Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Resale and the Crafting Guild's Concept

Because of testing various patterns and creating large quantities of the synthetic Slimes and Gels a while ago, I used a lot of materials at once and a problem has emerged.

"Haa, I didn't think that a time will come where I'm out of materials and have to get them on my own."

I stepped on a blue slime with my shoe, and stabbed the nucleus with a knife. Most of these slimes drop a Blue Jelly material after dissolving.

Since Blue Jelly was the most important item required to synthesize a slime, as well as to create Blue potions from now on, I had to secure the material no matter what.

Compared to before my level and equipment was much better, and my attack power has increased. Still, the bow's point attack wasn't suitable for hunting slimes. Equipped with 【Cooking】 Sense, I continued to hunt them with a knife.

As I continued to hunt indifferently, the excitement of being in battle disappeared and it turned into a simple task. Originally, the low level mobs had higher numbers and spawn rate than normal, so as I hunted them solo, before I wiped them out new ones have already spawned.

"...haa, I got 3 of slime's rare drops huh."

Although what I was hunting were Blue Slimes, there was a rare drop other than Blue Jelly dropping from it. It was a 【Slime's Nucleus】 item, which was a shared drop from all slime species.

It was an item reinforcement material, although it didn't give any effect when placed in a weapon; in armour and accessories it had a very small effect 【Damage taken reduction (minimal)】. However——

"After defeating 378 Blue Slimes I get 4 of them huh."

The probability of dropping was around 1%. Well, since its a rare drop from mobs that are defeated en masse, these could be found at the street vendors and bought on the market for 10kG. The accessories with its additional effect were sold for about 100kG, it's a staple connecting many of the beginner's equipment.

"Haa, well, it has other uses than making accessories with them."

On top of granting an additional effect to accessories, it was a synthetic material necessary for improvement of the AI for synthetic Slime and Gel mob species I created the other day.

By synthesizing 【Slime's Nucleus】 with either a slime or gel synthetic mobs, it was possible to improve them, but not their levels but AI itself. In other words, it's something like AI of enemy in a fighting game, in a mirror match between two same characters, a superior AI will have higher winning percentage. It was the same for synthetic mobs.

Well, as I said many times before, it can get stronger but it'ss limited to slimes.

And like that, the material I obtained after spending a lot of time could be used in few ways, but mostly its effectiveness was low.

"Fuu, maybe I should leave it at this for today and rest a little."

Since the hunting ground wasn't far away from the town, I returned back to the town's entrance without hurrying too much. Halfway back, I saw players on the stairs at the boundary between the plains and north-eastern forest, and understood that it was Cloude's dungeon that had its entrance near the town. Although I roughly knew where was it, it was my first time seeing it.

I returned to town, and deciding to take break at Cloude's 【Commonest Café & Clothier】, I headed over there.

After the recent update which changed the【Cooking】 Sense, he was able to get a hold of a crafter who had 【Cooking】 and proudly boasted of the store starting to operate as a café. The form it took was a joint operation of Cloude who was responsible for managing the clothing store part and another player. Speaking of store ownership, I guess Cloude was the

owner. I walked towards the open terrace-style café.

"Welcome. How many seats?"

"Oh, only one."

"Then, I shall guide you to the counter seats."

Since I was alone, I have been guided to the counter seat. It was first time I have received a coffee café service after coming to this store.

I wonder if that's an NPC? I wondered for a moment as the female player politely guided me to the counter seat as a part of customer service.

Naturally, my gaze wandered in a certain direction. On the counter seats there was Cloude in waiter clothes of chic design matching the store's atmosphere, and Lyly.

Noticing my gaze, Lyly waved towards me with his hand grandly wanting me to come over, it was abrupt but I asked for an adjacent seat.

"Understood. Please use this counter seat then."

Since on Lyly's right there was Cloude, as if sandwiching him I sat down on Lyly's left and greeted them.

"It's unusual for you to come to Cloude's store, Yuncchi."

"I wanted to see how the café is like. Also, I wanted to talk about the 【Search Orb】 and the guild's funding."

Creating synthetic mobs at someone's request, a lot of gold was spent, as expected members from a highly skilled party right. Spending just 500kG to create a synthetic mob was quite reasonable.

The breakdown for that, was Minute's 150k surprise payment for success, Mami's 250k of payment for the pet. And Gantz's payment for his pet, 100kG.

I'll take what's given to me, and use it effectively.

"And so, I have prepared 500kG, for how much did you sell the 【Search Orb】?"

"Kukuku, listen and be surprised! Somehow, it went for 200kG."

"Hee, you sold it quite expensive."

I left the 【Search Orb】 I had with him, told him to find out its price and sell it.

Taku also got some from a quest, but wouldn't let go of it. Speaking of number of those existing, it could be called rare, but it's effect was very subtle. Still, for it to go for 200kG... I expected 100kG at best.

"I showed it to a few parties and had them compete over it. Well, there were parties with a good and bad reaction to it though. Also, they said that if another one appeared they want to rotate turns to get those."

"That's impossible. So I see. It turned into gold huh."

If that's the case, I'll do the quest every nigh... no, it's impossible after all! I don't feel like going to an underground library that has a ghost infestation.

"Yuncchi? Is that not a crafted item? Or is material rare?"

"I will exercise the right to remain silent."

"Well, if that information gives you an advantage, I won't ask."

I was a little relieved when Cloude finished the topic with these words. However, seeing that, feeling mischievous he raised his index finger and started speaking.

"However, if it's information, then I do have some as well. Oh right. The location you were recently going to——the library. Fuu, looks like I hit the mark."

"I want to know why do you know about what I've been doing recently, also, how were you able to pin point it so accurately."

"Hm, I can tell that it's not a crafted item going by the fact that you exercised the right to remain silent. Moreover, when I was determining a price there was no price indication on it. And so, I thought it's probably not something one can purchase from NPC. If it were purchased, there would be a minimal price indication. In that case, rather than being something which requires collecting materials nor being something which requires combat abilities, it had to be a quest inside of the town. And thinking about the recent actions you were taking, it came to me naturally."

"Kurocchi, you're just like a detective."

"Seriously, how come you know that much."

With this, I started doubting if rather than his brilliant reasoning, he knew about it since I've been monitored. Well, there's no way that's true is it.

"Well, even if I know the location, I couldn't find the quest. I would rather get the information without having to search for it."

Cloude ascertained that dryly, giving up.

In the end, the amount of gold I gave for funding the crafting guild was 500kG and 200kG from the 【Search Orb】.

"Haa, the total is 700kG. It's a great help to get a comparatively large funding like that. And, you could help me to establish my cosplay café——『"I won't, geez."』——"

I refused, not allowing Cloude to finish and momentarily made a cold expression.

"Why! I can prepare a miniskirt police costume immediately! You'll act as a set with Lyly!"

"Why are you partnering me up with Lyly. And why did you choose policewomen, both Lyly and I are men."

"As to why I partner you up, that's because having a duo of miniskirt policewomen is a classic. A dark blue neck-tie on white shirt, wearing armbands, the dark blue miniskirt making up the absolute territory when you bend down, making it unclear whether it can be seen or not! Then, arrest the perpetrators, put handcuffs on them... it's romance!"

He took a breath by the end, exhaled, and spoke to me with a confident expression.

The woman who acted as the waitress saw it. The player said "Don't bother the customers that much". Then she held his arms behind his back, locking them in a hold.

"Uuoo?! Wait, that's obviously too strong!"

"Come on, you wanted to be arrested by police right... the criminal is secured, see?"

"I give up!' the large adult tapped the counter seat, and managed to get released.

The waitress, acting like nothing happened with her dress spotless waited for us to order. Her service had a very professional feel to it, and I felt something like respect seeing it.

Leaving Cloude's treatment aside, the café had a calm atmosphere even in VR, and could offer proper service. I too, started to long a little towards having a different kind of store from 【Atelier】.

"What did you choose Lyly?"

"A short cake and tea set."

"Then I'll take gâteau au chocolat and café au lait. If it's this, you should be able to eat it."

"Thank you, Yuncchi."

"A shortcake set and gâteau au chocolat sets, yes? Understood."

The waitress took a step back and lightly bowed her head. Then as the preparations behind the counter proceeded, the aroma of tea and coffee has reached us.

The cake, was in an item box. No, it was a showcase-type item, since it was prepared beforehand the wait time wasn't long.

"I apologize for the wait. Short cake set and gâteau au chocolat set."

"Thank you very much. Let's eat."

I thanked the waitress, cut out a bite-sized chunk from gâteau au chocolat with a fork and put it in my mouth. I enjoyed the slightly sweet modest chocolate taste and moist texture, then I washed away the sweetness with café au lait which had bitterness softened with milk.

"Yuncchi Yuncchi, let's exchange."

"Sure, go ahead and eat my cake."

"Thanks. Then, I'll help myself."

Lyly cut my cake with his fork, and ate it with gusto.

Seeing a happy expression on his face was calming.

"Then, your turn next Yuncchi. Aaann."

Lyly cut the short cake with my fork right in front of my mouth, and I reflexively bit it. There was the strawberry's acidity and the fresh cream's sweetness, while enjoying the softness of sponge dough I chewed on it. I placed a hand on my mouth and swallowed the cake, after which I enjoyed the aftertaste with my eyes closed.

"...Kuro-san, what is this girl. She's seriously dangerous. She's so charming just looking at her makes my heart pound like mad."

"Indeed. She's one of models that caught my eye."

"I've been always thinking that your behaviour is sick and ignored it, but just now I can sympathize."

Hey, you there café owner and employee, what are you saying. And I noted that the waiter on the other side of the counter smiled wryly.

"You will definitely become a wonderful and undefeated model. That's why you should wear equipment I made ."

"Don't talk as if I was some lame magical girl. Also, I'm not a model. Do you really get customers despite acting like that?"

I spat out a sigh and looked at Cloude, but he himself made a gesture telling me it doesn't bother him.

"After much trouble this store started to function as a café, yet no people are coming. Honestly, since I keep drinking coffee in my free time, my stomach is starting to bulge out because of it."

"The atmosphere's good, does that little people really come?"

I looked around the store with a very few people. I too have been feeling quite lonely in 【Atelier】 until recently, Cloude relayed to me what was the current situation calmly.

"Hmm. The 【Cooking】 Sense has been more recognized after the introduction of satiety system, but putting it the other way around, it was the only change. Everyone is satisfied with just having a stable supply of stat enhancement food."

"What a waste. Even though this modern feel is nice."

"On the other hand, hobbyists who enjoy the atmosphere do come but... so you're that worried about the store eh. In that case, how about you wear maid clothes and attract customers?"

"I won't."

Holding a conversation like usual, we enjoyed our time until our drinks were exhausted. Then suddenly, when I looked sideways at Cloude, I felt that I saw a shadow on his face.

"...hey, Cloude. How are the preparations for the crafting guild? Is there anything you're worried about?"

Ever since earlier he was covering it up with jokes, but the shadow seemed to be there after all.

"...haa, I guess. It should be fine to tell you, Yun."

Cloude received an eye contact from Lyly, and looked away uncomfortable, then said what was the reason for it.

"For the time being, we have reached our goal for funding the guild. We have secured the land and employment of NPC's is going well. However, there is one thing, we weren't able to prepare the most important thing."

"Important thing you weren't able to prepare?"

What can be that important?

"That would be the 【Guild Emblem】. It's a special item required to establish the guild system. Without that, we're unable to start a guild no matter how ready everything else is."

"Ah, the thing you can get by doing the guild quest?"

I felt like I've heard a little about it, and pulled out my faint memory.

If they don't have it, they can just do the quest right. Although I tried to say that, I was interrupted by Lyly's words.

"Yuncchi, we're crafters. We aren't too good in combat. That's why Magicchi tried to purchase the 【Guild Emblem】 but..."

"It started with a single reseller, and then it was bought out by a reselling guild. At first it cost 1mG, the price started growing and currently reached 4mG. Moreover, all players' levels rise, and communities are being formed between parties increasing the demand for guilds."

Lyly stared worriedly at Cloude who squeezed his first with a chagrin.

"If I bought it at the very beginning... no, if I obtained the 【Guild Emblem】 from the player selling it when I noticed the price is starting to rise, it would have been still okay. But now if I go to the player and ask him directly, the request fee for him to obtain it would be too high. Moreover, it's difficult to buy it off the market. However, we can't leisurely wait for the prices to drop."

Lyly and I stared at him anxiously, but it seemed like Cloude hasn't given up yet.

"That's why, Yun, Lyly, help me out."

"Yup, let's do our best together, Kurocchi."

"If there's anything I can help out with, then whatever you say."

What I said to Cloude wasn't a lie, it was how I really felt. I too looked forward to the creation of crafting guild.

"The funds we have to purchase are 3mG. In order to buy the 【Guild Emblem】 which costs 4mG on the market for 3mG... we need to look around and find a stall which would sell it cheaper."

Cloude declared strongly.

"And the ones to look around are Lyly and me?"

"That's right. I'm included as well, so me, Yun and Lyly. I'm going to pass the ownership to that female waitress over there for now."

At least call me by my name. The female waiter raised her voice from behind the counter which Cloude brilliantly ignored.

"Let's conduct a frontal assault and find the cheapest 【Guild Emblem】 possible. The budget we can provide is 3mG after including Yun's funding. I want to buy it as cheap as possible."

"Were you unable to buy it at higher price at earlier stage?"

Even without doing something that troublesome, you top crafters should have enough money right? I thought, but to his next words I looked up to heavens.

"We can't let such info out there. The reselling guild will raise the 【Guild Emblem】's price even further. Earlier, the information that we want to buy it leaked out, and the resale guilds started raising the price. We're still not in a guild, and as such we lose when it comes to financial strength. The result is the current price of 【Guild Emblem】."

"Even so, for resale guilds to continue endlessly buy up【Guild Emblems】..."

That's impossible. I wanted to say so, but Cloude stared straight at me, so I refrained myself from speaking.

"The purpose of resale guilds is not infinite collection of 【Guild Emblems】, but sabotaging and delaying the founding of our crafting guild. To begin with, resale guilds buy up cheap items and sell them expensive for profit. What would they do if a crafting guild suddenly appeared and started to sell items on the market for a reasonable price."

"Well, they wouldn't sell. Oh, so that's why they're sabotaging it."

"That's right. They started raising the market price of it when they realized the purpose of the crafting guild. At first they were able to profit from the 【Guild Emblems】, but currently they must be making a loss on those. However, while the crafting guild's establishment is delayed, they can compensate for it by profiting from other items, profiting in the end."

"Haa, how confusing."

"And, when they decide that they're no longer profiting they will do an inventory clearance selling the 【Guild Emblems】 cheaply. Probably."

After saying what could possibly happen in the future, "kukuku" Cloude let out a muffled laughter.

Lyly and I stared as he laughed a bit eerily, and have quickly averted our gaze. Cloude has instantaneously changed the subject and the atmosphere of conversation.

"We-well, umm, what. Even though we were defeated in the economic and information war, since there's only a few of us, as long as we obtain a 【Guild Emblem】 all problems will be solved."

Rather, it seemed like he was concerned about losing an information war with the resale guilds. Still, it seemed pretty advanced to have information warfare inside a game.

Cloude's enthusiasm didn't erase that impression which lodged itself in my chest, he grasped his fist strongly and raising his spirits, he declared openly.

"Therefore, we will buy a cheap 【Guild Emblem】 within the budget on the stalls!"

While making a pretty cool pose, Cloude said something painful which made me shed tears deep in my heart.

"I'm holding the money, so let me know through friend chat if you find a cheap 【Guild Emblem】."

Cloude told us that, and together with the waiter person they have scattered in different directions.

Lyly and I immediately started going around the stalls together.

"Oh, what? This accessory..."

"Ah, that's a rare drop from a boss. It's an accessory which increases damage against insect-type monsters. It's popular among lady-like girls."

"And this?"

"That has no practicality. It's an unbranded accessory available from a common quest. It's aimed at beginners, but I don't think it would be sufficient for you."

Since our original purpose was to find a 【Guild Emblem】, being distracted by various items was inefficient.

"Hmm. I'm bad with insect-type monsters. The price is——1mG huh. I wonder if I can get a discount?"

"Unfortunately, since there's something I want as well I cannot give you a discount."

"Hey, even if you say that, we don't have that kind of money on our hands anyway."

Lyly waved his hand reminding me that we have no money with us, how cold, we bid farewell to the player with a stall who smiled wryly and went to look at different stalls.

"Hey, Lyly. Found anything?"

"Not at all. How about you Yuncchi?"

"I didn't find anything either."

It's been a while since I last toured stalls other than those selling food, I could see that the amount of different products has increased dramatically. There was a masked player who specialized in dealing with material items.

There was a player who held a large sword and sold expensive rare materials as well as rare drops.

Boasting of weapons, armours and accessories as well as other things like potions and cooking, there were also crafters who sold joke items and handicraft like cloth for wrapping around one's head for skinheads.

There was a bearded, chubby merchant who enjoyed fiercely arguing and interacting with players.

Reseller's stalls which lacked any vibrancy and attraction and the business was left to NPCs.

We slowly toured them, sometimes purchasing what we needed and tried to locate a 【Guild Emblem】 which could be sold cheaper than one from a store, it felt a bit regretful that I enjoyed it despite being unable to find one.

Among the stalls, there was an acquaintance. There was a single player who opened a stall.

"Oh? Yun-kun and Lyly. It's unusual for you two to tour the stalls together."

"What are you doing, Magicchi?"

Just like the first time I met her, with a weapon stall spread out, we found Magi-san interact with customers. The weapons were easy to handle orthodox long swords and spears made from common materials, which had an ordinary price. However, among those items, there was highest quality equipment as well.

"I'm collecting information. Cloude asked me to look around the stalls for a cheap 【Guild Emblem】."

"Hee, is that so. So, did you find anything?"

"Hmm. After we've talked with people who came to us, the prices on the market have gone up again. I have gathered some information, but it's not so easy to find people who sell it. You need to look patiently. Also, there are some stalls over there too, how about you go look in there?"

"Thank you very much for the information, Magi-san!"

After hearing Magi-san's advice Lyly pulled my hand, and we started running in the specified direction.

"Do your best〜. For sake of the crafting guild!"

We've left Magi-san who waved her hand, and started touring the stalls in the direction Magi-san pointed to, then finally found a 【Guild Emblem】.

"...I found it, Yuncchi."

A man sitting cross-legged who looked at the stream of people in front of him with a bored expression was selling it.

I moved in front and called out.

"Hello, can I take a look?"

"Yeah, feel free."

Certainly, there was a 【Guild Emblem】. However, the price was barely any cheaper than any market at 3,98mG

"Hmm. Getting a 【Guild Emblem】 at this price, is probably no go right? But we have nothing to lose... Excuse me, could lower the price on this 【Guild Emblem】——『"No way I could."』——I guess."

He glared at me sharply. I wonder if I angered him on the first straight. After finally finding it, it's impossible to buy it at this price. On top of that, the atmosphere didn't show room for haggling. Lyly and I quietly left to look for another stall, but since we couldn't find anything we came back again, it was already bought by someone.

"You serious. Did someone really buy it at that price. No, the market price for that is a little special."

"Not good. It seems like we won't be able to buy it unless we go over the budget."

Lyly listened to my murmur and spat out a small sigh. We've already seen other stalls, and we won't find any more even if we go tour the lively stalls again. In that case, we should go back to Magi-san's place. When I thought that, suddenly I saw a person sitting in a dim back alley through the gap in pedestrian traffic.

"So there's a stall in a place like that."

"Ehh, ah, I didn't notice."

I headed together with Lyly towards a poor location hidden between buildings.

"Yo, welcome. Wanna look?"

He was cheerful and looked somewhat suspicious with sunglasses and hair in dreads. The man has a lot of metal accessories cluttering and laughed showing white teeth contrasting with the dim location.

Among the products we found a 【Guild Emblem】! And it was priced at 3,5mG which was cheaper than the one earlier. Other items were boss' rare drops and crafting materials, everything was about 10% cheaper than the ones we saw on the stalls earlier.

"Hey, can I ask something?"

"What's up? No way, the reverse pattern? No, I give up. To think I'd be asked out by a pretty girl."

There's no such thing. I said flatly. The other party was joking, and let out an "arara", smelled his shoulders in an act.

"Why is it so cheap? It's 10% cheaper than the market price. Also, why are you in such a back alley, people won't come right."

"Well, ain't that fine."

Together with Lyly, we responded with 'I don't get it'. And tilted our necks. The man in front of us pointed towards the street in front.

"Certainly, if I put my shop in there I would sell. However, selling my spear isn't all I want. I want to sell rare items cheaply in a dark alley role-playing as a back-alley black merchant. I get self-satisfaction from spending time with no customers in the dark alley, I say shady lines to players like you who come closer and sell items."

The man removed sunglasses and winked, although he looked suspicious it suddenly felt refreshing in the middle of conversation.

I think it was quite interesting to role-play as black merchant, I forgot about 【Guild Emblem】, seeing his enthusiasm he role-played with as a black merchant Lyly and I started to listen attentively.

Lyly seemed to like speaking with enthusiastic players like Cloude and the black merchant when they role-played. He listened to him with his eyes sparkling. I too admired it in my own way and asked him something once in a while, I wanted references to various ways to play the game.

"Nice, it's really nice to see people who'd listen to romance! It was really fun."

Hehe, the black merchant man rubbed his nose with his finger.

"I had fun as well. Especially the part where you insisted on crafting."

I continued to improve my potions. And he, directed his own role as black merchant. We could feel empathy towards each other's insistence, and laughed.

"Interesting. I want this Treant Wood and Ebony."

"Oh, got it. Wait a moment... kukuku, these are smuggled goods I've been secretly logging in the area they grow. These are rare highest quality items managed by the country which appear once every 50 years. There's still a feet attached to it, still wanna buy it?"

The youth's refreshing voice he used until now, has changed into a voice of a shady dealer. I swallowed my breath, and Lyly paid him impressed, obtaining materials for woodworking.

"Sorry. Wait a moment."

Engrossed in the conversation, when we noticed another customer came into the back alley we took a step back.

"That's cheap. I'll buy this, and this."

"Kukuku, come on brother you're not honest. That's some good stuff you got there."

This time, the black merchant role-player held a short conversation with the customer, making it seem as if there was something behind it and then saw him off. Then, when I looked towards the merchandise——

"——There's no 【Guild Emblem】!"

"Ah, that brother there bought it. He paid with a grin on his face."

"Do you have any other in stock?"

"Ahh, so you two were aiming for the 【Guild Emblem】 huh. Unfortunately, that's a monthly quest."


"It can be undertaken only once a month, that's what it means Yuncchi."

Monthly. So it can be done once a month. By the way, quests like the delivery ones or underground library's quest are dailies and can be done every day, there's a limit on amount of times the quest can be done for a period of time.

"A-ahahaha... what a shame."

"I see. Well, you can come to look for something else next time. ——Kukuku, Miss, you shouldn't wander around to such suspicious shops. I won't say anything, but you better go home soon."

Knowing that the product we were interesting in was no longer there, the black merchant started role-playing for the first time with us, and although he spoke lines to make us go away, he had a smile on his face. We left the stall after that.

What kind of excuse should we use after missing that 【Guild Emblem】 from earlier which cost 3,5mG. And while thinking, I continued to look for a cheap 【Guild Emblem】, but unable to find anything we reunited with Cloude and explained to him.

"...and so, despite finding a guy who looked like he could give us good conditions, we have let it slip away. I'm sorry."

"It's not Yuncchi's fault. It was over the budget too."

Lyly tried comforting me, but after Cloude and the waiter heard about a 【Guild Emblem】 seller with good conditions, Cloude crossed his arms and closed his eyes which felt oddly intimidating. Quietly, I waited for his reply.

"Well, there's that too I guess."

"...aren't you angry?"

"Our budget is small in the first place. Also, on this side too I have been beaten to it by resellers and ordinary players every time and was unable to get one. I'm guilty too."

"However, as far as I can remember, we probably get the funding for that. For example we could sell my potions at Magi-san's or Cloude's..."

"It's pointless to talk about assumptions. Also, selling things by proxies will hurt your main store sales right. Putting our hands in there and crushing all fellow crafters of ours with such move is out of question. If it comes to this, we need to take a direct approach."

"Meaning, to take the guild quest, right."

"There's no other option is there. If should be fine if we use the 3mG of funds for the request fee."

With that said, the monthly quest, unlike normal quests could be undertaken only once a month, and it would be used up.

I wonder if there are people who would undertake the request to obtain the 【Guild Emblem】 for 3mG when the market price is 4mG. In my opinion, there isn't any.

"What would you say if I told there's no chances of success?"

What do you mean? When I asked, Cloude came up with a number of reasons.

"First, even if six people undertake the quest to obtain a 【Guild Emblem】, the reward is only one emblem."

"Yeah, in that case the 3m would be divided between six of them."

"If in an extreme case the quest could be cleared by a single person, then the 3m of reward would go to that person alone. Also, there's a boss drop other than the quest reward. There's more than enough reason to aim for a boss which can be only challenged once a month."

Certainly, there are people who would think like that. I agreed.

"Then, how about me, Cloude and Lyly go?"

"No, Lyly and I can't go since we need to do various adjustments for the crafting guild's founding. That's why——"

*Pat*, Cloude put his hands on my shoulders.

"——Gather some members. I leave it to you."

"Yuncchi, fight!"


My voice echoed in the plaza. Players have turned around to me, but before that, what is this guy forcing me to do without any hesitation here.

"I just have to gather some members right, geez..."

"Well, I'll do my best too. Is all I can say."

Cloude and Lyly were holding preparations for establishment of crafting guild and weren't in Cloude's café, Magi-san who picked up her stall now stared at the tea cup's surface.

I put my face on the counter pondering, and spat out another sigh.

"In the first place, I helped to fund it, so why did he come to me with that money. I don't get it at all."

"Well, that money already left your hands once. Your own money and organization's money are two different things."

I don't know whether Magi-san tried to comfort me, or maybe encourage me, I couldn't even tell the taste of tea I was drinking at the moment.

"Yun-kun, you have reliable acquaintances don't you? You'll somehow manage."

"It would be good if that was the case..."

Magi-san paid for my tea instead of me. Sorry, I said in small voice apologizing, but she waved her hand saying there's no problem.

"Think of it as of support for when you're undertaking the guild quest."

"Uuu, that's heavy. But I'll do my best."

After that was said, I bid Magi-san farewell, and after coming back to 【Atelier】 I put my head on the counter once again and started worrying.

Not having any good ideas, I let out a sigh again.

However, even as I distress myself over it nothing will happen, so for the time being I tried calling my acquaintances. I opened the friend list through the menu, and called players who could possibly participate one after another.

Even though I say that, basically it was just Taku's and Myu's party members and fellow crafters who were registered in my friend list. I didn't expect a positive response.

The only positive response was 『"Hmm. An adventure with Onee-chan huh. Yup, I'll consult with Luka-chan for a little. If it weren't a monthly, then I'd immediately ride on."』 is what I was told.

The reason for that was, that possibly Lucato and others could undertake it and go.

If Myu were to undertake the monthly quest, the next time she would be able to undertake the quest and challenge the boss would be in a month.

For Myu who was adventuring in a fixed party, receiving a monthly quest alone could break Lucato and the others' pace. That's why, unless there's a serious reason, I'd like to ask others first.

In that case, the only one left was——someone who already joined the guild 【Eight Million Gods】, Sei-nee.

"I have nothing to lose. ——Ah, Sei-nee. There's something I'd like to consult you about."

『"Yun-chan? That's rare, to think I'd get a call from you."』

Sei-nee responded in wonder, with a little surprised voice.

"Actually, I was thinking to undertake a quest in order to acquire a 【Guild Emblem】. I wondered if you could offer some help with it."

『"Sure. Who are the other members?"』

"Haa, so it's okay after all... Hey, it's okay?! Really?"

Because I thought it'll be no good, when I she agreed to it so easily, my thinking stopped. Sei-nee agreed to undertake it.

『"Yun-chan, you're way too reserved. You don't let me spoil you at all."』

"Nono, I'm a high school student now, I can't have my older sister spoiling me."

『"Even though I was joking about spoiling you, but as your Onee-chan I'd like if you relied on me more. You're not relying on me at all."』

"Ah, no. You probably have a lot of things on your mind right? Like your guild or university life."

『"Helping siblings is more important than that. Also, doing things alone is lonely. You could at least stop refraining yourself from asking Myu-chan, that would make her happy."』

On the other side of the call, Sei-nee sighed. Sorry. When I responded that, I've heard a wry laughter respond me.

『"Also, it's not like there's no benefit for me in it. I want a rare drop from the boss Mastil Dane, which is another reason. That's why, I'll undertake it as an advisor who once already accomplished the guild quest."』

"Got it. Also, there's no other members. For the time being, I received a vague response from Myu."

『"Is that so? I'll call Myu-chan, wait just a moment."』

Sei-nee said so and ended the friend chat. What was that? And when I tilted my head puzzled, immediately after that, a friend call has come.

『"Yun-oneechan! Why didn't you tell me Sei-oneechan is participating! If that's the case, I'll participate even if I have to apologize to Luka-chan until I collapse afterwards!"』

"No, wait a second. We just decided that, why suddenly..."

『"What suddenly. For a long time now I wanted to go on adventure the three of us together, but there was no opportunity for that at all! I can't let this chance go! Also, we're going just the three of us so don't add any more people."』

"Hey, wait a moment. Why are you riding on the momentum, are you saying we should do the guild quest just the three of us? Do we have enough fighting force?"

『"That's... yup. We'll somehow manage! Then, later!"』

"H-hey... She hung up on me."

Myu has one-sidedly decided she's participating. Surely, Sei-nee must have spoken with her. Although it was determined that Myu will be participating, but what should I do about her since she wants us to undertake it just the three of us. I started worrying about it, but it was unlikely that we would gather any more people. If it's no good with the three of us, we can prepare more people and challenge it again. I immediately proceeded with preparations for the quest.

Recovery medicine with focus on High Potions and MP Potions.

Boost Tablets for stat enhancement.

Various bad status recovery medicines to deal with abnormal states. Moreover, various bad status-inducing drugs I made from extracting a number of the poisonous herbs I obtained during the summer's camp event.

I checked on my stock of arrows for the bow and my sub weapon, the kitchen knife.

The simple magic consumables, Magic Gems and Enchant Stones, as well as replenishing the 【Gem Substitute Ring】's charges.

I did all that to prepare, still it was not enough.

Normally it's challenged by parties with six members, we have only half that. And among those three I'm a crafter, since I have half the fighting potential of the other two, I calculated that we weren't strong enough.

"That's not enough. And I can't let the Ryui and Zakuro who are young beasts fight. What else can be used..."

I confirmed my Sense build, levels and combat style, and looked for what else can be used.

Possessed SP21

【Bow Lv28】【Hawk Eyes Lv39】 【Speed Increase Lv22】 【Discovery Lv27】 【Magic Talent Lv42】【Magic Power Lv44】 【Enchant Arts Lv16】 【Dosing Lv23】 【Earth Element Talent Lv13】 【Cooking Lv22】


【Alchemy Lv30】 【Synthesis Lv28】 【Engraving Lv1】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv31】 【Taming Lv6】 【Linguistics Lv15】

After I confirmed my Senses which haven't grown much ever since the summer event ended, I've started feeling anxious again.

"No matter how I look, it's not enough. If I knew that a day would come where I have to challenge a quest boss, I would have raised my combat Senses."

It was too late to have regrets. Although it was already too late, I'll use whatever I can.

"I'm really unsure about this. Buying time will be necessary too right. ——Let's use this too for now."

In order to undertake the quest in perfect state, I continued my preparations.