Volume 3 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Synthesis and Mob Boom

After I put down the colourless ball on 【Atelier】's counter, Zakuro started rolling it around with its small paw.

It was an item called 'treasure of knowing'. To be precise, it's a consumable item called 【Search Orb】 which can display basic information about an enemy a single time. That's how it was. Taku went to the underground library every night, and came back with samples of the reward.

What else we found out was that the reward was fixed at three orbs. Moreover, the other reward item called 'treasure of knowledge' was a consumable called 【Oracle Orb】. The item's effect was to answer with tips to questions one poses. Personally, I think that item was more interesting, but I've heard that if you pose a question very irrelevant to the game, it will only consume the item. A certain player who accompanied Taku and obtained the 【Oracle Orb】 asked about a certain player's three sizes, I was amazed by that.

"Hey, I think this isn't of any use to a crafter... I'll sell it"

Although I made such a decision without any hesitation, I would probably be scolded by Myu. At the moment, I wanted more money even if just by little a bit, so that I can help funding the crafting guild. Rather than keep unused items, I'd rather sell them to establish some funding.

However, there was a possibility that it'll sell cheap.

"Maybe I'll pass the item to Magi-san and the others, and they can use the money for selling it to help funding the guild."

If it's someone who knows how valuable things are, they might be able to sell it for a high price.

I picked up the 【Search Orb】 which was useless to me and Zakuro was playing with, and stowed it in my inventory. I turned my line of sight away from Zakuro who was tilting its head seeing the ball disappear, and looked at the person peeking in through 【Atelier】's entrance.

Recently, the amount of people quietly peeking inside through the entrance had increased, but those people never come in as customers. Because it's a small store, standing in the entrance they should have been in the way, but honestly, because the amount of traffic wasn't large that wasn't the case.

"Haa, geez. How did it turn out like this."

I asked myself that, but the answer was obvious. Their line of sight was directed towards Zakuro who was letting out a small cry and twisting its neck, and towards the sunny spot where the unicorn, Ryui was swinging his tail in a good mood.

"That's what they call boom, isn't it."

Ryui and Zakuro are rare young beasts I have made my companions in the summer. Other than that, there was Magi-san's Rickle and Cloude's Socks, as well as Lyly's Neshias. The cute young animals were gathering sight of people wanting them as pets or companions.

And at the same time, people who want pet mobs not for combat, but only for the healing cuteness have appeared. There was a boom for the 【Taming】 Sense which has been dead up until now and the tamed mobs.

If it's being comfortable in touch, then it's the small, fluffy Herbivores as well as Mill Birds that are the most popular ones. Moreover, if one wants a neat and faithful pet, the Wild Dogs which are low level mobs are popular as well.

The people who aren't swept by the mob boom nor pet boom, always secretly observe mobs other players have. Although they seek interaction with young beasts they meet in town...

"Yeah, it's no good after all."

Realizing that one of the observers had taken a step inside of the store, Zakuro hid behind the counter in a hurry. Also, recently Ryui acted similar, probably tired of people's gazes its body shimmered as it hid its body with an illusion.

My Ryui won't let a str

anger touch it, Zakuro developed anthropophobia because of an incident with cursed equipment and ran away every time someone whom it didn't know approached. I guess it gave off a feeling of being rare. Although, even if it didn't avoid contact with players, it was already extremely rare.

Other players like Letia who had young animals didn't mind a little bit of contact, what criteria do they use. I wondered.

"Welcome. Do you need anything?"

"N-no, I was just taking a look. I-I'll be going."

Momentarily the person made a regretful expression, but the act of peeping was perfectly known by me already.

Well, I felt that they were quite determined considering they used the 【Concealment】 Sense in order to peek inside while hidden, but because their level was low I was able to find them with my 【Discovery】 Sense.

Possessed SP21

【Bow Lv28】【Hawk Eyes Lv39】 【Speed Increase Lv22】 【Discovery Lv27】 【Magic Talent Lv42】【Magic Power Lv44】 【Enchant Arts Lv16】 【Dosing Lv23】 【Taming Lv6】 【Linguistics Lv15】


【Alchemy Lv30】 【Synthesis Lv26】 【Earth Element Talent Lv13】 【Engraving Lv1】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv30】

【Cooking Lv22】

Let's not delve any deeper into why the level of 【Hawk Eyes】 and 【Discovery】 increased despite me just sitting quietly, overlooking my workshop.

When I was reviewing my Sense status, I received a friend chat invitation and confirmed who the other party was.

"That's unusual, it's from Minute."

『"Hiii. Hello, Yun-chan."』

"Oh, that's unusual. What happened? What about Taku?"

『"Taku-kun is acting on his own at the moment. I have a little personal favour to ask, can I come to your store now?"』

"Yeah, I don't mind."

『"All right. See you later then."』

She said so and ended the chat. A favour from an unusual guest.

Minute is one of Taku's party members, a blonde cleric-style player. Because I always involved myself with her because of Taku, I wondered what kind of favour she wants. I tilted my neck puzzled, then prepared sweets and tea in order to entertain her.

"Sorry for suddenly coming with a request, Yun-chan."

"Well, I'm a crafter. I welcome all crafting-related requests."

"Hmm. It's not really a crafting request, is that fine? Come on Mami, don't hide there and come in!"

"Is it really okay? Is it all right?"

Minute pushed in Mami who was hiding beside the entrance. Her appearance gently admonishing Mami seemed like that of an attentive older sister. Also, it seemed like the real client of the request this time was Mami.

"Don't stand at the entrance, how about you sit down? I'll prepare tea right now."

"Y-yes, sorry to disturb."

Although she visited many times to buy potions, seeing the little witch act like a small animal made me put on a wry smile.

"Here, tea."

"Thank you very much."

"These cookies are delicious, Yun-chan. Handmade?"

"Correct. Well, since there's no expiration date and it can be stored in big amounts without going bad, I made a lot of them once before. If you want I'll give you some."

Seeing them enjoy the cookies with tea, my expression loosened.

When I prepare the tea and sat down facing the two, Zakuro went up on my knees and quietly entered the space between my stomach and counter.

"Greed for cookies has come out. Can't be helped, geez."

I brought one of the cookies in my hand and brought it close to its nose, Zakuro opened its mouth and sucked on it. It's appearance holding down the cookie with its paw and eating it bit by bit has caused the atmosphere to turn very peaceful.

But, rather than that——

"Hey, Minute. Can it be that Mami's request is related to the current fad?"

"Correct. You can tell?"

"That's because there are many people coming to 【Atelier】 in order to look."

The person in question was staring passionately at Zakuro and didn't notice our conversation at all.

"So, what do you want me to do? Even if you tell me to teach you how to obtain a partner with 【Taming】 Sense, it's impossible for me."

"I don't think that's it? I don't think she can afford go out of the way to spend SP for a Sense she won't use."

"Then, what is it about?"

"Recently, Mami has been spacing out a lot. Probably her desire is clouding her thoughts. And so, I thought that she might get better if that desire is fulfilled."

"Well, it's not like I don't understand."

When the two of us were talking, Mami, unable to suppress the desire has gently reached out to Zakuro. When Zakuro realized that, it stiffened for just a moment and hid behind my back.

Remaining with her hand still extended, frozen solid, Mami was clearly discouraged.

"...Yun-san, I also want a pet."

She murmured dazedly, in low voice. If possible I'd like to help her but——no, there is a way.

"Is the pet supposed to be used for combat?"

Answering my question, Mami shook her head to the sides so hard it seemed painful. Well, adjusting them to combat seemed difficult, but if all she wants from the pet is cuteness then there should be no problems.

"It will be a disposable mob, but if you're fine with that then it's possible."

"Really? Yun-chan, how is that?"

"It's similar to a crafted item. There's a 【Synthesis】 recipe which can be used to create a slime mob. It doesn't have much fighting force, but won't it be enough as a pet?"

So, what to do? As I asked Mami, her discouraged expression was dyed a little bit red and she happily nodded.

"But in this case, it's going to become a crafting request right? What's the estimated price?"

"Hmm. It's impossible with the crafting kit I'm using now. Since I need to prepare new ones, about 600kG? Because the costs of materials fluctuate, I can't say it's the final price."

"Uh, as expected 600kG isn't an amount that can be paid that easily."

"Because equipment, repairs and strengthening are costly, we don't have the budget."

"I'll pay the 600kG because in the end, it's an investment into creation of synthetic mobs. However, materials will have to be paid for by you. And the payment for job will be... let's say, 100kG?"

"In that case, yes. I'll pay it. Please make a cute slime."

Mami deeply lowered her head.

"For materials, anything you have on hand is fine, it's fine to get the items at the street stalls as well. I'll write a list with the required materials."

Synthesizing a slime required five types of items. Or to be precise, items of five different natures.

One of the items is a mob drop which determines the mob type. Other than that, there are items which can be classified by elements, fire, water, wind, and earth.

If it's the earth element's item, it can be an ore, or a drop from a mob related to earth element. And like that, the created mob's strength will be determined by the balance of the four elements.

I made a list of only simple materials, but if I had higher-level materials I could make a strong mob. Although, limited to slimes.

" it. Since we're low on materials, can you give us a day to gather them and bring them to you? "

"In that case, I'll do my own preparations until then."

The discussion between Mami and me ended, although it doesn't need to be said, they passed on half of the pay in advance. I guess I need to do my best.

The savings I have gathered thanks to the recently increased amount of customers have disappeared as I purchased crafting equipment, a synthesis kit. I need to earn some more money, I started thinking so.

"There we go, a synthesis kit for five items."

The synthesis kit for three items was just a fabric with magical circles painted on it, the kit for four items is a lithograph-type. And the synthesis kit for 5 items are stationary lithographs making up a magical circle, it could be only placed in a broad space.

The synthesis' magical circle consists of five vertical and horizontal lithographs, the base material is placed in the middle and the remaining materials are placed in four directions around it.

When I finished placing the lithographs I looked at the cramped workshop. I will need to extend it or maybe get a separate room for synthesis, I thought. Right now, after buying the synthesis kit I don't have money to spare. After placing the lithograph took me an entire hour, I leaked out a sigh.

"Even if I stand here nothing will happen. I should at least make a sample before Mami and Minute come."

Suddenly, I realized that rather than waste material by failing to create the synthetic mob, it's better to practice several times and learn a few things.

Inside of the synthesis' magical circle I put a drop from blue slime, blue jelly. On the four sides I have put charcoal, well water, crow feathers and a stone. These were inexpensive materials I purchased in the city.

"Now, let's do it. ——《Synthesis》!"

I stood beside the synthesis circle and triggered the skill. The MP consumption was much higher than the two and three item synthesis I usually use. The magical circle engraved on stone tablets has absorbed MP, which has started flashing with pale light and raced through the circle. Materials on each side decomposed into particles corresponding to each element and were sucked into the base material in the middle of magical circle, light has subsided a moment later.

"...success, for the time being."

After the pale light which illuminated the workshop has vanished, in the centre of the magical circle was lying a thinly coloured stone.

It was somewhat similar to that of Ryui and others' summoning stones, a 【Nucleus Stone】 which allowed calling out a synthetic mob. This time, 【Slime's Nucleus Stone Lv1】 was created.

"The instructions for calling it out is the same as for mobs acquired with 【Taming】 right, it should be 《Summon》 and 《Dismissal》."

I placed the 【Slime's Nucleus Stone】 on my palm, and called it out.


Momentarily, the stone has released a white light and the dazzle has blinded me. Before the light has subsided, *plop*, something squelchy, a slime organism has wrapped around my hand.

"Uwaaa?! Disgustingg!"

The slime I shook off by waving my hand has slammed into the workshop's cobblestone and splattered out. Mucus that has spread out dragged itself towards the grain-like small nucleus at the centre of its body, and it has come together.

"Uuu, it's a bit different from the slime I imagined. No, blue slimes are like this."

What I imagined was a little bit gummy, stiff one. This one had mucus continuously circulate around the nucleus, making it seem more like an amoeba than a slime.

To speak of its size, it would be smaller than a blue slime. I think using this as a pet requires a considerable amount of knowledge. I don't think this is what Mami is expecting.

"Seems like there's no other way than devise a synthesis recipe."

Once again, I set up the materials and created a synthetic mob. And then, I continued to synthesize the created 【Slime's Nucleus Stone】 with ore-type items.

"...this isn't good. Only its volume has increased. What material would be good to use?"

Ore-type items, wood, herbs, mob drops, potions, I continued to synthesize it with various items.

The mucus base continued to increase its volume as I repeated synthesis, and the base colour of the slime changed depending on the material's elemental attribute. When I synthesized the Nucleus Stone with water attribute item, it changed colour to blue, after converting it into a blue slime. After that I added earth element and it has been converted into a mud slime.

There were many patterns the changes have followed, and it was difficult to comprehend even if I noted it down.

"Mmm... I have no clue. How do I make it into a cute slime."

In front of my eyes, a multi-coloured slime was continuously wriggling. If I were to use onomatopoeia to describe it, it would be 'glcsh' and 'blshsh', I thought with a scowl.

"Yun-chan, sorry to intrude."

"Hello, sorry to bother."

Kyouko-san the NPC already spoke with Minute and Mami, then smoothly guided them to the workshop. When the two entered after collecting materials, each of them showed a different reaction.

When Minute saw the colourful herd of slimes in front of her eyes, her expression has cramped slightly and Mami looked them a bit impressed. Unexpectedly, it might be a idea to bet on them?

"For now, I tried making some samples. How are they?"

Unable to stand it physiologically, Minute moved away until she reached the wall. Mami has hesitantly reached out to one of the slimes, and after patting the squelchy mass with a palm of her hand, she looked up while still squatting.

"Not good. It's not elastic enough."

"So it's that after all."

"No no no, rather, what's up with this disgusting scene."

Turned towards Minute whose face was blue, I said "They are just ordinary slimes, aren't they". I made eye contact with Mami who said "That's right, they're the same as slimes you can find on the plains." as if nothing was wrong with it. Yup, no problem at all.

"Well, seems like Minute turned hopeless, so I'll put them all away. ——《Dismissal》."

Unlike tamed mobs, even large quantities of synthetic mobs aren't a burden as they don't consume any MP. As I picked up Nucleus Stones that rolled on the floor, Minute started to move.

"So, can you make an elastic slime?"

"Hmm. It's difficult for me to do as I am now. Although I tried various combinations, I'm not too knowledgeable yet. There's a possibility that it will be more expensive than the budget we decided on. Still, is that fine?"

"Yes. In for a penny, in for a pound."

Mami strongly nodded, is it all right to use these materials like that? Well, I'll acknowledge her determination.

"Then, how about we try making it together?"

"Making, you say, but neither me nor Mami has a 【Synthesis】 Sense."

"I'll be the one actually activating it, all you need to do is think of combinations and say them out."

"That sounds fun."

Finally, Minute smiled for the first time after coming here. First, I showed the two a basic synthesis procedure, and demonstrated how to make a synthetic slime.

After roughly understanding how does it work, we proceeded to create a new slime from the materials they brought.

"So what you have is a Fire Rat's fang, Gun Fish's Scales, Aero Snake's Skin and a Hobgoblin's Horn. That's quite a high level material."

They were higher level materials than the ones I used.

"If it's these, a better slime might come out. Let's try it immediately."

I placed the items on the magical circle, and triggered the Synthesis skill.

And from the created 【Slime's Nucleus Stone Lv3】, a bigger slime has appeared.

"Hmm. The level is higher, but it's still of the same type."

"Hey, Yun-chan. Do items for synthesis need to be materials? For example, synthesizing multiple 【Nucleus Stones】 with each other."

"Combining slimes with each other to make something like a king slime?"

Minute and Mami spoke. I didn't think of that before. And I placed large quantities of Lv1 Slime's Nucleus Stones on the synthesis circle.

What was created by combining five Lv1 Nucleus Stones, was a Lv2 Nucleus Stone.

Although the Lv1 Nucleus Stones became Lv2, the volume increased. I wonder if the level increased because their experience value accumulated.

"Hmm. It's grown larger, but that's not it. Also, making a different mob is on hold since there's no recipes right?"

"Next, how about we try synthesizing it with things of a specific element? Since there's already a Mud Slime, we could try merging Mud Slimes with each other, or synthesize them with ore-type items. I think we should take that approach if we want to make it more elastic."

"Understood. Let's try mass-producing Mud Slimes with a variety of ores. Also, what I want to try out would be——"

I used the idea of using 《Synthesis》 on multiple nucleus stones, and came up with an idea of using 【Alchemy】's higher conversion on them. I brainstormed with Mami and tried out many things.

The results that have come out, were 【Mud Slime Lv3】, 【Sand Slime Lv1】 and 【Huge Slime Lv1】.

As I continued to synthesize various materials into the slime's base, its level and volume increased.

The result of continuous synthesizing the Mud Slime with ore-based materials, was a change in its constitution where mucus has changed into sand. A Sand Slime could hardly be called a slime at this point.

And 10 of 【Slime's Nucleus Stones】 fused with Alchemy resulted with a Huge Slime.

Like that, although we managed to create new types of slime, none of them had the elasticity and didn't fit the image Mami had.

"Hmm. The Sand Slime's surface is hard, but that's not it."

After touching the sandy surface I felt a fine sandy texture, but it was continuously flowing. Also, the Huge Slime was big enough to swallow a person whole, after summoning I returned it back into Nucleus Stone in a hurry.

"If ore-type materials are no good, what do we use. Aahh, my brain's tired!"

Although I tried numerous patterns, I wasn't able to make something decent enough. Maybe I should try herb-type items, maybe mix it with potions, or should I try synthesizing it with a weapon. I continued to ponder endlessly.

"Hey, don't you have anything that solidified liquids? Something like jelly, or a pudding."

"Jelly and pudding huh. Well, I do but..."

I took out a Blue Jelly which was crafted from Blue Slime's drop.

"Blue Gelatin is a cooking ingredient, but let's try it out."

A little bit tired, Mami was playing with Mud Slime and Sand Slime by poking them with her finger. She looked back at the blue powder which worked as gelatin, but didn't seem to expect much.

I too, had no longer anything to lose and placed blue gelatin as to surround a single Nucleus Stone.


In response to my words, the Slime's Nucleus Stone turned bluish. However, rather than turn into Blue Slime's Nucleus Stone it as turned into something different, a 【Gel's Nucleus Stone Lv1】.

"No way. ——《Summon》"

What was called out, was a jelly-like object that fit the palm. It seemed like the jelly-like matter that trembled and jiggled around the dark red nucleus, was what Mami has been seeking.

Mami, not bothered with the displaced three-cornered hat and glasses, opened eyes widely and scooped the jelly with her hand. She used her entire palm to check how pleasant it was in touch, and enjoyed the elasticity under her fingertips.

"I want this. Thank you, Yun-san, Minute."

"You're okay with that then. What about size and colour?"

"Then, a bit larger please."


In response to Mami's words, I continued to synthesize the 【Gel's Nucleus Stone Lv1】 for size adjustment. In the end, it has ended up being of a small cushion's size.

"Hey, I got an idea when I saw that, how about we prank someone with this?"


Both Mami who was holding the completed Gel against her chest, and I who have been stroking Zakuro and Ryui whom I have summoned, have tilted out heads.

"Like this, ———"

After that we listened to Minute's proposal, and thinking it was interesting, we decided to put it in practice immediately. Because the amount of materials we had was a bit insufficient, the two went to hunt and shop for some and I proceeded with preparations.

The details of the prank, was to have slime resemble food and have it move right before the target eats it. The targets are the usual party members, Taku, Gantz and Kei. Targeting the three men, we proceeded with the preparations.

I synthesized a Poison slime by using poison extracted from poisonous herbs and light element materials, I put it into a pot with soup——creating a Sweet Red-Bean Soup-style Slime.

A colourful Gel nicely boxed like a frozen desert——Water Bun-style gel set.

Sand Slime and Gel that was similar to soy bean flour——Kudzu Starch Cake-style Slime.

A three-coloured Gel that was similar to a dumpling——Dumpling-style Gel.

The last one, was a colourful chaotic slime plunged into a pot——Darkness-style Slime Pot.

We had too much fun making it, making pretty food samples was really interesting. It was a little bit different from crafting, but making something in a noisy atmosphere was pleasant as well. And as for the further 100kG of expanses, they were paid by Mami and Minute, so the amount I spent remained at 600kG for the crafting kit. I told them that payment for work was just a bonus, but in the end I settled for the 100kG we initially agreed on.

"All right, now that the preparation's over, let's carry it to the store."

"We properly practised the instructions, let's see their surprised faces."

The moment I imagined what kind of stupefied expression Taku will make, thought it would be fun. Well, since overdoing it would be a problem as well, I made preparations to properly show off the synthetic mobs, Slimes and Gels.

When I stuffed the prepared dummy food into the wooden box and carried it to the counter, the preparations have been finally finished.

"Okay, we'll call them now."

"Yeah, please do. Also, I guess I need to prepare some drinks too."

In two types of containers I have put respectively a Paralyse Slime and authentic Lemon Squash, finishing the preparations. I thought, but since I forgot about something important, I went back to the workshop.

There were no spoons, forks and chopsticks that were required to eat. Because it's fake food, I forgot about it, but it cannot be eaten without tableware.

And when I came back from the workshop to store part with the necessities——

"Ohh, Yun-chan, I'll go ahead and pick something."


I stared at the object Gantz picked up with his fingertips.

He picked one of the Gels that were pretending to be Water Bun's, unworried about tableware and swallowed it.

The synthetic mobs are very artificial and disposable. That's why they faithfully obey commands and instructions, on the other hand they don't take any independent actions. And as such, it was unable to run away, unable to take action——


"Ohh, it's not that tasty. I've heard that the three of you girls with Yun-chan's lead made candies, but appearance aside, taste isn't so good. In particular, this bad taste must be Minute's creation."

Shock, is what my face expressed, now you've done it, I felt like saying to Gantz, but I couldn't do it. They were supposed to move in unison when Taku, Gantz and Kei were about to eat them at the same time. And yet, Gantz went ahead and ate it not noticing anything.

"Hmm. This red bean soup. When I tried licking it earlier, it seemed to be poisoned, so it's Minute's failure which causes abnormal status huh. So to say..."

"H-hey, Gantz? W-where's Taku and Kei? Wasn't Minute and Mami supposed to call them?"

With my voice trembling, I finally managed to ask why was Gantz alone.

"Ah, since Kei found an item he wanted on the stall, they're negotiating a price cut. Since I hate taking time when shopping, I went ahead. They should be coming soon?"

Immediately after he said that, a friend chat from Minute came.

『"Sorry. Gantz headed to the store alone. Try stalling him for a while."』

"Ahahaha, sorry. The moment I looked away he ate some of the cooking."

Even now, he was drinking up fake Lemon Squash which was in fact a Paralysis Slime.

Heck, despite having high viscosity, this guy still doesn't notice.

"Buhhaa! The carbonated feeling of a carbonated drink makes me feel as if my throat and stomach went numb!"

No, they really went numb! Does this person really not notice it?! Maybe it's a prank to surprise me instead?! What should I do, when my heart was pounding hard as I thought, Minute and Mami came back, pulling Taku and Kei. I just have to do what has to be done, I thought.


With a single word said by me, the slimes which were included in the dishes and the pots have jumped in unison. Although I wanted to include Taku and Kei as well, but I couldn't allow Gantz to eat any more of the fake food, and activated the gimmick with only Gantz as the victim.

In fact, the Gel which jumped has hit Gantz's forehead and left a small mark, a large amount of colourful mucus has fell in his surroundings. Not only Gantz became a victim of the spectacle, but also Taku and Kei opened their mouths from their position at the entrance.

When I activated it, I wondered if the slime Gantz swallowed will choke him to death or crawl out, but it seemed like it has disappeared inside of his stomach.

Then, Minute exploded with laughter and Mami glanced out from behind Kei.

After the prank was spoiled, Taku and Kei put hands on their chests relieved that they haven't become the victims.

"Woah, dangerous. No way, I'd never think that Yun would set up a prank."

"No, it was Minute's proposal. Well, I guess I wanted to have a payback for earlier too."

I responded to Taku, and once again summoned some of the Slimes and Gels.

"Really, not noticing its fake and eating it. Gantz is such an idiot."

"What are you saying, Minute. There's no way I'll notice when they're so neatly served."

"No, I actually suspected that you noticed and ate it despite that."

Mainly, because of the comedic bodily reactions of his.

"As if I would do that!"

And the number one victim actually said "In a certain meaning, it's a nice position to be in" not bothered. Originally it should have been a lighter prank, but the person himself has delved deep into it, I was relieved that he wasn't all that bothered.

"Even so, it's well made, Yun."

"Well, since they're disposable I wanted to make them as pets, but synthesizing various things turned out to be really fun."

As Taku spoke, I responded slightly embarrassed doing something so childish.

Mami was tired of our conversation, and put the Gel on her knees, enjoying the elastic feel. Until now, it was hidden in her triangle hat, called by her it has dragged itself out from inside. Not only I was surprised, but so was Kei and Minute. In the end, it felt like Mami pranked everyone. When the hidden Gel moved out a little from the hat, "Heyy", Mami used ventriloquism. Then, Kei sank to his knees and covered his face, his shoulders trembling as if he tried to endure something.

"Hey hey, can I touch it? I want to touch a Slime."

"It's not a Slime, but a Gel. It's different from a Slime."

"Don't mind the details. It reminds me of slime I made when I was a kid."

Gantz stretched out his fingers to the slime as if nothing was wrong. Barrage of hits, a barrage of hits sending things fly, when I recalled that while happily looking, momentarily a familiar phenomenon has occurred.

Mami's Gel's HP has decreased slightly. And Gantz continued to stab his fingers into it not taking any notice.

"———!! Gantz! Stop touching it!"

"What? Yun-chan, are you jealous?"


The quiet murmur, was let out by Mami. The pierced Gel lost is viscosity, melted, and turned into particles.

"Retard. You're a martial artist aren't you."

Gantz's Sense configuration was one that allowed him to fight in proximity mainly with his bare hands. One of its characteristics was adding damage judgement to his barehanded attacks. The act of poking the Gel was an attack action, and even if he held back when touching it multiple times, the chain attack has stacked up and Mami's Gel HP disappeared because of the damage.

"Yun-chan, can you help me punish Gantz a little?"

"Sure. Geez, just what the hell is he doing."

Seeing Mami's stunned, pained expression, I frowned. Taku and Kei too, have stared accusingly at Gantz.

"Eeehh?! M-my bad! Sorry!"

"《Enchant》——Attack, Speed."

"Let's try fixing that broken brain of yours with shock therapy."

I cast an enchant increasing Minute's attack and speed stats. Although Minute is a mage, she swung her weapon – a mace at Gantz's head with all her strength.

Her swing was aimed so that he would be hit and flew outside through the store's entrance, right into the street. Although he could have easily avoided that, he understood that doing something unnecessary like that would make this situation turn worse. At the moment of receiving the attack, he jumped back slightly to passively reduce the damage.

"Tch! I intended to kill him."

"I said sorry! Please forgive m——"

Gantz got up, bowed his head and tried apologizing, but a heavy sound of something cracking came from his head and his movement stopped.

"Nice assist, Yun-chan."

"I'm angry too, since something I made was broken."

I've passed Mami the pet, it was the same as with the consumables. However, because of how we struggled with the creation process, and its pointless destruction in just a moment I got angry as well. Right now, I threw a 【Paralysis 4】 drug. Unable to move, Gantz thought that Minute would dispose of him, but previously stunned Mami moved and stopped us.


"Mami, you want this to stop? This idiot's punishment?"

"No. I'll do it myself."

Those words were said with a clear, cold tone of voice. Yup, seems like support is not needed here.

"W-wait a se..."

"《Enchant》——Intelligence. Also this, your INT will increase even further."

In addition to magic attack power increasing enchant, I handed an INT-increasing Boost Tablet to Mami. She swallowed it, and quietly closed her eyes.

"Ohh, she's going to cast the one with highest firepower."

"Highest firepower?"

"Mami is a typical mage. Well, she's usually saving up her strength. It doesn't fit her personality so it doesn't stand out but..."

Mami quietly opened her eyes, and poised her staff against Gantz who stood in front in anticipation. Seeing that, Gantz's face turned blue and he took a defensive posture.

"——《Aero Cannon》."

In other words, an air gun. Although wind element is quite moderately powered magic, this skill had more than twice as much power than normal, and an invisible shell has sent Gantz flying.

"The 【Meditation】 Sense increases MP recovery rate and power of the next released magic. Moreover, there's Yun-chan's enchant and stat-enhancing item. That's some amazing firepower."

I couldn't tell since there was nothing I could compare it to, but the wind that came from impact's aftermath has thrown my long hair out of order.

Mami didn't even look at the result, cast the magic towards the back and pressed her head against my chest.

"Is it fine now?"

"Please make me another one. A cuter one."

"Got it."

I was a little bit nervous with a girl so close, but when I thought of her as of little sister I no longer felt anything. I lifted her hat and patted her head, a little embarrassed.

After that, Kei and Minute comforted her by inviting to eat some sweets to improve her mood.

Gantz's lowered his shoulders, Minute laughing hard at the state he was in, hit his back several times.

"Really stupid. But that was super amusing! Oh, Yun-chan, thanks. It's been a while since I had this much fun. This, your reward."

The blonde beauty exploded with laughter, just what was so fun about it, I didn't know, but I was surprised to get money as a reward.

Well, it should be fine if I think about it as of compensation for destruction of synthetic mob. Also, it was true that I needed money.

"Yun-san, please make me a new one. Ah, of course, Gantz will pay for the pet."

"So I have to pay for it after all, huh. Tohoho... hey, Yun-chan, can you make me a pet as well?"

"...what? You want to destroy one again?"

In response to to my cold gaze, "No!" Gantz raised a voice of protest.

"Since I learned my lesson with Mami's Slime, I'll make sure to go easy on the pet! I'll properly pay for it!"

"Haa, well. It can't be helped then. I'm going make it after I finish Mami's Gel. Any requests for your pet?"

"Hmm. First, make it that it won't die! Next, one that won't be bothered even if it's damaged."

Even though he said that, right now what I had in the store were only Slimes and its relatives like Gel.

"Then this. 【Huge Slime's Nucleus Stone Lv3】. It has physical damage received reduction and a lot of HP, but aside from that it has no other features."

"All right! I'm buying it!"

And so, I passed it to Gantz for an appropriate price of 100kG.

"Come! ——《Summon》!"

The Huge Slime Gantz called out was a pale green slime a bit larger than an adult man. Gantz prompted it "Come on", with his arms wide open, he called the slime with benevolence in his eyes.

Although it was a response akin to that of calling a new puppy, but the AI was very artificial. Gantz faced it and touched the enormous slime mob. As a result——

"Woah, wa—! Wait!"

"Ahahahaha! My stomach hurts! He's inside of his own slime!"

Holding her belly, "hihihihihi", Minute's shoulder trembled from laughter. She seems to be having fun.

My hunch was right, and I looked at it with a difficult expression. Gantz called slime to come to him. Although a normal mob would have stopped after walking to some extent, the result this time was Slime continuing to come and swallowing Gantz whole.

"Dammit! I'll definitely master your usage!"

"I'm glad that I chose a small Gel."

Gantz was swallowed by his own pet, seeing his appearance struggling to escape, everyone made a different reaction.

Taku said "Retard", and smiled wryly. Minute burst into laughter, and Mami strongly reminded me that she wants her pet in a handy size.

"I give up, give up! Help!"

"...hey, why won't he use 《Dismissal》. Or maybe log out?"


In the end, the situation was resolved by Kei's calm words.

Gantz was revived after a moment and calmed himself down. I'll definitely learn how to handle the Huge Slime. I watched over him warmly as he expressed his determination after showing disgraceful behaviour.

After that, Taku and others gathered, undertook a quest and left through 【Atelier】's entrance.

Then, I went to create the synthetic mob I was asked to make by Mami.