Volume 8 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Yellow Potion and Arena

"Suddenly telling me 'make it', and during the expedition too. Well, I actually intended to go to the guild in order to examine the materials I acquired..."

What I was asked to do while being treated to sweets by Mikadzuchi, was item crafting.

Confused by the suddenness I ordered cold tea to cool off myself, but now that I think about it, since Mikadzuchi was treating us I should have asked for anmitsu. Feeling slightly regretful I heaved a sigh.

"Still, a 【Yellow Potion】 huh."

I recalled Mikadzuchi's request.

"——The lottery stall's seventh prize 【Yellow Potion】, I want you to make this and within few days too."

The item she took out as she said that was a potion bottle containing a yellow liquid.

"This is?"

"It's the 【Yellow Potion】 that can be purchased in the drugstore inside the 【Demonfolk Resort】 or be acquired as a seventh prize from the lottery stall."

I picked up the 【Yellow Potion】 placed on the table to check its stats.

The 【Yellow Potion】 was the higher version of the 【Blue Potion】 and its recovery amount was nearly equal to the High Potion's.

I myself have investigated 【Potions】 and 【Pills】 after the bad status resistance leveling the other day in concern with the recovery limit. To prepare for the time I will reach the recovery limit I wanted to make a higher level of recovery items, but I didn't think I would receive a request from Mikadzuchi for crafting one.

"But why do you need it? High Potions have sufficient recovery amount. There's no need for me to go out of my way to make the 【Yellow Potion】, is there..."

"Actually. Mikadzuchi got full of herself and continued to beat the Red and Blue Ogres right? Back then she levelled up and went over the highpot's recovery limit. That's why she needs a High Potion's equivalent that doesn't have the recovery limit, which is the 【Yellow Potion】."

"In order to do this dungeon arena's continuous battle challenge I need stable means of recovery."

Told so, I roughly grasped what's the situation. However, it wasn't like I could make it right away just because of that.

"Anyway, bringing me the finished product and tell me to make the same thing is kinda troubling. I don't have any hints on what materials to use."

When I said that, a single lithograph had been placed in front of me.

"This is a Goblin healer's recipe I bought in the antique shop. It's damaged in some places but should be enough for a hint! Good luck with the rest!"

The thick and heavy lithograph had letters and pictures carved on it, but in some places it had crumbled off and was chipped. So she found a lithograph like this, while I thought so amazed, the lithograph was forced on me and she had entrusted the making of the potion to me with the last line.

After that, heaving a sigh I started to decipher the damaged lithograph in the 【Eight Million Gods】 guild's crafters room.

"Still, it doesn't require that high 【Linguistics】 Sense."

While recalling my conversation with Mikadzuchi I copied the contents of the lithograph and made notes of what I understood with my 【Linguistics】 Sense level, then heaved a sigh.

The content of the lithograph were two recipes, one was for the 【Yellow Potion】 and the other was for 【Demon's Wonder Pill】 that was something like a High Potion's pill version.

However, since the middle part of the lithograph where 【Yellow Potion】's recipe was, was damaged, I had difficulties identifying the combination of materials.

"Haa, seriously what am I doing."

Sighing time after time, thanks to borr

owing the guild's private crafter room I could line up materials on top of the table.

I have reproduced the 【Demon's Wonder Pill】 recipe using the same method of making pills as always, as for the materials I used High Potionsmaterial that was Medicinal Spirit Grass and the 【Magma Bear's Liver】. I Mixed those together, added water little by little and moulded. It was a relatively simple pill recipe.

It was also described in the 【Folk Medicine's Encyclopaedia】 I received as a reward from the raid quest.

Because it was relatively simple I could immediately make improvements.

And, another of the results was——the content of a large barrel.

"Really, what am I doing."

After I deciphered the 【Yellow Potion】's recipe I looked at the lithograph that lost its purpose, and felt an impulse saying that I could use it for making pickled vegetables.

Since I could make those in a relatively short amount of time I simply put fresh vegetables and an appropriate amount of salt inside a barrel and placed the lithograph on top of it to act as a lid. I gave priority to making the pickles.

"The original goal, making of the 【Yellow Potion】 doesn't proceed at all."

I looked at the deciphered recipe once again.

The materials to use I knew for the time being were the 【Karukoko Fruit】 and the 【Vitality Tree's Fruit】 and the rest of the lithograph was indecipherable.

"Meh, I have no clue about the rest of the materials."

There were two places missing on the lithograph, from a very small piece remaining I was able to tell that one of the materials was herb-based.

I thought that one more material was necessary, but the remaining location was scrapped off and I couldn't tell at all what was written there.

"Actually I did try making it using the materials I have, but the 【Karukoko Fruit】 is a material with very strong tendencies."

Using the information I have acquired I tried coming up with combinations using the materials I knew of, but I couldn't make even a low quality potion.

The reason for that was the red potato 【Karukoko Fruit】 I was holding in my hand. I continued to fail until now because 【Karukoko Fruit】 still had poison in it and everything that was made was poisoned.

"Haa, first I need to remove poison."

To start with I washed the 【Karukoko Fruits】 I had clean, removed the skin and the sprouts leaving only the red part inside.

Once all the skin was peeled off I cut it into pieces and put the pieces of 【Karukoko Fruits】 inside a large pot with boiling water I prepared in advance.

"Here starts the important part."

I equipped myself with 【Bodily Resistance】 Sense and waited for a change to happen inside the pot.

When I started stirring the 【Karukoko Fruits】 that were bobbing up and down, a pale red and purple colour started to mix in together with white steam.

"It started. I need to bear it now."

Karukoko's red fruit turned into a muddy, mushy heavy mass inside the pot as I mixed it. The white steam coming out of it had become progressively darker with red and purple colours, quickly growing more toxic.

I held my breath but it had grown painful and when I ended up inhaling the hot, purple steam from the pot I received the 【Poison】 bad status I suffered from the specific symptoms such as my field of vision being narrowed.

"As I thought, with 【Bodily Resistance】 level 1 you don't feel any effect."

If that's how it is, I should have left it as 【Poison Resistance】. I thought and continued to mix the increasingly thickening mass at constant speed.

After some time my arm started to hurt a little so I raised my stats by applying an ATK enchant on myself, stabilizing the rate at which I mixed the content.

Since I was continuously under the 【Poison】 bad status HP recovery was essential so I worked while having 【High Potions】 placed beside me I kept drinking.

Using 【High Potions】 in order to make 【Yellow Potions】 is quite the contradiction, I thought as I kept mixing the insides of the pot for another twenty minutes until a change in the steam's colouring had appeared.

The purplish-red colour started to fade and gradually the steam had returned to its original white colour.

When the poison completely disappeared from the steam I lowered the fire under the pot and allowed it to cool naturally.

Once it had cooled down to a certain extent peeked inside the pot and saw a white mass settled on the bottom.

"I guess I succeeded in removing the poison?"

What was left, was to drain the remaining water and use a clean cloth to squeeze out the remaining water, drying the material.

"【Karukoko Fruits】 changed into 【Karukoko Starch】 huh, it's almost like Blue Gelatin."

It reminded me of the Blue Slime's drop 【Blue Gelatin】 that was a cooking ingredient which was combined with herbs to make a potion. The starch this time was also classified as an ingredient.

I wonder why. Are coloured potions all related to food?

While saying so I stored the detoxicated 【Karukoko Starch】 away and took a little rest.

What was left, was to prepare the 【Vitality Tree's Fruits】, the herb-based item and to look for the last material by mixing at random.

"Good work there. How are you feeling?"

"We bought some of the delicious green tea from the 【Demonfolk Resort】, want some?"

"Eh, Langley and Otonashi? Why are you two here?"

"Why, you ask. This is the 【Eight Million Gods】 guild so it's no wonder we're here. Also, we wanted to talk up to you but when we opened the door a purplish-red poisonous fog had started to spout out of the room. We've been waiting for it to settle down."

"Oh, sorry for the inconvenience then."

I lowered my head deeply. I didn't think the poisonous steam would leak out from the private room. However, it seemed like it leaked out because Langley opened the door a little to call me, so the poison didn't affect others as he closed the door immediately.

While Otonashi prepared the green tea, I took out the freshly pickled vegetables to have them as snacks with tea.

"Green tea with snacks, how nice."

"You're right. We can have a meal while at it. Still, aren't those pickles kinda strange? I see some strange patterns and drawings on their surface."

"Don't mind it, it's nothing. So, did you need anything?"

Eating the pickled vegetables with a loud crunchy sound, Langley started speaking about what they came for.

"I was asked by Mikadzuchi-san to check up on how you're doing. Although from the standpoint of the one asking to it was more like she forced it on me, but she herself is busy exploring the dungeon and the Volcanic Area."

"And I've come with him. Actually I got some materials in the dungeon so I wanted to try making some weapons and accessories."

"In other words, to remind me about the 【Yellow Potion】. As much as I'd like to help Mikadzuchi, it's not finished yet."

When I said that, Langley furrowed his eyebrows and immediately denied what I said.

"Just the opposite. You came to 【Eight Million Gods】 for a change of pace so she told me to make sure you don't overwork yourself. Mikadzuchi made the same request to the guild-affiliated crafters too. You don't have to force yourself too much."

"She's really exaggerating."

Actually the time I holed myself up in for so far is no big, I said and smiled bitterly.

"Well, Langley and I are also crafters so it's not like we don't understand that. So, how is it?"

"Ahh, yeah. Well, it's gonna turn haphazard here."

From decoding the lithograph I only learned the order of mixing the materials to a certain extent, just enough to narrow the mixing patterns.

"It looks harsh, are you all right? If needed we'll ask some of the mixing crafters from the guild to help out?"

"It's fine, really. It's not that hard."

I explained simply to the two.

From here on what I'm going to do is making a reagent from the 【Yellow Potion】 materials and looking for a material by randomly dissolving things into the made reagent.

While doing so I might find the correct mixing pattern, it's work requiring patience.

And, once I find it I will adjust the amount blended in as well as seek the changes depending on various factors such as the temperature and heating time.

"That's why, it's monotonous work that can be done by anyone."

As I explained how I make my own recipes for a change of pace, I slowly regained motivation.

"Eh? The way of making recipes we know is nowhere as precise..."

"Or rather, you're more like a researcher. Trying haphazardly feels really overwhelming. Well, I get it. All right, just don't force yourself."

Acting like a good-natured elder Langley worried about me.

"Thanks for worrying, but it's all right, I'm used to this."

"Well be going back to our crafting too. Ah, also, can I have some pickles? I want to eat them with everyone."

Since Otonashi seemed like he really wanted some pickles I passed a number of them to him in a small container which he happily received.

After this the two will probably make new items from their own crafting speciality by using the materials they acquired. I need to do my best as not to lose to them.

"All right, let's do this!"

Once again, in order to try making the 【Yellow Potion】 I made liquid samples.

I added the dried 【Karukoko Starch】 into the 【Vitality Tree Fruit's Juice】 to make the liquid, then into two separate containers I added the juices of the 【High Potion】's material's, the 【Medicinal Spirit Grass】 and MP Potion's material's, the 【Magical Spirit Grass】 and diluted them with 【Water of Life】  instead of distilled water to make a pale green reagent solution.

I poured small portions of that into small test tubes, then I inserted different materials in to each of them to find out the material for the 【Yellow Potion】.

"First, let's try using Volcanic Area's materials. Then we'll move on to a wider range of materials. Last, I'll try the potions I have on hand. If none works, it means it's impossible."

I muttered in order to instil fighting spirit in myself and started looking for the material by using various powdered reagents I brought from the 【Atelier】.

When I did, quite quickly I found the reagent react by changing the colour, but it was a different one from the one I was looking for.

"It's blue, and very clear blue at that."

When I inserted the Magma Bear's drop, 【Magma Bear's Liver】 one of the two reagents, the one with 【Magical Spirit Grass】 responded. I wrote down the data concerning its mixing so far in a notepad.

Although the reagent was made quite diluted, I recorded that the recovery effect was quite considerable despite that as I searched for the 【Yellow Potion】 yellow reaction.

Even if not as deeply yellow as the 【Yellow Potion】 Mikadzuchi showed me, I expected it to have quite a distinct yellow colour. I added one material after another looking for the optimal combination.

And, by using the powder reagents I brought from the 【Atelier】 I found a reaction, although a very pale, then by combining associated materials on priority basis I was able to find a correct combination.

"Ahahaha, it took a while. Still, I didn't think that this potion would be the last material."

When I finished checking about half of the materials, when I mixed in the 【Blue Powder】 obtained by processing Blue Jelly the reagent showed a yellow reaction.

Then, when I tried Blue Jelly-related items, the 【Blue Potion】 itself showed the strongest yellow colour.

"I see. I wonder if the coloured potions are all the type that use the previous potion as the material? In that case, the next potion might use this 【Yellow Potion】 as one of its materials."

I muttered to myself and noted down the required materials for the 【Yellow Potion】, and tried making a potion by using the combination with 【Magma Bear's Liver】 that reacted first.

"Let's start by making one normally, then look into making a potion with high recovery amount."

The basic method was to mix 【Karukoko Starch】 with 【Vitality Tree Fruit's Juice】, then adding mashed Medicinal Spirit Weed and add 【Blue Potion】 before cooking it in a small pot.

As I heated it the hue immediately changed, turning yellow. When the colour change stopped as it started to boil I took it off the heat when it grew hazy, removed the refuse and poured it into a potion bottle.

Yellow Potion 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+35%】

A very low quality Yellow Potion was completed.

It was as similar to the deteriorated version of the 【High Potion】 and its recovery amount was worse than that of high quality 【Blue Potion】.

"It's a complete substitute of a potion, huh. Well, let's try changing the way I make it."

Actually I didn't just review on the making of the 【Yellow Potion】, feeling that improvement of the 【Blue Potion】 might be necessary I tried another combination.

The potion combination with 【Magical Spirit Weed】 and 【Magma Bear's Liver】 that responded with blue had reacted faster than the 【Yellow Potion】, moreover the reaction was finished before it started boiling and a pale blue potion was made.

Holy Mountain's Magic Water 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+10%, MP+10%】

I was stunned seeing the created potion.

Of all things I made a potion that simultaneously recovers HP and MP. It was an item many crafters dealing with 【Mixing】 were searching for and could not be made by just mixing Potions and MP Potions.

So the day has finally come, I thought, but the effect itself was quite low.

I wondered how high quality of a  【Yellow Potion】 requested by Mikadzuchi can I make in these few days. Moreover, I also wondered how far into practical level can I take the potion recovering HPMP simultaneously. Thanks to that I started to feel a little bit of excitement.

However, the menu's timer function started to ring, informing me that it's time to log out.

I've gotten so fired up that I forgot the time, so I decided to give it up for today.

I raised my body from the bed in my room, removed the VR Gear I wore on my head and lied down on the bed again. Until I fell asleep I wondered what mixing combinations would increase the recovery amount and why was the crafted potion low quality.

The 【Eight Million Gods】 guild's expedition's fifth day.

When I arrived in the 【Eight Million Gods】 guild home Myu and others were already gone, seeming to have gone to the dungeon.

"Today is the day Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi challenge the arena, right. There's still time."

Since the two were challenging the arena without any prior information they made elaborate preparations over the last two days.

On the third and the fourth days I continued to improve the 【Yellow Potion】 and was somehow able to complete it.

"I need to pass them to Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi before they challenge the arena."

I entered the guild's private room I borrowed and started making 【Yellow Potions】 using the improved recipe I made with all of the time I spent logged in yesterday.

The method for making the 【Yellow Potion】 was mixing the 【Karukoko Starch】 and 【Vitality Tree Fruit's Juice】 ahead of time, then heating it along with addition of little water. At this time I mixed it at temperature from 60 to 70 degrees Celsius until there's a reaction.

When the 【Karukoko Starch】 melts completely and everything turns into a smooth liquid I add the 【Medicinal Spirit Grass】.

At this point, the raw materials are more effective.

And when I get a green liquid I maintain it at boiling temperature.

In the end, I pour a 【Blue Potion】 into the green liquid at 1:1 ratio, making it change colours to yellow.

All that was left was to allow the created 【Yellow Potion】 to cool off naturally.

Yellow Potion 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+60%】

Making a 【Yellow Potion】 equivalent of the highest quality 【High Potion】 I could make, I was satisfied.

Still, I wonder why a green liquid with the 【Blue Potion】 gives a bright yellow. I guess it's because it's a fantasy game?

While giving priority to crafting the 【Yellow Potion】, I used extra time to craft another potion which was the 【Holy Mountain's Magic Water】.

The crafting method of 【Holy Mountain's Magic Water】 was similar to that of the 【Yellow Potion】 but the reaction's temperature was from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius and it was necessary to maintain temperature of lukewarm water.

Because of that, I didn't mix it on open flame but rather by placing a pot inside boiling water instead.

After receiving a reddish-brown muddy liquid I diluted it with water and heated it up to human skin's temperature. Until this point I only used the【Water of Life】.

When I was looking for the material I used 【Water of Life】 as a material in order to broaden the conditions, luckily I didn't use distilled water, if I did I wouldn't have found this combination.

In the end I added 【Magical Spirit Weed】 when the reddish-brown liquid turned transparent and warmed it, maintaining constant temperature of human skin, which resulted in completion of a clear blue potion.

Holy Mountain's Magic Water 【Consumable】

Recovery 【HP+35%, MP+35%】

It had both the effect of a high quality Potion and MP Potion.

With the battle situation changing rapidly in combat, it might be advantageous to recover both HP and MP at the same time.

Still, I felt that the recovered amount was a little low, but one of its features was that the recovery amounts wasn't limited by the acquired SP's recovery limit.

I was able to make 50 of 【Yellow Potion】 and 20 of 【Holy Mountain's Magic Water】 within the time schedule.

"Now, I need to call Sei-nee."

I opened the friend chat from the menu and called her.

"Sei-nee, got time now?"

『"Wait a moment, I'll finish combat now——《Aqua Bullet》"』

Apparently I had bad timing and ended up interrupting a battle. From time to time I could hear her voice activating magic.

『"Since you're calling, it means it's about the potion right?"』

"Actually I was able to finish the 【Yellow Potion】 you asked for, did I make it?"

『"Thank you, Yun-chan. Mikadzuchi, Yun-chan seems to have finished the yepot, where will you receive it?"』

Sei-nee had spoken to Mikadzuchi to consult her. After exchanging words a few times they seem to have decided.

『"Yun-chan, can you bring it to the arena at the 【Demonfolk Resort】's sixth street? After receiving the potions we'll challenge the arena."』

"Got it, I'll head over there right away."

I placed the two types of completed potion in the inventory and moved out from the private room in the guild heading towards the guild's entrance where the mini-portal was installed so that I could transition to the 【Demonfolk Resort】's back gate, but then I noticed a lot of noise at the entrance.

"Arrr! You shall not pass! We won't let players without invitation pass!" "We finally have a chance of getting a pretty girl, as if we'd let it slideee!" "She'll provide us cosy space. For that sake, we must get rid of all elements that might make her decline joining the guild!"

It seemed like combat had started in front of the guild's gate, clash of metal had echoed outside. When I peeked out I saw an acquaintance surrounded by multiple 【Eight Million Gods】 members.

"Hey?!! Taku?! What the hell are you doing!"

"Oh, Yun! I came to check on how you're doing. I spoke to these guys asking if I could meet you, but for some reason it turned into PvP."

Taku laughed happily as he said that, but he himself had received damage as he was attacked by an entire group. Moreover, it seemed like he didn't fight back as the guild members didn't receive any damage.

And yet, for some reason they bit their lips in chagrin and gnashed their teeth, having expressions as if they were to shed tears at any moment.

"He's speaking to her as if it's nothing, and just because he's her childhood friendd." "And all we can do with our communication disorders is to look from afar..." "I'm envious, jealous, he's acquainted with the three pretty sisters, ain't he a winner both in real and the game, seriously."

I think some misunderstanding turned into a personal grudge here, what to do about this? I asked Taku with my gaze. There isn't any real damage so there's no problem, he responded in the same way.

When we made an exchange with just our gazes, the guild members who assaulted have for some reason fell on their knees. What a mystery.

"If all you want is to meet up and talk, you could do that in school."

"I only came to meet you today, I'll talk to you about the rest in real. But, I didn't think I would receive damage just by coming to meet you. And right now the highpot's recovery amount is decreased for me, too. Well, it'll recover over the time."

"Geez... don't move."

I used the lowest quality 【Yellow Potion】 I made on Taku to heal the damage he received.

The quality was too embarrassingly low for me to deliver it to Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi, but actually it was good for recovering little damage like this.

"Ooh? A new potion?"

"A failure of one. It's not of quality for selling but well, think of it as of a degraded highpot."

"Could you give me some?"

"Ahh, so your recovery amount was limited because your level went up. Once I stabilize the quality I plan to sell them in the 【Atelier】 so buy them properly."

I passed the 【Yellow Potions】 with varying performance to Taku.

"Well then, I'll be going back. I'm relieved you're looking all right."

"That's fast. Well, I do have plans now so that's fine."

Right after I said that, Taku left.

I need to hurry to meet up with Sei-nee.

Using 【Eight Million Gods】 mini-portal to transition to the portal nearby the 【Demonfolk Resort】's back gate I aimed for the designated place in the dungeon.

While I was choosing relatively calm places to explore like the streets from second to fourth, the fifth street had NPC merchants with weapons and armour, accessories and quests. The seventh street had the rogue humanoid mobs that attacked players. The arena was on the sixth street sandwiched between fifth and the seventh.

"Oh, Missy! Over here!"

"Yun-chan, cheers for good work making those potions."

Mikadzuchi noticed me first and waved to me showing herself.

As I approached Sei-nee said her thanks, I felt like my hard work until now was rewarded, even if by a little.

"Well, I've been collecting yepo's little by little from the drugstore NPC and did quests to get lottery ticket sub-rewards, but you saved me since I couldn't gather enough."

"Indeed. The arena allows every participant to use up to 30 recovery items, thanks to you we have enough now."

"I made 50 of them, did I make too much?"

"Not at all. This time I'm gonna use about half, but they can be used outside of the arena as well."

"I see, that's great. Well, then I'll pass them to you."

I passed the two kinds of potions and the recipes for them to Mikadzuchi.

The lithograph thanks to which I got the hints for the material was passed to me by Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi, so this was the consideration for being able to study that.

If they spread the recipe in the guild they'll be able to make it in a stable manner from now on.

I passed it out of consideration, but Mikadzuchi frowned, making a questioning look.

"What is it?"

"There are some other potions aside from 【Yellow Potions】 but... rather than that, what is this paper?"

Mikadzuchi fluttered around the piece of paper she received in trade through the menu. Is it just me or does she look grumpy?

"Actually I made it with yours and Sei-nee's support, so I'm giving you the potions and the recipe instead of a report?"

When I answered puzzled, Mikadzuchi beckoned me to come closer.

"Haa, yep. Missy, come 'ere."


I took two steps wondering what is it, and then Mikadzuchi caught my head in a steel grip with one hand.

She started pushing from above as if to crush me, forcing a voice of protest out of me.

"OWWwww! Hey, my spine! You're crushing it!"

"Crafters don't give out recipes just like that! And don't look down at our guild's freaky crafters! How many people do you think I requested the same thing as you! They'll find it on their own at some point! It's a waste of your concern!"


Hmph, she let go of my head and pushed the recipe alone back on me.

I was surprised seeing Mikadzuchi seriously get angry at me for the first time.

Normally she either teases me or drinks liquor, but this time I felt her kinda scary and different from her usual bright and charismatic side.

Seeing me react like that, Sei-nee on the side chuckled.

"Mikadzuchi is worried about you, Yun-chan."


"Certainly, we do trust our guild's crafters, but you're too careless so she warned you out of worry."


Mikadzuchi's bad mood didn't change, but she started fidgeting a little, embarrassed.

Seeing that appearance of hers, Sei-nee's shoulders further shook as she suppressed her laughter.

Whenever I make new items or show them off to acquaintances such as Magi-san and Emily-san, they advise me.

I recalled that I'm being protected by various players I'm acquainted with.

"Mikadzuchi, um, thank you for worrying about me."

"Ahh, damn, as long as you get it! All right?!"

Mikadzuchi scratched her head strongly and put on the usual expression.

"Still, well done making 【Yellow Potions】 in such a short time. Again, thanks for that."

Told so right up from the front made me feel kinda embarrassed, so this time I looked away.

"Also, the effect is higher than the default, moreover you made a new type of potion. Let's share them with Sei right off."

"Let's see. Normal highpots are enough for me, so I'll have a generous amount of 【Holy Mountain's Magic Water】."

Somehow, whenever I show people new items they are either surprised or appalled, those two patterns. However, Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi accepted it all normally.

"What is it? You're making a strange face."

"No, I thought you'd be more surprised, kinda..."

"Hmm. I'm plenty surprised. But it's about you, Yun-chan."

"Well, that's how it is with Missy."

Why did me being myself turn into a reason for accepting everything?!

"Now, let's raid the arena! The bunch from the guild is tired of waiting!"

"The bunch from the guild?"

When I asked puzzled, Sei-nee explained.

"Actually, you can watch it from the audience. Myu and others have taken seats already."

Thinking of it now, I did feel like there were few people in the guild's home, and the reason Myu who logged in early wasn't there was because she gathered with others at the audience.

"Arena is a place where you fight a series of matches, right. Mikadzuchi, Sei-nee, are you going to challenge it just the two of you?"

"Yeah, for now. It's hard to allocate the prizes if there's too many people."

Saying so she looked towards the entrance to the arena where the prizes were exhibited.

There were ten prizes total with each one being unusual and suitable item.

I got unusually interested in one of them.

"【Crystal of Exorcism】?"

It was a big cluster-like crystal.

Although the crystal had white cracks inside, they diffused light passing through it making it like beautiful, fresh snow.

"Ah, the prize for the sixth round."

Noticing what I look at Sei-nee explained.

The strengthening material 【Crystal of Exorcism】's description said the additional effect was——【Recovery Effect (small)】.

This effect raised the recovery effect of recovery magic and items used.

If I used it together with the strengthening materials I have on hand and the 【Precious Magic Crystal】 I got from the lottery I could make some pretty nice accessories.

"...wish I had one..."

Knowing it's a strengthening material I unconsciously muttered this, and Mikadzuchi ended up hearing it.

"Ohh, Missy's aiming for the strengthening material. Well, I don't mind passing it to you. My aim are the third and the seventh prizes."

"And I'm aiming for the eight prize."

"The tenth prize is split between the entire party. If it's just the two of us up we'll have one extra once we reach the ninth prize. In that case let's add Missy to the party and split it evenly between us three. All right!"

"Eh?? EHHH?!!"

While I was still confused by Mikadzuchi's and Sei-nee's conversation, an invitation to join the party was sent to me.

"C'mon, let's form the party."

"No, I have no intentions of joining..."

"Let's challenge the arena."

"Eh, ah, yes."

Somehow I lost to Mikadzuchi's impetus and joined the party.

"Great! Let's go to the arena! With the three of us!"

"Eh, ehh?!!"

Mikadzuchi put an arm around my shoulder and firmly held it as we walked to the arena, at the entrance to the arena she passed ten of the challenge tickets, and then I was brought inside.

"Why did this happen..."

After passing through the arena's reception and entering inside we have walked downstairs and inside the basement.

Once we passed through a passage only dimly lit with torches, spread ahead there was a circular arena.

The audience were one stage higher, on the right there were Goblins and Goblinas, as well as other humanoid mobs like Hobgoblins. On the left hand there were 【Eight Million Gods】 members mixed together with humanoid mobs, the players started cheering loudly once we appeared.

"If you want something you need to take appropriate risk to get it. Now, resolve yourself!"

"I wish you told me about this earlier though..."

Haa, I sighed and got comforted by Sei-nee.

"Eh? Yun-oneechan's taking part too?! Do your beeest!"

And, I heard Myu yell from the audience.

"Look, Yun-chan. Myu-chan is watching so it's a good chance to show dignity as her elder."

"Uhhh, in this case I have to get the prize even if I end up completely covered in dirt!"

When I finally found motivation, the arena's consecutive battle began.

The first opponents appeared from the doorway on the opposite side.

What appeared, were ten Goblin thugs with weapons. Looking well, compared to the sleazy Goblins, they were looking neat and their weapon were well-maintained.

"So Goblins are first, huhh. Well, I guess even I can do something against Goblins."

"Yun-chan, don't let your guard down. Their level should be higher than that of normal Goblins. There are three with sword, two with axes, two with spears, two with bows and one with staff."

"So, the quota is at least three each. Everyone ready?"

In response to Mikadzuchi's voice I gripped my weapon, the longbow, pulled an arrow from the quiver and waited for the signal starting the battle.

The Hobgoblin referee stood in front of the gong and struck its centre strongly.

At the same time the metallic sound echoed throughout the arena, the Goblin vanguard had rushed at us.


"——《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》!"

I invoked art and shot between the incoming Goblins in order to do a pre-emptive attack against the Goblins in the rearguard.

Two arrows were released from the tense string and drawing sharp trajectory, they captured two rearguard Goblins.

Receiving a pin-point attack in the humanoid mobs' weak points, the Goblins were unable to react to the sudden happening, fell on their back and disappeared turning into particles of light.

"First, two..."

As I muttered quietly, Mikadzuchi slowly walked out in front of the two of us.

She thrust her hexagonal stick at the vanguard's Goblins forehead, neck and chest.

The light and fast thrusts have blown four Goblins away in an instant, they hit the ground and when they tried to get up, they turned into particles of light.

"They're really fragile, hardly any different from the ones in the seventh street."

After releasing contrarily heavy blows with very light movements Mikadzuchi turned to the remaining Goblins.

"What's left are two spears and a bow——ah, it's over already."

Mikadzuchi repelled the arrow shot by the bow-equipped Goblin and turned to Sei-nee to ask which Goblin should she take down, but they were all defeated by the two of us before she could.

Sei-nee created ice spears that pierced the axe and spear Goblins' abdomen, and I pierced through the forehead of the bow-equipped Goblin before he could shoot the next arrow.

"Oh, Missy. You were so reluctant at first, but you're unexpectedly fired up to it."

"I hate pain and I'm scared of receiving damage. But, if I'm doing it, I'm going to do it at full power."

Mikadzuchi placed an arm around my shoulder applying pressure and started poking my cheek with her fingertip. How cumbersome.

As if to run away, I looked towards Sei-nee seeking help.

"Look, next opponent has come out."

When one round finished, we were given time to make a choice whether we want to continue or retire and once that time has passed, the arena challenge automatically continued.

The second round's enemies were six of the Goblin Soldiers that walked around the town. Wearing unified equipment they attacked us in a line formation.

"Looks quite fun! Haa!"

Mikadzuchi rushed out to the Goblin Soldiers who matched their pace closely to each other.

Holding shields lined up in a row, Goblins thrust at Mikadzuchi from between the gaps, but Mikadzuchi jumped high over them as if jumping over a vault and struck with her stick from over Goblins heads'.

"——《Mud Pool》!"

"——《Icicle Lock》!"

The Goblins' feet were stuck in mud as they tried to turned around towards Mikadzuchi, furthermore their feet and ankles were frozen by Sei-nee's magic.

"Nice snare! HAa!"

Mikadzuchi assaulted the Goblins unable to turn around and knocked them down one after another.

"One-sided huh."

"It's only simple at first. I guess the next one will be a little harder?"

So far we were able to progress without wasting any potions whose number were restricted.

The second round ended and the third started soon after.

Certainly, even if the opponents are weak, there's no time to catch a breath when they appear one after another.

What appeared in the entrance on the opposite side, was a single Magma Bear.

The colouring and strength didn't seem different from that of the Volcanic Area one, but the various parts of his body such as arms and torso had metal protectors attached. Including the magma-back there were only a few places to deliver effective attacks.

"Great. This is my third prize aim's opponent right. Sei! Missy! I'll fight this one by myself! Rest a little!"

After saying so, Mikadzuchi smashed at the Magma Bear with her stick not waiting for us to consent.

When she struck the Magma Bear's protector with the stick a high sound echoed. The Magma Bear counter-attacked with his claws glowing hot, tearing through the soil.

Although she avoided it, Mikadzuchi had received a little of damage from the heat the claws spread. But she used a 【Yellow Potion】 while striking the gaps in the Magma Bear's armour.

"Go gooo! That's it! Do your best Mikadzuchi-saaan!"

"Sis! Beat him! C'mon!"

"Master! Don't lose! Bring out as much information as possible for when we are fighting it!"

Hearing the cheers from the audience she waved one hand to it while avoiding the attacks at the same time.

"That Mikadzuchi, she really is popular."

"Well, you know, there are some kids who enter the guild just because they look up to Mikadzuchi."

"I see. I can understand that, somehow. Still..."

I was overwhelmed by the fierce cheering Mikadzuchi's fight received.

Although the heat caused by Magma Bear's claw slashes was strong enough to reach us in the rear, receiving the cheers Mikadzuchi continued to show sharper and sharper movements, avoiding direct hits.

"Fuhahahahaa! It's nothing as long as it doesn't hit!"

"No, that's true, but isn't it scary? Getting so close to that."

"It's all experience and training!"

Diving below the Magma Bear's attacks Mikadzuchi kept striking at the enemy's knees and arm joints with the stick.

Still, I wonder why did she say she's gonna fight alone in the third round.

She received damage and used potions whose number is limited, is there any meaning to it?

"It doesn't look like Mikadzuchi has any personal grudge against Magma Bears though..."

"In Mikadzuchi's case it's not about the Magma Bear, but about the third prize she wants. Also, she probably wanted to make sure she has the skill to win the third round all alone, I guess?"

Sei-nee explained her deduction. Right, was the third prize that Mikadzuchi wanted, I recalled, meanwhile there was a change in Mikadzuchi's battle against the Magma Bear.


The Magma Bear let out a short grumble, crouched down and held his nose with both arms.

Overlapping attacks on the wrists and knees accumulated damage in these parts.

As a result the bear's movements dulled and he was unable to guard the vital point that was his nose from attacks, ending up on his knees and in a temporary indisposition to fight.

Meanwhile the Magma Bear squatted down in pain, Mikadzuchi ruthlessly attacked the weakness in the back of the bear's neck with the hexagonal stick.

"——《Six Rotations Smash》!"


Opening eyes widely, Magma Bear fell on his side and started convulsing.

With art released into the weakness in the back of the Magma Bear's neck its HP went down to zero and it disappeared turning into particles of light. Surrounded by cheering voices Mikadzuchi returned to where we stood.

"All riight! If I'm this strong I can beat those in stable manner! And I got my liquor!"

"Geez, don't exhaust yourself all alone. Here, healing."

"I can do that much myself."

I went ahead to recover Mikadzuchi's consumed HP and MP with a potion, but she ended up refusing it.

Seeing Mikadzuchi's attitude as she faced to the side and pursed her lips, Sei-nee suppressed her laughter, her shoulders shaking strongly.

Why laugh? I wondered, but that's when I heard quiet voices come from the audience.

"Treating that Mikadzuchi-san like a kid, Yun-san's amazingg." "Yeah, she really is the 【Nanny】." "Thinking that way and imagining master like a frolicking kid is kinda moe." "So Yun-chan was a 【Nanny】 after all!"

When hearing that I made a displeased expression, Sei-nee was no longer able to bear it and started to laugh quietly.

"C'mon, Sei and Missy, the fourth round is starting."

Told so by Mikadzuchi we immediately focused as we waited for the next opponent.

The fourth round had a group of Goblin's higher mob type, Hobgoblins. There were more of them than in the first round, their equipment was improved and mixed in between them there was a mob that took position of the commander.

"They've got mixed classes. There's a Hobgoblin Knight and multiple Hobgoblin Soldiers."

It would be difficult for three normal players to deal with them. Once it turns into a battle there will be no time to think up a strategy.

As the gong was struck signalling the start, immediately the Hobgoblin Knight instructed the Hobgoblin Soldiers to spread on both wings.

"Encirclement huh. Sei, Missy! They're behind us so be careful!"

Mikadzuchi attacked the soldiers who have come charging at us from the front, but they used their weapons and shields to reduce the damage. The Hobgoblins split in front of Mikadzuchi to the left and right, surrounding her the moment they closed on.

Since the hexagonal stick Mikadzuchi was using as a weapon had long reach, they closed in to reduce her manoeuvrability. Meanwhile the rest of the soldiers have passed by her side.

"Damn! Seriously?!"

"Moreover it looks like the Hobgoblin Knight increases his comrades' stats! ——《Aqua Bullet》!"

I shot arrows one after another and Sei-nee fired water bullets, but even though we finished off a few enemies we were unable to dampen the siege's momentum.

In that case we need to aim for the commander, I thought and shot an arrow at the Hobgoblin Knight, but it was blocked by soldiers in the back and the knight himself.

"Keh, we're surrounded. In that case..."

"It can't be helped. Though I'm not too good at close combat——《Gram Sword》"

"I'm also a rearguard so I'm not good at it either. 《Enchant》——Attack, defence, speed."

Completely surrounded I talked frivolously with Sei-nee as we prepared ourselves for intercepting enemy.

Sei-nee clad her weapon, the staff with water making a blade on the tip of it and held it like a spear.

I applied a triple enchant on myself and switched the weapon from the long bow to the kitchen knife I took out of the inventory.

"Really, I'm really glad to have sub weapons."

In my left hand I held the heavy Meat Cleaver – Heavy Black. Making sure of my grip on it I remained on alert looking at the approaching Hobgoblin troop.

"Gobu gobuu——"

At the same time the Goblin Knight spoke a command, the soldiers have swung their weapons at us.

"—— 《Ingredient Knowledge》!"

In response to that I used the support skill 《Ingredient Knowledge》 showing the enemy's weak points and closed on them at once using the speed increased by enchant.

The enemy's simultaneous attack's timing broke as I moved forward and they missed their swings, then I swung the heavy meat cleaver with brute force at the soldier in front of me, leaving everything to brute strength.

Although the soldier tried to block my attack by pulling back his weapon's handle, my attack sped up by the enchant closed onto his neck and with brute force cut through his weak point, chopping off his head.

And then, without even letting out a cry the soldier turned into particles after a single blow.

"So if lucky enough even I can take them down with a single hit."

Even though I dealt critical damage to his weakness, I was still surprised by that.

Meanwhile, the Hobgoblin next to me had swung his long sword at me.

"Yun-chan, don't let you guard down!"

The moment I heard Sei-nee's reprimand, noticing the swung down long sword 【Sky Eyes】 activated naturally.

Inside the extended experienced time I raised my left arm and received the long sword with the side of the meat cleaver.

Next, I used my empty right hand to pull out the normal, everyday kitchen knife from my belt and holding it in reverse grip I moved right under the enemy to pierce the kitchen knife right under his chin, then cut with it.

When I moved away, I took distance from the soldier by kicking his abdomen.

In the middle of the experienced time stretch I saw the blood splash diagonally from the soldier as his body turned into particles of light and disappeared. Looking at that in a daze I turned around towards the next soldier.

The experienced time returned to normal and I looked around to check on the remaining enemies.

And, I received the next opponent's attack with the meat cleaver in my left hand, then counter-attacked with the knife in my right.

For the first two enemies I luckily decided it by dealing critical damage to the weaknesses, but because of the difference in reach and number, as well as because I wasn't skilled nor familiar with close combat it turned into a situation where we shaved off each other's HP.

"Damn! I'm getting quite some damage."

"Yun-chan, I'll use a potion so wait a little longer! I'll clean up the enemies over here right away——《Ice Lance》!"

Sei-nee and the Hobgoblin continued to cut at each other, the bladed staff against the sword. At the same time, Sei-nee fired ice lances to keep the enemies at bay.

Mikadzuchi who was the first to be surrounded had already defeated the soldiers and was about to attack the Goblin Knight and his escort.

"I knew Sei will be all right, but you're holding out nice Missy! In this case I can go for the commander without reserve!"

"Help out beating the weaklings first! Beating adds is one of RPG's basics, right?!"

"Sometimes it's faster to beat the boss first!"

Saying so, Mikadzuchi started combat with Goblin Knight and the adds.

I somehow continued enduring. Fortunately, as I endured and dealt damage to the enemy one of them fell and the number of enemies decreased, allowing me to move more freely.

Also, although there was a limit on the recovery items, having them allowed me to tenaciously continue exchanging blows with the soldiers.

"This guy's the last one!"

What a long muddy battle. With only one enemy remaining I used not only Enchant, but also Cursed to suppress him with brute force.

In the end, I defeated him by doing an overkill, swinging down the meat cleaver right on his brains.

"Haa, haa... it's over. Damn it, the fourth round was quite taxing."

My breathing was rough, my shoulders went up and down, but Sei-nee and Mikadzuchi looked completely fine.

"Well done there. It must've been a good experience for Missy, right?"

"That's true. There was a large burden because we have few people in the party, but it was good practice. Moreover, everyone's been cheering you on as you fought, Yun-chan."

"Haa, haa... you say some Spartan things. Also, I didn't notice the cheering at all."

Feeling fatigue after constantly avoiding attacks and from tension of the battle, I couldn't stabilize my breathing.

I raised my face and saw Myu, Lucato and others cheer. Other than that there was Langley, Otonashi and other guild members cheering and praising me.

"Yun-chan! You did great!" "Do your best next time too! But don't force yourself!" "Thanks for showing another side of your cute self, Yun-chan!"

Somehow it felt like some other stuff was mixed in among cheers, but my participation was received positively.

Although, I think it's weird for an outsider who is not in the guild like me to party up with the guild master Mikadzuchi and participate in the arena in the first place...

"Why is everyone cheering me on?"

"Well, isn't it because you're cute, Yun-chan? And as for another reason——"

When Sei-nee turned towards the audience as she spoke, she received the answer immediately.

"Mikadzuchi-san and Sei-san are too strong, they defeat everyone before we can see all their movement patterns and it's not helpful as a reference." "And as for that, Yun-chan fought quite tenaciously and brought out the enemy's movement patterns." "Also, it's our first time seeing her innocent reactions which is kinda enjoyable."

One after another voices explained, causing me to smile bitterly.

"What's with that? First time seeing someone happy with me being weak."

"Everyone is just being selfish! So don't mind it Onee-chan, just puff up your chest and fight!"

Myu had cheered on me from the arena's audience.

"...yup, I'll try doing my best for a little longer."

"That's the spirit! Let's aim for conquering the arena."

"No, I'm not thinking that far ahead."

As everyone continued to cheer, the arena's fifth round had began.