Volume 8 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Demonfolk Resort and Lottery Tickets

"Haa, this tea is delicious."

Greeting the second day of the 【Eight Million Gods】 expedition to the frontline Volcanic Area, I was resting in a tea house in the corner of the 【Demonfolk Resort】 dungeon.

I was sitting down in a tea house that seemed like it came out of a historical drama, sipping green tea and eating three-coloured dumplings, acting laid-back I looked at the dungeon's scenery.

"Still, to think there would be a town inside a dungeon. I guess anything is possible."

There was also a mob that had a dungeon inside it. It's not all that strange for a town to be inside a dungeon, I started thinking probably because I adapted to this world of OSO.

"Moreover, I didn't think we'd enter combat right after arriving."

Pheew, I exhaled and sipped the tea, then recalled what happened immediately after we rushed into the dungeon.

The first thing we did together with Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi after entering this dungeon, was opening up a portal.

In the process, we ended up fighting twin boss mobs that protected the 【Demonfolk Resort】's back gate.

I hadn't imagined that after entering the dungeon, we would arrive straight at the boss battle without fighting anything on the way to it.

Well, we have stopped by the extended stalls on the way though.

And, speaking of the boss battle——

"Now, come at me!"


The two humanoid mobs roared and rushed at Mikadzuchi.

The mobs protecting the back gate were called Red Ogre and Blue Ogre, it was a twin pair of bosses who shared HP and MP.

One of them was a demon with red skin and a single horn, the other had blue skin and two horns. They were two-metre tall and good-looking demons.

Facing them, Mikadzuchi boldly attacked them all alone. In the rear there was me and Sei-nee providing support and attacking with magic, using various means to make sure Mikadzuchi doesn't fall.

"Let's go! 《Enchant》——Attack, defence, speed! 《Cursed》——Defence, mind!"

I applied an Enchant on Mikadzuchi and at the same time weakened the enemy with Cursed, then shot arrows at the enemy to deal damage from a distance.

Although the twin bosses resisted Cursed's weakening, I retried casting it and successfully surpassed their resistance.

"——《Aqua Bullet》《Ice Lance》!"

Sei-nee fired magic in quick succession at the Red Ogre who had his magic defence decreased with Cursed and dealt a large amount of damage to the bosses.

Mikadzuchi in the vanguard scuffled with the two Ogres, then at one point having her hexagonal stick parried she moved away from them and sighed.

"Sei! If you hit them too strong the target will switch to rearguard!"

"Actually, I've been minding that as I attacked. Still, it seems like I gathered quite some hate so I'll switch from attacking to healing."

Sei-nee ceased the attack on the Red Ogre that had water element as his weakness and switched to act as Mikadzuchi's healer.

And I further strengthened Mikadzuchi.

"Mikadzuchi, I'll put this on your equipment so you don't get pushed away again! 《Element Enchant》——Weapon, armor!"

The Ogres remaining HP was still at 70%. Holding Fire Elemental Stones in both hands I applied enchant on Mikadzuchi's equipment.

Her weapon shone with faint red colour and had started to leave an afterglow after every swing.

Also her armour began emitting similar colour, increasing her elemental defence.

With Sei-nee recovering Mikadzuchi's HP and the reduced amount of fire elemental damage she receives,

Mikadzuchi could defend against Red Ogre's attack in more stable manner.

And, she has focused on the Blue Ogre whose weakness was the fire element.

"《Cursed》——Attack, defence!"

The two Ogres whose Mind stats were decreased already have been further weakened.

Unable to resist my continuous application of Cursed the two Ogres had their attack and defence lowered, thanks to which the momentum of Mikadzuchi's attack on them increased.

"In their state it might be easy for bad status arrows to work."

I shot bad status arrows at the weakened Ogres and succeeded in putting bad statuses on them thanks to their low resistance.

Still, 【Paralysis】, 【Sleep】 and 【Stun】 stopped their movements only for an instant. The 【Poison】's slip damage had shorter duration than usual and the Ogres recovered fast.

When the shared HP of the two Ogres decreased below 50%, the MP that wasn't used so far has been used for the first time.


The metal club the Red Ogre was wielding was clad with fire and the moment it smashed into the ground, Mikadzuchi was hit by a shockwave.

"Khhh?!! It's real harsh even with elemental defence!"

"——《High Heal》! Mikadzuchi, are you all right?!"

While Sei-nee immediately proceeded to heal Mikadzuchi, my 【See-Through】 Sense didn't miss the Blue Ogre's movements.

The Blue Ogre's metal club was covered with frost and let out freezing air, but before it could smash into the ground I cast my own magic.

"——《Clay Shield》!"

An earthen wall appeared between Mikadzuchi and the Blue Ogre which prevented the blue-tinted wind that started swirling from the Ogre's feet.

The places on the earthen wall touched by the wind have been scrapped away and the wall was destroyed within few seconds, turning into particles of light.

However, thanks to those few seconds Mikadzuchi was able to escape from the Blue Ogre's range.

"What was that?"

"From what I'm hearing, the Ogres attack skills."

"Mikadzuchi, you'll receive 【Stun】 if you get hit consecutively."

"Oh that, when one of their skills stops the other comes smashing at you, right. If you go down Sei-nee and I will have to fight in the front."

"Don't worry, in that case I'll revive with 【Revival Medicine】. Still, it's important not to die. For the time being I'll fight with avoidance as the focus."

As we shortly counselled with Mikadzuchi the Ogres special attack cooldown must have ended as the two started moving.

"Let's attack with Sei's magic as the focus. Also, the moment I shout 'switch' you change from attack to healing. That's when I'll attack."

"I understand. Then let's do it."

"Hey, what about me?"

"Missy, you move as you like."

"That's too vague..."

Having my own movements left all to myself by Mikadzuchi, I focus on stable cooperation with Sei-nee.

Mikadzuchi as the vanguard has parried the attack of the two Ogres using all the defensive techniques she had and when their stance was broken, Sei-nee fired magic at Red Ogre who was weak against her element, efficiently dealing large amount of damage.


"——《Icicle Lock》 《High Heal》"

At the same time Mikadzuchi made the signal, Sei-nee changed to the heal and support role.

Meanwhile, Mikadzuchi who was emphasizing on defence and parrying started to beat the Blue Ogre with her fire element-clad hexagonal stick.

To support her, Sei-nee sealed the Red Ogre's movement by freezing his feet and healed Mikadzuchi allowing her to beat each other up with the Blue Ogre.

"Still, not being told what to do is also a pain. Well, let's just imitate Sei-nee. ——《Mud Pool》"

Instructed to move freely, I decided to take action to reduce the burden on Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee.

First, I decided to match Sei-nee and created a 《Mud Pool》 beneath the Red Ogre, inhibiting his movement.

Next, I nocked 【Curse】 bad status arrows and shot them at the Ogres. 【Curse】's effect was MP decrease and if lucky enough, an additional random negative effect.

While it was some plain support, without MP the Ogres couldn't activate their skills.

It was worth doing so as by the time their HP decreased by 20%, the two mobs MP was drained completely.

Once Mikadzuchi realized the opponents were unable to activate their skills, the fight was decided in a moment.

"UOOoOohh! ——《Six Rotations Smash》!"

In an instant Mikadzuchi released a powerful six-rotation attack at the Blue Ogre's chest blowing him away and scattering enchant's light in the process.

"Freeze everything. ——《Diamond Dust》"

The magic Sei-nee unleashed had sprung from the ground and in an instant wrapped around the Red Ogre, reshaping his surroundings into an icy world.

When the crystals of the cold air touched the Red Ogre's body, the ice spread throughout his entire body delivering damage.

Mikadzuchi's and Sei-nee's big moves concluded the battle, the two Ogres fell on their knees and then on the ground at the same time.

"All right! Back gate's open. Once we register with the portal we won't have to descend the mountain to return and if we want to come here, we won't need to look for the key. Good to have it easy."

Nihihi, Mikadzuchi laughed and passed through the gate that opened with a heavy sound, then registered herself with the portal's transition object that was right outside the gate.

"Sei, Missy. How was it?"

"Actually, the boss was quite easy? Or rather, you and Sei-nee are too strong."

"That's strange. If I'm not wrong, I heard the advance team struggled quite hard."

Sei-nee and I were both puzzled.

Normally a boss guarding a place like this would be a bit stronger, right? I ended up thinking, but Mikadzuchi has come up with her own explanation.

"The advance team is organized with members having high searching ability and survivability. This time, we have a fighter like me, as well as Missy's enchants to buff and debuff which allowed us to suppress them with brute force, right?"

"Now that you mention it, that is the case. A normal party would focus on blocking attacks and slowly fight back."

"No, personally I think this battle was fierce enough..."

Although the two made such evaluation, I could imagine that the advance team wasn't that weak. Still...

I looked towards where Mikadzuchi fought with the two demons and saw the ground was dented in strongly proving how powerful the two bosses were.

The wind pressure from the swayed metal clubs was really terrifying and I'd like to express my respect to the advance team that fought against the Ogres without any prior information.

"Now, we registered ourselves with the portal so let's do the usual drop check."

"You're right. My drop is 【Blue Demon's Horn】. How about you, Yun-chan?"

"I have 【Red Demon's Hard Leather】. "

"I got 【Red Demon's Horn】. Which means the drops are red and blue demon's horns and hard leather, right."

Taking out the 【Red Demon's Hard Leather】 that dropped from the boss and ascertained, it wasn't a strengthening material but a normal one.

Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee also showed theirs, but none of them seemed like rare drops.

"Matching this with the info from the advance team, it seems like there are four items dropping. That's many, but none of them are particularly conspicuous... okay! Let's have a few rounds with the bosses to gather several of these!"


"C'mon Missy, hang out with us for today!"

Saying so Mikadzuchi held my arm and headed back for the back gate.

Afterwards, when we challenged the respawning bosses three more times in total, every time we changed out fighting style seeking a more efficient method to fight the boss.

Sometimes I became a decoy and ended up running around, at other time I attacked with my bow as the main, or together with Sei-nee focused on fighting with magic.

Then for the entire day we kept challenging the bosses for collecting drops doing what's commonly known as boss farming.

"——And this is the result, huh."

Returning to reality from recalling that, I muttered.

Looking at my Senses after the battles that turned out to be unexpectedly high speed leveling I sipped the tea.

Possessed SP51

【Bow Lv48】 【Longbow Lv26】 【Sky Eyes Lv12】 【Swiftness Lv16】 【See-Through Lv20】 【Sorcery Lv15】 【Enchant Arts Lv37】 【Earth Element Talent Lv28】 【Dosing Lv42】 【Cook Lv11】


【Alchemy Lv42】 【Synthesis Lv42】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv44】 【Taming Lv16】 【Engraving Lv25】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv1】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv1】

My combat Senses have leveled up.

The 【Longbow】 and 【Earth Element Talent】 I used for restraining the enemy have increased, and since I used magic together with Sei-nee my magic-related Senses also leveled up.

When Mikadzuchi lured the Ogre onto me on purpose I ran away at full power to avoid him, thanks to that my 【Swiftness】 leveled up.

And when we fought the bosses directly I used Enchants and items to increase our stats, resulting in 【Enchant Arts】 increase.

Thinking back to the day——

"We left most of fighting to Mikadzuchi and even though we were only three, it wasn't as hard as usual."

Usually I focus on selecting optimal enchants for the entire party and apply them in rapid succession as they wear off, but this time I only continued to apply enchants on Mikadzuchi.

Also, humanoid mobs have few unpredictable movements and their appearance isn't disgusting, which allowed me to remain composed.

"Anyway, this dungeon is too cosy. Excuse me, can I get a refill of tea and steamed buns? De-skewered three-coloured ones."


When I heard a reply from the female Hobgoblin, a Goblina waitress who was clad in kimono, sash and apron had come out from inside bringing a cup of tea and steamed buns.

The Goblin had pale green skin and short horns, as well as jagged teeth as her special features, but otherwise was no different from an ordinary NPC.

Ryui and Zakuro ate the three-coloured steamed buns, looking puzzled at their sticky texture. Looking at the two I could calm down well.

The mobs in this dungeon communicated with the players only with gestures, but they made rich expressions in response.

"Haa, this tea is delicious."

I muttered the same words for the second time today and took a mouthful of a modestly-sweet steamed bun. That's when I realized.

"No no no. I'm getting too used to this. What a terrifying dungeon."

My original goal was to play as much as possible in the frontline area's dungeon, I recalled.

I shook my head and with extreme reluctance I asked Goblina for the bill.

"Excuse me! I'd like some buns for take-away and the bill."


Once I paid the bill along with the buns I received a mysterious green piece of paper, then started wandering around the dungeon without a particular goal.

As I walked around I split the buns for take-away and ate them together with Ryui and Zakuro, at the same time looking for anything interesting.

For the dungeon structure, there was a broad main street leading from the front to the back gate and three narrow ones spread in parallel to the left and right.

Also every street had a single passage so the whole dungeon looked from above has the shape of a vertically-laid ladder.

Seven passages deployed on this 【Demonfolk Resort】's ladder were numbered in order from the right as viewed from the front and each had a different role.

The street to the furthest right had Japanese-style buildings lined up, homes for sale and for rental to players. Position-wise it would be something like this dungeon's residential area.

Since there were few players here now, it was a place giving off a quiet impression.

In contrast, the sixth and seventh streets to the left were the ones with mobs in this dungeon so it was a place to battle in.

The two dimly lit streets seemed somewhat like back alleys, unlike the streets from the first to fifth where items were sold, there were thug Goblins, armed Hobgoblins and Ogres attacking people.

By the way, the sign for combat to start is eye contact with them. Told so at first I wondered if they're delinquents or something, but it was more like the sixth and seventh streets were home of outlaws of this monster town.

And, currently I was walking down the fourth street.

"I wish I could find something good. If possible I'd like to get some strengthening materials for the accessories I'm going to give Sei-nee and Myu."

I muttered as I searched the stalls, but rather than strengthening materials, most of what they were selling were handicrafts and souvenirs.

"Oh, a meat bun set. Might be good for a souvenir for Letia. And there, a store selling minerals, I wonder if there's ore that's mined on this mountain."

I took the food items as souvenirs for Letia and the ore from the Volcanic Area as a souvenir for Magi-san. Other than that, I purchased some material items for both Lyly and Emily-san.

"The materials are a little expensive, well, probably because collecting materials outside is kinda harsh."

Normally I would have collected ore-based items outside on my own, but since the environment outside of the dungeon was too tough for me alone I decided to buy a number of items in the stores.

In the end, I found a souvenir for Cloude. Wooden carved figurines like those sold at sightseeing spots.

"This wooden carving of Magma Bear looks strangely dynamic... I'm gonna buy one for myself as well."

As a result, I purchased two 【Wooden-Carved Figurines】 and started walking around in search for materials again.

Just one of the stores had been dealing with very few items, some of the items being the same as ones sold in other stores, but with strange difference in prices.

Among the items I found one that interested me.

"Oh, they're selling items acquired in the Volcanic Area."

Impressed by the fact there actually were plants growing in this barren Volcanic Area I stared at the item.

"This 【Karukoko Fruit】 is still dirty with soil though..."

The 【Karukoko Fruit】 had an appearance of a red potato and seemed to be grown in the ground the same way potatoes are.

To try it I purchased 【Karukoko Fruit】 and selected 【Alchemy】 Sense's 《Lower Matter Conversion》, but there was no item to change it into.

Since there was a bud like a potato's, it might grow like one when planted in the 【Atelier】's field.

I acquired several of them, it seemed like there was a need to ask the Farmer NPC to learn the cultivation method.

Other than that there were other plant-based items such as the 【Vitality Tree Fruit】 I've had planted in the 【Atelier】's field. Seeing the materials I recognized filled me with sense of security.

"I'm buying this for 100kG!"

"Hm? Is this Myu's voice?"

I looked around hearing a familiar-sounding voice on this crowdy street and a little bit away I found Myu engaged in something with a Goblin NPC merchant.

"I'm buying this for 130kG!"

"Gigii, gigii."

A neat-bodied Goblin merchant with cloth on his head and a hook nose displayed denial by shaking his head.

"Then 140k! No, 150k!"

"Gigii, gigii."

Myu continued to pile up more and more of blue paper in front of her, but no matter how much she raised the price the Goblin merchant shook his head sideways and showed a big "no" with his arms.

Seeing the neat and comical movements of a Goblin like one of those that normally fought on plains, coupled with his comical movements, I thought he's ugly but adorable.

"Uuuhhh! Why can't I buy it?!"

As I silently observed Myu and others, I saw Myu start stomp her feet in frustration as she was unable to buy the item she wanted.

"Myu, ya move fer a bit. I'll try."

That's when Kohaku put a hand on Myu's shoulder and moved in front of her.

"C'mon, let's start barterin'. Point wit' yer finger which items ya wanna exchange for."

Said Kohaku and starting with mob drops, ore, potions and such she confirmed the exchange rate of items she placed.

The exchange rate at which I peeped from the distance using 【Sky Eyes】 seemed to be dependant on the location where the item was acquired. The further the location the higher rate.

Even materials that are normally priced the same at the NPCs differ in rate depending on how far from Volcanic Area were they acquired.

And as for Kohaku——

"Well then, the thing Myu want'd, also 'dis and 'dis. Also 'dis, to make 'da exchange even, how'bout it?"


The Goblin merchant nodded in agreement, establishing the deal.

"You did itt! Thank you, Kohaku!"

"Myu, yer too impatient. Lookie, there's a barter drawin' on da billboard."

I didn't notice because it was behind Myu and others, but ahead of where Kohaku pointed to there was a blackboard with a picture of meat and vegetables on left and right as well as two-way arrows in the middle representing exchange.

"Ehehehe... but why did you exchange for things you don't need as well?"

"Uh, it look'd useful so... mm? If it ain't Yun-san."

Once the barter ended, Kohaku raised her head and noticed me.

I intended to peek in secret but it couldn't be helped now that I've been found, so I approached Myu and others.

"Onee-chan? Since when did you look?"

"Umm, since around when you said '100kG' I guess? I did think you wouldn't want that to be seen but, well, sorry."

"You should have come out quicker! I don't mind at all!"

Myu and Kohaku discussed where to go next as they received the items they got from barter.

Everyone held some kind of food in their hands, I could tell from their appearance as they walked around while eating that they enjoyed themselves.

"Hey Onee-chan, how about walking around with us? Next we're thinking of going to the second street! Everyone's okay with that, right?!"

"I don't mind."

Starting with Lucato, everyone said there's no problem with that.

I still haven't gone to the second street so I thought it's a good opportunity and decided to accept Myu's invitation.

"Then, I'll take you up on the offer."

"Yess! Okay Onee-chan, let's go there right away!"

"Indeed! Let's take Yun-san with us and go! We'll get divine favour from having a lucky person!"

"Actually I'm not that lucky. Rather, what are you talking about?"

Ignoring what I said Myu and Hino took one of my hands each and pulled me.

Help me, I looked towards Ryui and Zakuro, Lucato and the others but they all stared at it with smile.

I muttered that more of a habit because I wasn't all that against it. Pulled by Myu and Hino I headed for the second street.

"Hey, Myu. I haven't gone to the second street yet, could you tell me what's there?"

"The main thing in the second street is, actually——lottery stall! Onee-chan, did you get any green papers in the dungeon?"

"Yeah, a few of them. You mean these?"

I took out a the pieces of mysterious green paper I received every time I did shopping inside the dungeon.

"Yup, that's it. You can play lottery once for every three of these you collect."

"Hee, is that so. Speaking of which, what was the paper you had the Goblin merchant sell you earlier?"

"Ah, that's a gift voucher that can be used only inside this dungeon. Wait a second."

Said Myu and took out red, blue and green pieces of paper.

"Red papers are arena challenge tickets, blue papers are gift vouchers and green papers are lottery tickets."

"I didn't see any of red and blue paper, where do you get those?"

"They drop from the thugs on the seventh street."

"Eh?! No way..."

"Aww, yesterday we've entered the seventh street by mistake as we were shopping y'know. Suddenly they've come at us so we fought back and instead of drops, we got three random pieces of paper. Still, it's dangerous so you shouldn't get anywhere close, Onee-chan!"

"I definitely won't go there in that case. Heck, those gift vouchers from earlier..."

"Welll, after learning they drop tickets after we beat them we've gone around picking up a fight with all the Goblins there!"

"You better stop that! I feel sorry for them!"

Seeing Myu say that with a smug look on her face, I imagined the thugs having roles turned on them and being mugged off items.

It's fine it's fine, Myu tried to appease me but I still didn't feel convinced. Meanwhile I counted the number of lottery tickets I had.

"...fourteen huh."

And, Myu once again explained the use of each paper again.

"I'll explain then, okay. The red arena challenge tickets allow for challenging the arena on the fifth street after you collect ten of them. However, their drop rate is low so we haven't acquired enough yet."

It should take about a week to gather them, Myu muttered. Taking over after Myu Hino explained the blue papers.

"The blue paper are gift vouchers. Well, I guess you get it already, but limited to this dungeon, the paper can be used instead of money for the amount written on it. Although, it seems it can't be used for barter shops like the one from earlier."

Finally, Kohaku explained about the green paper.

"Just like Myu explain'd earlier, when ya go to the lottery store 't da second street ya can play lottery once for three of 'em. As a result, ya get items. Since we've gathered lots when shoppin' let's go try it, is what we were thinkin' just earlier."

If it's three pieces for one try, I could challenge it four times.

"Well, if you're getting items for free, then why not go take a look."

"Right? You can also get some rare items too, exciting right?!"

I'll draw a loss anyway, while I thought deeply in my mind, the lottery on the second street has come into view.

The lottery stall had a conspicuous signboard in the shape of a octagonal lottery machine raised high and several lottery machines themselves placed in it.

Depending on the colour of the ball that comes out from the lottery machine the prize seemed to change.

With the prize items displayed as decoration, even despite knowing I won't hit any of them, it made me excited about it just by looking.

The special prize was one of the summer camp events' rewards for winning, the 【Special Home's Expansion Rights】. Below it, there were first prize and second prize equipment.

The first prize equipment was 【Evil-Rending Sword – The Rending King】, a big sword classified as a Greatsword.

For the second prize equipment there was a weapon series with 【Sin】 in the name and apparently rewarded weapons matching the Senses of the winner. Although their attack power was higher than those of the first prize sword's, they also had disadvantageous additional effect.

That additional effect had a bit of a chuuni name 【The One Piling Up Sins】. For every enemy beaten with that weapon decreased 【Experience Gained】 by 1%.

Actually, the probability of acquiring each prize has been displayed, but the probability of the first two grand prizes was really small, special prize had 0,01% and the first and second prize equipment had 0,1% chance.

"Getting the special prize requires 30000 lottery tickets on average, is this really all right?"

"Aren't you rushing it a bit? The first and the second prize are more affordable."


"Indeed! It's easier than beating low level mobs for a 1% probability drop!"

Is it? I wondered, puzzled. I think either of those are a torture.

The first and second prize altogether have 0,2% probability of winning which means 1250 lottery tickets are required.

However, it's precisely because the probability was so low that everyone stared at the display with greed in their eyes.

"UOAAHHH! I've collected the tickets from acquaintances and put myself in debt already, but I still didn't get ittttt!"

"DAMNNn! Friggin' RNG! If I move the thing without any wasteful motion it'll definitely make it easier to get it!"

"I bet there isn't any in this lottery machine. Then, the one beside it, no, let's go to that one."

At another lottery machine there were players aiming for high level prizes. The players were screaming or on their knees in front of the lottery apparatus, showing off strange dances or wandering from one machine to another. Their actions were a complete mystery to me.

"What is that...?"

"Ah, don't mind that. More importantly, Onee-chan, let's play lottery ourselves."

With my hand pulled by Myu, I moved in front of the closest lottery machine.

"The lottery has a special prize and nine prizes of other prizes, huh. How many times can you try, everyone?"

When I turned around and asked, everyone showed the number with their fingers.

Myu could try five times, Lucato and Toutobi three times, Hino, Kohaku and Rirei four times.

"Well then, I'll go first. And, so that I can get something good with Yun-oneechan's divine faavour."

"What? What do you mean my divine favour. Heck, don't cling to me!"

"I mean, Yun-oneechan, in the end you've always got great luck."

"If I have any luck that'd be bad luck!"

I said to Myu who embraced me but she ignored that, then next Myu had hugged Ryui along with Zakuro on top of him.

"Now, I've charged Yun-oneechan's power to max, let's go!"

"Yes yes. Just go on already."


Filled with fighting spirit Myu started turning the lottery machine. Everyone watched that holding their breath, and the first ball that came out was——


Once we confirmed the colour with the board in the back of the lottery stall, we found it was the ninth prize, a candy. It was pretty much the same as tissues given out in real.

"Mgrr! One more time!"

"Don't get too worked up."

Although I warned her, she turned the machine with strong momentum again. The second and the third times it was white again, the fourth time it was black – the eight prize – an MP Potion.

"UGHhgrrr! Last one!"

"Myu-san, do your best!'

"It's okay, you can do it!"

"Can you even do your best at lottery?"

I wondered as I watched Myu try the fifth try at lottery——?

"——This isn't gold, it's yellow! I've mistaken them! How confusing!"

"But yellow is the fourth prize, it's not too bad is it?"

Since the colours were similar Myu mistook it for the special prize and was disappointed when realized it's yellow, but she came back to herself right away.

"Hmm. Well, it's better than average, looking at the probability displayed I guess I did have Onee-chan's divine favour..."

"Myu, since you're done pulling you need to go get your items."

"Ha?!! Oh, that's right!"

Myu immediately moved away from the lottery machine and received the items from the lottery stall's Hobgoblin. The ninth and the eight prizes were decided, but the fourth prize allowed choosing from several kinds of items so while Myu was pondering what to take, Lucato and others started to line up.

"So... why pray to me?"

"Eh, um, Myu-chan got the one with 3% probability so I wanted to receive some of the divine favour as well."

"I didn't think Myu-chan would get the fourth, you see. This kind of thing has really low probability so I'd like to increase it even if just by a little."

"...and I, um, somehow..."

Lucato smiled wryly, Hino laughed as if to cover something up and Toutobi averted her gaze away. I stared at them intently for a moment, bu then "good grief" I heaved a sigh and forgave them like usual.

"Fufufu, to have Yun-san's divine favour fill every part of my body just a hug isn't enough."

"Come'eere, Rirei. Start turnin' the lottery. No botherin' Yun-san."

As Rirei started stretching her hands my way suspiciously Kohaku had dragged her away to in front of the lottery machine.

And, as a result of all five turning the lottery machine one after another, everyone mostly got the ninth, eight and seventh prizes. Kohaku got a sixth and Rirei got fifth.

"What, the sixth allows ya to select one of da three ticket types, wat a moodbreaker. In 'dat case even eight's better."

"Kohaku, if you're to choose, isn't it best to take one with the lowest drop rate – the arena ticket? Well, I don't even know what does my fifth prize's 【Hobgoblin's Silver Coin】 do."

Saying so, Rirei repeatedly did coin catching with the silver coin that had Hobgoblin carved on it.

It seems one random coin is given out of several types.

Personally, I did feel like gathering all types and putting them in a case as decoration so I was a little envious.

"So Myu, how was it?"

"Hoeh? Waht wash?"

"You got to licking the candy right away... speaking of which, what did you get for the fourth prize?"

In order to answer my question Myu put the candy in her mouth and crushed it to pieces with her teeth.

"You choose from three types of material! I chose material called 【Cyclops' Tatara Tamahagane1】. It's a little rarer usual."

Saying so she showed me a lump of metal with small holes as if bubbles burst out on the surface.

Other two types were 【Fire-Rat's Leather Robe2】 and 【Jewelled Branch of Hōrai3】, they were materials that could be obtained only here.

"C'mon Yun-oneechan, you're last! You need to pull out better than everyone!"

"Don't be absurd!"

Having my back pushed by Myu I stood in front of the lottery machine. I passed twelve lottery tickets to the Hobgoblin shopkeeper in front of me, and when I tried to turn the handle Ryui and Zakuro stood beside me.

"...want to try once each?"

Ryui and Zakuro both nodded at the same time, I decided to let the two go ahead of me. Still, since it didn't seem like Zakuro could turn the handle with his small body I embraced him and positioned him as to turn the handle with his leg.

Then, as I slowly lowered his leg the octagonal lottery machine started to turn and immediately the ball came out with a rattle.

"White huh. A miss. is, Ryui... heck, you too..."

Ryui pressed the horn he prided himself in against the handle to turn it, but it had immediately spit out a white ball. Still, as a result the two seemed satisfied. Ryui and Zakuro received the ninth prize's candies from the Hobgoblin and immediately put it in their mouths, they started licking them contentedly.

"Good grief, your appetite gets priority huh. So, two left."

I had two more tries at the lottery. I won't get anything anyway, I thought as I turned the handle.

*klatter* *klatter* *klatter*, I listened to the balls intermingle inside the lottery machine and without expectations, I looked at the ball that was discharged.

"Umm, the colour is... blue, huh."

The moment I muttered that, the lottery stall's Hobgoblin made a smile on his rugged face and shook an iron bell.

*di-ding* *di-ding*. My body twitched in response tot he sound of the bell, moreover, everyone in the surroundings had looked my way surprised by it, making me feel embarrassed.

"Mgrrr, you got the third prize! I'm so envious!"

"The third prize is the 【Precious Magic Crystal】. The description of prize's additional effect is written there."

When I turned around in response to Myu's and Lucato's voice, I saw everyone look my way with envy. Since I felt a little uncomfortable I turned the wheel for the fourth time. No way, is she gonna get another good prize? The surroundings strangely paid attention to me so I felt a sense of relief when a white ball had come out.

And, the third prize I received from the Hobgoblin was a crystal ball that repeatedly blinked with red as if it was full of lava.

The additional effect of the strengthening material 【Precious Magic Crystal】 was【Magic Increase (small)】. It was another version of 【Magic Increase】 Sense's effect, having an effect of increasing magic-type stats.

"Nice, really nice. It's a rare material. Onee-chan, I'm so envioous."

"You got a rare material too, Myu."

"I can make at most a small knife with this! To make one-handed sword I need two!"

"In that case, there's a long road ahead of you."

I muttered and stowed away the third prize's strengthening material 【Precious Magic Crystal】 in the inventory.

Thinking that it might be good to use that strengthening material on the gift accessory for Sei-nee or Myu, I put the ninth prize's candy in my mouth; a coarse taste and gentle sweetness spread inside of it.

When I turned around to Lucato and others after finishing my four tries with lottery, "so the divine favour exists" someone said and I was worshipped by everyone.

And, I want to do it again! Myu raised her voice, gathered the extra tickets from everyone and decided to try lottery again.

I passed two of mine to Myu, and it all amounted to three tries total. It was decided that Myu, Rirei and Kohaku who had luck earlier will try one each.

"All riiight, this time let's aim higher!"

"I dun' think it'll go 'dat easy, but well, if we win we profit."

"Said Kohaku, but she was secretly hoping for a good prize. Fufufu."

"Rirei, stop addin' strange narration!"

Since it seemed like their playing lottery will take some time I moved away and watched over the three from a distance, that's when Lucato spoke to me.

"Was that all right? To give up two lottery tickets, that is. Just one more and you could try again."

"I don't really mind. I mean, I can't do anything with two and I'd forget about them anyway."

When I said that and waved my hand, I felt someone standing behind me and turned around.

"Well, if that isn't something to envy. If we'd come earlier maybe we'd get some too."

"Mikadzuchi, and Sei-nee."

After turning around I saw Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee.

"We heard the sound of bell earlier. Seems like you got the third prize, Missy. You got the best item out of the ones having realistic probability, what amazing luck you have. Now then, let's use these lottery tickets we've hoarded!"

When Mikadzuchi slapped a bunch of lottery tickets in front of the lottery's hobgoblin, he started to count the number of the tickets in a hurry.

"Aren't you going to try, Sei-nee?"

"I, um, don't have luck, since candies is all I'm going to get I thought that I'd give all my tickets to Mikadzuchi."

Saying so, Sei-nee made a sorrowful look.

No, it's not like she doesn't have luck, but that she doesn't get the things she actually wants. You actually have a lot of rares right, I encouraged her in my mind.

"It's fine. Half of the lottery tickets Mikadzuchi has are mine, we decided that everything other than what Mikadzuchi wants will be shared."

"So, the thing Mikadzuchi wants is——"

Noticing that the atmosphere at the lottery stall changed I turned around and saw the Hobgoblin had finished counting tickets. Mikadzuchi had clenched the lottery machine's handle to turn it.

Her expression changed into a serious one and I could almost see an aura come out of her back.

And, Mikadzuchi started turning the handle with great fighting spirit.

"——The aim is, seventh prize! Come!"

Her aspirations are quite low, I thought as I watched the lottery machine spit out balls.

Mikadzuchi's appearance could truly be called that of a demon of many trials.

I'll keep turning until I get the item I want, is the atmosphere she was exuding, there was a different kind of tension than that of lottery's excitement.

And, once Mikadzuchi finished trying for her own and Sei-nee's worth of tickets, the result was——

"Five seventh prizes out of thirty-three turns huh. Well, so-so I guess? But it's actually good that I got some of aerna tickets from sixth prize since we didn't gather too many."

Said Mikadzuchi and holding a bag full of candies, eight prize's MP Potions, several of the fifth prize's coins as well as two of fourth prize's crafting materials she returned to where Sei-nee was.

"Here Sei, take all of these."

"Eh? Is this okay? Didn't we split in half?"

"It's fine. Also, you wanted these right? The fourth prize's 【Jewelled Branch of Hōrai】."

"Yup. But two aren't enough to make a staff. I need one more to have a staff made... well, I'll try winning at lottery myself later."

Mikadzuchi passed the majority of the items she got to Sei-nee and rid of the weight she turned towards me.

"Now, it's great that Missy's right here. Let's go elsewhere and talk a little."

"Um, being told 'let's talk a little' by Mikadzuchi feels kinda scary... what do you want from me?"

Moreover, she said that with a smile in order not to make me too wary, but to me she looked like a lion baring his fangs.

Feeling danger I took a step back.

"No need to get so scared is there? You made me want to bully you a little."


For a moment she made a black smile making me squeeze out scream.

And, a voice smashing this situation had rang out from behind me.

"Mikadzuchi-san! Wait right theeeeereee!"

Myu had come and as if tackling me, she embraced my right arm. Although usually I did reprimand her, in this case I was relieved how she disturbed the atmosphere.

"Yun-oneechan is now ours, no taking her away without permission!"

"Myu, I'm not anyone's possession!"

Embracing me more strongly, I'm not giving her away, she expressed with her entire body but...

"Ohh, I got one extra arena ticket I don't need after exchanging the lottery tickets earlier. I already have ten tickets to challenge the arena, I wonder, what should I do with this one?"

Seeing Mikadzuchi flutter around the red paper she held between her fingers, Myu pressed on my back and walked towards Mikadzuchi.

"Yes, here! Please have Yun-oneechan! And, do whatever you want with her!"

"That was fast! Heck, I was bought?!"

Then, when Mikadzuchi embraced my shoulder so that I don't run away my body had stiffened from nervousness. Sei-nee raised her eyebrows saying "sorry" and together with Myu and others we were guided to a café with Japanese sweets.

"Missy, Myu-chan and everyone, order whatever you like! I'll pay for all of it with my gift vouchers!"

"Yayy! Mikadzuchi-san, that's big of you4!"

"Myu-san, that kind of wording is rude towards a woman."

Lucato whispered quietly to Myu, but Mikadzuchi laughed saying "I heard that", causing Myu's party to tense up and then laugh dryly.

In order to dispel this strange atmosphere we ordered our sweets and I sat facing Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee. I braced myself wondering what kind of hassle is going to befall me.

"Don't get so vigilant. I just want to make a request for Missy as a crafter."

"If you want to ask me to do something, then stop calling me 'missy'. So, what do you want me to do?"

Mikadzuchi placed a certain item on the table. It was an item she acquired in the lottery earlier.

"——The lottery stall's seventh prize 【Yellow Potion】. I want you to make this, and within few days too."

1Tatara is a traditional Japanese clay furnace used for making of Tamahagane, traditional Japanese high quality steel.

2A reference to the mythological robe of the China's fire-rat featured in The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, a 10th century Japanese prose

3A branch of jewelled tree from mythological island of Hōrai, featured in The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

4A double meaning I can't exactly translate too well. "太っ腹" means literally "generous" or "lavish", but the kanji themselves are... "太" can mean "fat" and "腹" means "belly" or "stomach". Well, you see where this is going right? That's why don't use this phrase on women, ever. Unless you don't value your lives.