required materials, it was a place they almost never used.

Other than a few people who look for items on bargain through that disorganised mess, there were few people going in there.

"Yun is an outsider, but if she has a permission I think it should be fine. I will go pick some up."

"Well, there should be some materials on level of making bone accessories and woodcraft, go on."

Then, Otonashi left the room to go to basement to pick materials and returned after a while.

"You should be able to use these for various things. In addition to Goblin Horns there are Lizardmen's Scales and Hound-type mobs' fangs."

"Ohhh, that's a lot of materials."

I had fun just looking at the materials Otonashi brought, but I wanted to learn making bone accessories as quick as possible.

I tried to take one of the materials in my hand, but was stopped by Langley.

"Wait a sec. It's way softer compared to metal y'know. Give up on starting with those, and try this one first."

The material he took out as he said that, was featureless piece of wood.

A five centimetre-large cube was placed on my palm.

"Try making a wood ring first. It's cheap and hard to break. If you get used to these, it should dramatically decrease the chance of failure when making bone accessories."

"Oh, got it."

Accepting Langley's advice, I started making a wooden ring.

When I looked at the wood and chisel in my hands, steps different from those for making ingots appeared in my head.

It was the 【Engraving】 Sense's assistance, but it wasn't as strong as upon making a ring out of ingot. Only vaguely a blueprint of a wooden ring appeared in my head.

I could tell where and how much should I scrape off by intuitively comparing the image I had in my head with what I held in my hand.

First, I tried to carefully scrape out the inside with a chisel, but it was too hard and wouldn't go well.

"It's a bit hard."

"It's easy once you get used to controlling your strength."

Langley said that with a smile, I responded silently with a nod and returned to work.

"——?!! I cut off too much again."

"You're too tensed. Have some tea and sweets."

Otonashi who was looking after me had brought tea and sweets made by 【Cooking】-type crafters.

"Here, tea."

"Thank you. Haa, it's difficult."

In my hand I had several pieces of wood that I have failed with.

At first I took a lot of time to cut out the five centimetre-big wooden cube and failed, but after I repeated it several times I found out that it had characteristics different from that of metal.

Wood's softness and annual rings, hardness of various parts. If I don't confirm them by touch I will end up failing to adjust my strength and cut off too much.

Even now when I tried to shape up the outside cracks appeared because there was too much cut off. Still, it was within range of what can be fixed, so I just cut off the part containing the cracks and rehsaped it as a C-shaped ring.

I completed the form while drinking tea, then in the end I used a file to polish up the surface and then varnished it.

Wooden Ring 【Ornament】 (Weight: 1)


It looked like a kid's toy, but I might kind of like the warmth it has.

"'s difficult, but fun."

"Then you might have affinity for this. This kind of work goes on and on, so there are many who are bad at it."

Because I was too absorbed in making the Wooden Ring I didn't notice what Langley was doing, while I was working with mine he made several bone accessories.

Also, he made a Wooden Ring as well, but his was made as thick as it was possible and had elaborate relief engraved on it, the difference with what I made was clear.

Honestly, I was made realize the difference in experience we have.

"I guess you understood while working with it, Yun, wood has different peculiarities from a lump of metal, right?"

"It has quirks when using a chisel on it. Also when you put in too much strength it breaks easily, right."

"That's it. Wood isn't too soft nor too hard, also, it has quirks. That's why it's good for getting used to various materials. Well, I had a beginner like you work with it, but wood has higher degree of difficulty than Goblin Horns and monster fangs."

He said so and laughed as if it was nothing, but I looked at the pieces of wood I broke so far and grimaced. I didn't think it was Spartan training of all things.

"Don't make that face. Next is the second and last step. Try actually making one, that is."

And I was told to use the materials prepared by Otonashi.

What was left to do, was to work using my Senses and my sense.

Langley went back to challenging creation of bead accessories, Otonashi didn't just stand there looking either and had taken out some materials he started to examine.

On the other hand, I started making my first bone accessory.

"First, what kind of design should I give it."

For now, I picked up a Goblin Horn a hemp twine and small pebbles.

"Let's make a simple one to start with."

I used a cutting tool to separate the Goblin Horn into three pieces at regular intervals. Then split up each again and together with small pebbles I started to polish their surfaces.

Once I eliminated the roughness on the surfaces, I gave the pieces oval shape.

Then once twenty glossy parts of different sizes were finished I drilled them one by one to pass a hemp twine through them.

The largest oval piece was in the middle and the smaller ones were on the sides, between parts of the horn I placed small polished stones, in the end I cut off the excess hemp twine and connected the two ends lightly.

The design was very common and it was too large for a necklace. But it should be good to use as a bracelet if I wrapped it around my wrist twice. I tried that and put it on my wrist.

The status of the finished item was——

Little Demon's Bracelet 【Ornament】 (Weight: 2)

ATK+1, DEF+2 Additional effect: 【Demon-Type Bonus (Small)】

The performance wasn't too high and it was a bit heavy. I might have made it slightly heavier by using pebbles as a material. Looks like there's still room for improvement.

I quietly took off the bone accessory and looked at Langley and others.

Langley put in sparkling, irregularly reflecting light sand into furnace and dissolved it into a mushy mass.

When that cooled down it started to turn into a rod-shaped transparent material. Langley again heated that up and cut into small grains, increasing the number of same thing.

At a different furnace than the one Langley used, Otonashi cut small grains from a metal ingot and continued making things of the same size one after another.

He used gold, silver and copper ingots to make small beads and also pendant top of his own making.

I wouldn't mind making another bone accessory, but I also had interest in the bead accessories.

"Still, I shouldn't bother them."

When I muttered quietly, my eyes stopped at little, rough gems that were brought in together with materials.

Most likely they were too small to be used for placing on accessories' pedestal, but I still polished them.

"Well, it's better to do what I'm used I guess."

I continued to polish them in silence in order to make jewels to minimal size required for beads. As expected of the OSO's largest guild, the amount and types of gemstones was abundant.

Peridots, lapis lazuli, jades, crystals, amethysts, aquamarines, tiger eyes, rubies...

Just polished and gathered together the gems were pretty.

"Okay... this should be enough for bead accessory prototype. Eh, hey Yun, what are you doing?"

"I finished making a bone accessory and since I'm interested in bead accessories I'm polishing gems for using as material for those."

When saying so I divided the small-sized polished gems by the type, both Otonashi and Langley looked at me with amazement.

"These are just the gemstones that were brought at random from the basement, right. Because they're so small they are prone to cracking, it must have been tough to polish this many, right?"

"Very small ones are good for beads and it's easy to get enough of them. Yeah, glass-based, metal-based and gemstone-based make for three kinds of beads."

Seeing the prepared gems Langley was enthusiastic, but when he took out a thick thread used for bone accessories it looked to be too large for small glass, metal and gem beads.

"Langley, that won't pass. You'll have to use some material similar to wire. Hey, don't you have some material used with sewing?"

Another crafter from the guild who was looking at our attempts from the distance lent us some tools and materials.

Using a needle for sewing to pass the yarn through beads made it easier, but a normal thread wasn't strong enough and there was a possibility it will get torn off if you pulled on too strongly.

Otonashi and Langley continued to ponder as to what could be a suitable material for bead accessories, but I came up with one.

"I want to borrow a private room and there's material I want to use, so could you bring some from the basement?"

Hearing my request Otonashi tilted his head puzzled and Langley inquired as to the material I want to use.

"Still, we can't provide you with materials and location if we don't know what you want to make."

"That would be..."

It was just as Langley pointed out.

There was a possibility I would list items not actually required and take them. It was even more suspicious since I asked for using a private room.

I could understand the need for vigilance like that. But I too had a reason because of which I couldn't tell them the materials I would use. Thinking so I fell silent.

"Langley, you're being too threatening. She fell silent."

"No, it's not like I suspect her. Well, being careful like this is normal, right."

Langley responded to Otonashi who poked at his side lightly. I answered saying as much as I could.

"What I want to make is 【Metallic Thread】. And the method for making it is, well, secret."

The 【Metallic Thread】's recipe I co-produce with Emily-san was still a secret.

"Ah, that. I heard it's a sewing material, but since it's strong it might be suitable for maing bead accessories. Also considering that the distribution is limited it's clear that the recipe is a secret... got it. For now let's go get a permission from Mikadzuchi-san."

"Really?! Thanks!"

I honestly thanked him.

And, when we consulted with Mikadzuchi who was on the first floor and in the middle of preparations for tasting party——

"Sounds interesting so you have permission! Also, once it's done come over here!"

"Your reasons are way too light!"

Is that really okay? Guild master. I retorted.

I took the items I was looking for from the basement – the 【Iron Ore】 and 【Silver Ore】, as well as a 【Magical Silk Scraps】. I had 【Water of Life】 I used for potions in my inventory, so I used that.

Then I borrowed a private room and used 【Synthesis】 and 【Alchemy】 Senses to remake the materials.

"Now, let's begin. First——《Alchemy》!"

I remade the 【Magical Silk Scraps】 with Alchemy's Higher Conversion as part of preparation. Then, I used lower conversion to change it into a bundle of yarn.

"And last is——《Synthesis》!"

From there I used the ore items, 【Bundle of Magical Silk's Thread】 and Water of Life to perform a three items synthesis.

"——Done. It's 【Iron Metallic Thread】 and 【Silver Metallic Thread】."

Then after making several metallic threads that had the strength of metal and flexibility of a fibre I exit the private room and passed them to Langley and Otonashi.

"So this is Metallic Thread. Certainly, it looks strong enough."

"You made quite a few."

I passed the Metallic Thread through the sewing needle and then passed the thread through the beads one after another.

"Whoa?! That's easy. Let's make simple beads accessories right away."

At Langley's suggestion, everyone took up the Metallic Thread and had it pass through the borrowed sewing needles, then everyone sat down and we started working with the beads we selected.

Langley sat in front of the transparent glass balls he himself made, Otonashi in front of the polished gem beads. And I started making an accessory using metal beads.

"Looks interesting. Can I get some of the Metallic Thread and beads?"

"The materials come from the guild's basement and the tools are also borrowed, sure go on."

The Sewing Sense-using crafter who lent us the tools asked me and then also started working with beads.

I finished making a simple accessory made of silver beads and Silver Metallic Thread.

Silver Bead Bracelet 【Ornament】


Just like with the bone accessory, it was good enough for the first one.

The bead accessories Otonashi and Langley were working on looked great when finished.

"Ohh, this is quite stylish!"

"Is that so?"

"That suits Otonashi."

The one Otonashi chose were small jades.

Once he passed the Metallic Thread through a number of small jade grains, then added a few big jades he polished himself and gave a comma shape to creating an accent.

Langley didn't seem satisfied with the transparent glass balls so he used the 《Colouring》 skill to try various colour schemes on them.

"I might have failed I guess."

"Did you? I think it's good enough."

"I also think making it like that is good."

When Otonashi and I looked in Langley's hands he made a bitter expression.

"I tried using the 【Crystal Sand】 I got my hands on just recently as a base, but with how it's transparent it narrows the design you can make. Also when you use 《Colouring》 it looks like cheap plastic beads so it's difficult to make something good with it."

Still, continuing to devise he finished a choker made with alternating beads and metal parts.

While we worked on prototypes, one of the tailors let out a cry of joy after finishing something.

"YESS! Donee!"

When I looked towards that voice, I saw a mannequin wearing a sparkling and beautiful dark blue dress and him, repeating hurrays in front of it.

The dress' skirt's hem was made of lace was made with use of Silver Metallic Thread, Silver Beads in a way it didn't stand out, the usage of lace made it look three-dimensional.

There were colourful gems embedded in the cloth.

And with a conspicuously large topaz necklace on the chest, I could see a certain scene.

"...night sky?"

"Indeed! The dark blue dress is likened to night sky and the lace expresses the river! The jewels embedded in cloth represent stars shining in the sky! Rivers and stars of the Milky Way! And the oversized topaz glowing on the chest represents the moon!"

Milky way, the heaven's river, huh.

Otonashi and I were quite taken aback by the creator tailor's high tension, and Langley was appalled.

"And so, to spread the new crafting and decoration technique, let's go look for a model!"

"Then go."

"Take care out there. We'll stay here and drink tea in peace."

"I don't feel like going down there either..."

"Onee-chan! Isn't it about time to end the touring? Preparations below are over so let's go!"


As if to suppress headache I pressed lightly on my temple with my fingers.

Couldn't she enter while making less noise? When I thought that, Myu quickly approached and took my hand.

"Onee-chan, let's go?"

"Haa, good grief... it can't be helped huh."

With Myu tilting her head just slightly and looking up at me, as her brother I was unable to refuse.

Also, her face was slightly reddish, even though she didn't drink any liquor she might have gotten slightly drunk with the atmosphere so I shouldn't leave her alone.

When I reluctantly agreed, satisfied, Myu made a sloppy smile. That's when she noticed the dress that was placed behind us.

"Oh? That's a wonderful dress, it's all sparkly."

"I just finished making it, want to try being a model for it?"

The tailor entered the conversation.

"Is that okay? Yaay! Like a princess! But I'm a paladin, so more like a princess knight?"

She said so and changed her equipment from the usual white and silver armour to the dark blue dress. Drunk with atmosphere she didn't mind being the model at all, after thinking for a moment I also lightly let it pass.

After we also put some matching accessories on Myu, she pulled on my hand and we went down to the first floor.

Myu moved down the stairs to the hall with light movements. Matching that, the hall fell silent for just an instant.

Gazes of many participants of the tasting party gathered on her as she descended the stairs, in response to which Myu continued to walk with pride.

On the contrary, I felt embarrassed so I lowered the hood on deeply on my eyes, trying to avoid everyone's gazes.

"Sei-oneechan! I brought Yun-oneechan! And, see? I was given a dress to wear!"

"Oh my, that's a wonderful dress. You turned mature all at once, Myu-chan."

Moving in front of Sei-nee, Myu put on a happy but embarrassed smile.

I took a look around and saw groups happily eating and drinking, compared to the quiet crafters' room I was in earlier this was so bright and dazzling I could only squint.

"C'mon, Myu-chan, go show off your dress to more people. Missy, come beside me and Sei."

"Okaaay! Well then, I'm off!"

"Don't call me 'missy'. Geez... fine."

Though the only thing that had become mature was her appearance, thinking that her inside didn't change at all I sat down on the chair near Sei-nee.

And, seeing side dishes for eating with liquor in front of me, I grimaced.

"Hey, Mikadzuchi. What is this...?"

"What, you ask, its party's food. It serves for recovering satiety after we come back from adventure."

Even though the party still hasn't started, Mikadzuchi snatched away cheese, salami, peanuts, dried squid and such and ate it together with the liquor she had in a glass.

What about the players with 【Cooking】 Sense who were called to the party?

When I looked at the cuisine on other tables it looked like the few Cooking Sense owners did well, but their numbers were nowhere near enough.

One of the reasons for that was because they were a bit too enthusiastic and obsessed over details to make make the best food there is and ended up taking profusely long time.

"Haa, geez... can I get some of the materials and side dishes?"

"What, you'll make something?"

"Just a little..."

I called out to the Cooking Sense owner who was nearby and was given some ingredients.

The players who acquired the 【Cooking】 Sense during the camp event mostly remembered each other, so acquiring some materials and side dishes went smoothly. I also had some seasoning and tools in my inventory at all times.

"Well, let's make some standard things."

"Something that goes well with liquor please!"

"Are you an old man or something? Mikadzuchi."

"Ahahaha... but it has been a while since I ate Yun-chan's cooking so I'm happy.

Told so by Sei-nee who went to university far away I felt a little glad, but made food without saying anything.

I peeled the potatoes, cut into appropriate size, cut sausages, added olive oil and garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper then put on fire——making German Potato ready for serving.

Continuing, this time I sliced potatoes and spread them on the vessel instead of pizza dough then from the top I put on tomato sauce, onion, green pepper salami, topped it with sliced cheese and fried it——and completed the Potato Pizza.

Other than that, I made smoked squid, cucumber salad and potato salad.

All of these were food recipes that could be made quickly, something like home cooking for large numbers of people.

"Ohhh, those plain side dishes were reborn into something glamorous!"

"It's great. The taste is deeper and drinking goes better!"

People started to eat the cooking that was done first.

"Ahh, I want one. A 【Nanny】 in my house."

"【Nanny】's cooking is delicious! The best!"

The people who were eating the food I made spoke as they ate.

"Yes yes. Also, don't call me 【Nanny】. But, it's still not enough."

I watched as the food I made disappears, then thankful for how convenient it is that in OSO cookware cleans itself over time I started making basic fried food.

At first I added some water to flour and together with cheese and fried cheese I started making rolls and then——

"I want to eat fried chicken." "Then kakiage for me." "I want to eat some fried vegetables" "We have squids for frying so make squid rings!" "I want fried shrimp!"

While I was slightly annoyed at everyone talking whatever they like, I retorted to them that I don't have ingredients to make what they want.

"Bring me ingredients if you want to eat! Even crafters can't make stuff from thin air!"

I was sure that it was a good counter-attack. But the next moment I realized that I lost.

The reason for that, was because everyone started to pull out ingredients.

"Can you make fried chicken from Mill Bird's meat?" "I have vegetables that drop from plant-type mobs." "I have something from mobs that are similar to shrimps, is that okay?"

Why do you even have those. I felt like saying, but only spit out a sigh and started to cook using their ingredients.

After preparing appetizers I continued to make fried food without time to rest.

When the ingredients were exhausted I was finally released from cooking and went back to Sei-nee.

"Haa〜, I'm tired."

"There you go, Yun-chan. Plum juice made from 【Shiyu Fruits】."

"Thanks, Sei-nee. ——Pwah, makes me come back alive."

The juice I drank tasted more delicious than usual. When I looked around feeling a pleasant fatigue, Mikadzuchi approached me.

"Was it a good change of pace for you?"

"Mikadzuchi, well, I realized how broad the 【Craftsmanship】 Sense is."

"That's great. Don't tense yourself up too much. Sometimes your efficiency improves after you do something different from usual."

"Does it?"

I raised the cup with juice up to my mouth again then pat Ryui who nestled himself up to my side as well as Zakuro who rode on top of my head.

"The guild helps out with leveling various Senses. Is there anything you'd like to acquire?"

"Even if you ask me..."

I wonder if there was anything like that and remembered there was one thing I wanted to acquire but couldn't really level.

"I do actually..."

Sei-nee who heard my conversation with Mikadzuchi joined in and spoke.

"Yun-chan, will you undertake the guild-hosted high speed leveling?"

"Hey, what?! Onee-chan will be taking new Sense? What kind of Sense is it?!"

"Sei-nee, Myu. Well, with Mikadzuchi recommending it to me I thought I might try..."

Sei-nee just finished giving out instructions for party's preparations, Myu finished enjoying the milky way dress and returned to her usual equipment, then they both joined in conversation.

"So, so then?! What Senses will you take?"

"Um... well——I thought of taking bad status resistance Senses."

It seemed like Myu expected some eccentric Sense and since that wasn't the case, she made a disappointed look. On the other hand Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi asked for the reason with joyful expression.

"So, why do you want that?"

"The mobs in the dungeon inside the Grand Rock's body spread a bad status-inducing liquid around upon dying, also there's a possibility I receive bad status when working with 【Dosing】 Sense..."

For completing the Grand Rock's quest and for myself, after explaining that I realized I wasn't able to change my mood completely yet.

"Actually just a while ago I mixed in materials I shouldn't have used and..."

I ended up dropping dried poisonous and bad status plants and mob drops of various types into a large pot by mistake.

As a result I breathed in various bad statuses raising up from the pot and fell down on the cold floor of the 【Atelier】's workshop.

Back then Ryui realized there was danger and used 【Purification】's light to envelop the entire workshop part, but I don't want that to happen again.

"That's why, I want the resistance Senses as an insurance, kinda..."

"How do I say it, that's stranger than I thought but it's very much like you, Yun-chan. Actually I also have a bad status resistance I want to take."

"Then, you can get it together with Missy."

Sei-nee smiled wryly, Mikadzuchi grinned widely. On the other hand, a little frustrated that she can't join in the conversation, Myu lowered her face and spoke.

"I'll take resistance Sense too!"

"Myu-chan? You have 【Recovery】 you can use instead of resistance, right? Also accessories with resistance."

"But it's not fair for just Yun-oneechan and Sei-oneechan to have fun!"

"No, is leveling really fun? Also, since its resistance this will mean we'll continue receiving the bad statuses so I think that will be kinda harsh?"

"Kukuku, isn't it fine. Myu-chan, you can also invite your party members. We'll show you the 【Eight Million Gods'】 special bad status resistance acquisition boot camp."

While I remained there puzzled, Mikadzuchi said "it's getting interesting!" and agreed on it.

Is it really okay? I worried, but Mikadzuchi said that it was fine and lightly pat my shoulder.

Then once she calmed down a little she spoke again.

"Now, it's how we do things in the guild, but could you help us out procuring and preparing necessary items?"

"Yeah, no problem."

"With that decided, I'll give these to the two of you."

Mikadzuchi passed silver invitations to the two outsiders, Myu and me.

"These are time-limited invites to 【Eight Million Gods】. With these you'll be able to enter 【Eight Million Gods】 freely for the entire month."

"Aren't these cards for joining the guild temporarily?"

I asked and Mikadzuchi responded with a throaty laughter.

"If you noticed that it means you're slightly back to yourself, that's great. Now, let's start the party!"

"Mikadzuchi, are you an old man?"

Between the minors Myu, Sei-nee and me, Mikadzuchi raised up her cup with wine. Since minors were poured juice, we did the same out of consideration.

"Well then, let's begin! ——Cheers!"


The voices of the party participants resounded throughout the guild hall, a commotion full of drinking and eating has started.

Among them there were people who were going with the flow of the party and after forming parties left to adventure as well as players who finished their adventuring and came to participate.

Since food ran out in the middle I cooked more again, Myu danced and sang enjoying the noise.

Sei-nee sat down by the wall in the hall's wall and enjoyed the food I made. Mikadzuchi went around chatting and interacting with the guild members' before returning to Sei-nee and enjoying liquor.

This kind of noisy atmosphere didn't fit me, but I thought it wasn't all that bad once in a while.

Meanwhile, several players approached Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi. They held bundles of paper in their hands and explained things with hand gestures, I looked at that without paying any special attention.

Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi either agreed seeming to have fun and responded occasionally. However, because of the party's commotion I had no idea what was it about.

Then, Mikadzuchi looked towards me and grinned broadly.

Is something happening? I thought for a moment, but Mikadzuchi averted her eyes and finished speaking with the player who brought the papers.

The players who were carrying paper bundles seemed in great spirits because of the result and returned to partying. Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi also returned to feasting.

Since my curiosity was a little stimulated by that, holding food and drinks I approached Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi.

"Want a refill of food and drinks?"

"Ohh, how attentive. Sure."

I poured drink to Mikadzuchi's cup and asked casually about the people earlier.

"You were speaking with someone just earlier. What was that about?"

"Mmm, ah, that..."

I might have stepped in where I shouldn't, I thought with regret. If it was related to the guild, it was not a nice thing to pry as an outsider.

Then, Sei-nee's and Mikadzuchi's answer was——

"...preparations for something fun, I'll say?"

"Kukuku, yeah, preparations for a fun and enjoyable trip——"

A trip inside this OSO's world, that was quite unusual. Travelling in this game world where you can use portal object to transition anywhere it sounded like a riddle.

Puzzled, I was unable to understand what exactly the two were talking about.