Volume 2 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Revenge and the Mage

I opened my eyes, it seemed like I woke up at the same time I did yesterday. I saw a dim light enter the log house through a gap of the door.

"...morning huh. I need to get up."

I need to prepare breakfast. Being the only one who has the 【Cooking】 Sense, I stood up quickly and stretched my back.

"...morning, Cloude."

"Oh, morning, and good night."

After saying that much, a dull sound rang out and Cloude started to sleep while breathing loudly. Hey, isn't he afraid of suffocating staying like that, I thought.

"If he's having a hard time being the look-out we should have switched, well, thanks to that we can sleep in peace."

I said so and left the log house. Toutobi was already up, with a dagger in her hand she was fighting with an imaginary enemy.

To the right, to the left, she thrust the dagger into nothingness while leaving afterimages behind her.

"You're fired up right from the morning aren't you."

"...good morning, Yun-san."

"How about the others?"

"...everyone's sleeping. Since I woke up already, I switched with Cloude-san."

"I see. I'll prepare the breakfast then."

For my armour, I put an apron on top of the one-piece from yesterday.

"This early?"

"Yeah, preparing processed food is time-consuming."

While saying so, I shook my hands and prepared a variety of tools.

I took out a stove and an oven Magi-san and the others obtained yesterday by hunting down an unique mob and started preparing food.

While crafting bread by using 【Cooking】 skill's Preparing to shorten the process, I prepared side dishes in parallel.

Although I didn't notice because I focused on the cooking, Magi-san and Lucato have woken up. Lucato was doing a swinging practice with the new sword, and Magi-san was looking after her while holding Rickle in her arms.

Lucato's sword was longer and wider than a one-handed sword. While it was a sword held in both of her hands, it seemed like its weight wasn't sufficient——it would be classified as a bastard sword.

Even with the least amount of decorations possible, it had atmosphere of a first class goods and coupled with Lucato's appearance it didn't give any discomfort. She swung it lightly with her hand in search of a prey, occasionally she clutched it with both of her hands. Just the pressure from the sword was enough to scatter the grass around her.

"Good morning. It seems like it's finished, Lucato's sword that is."

"Morning, Yun-kun. Yeah, I've finished it last night, but since we were tired we're checking it now. So how is it, Luka-chan?"

"Yes, it's just as I imagined it. I'm more of a type that emphasizes on strength of the blow rather than the speed, the sword I've been using up until now was too light."

While muttering so, Lucato stowed the sword exhausted.

"So I can assume that sword was delivered? Yun-kuuun, what's the breakfast menu?"

"Hmm, freshly baked bread and scrambled eggs, salad, fried vegetables and meat, cut up fruits. Since there's the Sweets Factory, I can make hotcakes too. If I'm able to prepare dough, all that's left is to fry it. There's the jelly I made yesterday too."

"Ohh!? If I can pick one then I want to eat hotcakes."

"Then just pick what you want to eat from what's made later."

While saying so, I put a frying pan on the stove.

Using the dough I continued to prepare hotcakes which piled up more and more on the platter. Moreover, I put the freshly baked bread in the open basket crafted by Lyly.


Anyone could eat whatever they wanted from what I made, but since I thought it wasn't satisfactory, Lyly and Hino went hunting and brought me a bottle of honey which dropped from a bee-type mob. I think I shouldn't bother considering where did the bottle appear from.

After a while, all the preparations were finished and I was able to rest.

"It's still morning, and I'm already tired. Ten people and five animals is indeed a lot. Can we do with what's been cooked today?"

While saying so, I sat down on a wooden chair.

Seeing me like that, Magi-san passed a glass of water to me.

"Well done. Are you okay?"

"It's hard. For today and tomorrow we can save food in inventories, but we might have to look for ingredients for the remaining days."

As I said what I thought, Magi-san nodded repeatedly agreeing with me. With two people beside me, I ate breakfast. After putting a hotcake in my mouth I felt incredible sweetness of honey and the texture of the dough, I felt like some of my energy came back after eating.

Then, probably attracted by the scent of breakfast the little beasts have woken up, they greedily devoured their meals. Among them, only the young, black fox was still wary. When it comes to distance, rather than to us players, it had a tendency of snuggling up to other young ones who were at similar age. It especially stuck to large-bodied Ryui like superglue, but Ryui didn't mind it at all.

"Let's have a short meeting as we eat breakfast."

The one who called that out, was Cloude. Although he fell over and slept, after finishing his short nap he joined us for the breakfast as the last one. This man, he slept for only a short while and he seemed to look all right, that might be because we're inside of a game. I thought, but I was worried he might have been doing the same in real.

"Now then, let's talk about schedule for today. I thought of having Magi and me tour the base camps around."

"Why is that?"

"Let's call it development of infrastructure. Last night, there were many topics on information board stating that there's not enough support from crafters. Today, along with my crafting acquaintances we decided to support the fighters."

"The crafters can easily level up their Senses, and the fighters will gain some proper support. That'll make everyone happy."

It seems like there already were people who had contracts like that. I wonder if I should show my face there. Then, Cloude continued speaking.

"Well, at first we didn't intend on making a move, but it seems like the negotiations aren't too balanced and it became a hot topic. As expected, we can't overlook this. Our names have quite a bit of value, so we'll go over there for a bit."

"Hmm, is that so. Well, you've got it hard. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, nothing in particular. Yun-kun, you have no intention of undertaking contracts for making potions through the board, do you? Just stay behind at ease."

Although I've been told to take it easy, I put a hand on my chin and thought. I wonder if there's any merit in doing that? If I undertook it, I could somewhat advertise my 【Atelier】. Also, I could obtain things I want without using my own time.

However... that's only if I was able to get results satisfying both sides.

If negotiating with other party is no good, I could look around this stray continent accompanying Taku's or Myu's party, mainly undertaking the healing role.

I looked at the sky, thinking. Should I benefit in safety without moving, or prepare myself to take risk and adventure. Troubled, I turned my gaze to the side. Beside me, there was the young fox riding on Ryui's back.

That's right. If I took the risk, I would have to separate from these two to ensure their safety.

"Well, I'll try it then. If it doesn't work out, I just have to stop right?"

Hearing these words, somehow, an expression of relief appeared on Magi-san's face.

"Ohh〜, that'd help us a lot. There are people who have Mixing, but there aren't many who are as good as Yun-kun."

"Aren't you subtly saying that I'm not normal? Hey."

As I said that, "ahahaha", she responded with a dry laughter. Well, I don't really care.

"Also, sorry, your armour isn't repaired yet. It's scheduled to be done today. And it'll be over with this."

With these words, our discussion was finished.

After that, I passed the potions I crafted to Lucato and the others, with their equipment being as good as new they left to conquer the ruins in the east. I've received gemstones and stones from Magi-san, and then prepared a simple lunch box for Magi-san and Cloude, I passed it to them and sent them off.

Then, Lyly and I watched over our camp, and worked hard on our crafting. I'm sure that Magi-san's real intention was to have me rest after yesterday's trouble, it might be that Lyly was given role of watching over me.

I polished gemstones I received from Magi-san to replenish Magic Gems I used up yesterday and enchanted them with magic.

Lyly too was working on his crafting, it was on much greater scale than normal woodworking.

He crafted lumber from logs, plated the roof and built wooden hut.

"Hey, Lyly, what are you making?"

"Ryucchi's bed. Since its bed isn't small like Shaicchi's or the young fox's, he needs a proper bedding. Look, it's almost complete."

As he said that, he lifted a large piece of wood that was taller than him, and headed for the establishment beside the log house.

"All that's left is to prepare straw. Come on, Ryucchi."

Ryui who was lying further away with closed eyes checked the stable.

After approaching it while carefully looking all over, Ryui sat down on top of the straw that was laid down to confirm if it was comfortable. The stable was prepared in the shade, it seemed like a perfectly cool spot. The young fox didn't want to leave Ryui's side and headed to his side in a hurry. Rickle and Socks who stayed behind with us, as well as Neshias were interested in the new place, five young animals clustered in one spot. They narrowed their eyes, and immediately fell asleep.

"Should we take a small break?"

"Why not. Oh, are there any snacks left?"

"There's some hotcakes left, is that fine?"

I said so, and while looking at the young ones, I prepared our tea time break.

"Do you guys want me to avoid getting in trouble yesterday, and have me spend my time quietly by crafting?"

"Yuncchi doesn't really have much spare time since he has 【Dosing】【Cooking】 and 【Craftsmanship】."

"There's also 【Synthesis】 and 【Alchemy】. Well, I think that having skills spread out like this is fun."

"Yuncchi, aren't you unexpectedly inconstant?"

"That's rude. Say that I have a spirit of challenger instead. Certainly, I did take too much but..."

Lyly started giggling, and after that we had a fun chat.

A while after, probably tempted by the smell of tea and hotcakes, the young beasts who were curled up on Ryui's bed woke up.

The young fox was one step behind the others who have cried out to me right by my feet.

"What, you want these?"

Their line of sight was glued in the direction of the dish that had hotcakes on it. Right, left, right.

And as I moved the dish, all of their bodies swayed back and forth, once again, Socks fell over.

I removed a hotcake from my inventory and placed it in front of them, but they wouldn't eat the hotcake alone. This time, their line of sight was glued to the bottle of honey I had in my hand, geez, while spitting out a sigh I poured the honey over the hotcake.

The hotcake covered in honey was sliced up from various angles, then the young ones began to eat. The circular hotcake reduced in size in an instant, and after distorting it eventually settled down in everyone's stomach.

But it did not end there. Three beasts clung to my legs, 'more', Rickle and the others cried out 'more', the young fox stared at the bottle of honey in my hand. Also, Ryui circled around me and pressed against me with its head.

"H-hey, you guys. Calm down, calm doown!"

Pushed by Ryui, I fell down on spot. As usual, I thought of hating my own powerlessness which allowed me to be pushed down, but before I could do that, honey spilled from the bottle I had in my hand and it started sticking to my white one piece and my cheek.

"Uwaa... not good. Now I did it. Dirt's gonna be conspicuous because it's white... hey, this is a game, whether its dirty or wet, it'll disappear over time, I wonder if it's the same for this?"

While thinking that, I wiped the honey off my cheek with a finger. I felt a strong tingling line of sight on the tip of that finger.

The bottle in my hand that still had about third filled with honey, the honey that spilled on my dress, the honey that dripped of my cheek onto my nape and clavicle as well as the line of sight on my cheek and fingertip.

*slurp*... along with a sound of someone sipping their drool, young beasts jumped at me.

"Hey, where are you entering! Rather, you can't have honey!"

The young ones flocked over to me, making me unable to move. No, I could move, but I was worried that I might crush small Socks and Neshias so I didn't move. Moreover, I dropped the bottle with honey.

The young fox has put its head towards the bottle and desperately licked the honey remaining in the bottle. Occasionally, it stopped licking to glance towards me.

Neshias sweetly chewed my honey-covered right hand with its small beak, that feeling sent a chill down my back.

Socks jumped towards the honey that spilled on the one-piece near my belly and started licking it desperately.

Both of my hands as well as abdomen were pinned down, from the place where honey dripped onto my collarbone Rickle entered my clothes and started licking. Ryui stretched its neck towards my cheek which had honey on it and started licking me. Ryui's physique was much larger than other young ones, and the pressure was stronger. Moreover, because Ryui's neck was on my shoulder I couldn't move.

"H-hey, you guys, stop licking! Don't suck on the fabric! Why are you sticking your heads in my clothes! Stop licking completely unrelated places! Ngh?!! Lyly, help!"

"Hmm, Yuncchi, do your best!"


While my cries of agony resounded, Lyly continued to smile happily. This guy, all he intends is to watch from the side. Confident of that, I withstood the few minutes of that torture. During that time, I've shown an appearance I don't want anyone to see. Ever. I don't even want to remember it.

"Cheers for the good work, Yuncchi."

"...haa, haa. Help me instead of just looking."

"Hmm, no way, impossible. Give up."

While saying so, Lyly shrugged lightly. Over time, the honey disappeared from my clothes and the young animals who were licking me reluctantly separated from me.

"Haa〜, I feel like I was too soft on them."

"That's right, Yuncchi. It was your complete loss wasn't it?"


I shrugged and stroked Ryui's neck.

For a while, there was a cosy silence, but I broke it soon enough.

"Lyly, change your Senses to combat ones."

"Hm? Sure."

I was thankful for such immediate response without any doubts. Were they there ever since I've been playing with the young ones? I also changed the Senses I equipped.

Possessed SP18

【Bow Lv24】【Hawk Eyes Lv34】 【Speed Increase Lv20】 【Discovery Lv18】 【Magic Talent Lv36】

【Magic Power Lv35】 【Enchant Arts Lv11】 【Alchemy Lv27】 【Dosing Lv11】 【Cooking Lv12】


【Taming Lv1】 【Synthesis Lv24】 【Earth Element Talent Lv7】 【Craftsmanship Lv26】 【Swimming Lv13】

【Crafting Knowledge Lv25】

I adapted my Sense build to what was required at the moment and took out my bow, my gaze wandered casually.

There were three reactions. Although they have hidden outside of the safety area, it was obvious for me. If they want to hide, they should first acquire an ability on Ryui's level at the very least, I sighed.

"So, Yuncchi, how many? Their equipment?"

"Three people. A warrior and two mages."

"Quite a good balance. Are they customers?"

"If they were customers, they wouldn't pull out their swords would they. So, what do we do?"

I responded to Lyly's unfunny joke, and considered the current situation.

In the safety area battles don't occur and players cannot damage each other. But it can't be said it's absolutely safe. There's the case of the young black fox from yesterday. We don't know what cards can the opponent play.

"I've contacted Magicchi and Kurocchi, but they're in the furthest away camps."

"That means they can't come right away. It would be good if they gave up on a sudden attack. In case they do attack..."

We thought of multiple ways out.

If they are players that don't have their own tents and want to take our log house——in that case, they might be intending to attack the person who prepared these facilities.

A raid with a goal of obtaining necessary recovery and rare items——that might be exaggerated, but I felt it could be that.

A raid with a goal of robbing the young beasts——that would be the worst. There was no room for discussion in this case.

"Lyly, how does your combat abilities look like?"

"Hmm? Moderately strong? If it's a non-complex nor unusual strategy then I can execute it, I can handle normal hunting. In the first place, crafters don't normally fight."

"Then, do you think two crafters can take three fighters in an unbalanced battle?"

"Impossible. Rather, whether it's three of them or just one, I would run."


Originally, we crafters have less beneficial skills and the stats that are related to crafting are high, while stats related to fighting are low. There's a difference in specs even if our levels are the same.

"Should we escape immediately?"

"Yeah. After hearing the story from yesterday, even if it's impossible to steal installation-type objects, it seems possible to damage them."

"Yeah, the tents right. But rather than damage, it's more like 'completely destroy' them. Then, let's run... tch."

Unconsciously, I clicked my tongue. The moment became more vigilant, the young ones hid behind Lyly.

Just when I thought about escaping, we were approached from the other side.

The three moved to a distance where even Lyly could see them. They were holding their weapons, but it was unlikely they will attack us immediately.

"Are you that black one's user?"

The swordsman was a boy with silky blond hair and blue eyes. Somehow, his eyes were really grim. He was different from the assailant I imagined. His gaze rather than hold a pointless malice, had a pure hostility in it, making me even more wary.

"What's with you guys. You're scaring the little ones, hide your weapons."

As I strongly furrowed my brows and replied, the mages on the left and right of the swordsman glared at me in silence, whatever. The warrior replied soon after.

The swordsman in question ignored my words and glanced at the young beasts hiding behind Lyly.

"I see, so that's it after all. You're the black one's user. I finally found you."

"Nono, I've no idea."

"Did you forget about yesterday's incident?! You've been a huge bother to us and many other players. The player who set up a black beast against us, is our enemy!"

The men on the left and right spoke after hearing my response.

"Yuncchi, let's run!"

I've been stunned by an unexpected accusation, and regained my senses only after hearing Lyly's words. We started to run immediately.

Thinking they're in the right, they branded me evil. I didn't really mind, but when I spoke, they jumped to a wrong conclusion. My words didn't reach them at all.

Lyly had Neshias on his shoulder and two other young ones in his hands, we escaped in the direction of east, Ryui also ran in parallel to us with the young fox riding on top of him. After that, those guys also chased after us, they were surprisingly fast.

"Let's get away all at once. 《Enchant》——Speed!"

While leaving behind a yellow afterglow as we run, our speed increased.

"Leave this to me. 《Wind Armour》."

The mage cast a spell from which a green magical veil wrapped around the pursuers.

And their running speed visibly increased.

"What's with that magic!"

"It's the higher level of 【Wind Element】 Sense, 【Storm Element】's magic. If he leveled it that much, then we would be done for after taking three hits from him."

"Why are you being so carefree! If we don't increase our defence we'll die. 《Enchant》——Mind!"

This time, I applied a protective enchant on us.

Intimidated by the pursuers who rushed at us from behind, I felt fear. Although Lyly acted frivolously, I could see impatience in his expression.

I tried to think of a solution somehow, but because I felt impatient and scared, I couldn't find any.

And I used the only solution I knew of. That's right——an SOS mail to all my acquaintances.


The content was simple, if I were to reread it later I could easily tell just how panicked I was when I sent it.

Immediately after, explosions of the storm and flames approached from behind and grazed us. Enveloped in the light and deafening roar, Lyly and I screamed.

"AHHHhhhh! There's a cooldown on magic use isn't there? Why can he unleash such a barrage?!"

"It's quite short, he must have a high level of 【Chanting】 to shorten it!"

"I didn't want to hear that! Damn, hurry up and run out of MP!"

I spat out a curse loudly, and ran towards the east desperately.

The magic released burned trees and gouged the ground. It approached us occasionally, we defended ourselves with my Clay Shield's Magic Gems and Ryui's water shield. However, enemy's magic was powerful, our skin and hair was roasted by the aftermath and wind mercilessly hit our backs. We somehow managed to survive, but the supply of Magic Gems I had was running out, and Ryui's shield was not almighty either.

However, it wasn't as if we couldn't counterattack at all.

Remembering about it, I turned back towards them and shot arrows at the mages, but they were blocked by the swordsman. Frustrated he clicked his tongue as he responded to the attacks on the run. Being under attack, they couldn't continuously cast their spells.

As for Lyly, he was holding the little ones' and run while protecting them. Obviously, he couldn't concentrate while being attacked.

In other words, we were stuck in repetition.

Will the enemy run out of MP first, or will we be knocked out first. We continued to play runaway like that.

"Yuncchi, is there a way out?"

"I sent a mail to everyone I know!"

"That gives us some hope."

"Hey, what do you mean by that!"

I couldn't ignore the words Lyly silently spoke right beside me. What, you're saying I don't have many acquaintances?! Umm... Taku, Myu, Sei-nee... eh? It's just their friends, Magi-san and Cloude?

"What is it? Yuncchi."

"No, I actually might not have too many friends..."

"Don't mind!"

"Geez, that was out of place... wha?!"

While speaking, I did a twirl and shoot an arrow. While doing such a surprise attack I checked what's going on behind.

The released magic which was originally stronger versions of fire and wind magic, was now gradually being switched out to the lower and more convenient versions. There seemed to be emphasis on fire magic too.

Moreover, I've seen enemy take MP Potions while taking a break from attacking, it felt like they were frantic.

Randomly cast magic sometimes blocked our path or scooped our feet. Once it stopped, it looked calm.

Nevertheless, it was worth continuing without stopping. A virtual body could run without regard to physical fatigue, after withstanding the sprint for long enough, enemy's magic has stopped.

"Are they finally out of MP?"

"Fuu... it would be good if that was the case. If so, then they won't chase us any further than this."

"Let's run away then."

We attempted to run away once again, and the moment we lowered our hips, I felt a new reaction from 【Discovery】. The new magic cast by enemy wasn't mighty. A mysterious invisible blow reached Lyly.


As I cried out, Lyly slowly collapsed. Since he was falling forward, he would crush the little ones in his hand, so he twisted his body and fell on his right shoulder.

I rushed to him in a hurry, but there was no damage to his HP, he just fell down. Judging by his eye's movement, he was conscious. But he couldn't articulate properly, a hoarse voice spilled out.

"Yun...cchi... this is... para...lysis."

" it, Paralysis lifting potions isn't it!"

The moment I took out the potion from my inventory, the invisible attack was released again. The potion slipped out of my hand and I knelt.

My body went numb, the only thing I could move freely were my eyes. The young ones around us were looking at us anxiously. Run away, I wanted to say but I couldn't speak up.

We had an abnormal state 【Paralysis 3】 on us and couldn't move. We understood that the cause of it was the mage in front of us.

His eyes were long and vertical, there was a coldness reminiscent of reptiles in them. The reason his pupils changed into those of a reptile could be derived from the paralysis——

"...【Snake Eyes】...ri..ght."

I desperately moved my unmoving mouth, and muttered a groan.

"Indeed. It took quite a while, but it finally succeeded."

Indifferently, the three of them approached us, one of the mages pushed Lyly down, someone else locked my arm behind me, I was made to kneel in front of these misunderstanding bastards.

"You've resisted quite a while. Thanks to that we ran out of MP Potions, well, it's fine as long as we can purge the evil."

I glared at the swordsman who said that. I was pressed on from behind and the bow I held fell to the ground. I couldn't take out any weapons out of my inventory nor move my mouth. The young beasts seeing us in that state were terrified.

"...don't... touch the... little ones."

I intimidated them with a glare. If you dare to touch them with a single finger, I'll make you bastards regret it for your entire life. After I relayed my intentions, the witch behind me further pressed against my arm. I clenched my teeth, bearing the pain.

"Let's proceed before 【Snake Eyes】 effect expires. Our objective is only the black cub and the player who uses it."

"Tell me... the reason."

"Our party members were swallowed in flames released by that black cub."

"...then... it has nothing... to do with us."

After I muttered what I thought, my arm was twisted further. There was no more room for discussion. Deciding one-sidedly, the warrior raised his sword.

The moment sword was to be swung down, involuntarily I closed my eyes. I determined myself to be cut, but no matter how long I waited, the blow didn't come. I've had deja-vu of being in this situation before, I fearfully opened my eyes. There was a figure separating me and the swordsman.

"When I saw Yun-chan call for help I wondered what can it be. But this seems quite troublesome.


"Yun-chan, in game it's Sei-nee right?"

Don't use real names in game! Sei-nee spoke something out of place in such situation. However, the sword that was swung down at me was deflected diagonally with a staff.

"Why are you getting in our way! That's the black cub's user!"

"There's no way Yun-chan would do something bad. Also, Yun-chan asked me for help, that's enough for me to protect her."

"Then we'll take her down by force!"


While saying so, the warrior swung his sword aiming at Sei-nee. The magic-user Sei-nee's close combat ability is... I thought, but my expectations were betrayed.

She pulled the staff back, and after meeting the the sword she parried it. The attack came from the top returning, although Sei-nee was attacked again, she once again met the sword with her staff and she hit the sword while it was above, while maintaining its momentum the sword flew away and pierced the ground.

"The way you grip your sword is too weak. I wonder if it's because you mainly fight against mobs..."

Enemy was taken aback by that for a moment, but immediately after he started to cooperate with his party.

The two mages released me to respond to Sei-nee, as for the swordsman, he pulled out a spare sword from the inventory.

"——《Quake Blast》!"

"——《Fire Shot》!"

The magic of fire and wind was released at the same time. Facing the magic coming from two directions, Sei-nee dealt with it calmly.

"——《Water Round》"

After a quiet murmur, what appeared was a circular water shield, same as Ryui's. It was the same as the one created by Ryui but twice as large, although it felt unreliable, it splendidly protected us from the attack.

"You're not using the strong points of your magic. You need to learn better cooperation."

She used a single hand to create a water shield to match them, it perfectly resisted the magic of wind and fire that came at us. Her movements themselves were something that seemed slow in my eyes, she resisted the attack with the least amount of moves.

"Wind has a fast projectile speed and rate of fire. Fire, has a great instantaneous firepower. The perfect cooperation would be to use high temperature to break through my defence and aim bullets of wind in meantime. There's no need of high attack power to defeat me."

While saying that, Sei-nee prevented one attack after another as if dancing. She lectured the shocked people who attacked her. They shook, overwhelmed by her.

"Don't forget about me!"

The young swordsman jumped at Sei-nee from behind the barrage of wind and fire while she was distracted.

"——《Wind Armour》!"

The wind magic user applied the same speed increase on the swordsman he used before when they were chasing us and the swordsman closed the distance all at once. While maintaining the water shield she has created, Sei-nee posed as to intercept him.

However, the opponent raised his sword before Sei-nee could cast magic and swung it down.

"——《Gram Sword》"

At the same time Sei-nee raised her staff to match the sword which was being swung down, the tip of the staff was covered with water and changed into a shape of a sword, it met against the enemy's sword.

A sword attached to a long staff, rather than a sword it felt more like a lance, it shook lightly and parried the enemy's sword same as before. With half-circular motion she swung back at the enemy's sword, and hitting it powerfully, she sent it back with her staff.

"You?! Aren't you a mage?!"

"I am. However, being able to use only magic is inconvenient so I learned a bit of stick fighting as well."

While saying so, when the opponent slashed once again she thrust with her staff.

Even as she was being attacked by the swordsman, Sei-nee continued to maintain the water shield in mid-air and parried the attacks with a staff. Even though her moves were slow, she avoided attacks lightly and flexibly like a willow tree and thrust whenever she had a chance. There was a difference in technique that could be seen even by someone with untrained eyes.

"Why! Why aren't my attacks reaching!"

Responding to his question, Sei-nee strongly thrust in the enemy's solar plexus. In order to lessen the impact from being hit, the swordsman jumped strongly to the back. And behind him was——

"Sei-nee! Big one!"

"It's okay. Onee-chan is really strong."

Before I realized, Paralysis' effect has worn off and I raised a voice, Sei-nee had a margin to spare and smiled. The three had the swordsman to buy time and the mage duo prepared a powerful magic attack.

Sei-nee surely had a large move prepared to eliminate that.

"——《Flame Burn》!"

"——《Mirage Mist》!"

Sei-nee. Although I called out to her my voice was drowned in the roar of flame. I stared at the flames which swallowed Sei-nee. I watched as her figure collapsed.

It was impossible after all. I thought Sei-nee might win 1 vs 3 but...

"Flame magic's attack power is amazing after all. Were I to take it head on it would be dangerous."

When I looked towards the one who spoke, I saw Sei-nee stand on top of a tree.

She folded her arms below her chest and looked down at the place that was burned.

The three looked up at her and at the same time as they opened their eyes wide in surprise, the staff aimed for the wind mage and stopped moving.

"——《Aqua Bullet》"

That moment, dozens of water bullets appeared behind Sei-nee. It was a water element's beginner spell. But with a number like that it posed a threat despite being a beginner magic. Overwhelmed by the sight, nobody moved. No, were they to attack, the dozens of water bullets would rain on them.

"Certainly, if it's against mobs then it's best to shoot immediately after chanting, but when it comes to players, there's no need to use high-powered magic."

"What. What's up with that number of magic?! What's up with you! Why can a mage fight in close quarters combat! What's up with your attitude, holding back, looking down on us!"

As the swordsman turned hysteric and raised his voice, Sei-nee responded indifferently.

"I'm not holding back, and I have no intention of underestimating you. This is the way I fight."

As she spoke, the number of water bullets behind her further increased.

"It's a basic magic-user's build, the 【Delay】 I have allows me to stock magic I created temporarily. As for close combat, like I said earlier, I just learned how to fight with a staff. Time is about to run out. Now then——"

Do your best and endure it. And as she muttered these words, dozens of water bullets were released all at once with a loud sound.

The three desperately avoided the looming spheres, although they looked for an opportunity to attack desperately, they were unable to break out from the barrage of water bullets.

Gouging the ground, piercing the trees, the water barrage was scattered in an unnecessarily large range, although part of the water bullets missed, wherever they tried to avoid, the enemy was hit by the water bullets.

The two magic-users retired early, the boy with a sword advanced while prepared for the damage, but Sei-nee already compensated for the used-up water bullets.

The closer he got to Sei-nee the more dense the attacks were and so was the rate of fire. Unable to withstand continuous magical attacks, he was blown away.

"Are you interested in having a talk yet?"

"Why... why are you covering for her! She partially destroyed our party! She's the black cub's user!"

"I said, that wasn't me! Some idiot took a young beast and forced a cursed equipment on it which resulted with that. Certainly, this is the black cub in question, but it was an unfortunate incident caused by overlapping factors."

"Then where did that guy go!"

"It seems like he was the first one to be burned."

Sei-nee quietly said the truth.

"The day before that incident there seemed to be a similar incident with a cub going on rampage and setting the base camp in flames. The party that caused it was too slow escaping."

"Then who! Who do I take revenge against for my comrades! Those three were looking forward to the event! Is it fine to give them such unreasonable and half-assed ending?!"

The three had their HP reduced by a great deal, they dropped their weapons and grasped the ground.

As Sei-nee started walking towards the three without hesitation, I wanted to call out to her, but she placed her index finger on her lips stopping me. Seems like she thought of something. I guess I have to leave it to her.

"Looks like you're not convinced, but you know that pressing the guilt on Yun-chan and her friends is unreasonable, don't you?"


They faced down powerlessly, and responded faintly. Even so, Sei-nee smiled satisfied and cast a heal from recovery magic on the three.

Even though Sei-nee recovered the damage she dealt to them, it didn't seem like the mental damage would recover soon. Sei-nee gently and yet strongly spoke to the three.

"There's a few days left. Why don't you consider what you can do by yourselves instead? Something that won't bother other people that is."

"Something we can do? That's..."

They didn't know what they should do, the three looked at each other and Sei-nee continued to speak further.

"When the event is over, you need to puff your chest with pride and tell them it was fun. Will you raise your levels? Or maybe you're going to find some rare items to give as presents? Or will you boast to see their jealous expressions?"

Sei-nee, the last one was a mean thing to do. I murmured in my mind, but her words must have loosened the three's tension and their expressions softened.

"Also, although the retired people would be dissatisfied, what would they think if they learned you PK'd someone? I don't think your comrades would make nice expressions hearing that you went PK."

"...yes. I think so too."

The three meekly nodded in response to Sei-nee. Lyly was released from the paralysis as well, he lined up next to me together with the young beasts.


The swordsman wanted to say something, but Sei-nee stopped him from speaking the same way she stopped me.

"I'm not the one you should talk to about PK. Whether you will proudly reunite with your comrades or not, is up to you guys."

The attack itself was a misunderstanding caused by lack of information. But, should it be all forgiven? That's not what I should be saying... the victim this time wasn't just me, there was someone else here too.

I glanced towards Lyly who responded to me with a nod. I leave it to you, he said. That's why, I put my feelings in words——

"——Even if it's a misunderstanding, the fact that you attacked Lyly who's partnered up with me doesn't change."

"...what should we do to make you forgive us."

The three shrunk further hearing my words. I responded.

"After you doing something bad, you've got to apologize right?"

"Got it. Sorry."

And they lowered their heads.

"Not to me. Apologize to Lyly and the little ones."

I pointed at Lyly and Ryui with my finger, the three's eyes went round and they bowed deeply to them. After that, when he made sure the three left Lyly pulled my clothes and asked.

"Yuncchi, is that fine?"

"What I'm angry at, is them scaring the little ones. I don't care about anything else."

"Yun-chan never thinks about herself."

Sei-nee furrowed her brows troubled, I think that has nothing to do with this though.

"I thought that Yuncchi would forgive them, but I didn't expect her not to do anything."

Yuncchi's kind even when he's angry. He spoke to his partner, Neshias riding on his shoulder.

And, Sei-nee watched us with a smile before quietly speaking and stirring up my anxiousness.

"Speaking of which... in response to Yun-chan's mail, Taku-kun and Myu-chan with her friends are starting a large-scale search."

"...somehow, I feel like that'll become a serious matter."

"Yuncchi, you need to clean that up. Do your best!"

"It's okay. You can still make it. Well, you're not allowed to let them look for you overnight."

"Damn! Those three parties! They absolutely won't forgive me!"

I raised my voice resenting the difficulties ahead of me. Seeing that, a grin appeared on Lyly's and Sei-nee's faces.