Volume 9 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Cold Resistance Material and the Mimicry Turtle

One day after completing the 【Rubble Removal】 and 【Help With Farm Work】 quests.

When I opened the door between the chilly workshop and store part of the 【Atelier】, the hot air coming from the stove placed in the store had flowed into the workshop.

"Well then, I need to stew the chopped vegetables in the large pot and take out scum, then put in sausages and bacon to get a consommé stock."

While making a pot-au-feu with assortment of vegetables I received as a quest reward I prepared for delivery-type quests.

I placed the pot with hot water on top of a Magic Stove and put vegetables inside it, meanwhile, I prepared potions inside the usual cauldron I had inside the workshop.

"Using the materials I acquired during farm work I can prepare the required number of Potions, what's left is High Potions and MP Potions, as well as few types of bad status antidotes."

The quests I checked in advance required crafting of Potions, High Potions, MP Potions, various bad status antidotes and arrows. There were also material delivery quests for materials such as herbs, Iron Ore, fur and others. So I prepared all those items.

Those quests were aimed at the beginners so their degree of difficulty wasn't high, thus I could clear them just by retrieving items I had in the 【Atelier】.


"Ah, I don't have enough of drop items I don't normally use."

The delivery-type quests required players to bring 20 or more pieces of an item, so I might not have enough of some items I only had samples of.

Moreover the timing of the discovery was really bad, since I changed the Iron Ore to Fine Iron Ore and Iron Ingots just recently and didn't have enough.

While I considered the arrangements for the delivery quests I mixed the pot-au-feu boiled on low heat to make sure it doesn't boil out, and prepared the potions for delivery in parallel.

Since I was used to working in parallel on crafting potions in cooking, I did that while humming.

The scent of consommé started drift around the workshop. Lured by that appetizing smell Ryui who was gnawing on a carrot I gave him beforehand, and Zakuro who was grooming his tails by licking, started lurking around me displaying hunger.

"Wait a little longer. I'll finish pot-au-feu soon."

As I waited for the vegetable to cook thoroughly, I poured the potion into bottles one by one.

I finished crafting potions and decreased the flame under the pot to make it only warm.

"Well, it should be edible. Though I have some more work to do."

I moved from the workshop to the store section of the 【Atelier】 to check on the product stock and whether there is a need to replenish something."

And when I looked through the window to check whether there are any changes on the herb farm, cold air had crept up my legs.

Feeling the cold I naturally turned towards the entrance.

"Uuuh, it's soo cold! H-hello, Y-Yun-san."

"Good day, Yun-san. You seem free now."

The ones who came to the 【Atelier】 were the twins, spear-using girl Lyna and the mage Al.

"What's up with that assertive question. Well, I am."

"Ahh, so warm. This store is sooo warm!"

Lyna who was rubbing her chilly arms had stretched her body.

Then seeing warm Ryui and Zakuro, she started walking towards them. Seeing that Al and I smiled wryly.

However, Ryui and Zakuro ran away from Lyna leaving her with a depressed look and forcing her to change her goal towards the stove.

"Al, I see you aren't with Letia today."

"Yes. We aren't playing together too much during the event period."

"Letia-san is

cooperating with people from medium and small guilds to clear some quests! We can't lose to her either!"

Together with Al we looked dubiously towards Lyna who raised an energetic voice as she clung to the stove.

Speaking of which, Lyna was still wearing the same cold-looking leather armour as usual, but Al's equipment was a robe that had some extra lining that used material that stopped air from passing so he didn't look that cold.

"Did you get new armour, Al?"

"Yes! I did! When I heard about 【Cold Damage】 implementation I requested it and it was done just recently."

Ehehe, his cheeks went loose as he laughed. Seeing that Lyna stared at him reproachfully without moving away from the stove.

"It's not fair only Al's got it! Why am I the only one to be cold?!"

"That's because you reap what you sow."

"Did Lyna mess something up?"

"What?! Don't treat me like a troublemaker!"

Lyna got all angry, but knowing that she was a little short-sighted I thought that couldn't be helped.

"Well, calm down. I was about to finish making something that'll warm you up. I'll listen to you as we eat."

I moved the still-warm pot to the store part's counter and treated the two with pot-au-feu.

I also put a little of soup on shallow dishes for Ryui and Zakuro to lick and added plenty of cut vegetables, bacon and sausage to it.

Ryui started by eating the carrots and drinking soup, Zakuro put hot and steaming potatoes in his mouth.

And, together with Lyna and Al I scooped the soup and vegetables with a spoon to put in our mouths.

"Haa, I can feel the warmth course in my body. I'd like Letia-san to have some too."

"You're right. It's warm and to us, who came from the cold it's really reassuring."

When the two squinted and exhaled happily I asked again.

"So, what did you want from me?"

"Oh right! Yun-san! Do you have any other items for countering the cold?!"

Lyna jumped straight to the point.

I turned towards Al seeking detailed explanation. He nodded in response and started talking.

"Actually, Lyn-chan cleared a potion delivery quest."

"It's a simple quest where you just deliver items, right? And she cleared it too, so what's the problem?"

"What if I said that the reselling guilds are involved and the prices went up?"

While saying so, Al glanced towards Lyna, who overwhelmed by his gaze had leaned backwards.

In other words, the demand for potions increased because of the delivery quests and then further increased because of reselling guilds.

So Lyna didn't analyse the situation and invested the money she had on a potion spree, then after clearing the quest she was out of funds.

"Good grief... 【Atelier】 has a limit on the number sold every day but it's cheap, you could just have waited for a few days."

"I told her the same, but she didn't listen to me and bought potions at rip-off price. As a result, she ended up with no money for winter equipment."

Seeing Al heave a sigh I thought that he sure has a lot on his plate.

"Uuuhh, I am reflecting on that! But what's done is done!"

"So you can't afford winter equipment, instead you want some cheap items for cold protection to take their place..."

"Yup! That's it! I thought Yun-san will surely have some useful item like that!"

I heaved a sigh and started cleaning up dishes after the two finished eating the pot-au-feu.

"Still, my place is supposed to be a place that deals with potion and other consumables."

I said and lined up several items on the table.

"From the right, Element Cream, 【Water Increase】 accessory and Heat Gel's Nucleus Stone."

"How much do they cost?"

"Element Cream is 200kG, accessories are from 70kG to 150kG. Heat Gel's Nucleus Stone is 100kG each."

The Element Cream's effect lasted for several hours, the fire element and heat resistance cream was purchased for Volcano Area's adventuring and the water element and cold resistance cream was purchased as cold countermeasure.

Although I sold them for a bit high 200kG each because of rare materials, the sales were great.

The various cold resistance accessories that cost 150kG were something I made recently by using various materials.

The 70kG ones were accessories I made a long time ago and was experimenting with additional effects. Their cold resistance effect was weak and since they were just prototypes from when I made the concept, they weren't adjusted for the player purchasing them. Well, they were just samples so they could be adjusted for new players.

Lastly, the Heat Gel's Nucleus Stones were something I made to be used instead of a hot water bottles and cost 100kG, including the materials used.

When I explained this in order, Lyna who had a joyful expression when I was taking those out, slowly changed her expression to a cloudy one.

"I-it's all too expensive!"

"Are you that broke?"

"I'd like something for 2000G, even if the effect lasts short!"

"Lyn-chan, you're aiming too low. Also, these prices are that of a High Potion."

The fact the two just stopped being using beginner potions recently didn't mean they can afford these. They would like some inexpensive cold resistance-raising items that had a shorter duration.

"Well, I guess this counts like supporting players, I guess I should do something about it."

The items I lined up on the table were originally made for a different use and their secondary effect happened to be cold resistance increase. In which case, making items that were intended to have cold resistance effect from the get-go would be good.

"So, so?! Will you make some cheap items soon?!"

"Since you two were the ones who came with it, help me out."

"Ehhh?! Why me too?"

"You're helping out too, Al! Cuz' we share our destiny here!"

My remark ended up including Al, but in case of Lyna it's better to have him accompany her.

Well, when I thought of what could be used, it seemed like I could make something with the heat resistance and cold resistance materials I already had.

Lyna and Al also started considering it while growling, but that soon stopped.

"I tried thinking of something, but no idea of cold resistance item comes to my mind. I mean, there's lots of ways of fighting against cold."

Just as Lyna said, one could fight against cold and heat by increasing DEF stat and increasing the resistance, as well as adapting their equipment.

Other than that, there were heat sources like my Heat Gels, Magi-san's tamed mob Rickle emitted cold air so it cooled people off. There was a big difference just by having such existences close.

"How about thinking from the opposite direction, Lyn-chan? We do know a player who's not bothered by cold."

"Ehh?! Who's that?! Don't beat around the bush and say it Al!"

"——It's Letia-san. Aside from the minimal expanses on armour and consumables, that person throws all her money on food."

Letia's same as usual, ain't she. I thought, but what Al said was interesting.

"In other words, among the food Letia eats there's an item that gives her resistance to cold, is what you're saying?"

"I think so."

According to Al's hypothesis, there's something that has an effect of increasing cold resistance among the food Letia eats.

Food can have effect of temporarily increasing player's stats, so that wouldn't be too strange.

"Speaking of which, recently when I saw Letia-san go to a cold area, I saw her chew on something that looked like a tree root."

"And I remember her munching on some leaves when she was going to a hot area."

"Let's investigate then."

If those food items were to increase heat and cold resistance, there was a high possibility of making them into some kind of potion.

"I saw them before, I remember where you can get those materials!"

"Umm, if I'm not wrong, the place we know is the forest to the side of the road leading up to the Second Town, right before it. You can get vegetables and wild fruits in there so Letia-san often goes there to pick some."

"Let's go there right away!"

"Waaait. It's not the time to immediately go and look for it."

"That's right Lyn-chan. There's also Yun-san's convenience."

Together with Al we stopped Lyna from going out of control.

Lyna was a little dissatisfied, but sat down on the chair again.

"Is that somewhere near the 【Horia Cave】?"

Asking the two for more details I tried to learn approximately where was it.

"No. It's the other branching in front of it. A little further ahead of where Fairy Panthers and Furball Demons appear."

I did walk around that area looking for materials, but I didn't remember seeing anything that resembled what they described.

I haven't searched that area since then, so there was a possibility I overlooked it.

"In that case, how about we meet at four o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow? If we log in after school we will have time until dinner."

"Understood. Then..."

Lyna consented on the meeting time, Al also nodded.

Then, Lyna looked outside the window at the scenery filled with chilly wind.

"It's cold so can I stay here until the tomorrow's meet-up?"

"Of course not. Hurry up home."

After I answered bluntly, Lyna and Al logged out on spot.

The next time they log in will most likely be in front of the portal of the town they registered as their base.

Next day. When I came home from school Miu was already home and logged into OSO.

Apparently for the last few days she has been clearing quests at furious speed. On breakfasts and dinner she reported in detail what quests she had done.

Takumi too, had spoke of similar things during the breaks in the school.

And when I told the two that I continue to do the errand-type quests that had poor efficiency, they advised me to do the subjugation and material collection quests.

Well, listening to them was slightly annoying, but I also heard some useful information.

"Now, let's log in."

After changing clothes I checked the remaining time until the meeting tune we decided on, and logged in.

Then along with some light-headedness I landed in the workshop section of the 【Atelier】. Inside of the stone workshop was cold, really cold.

In order to escape this place which was colder than the outside because the windows were closed, I quickly moved to the store section.

In the store section Lyna and Al were already waiting while drinking the tea Kyouko-san the NPC brewed them.

"So you're already here, that's early."

After seeing me come Lyna drank the tea at once and stood up.

"Now, let's form a party and go!"

"Oh Lyn-chan, calm down a little."

Al rebuked her with his usual tone and turned towards me.

"We finished our preparations, how about Yun-san?"

"There's one place I want to go to before we go, is that all right?"

When I asked the two, they nodded mystified.

It seemed like they thought we'd go straight towards our goal, so they were disappointed.

"It would be a waste to only go look for materials, right? Let's get some quests before going."

"Ah, you're right! That sounds good!"

Lyna, who had completely forgot about the event agreed with a loud voice.

"Well then, let's go. Oh right, before that. Ryui, Zakuro——《Summon》."

I called out the tamed mobs Ryui and Zakuro before we left the 【Atelier】.

The first place we headed to was the Eastern quest board.

There we have seen several parties look up the quest board to select quests. I took some quests whose paper had colour indicating they were already completed.

——You received the quest 【Fur Delivery】.

Completion criteria: Deliver 60 fur-type items to NPC Tom the Clothier.

Reward: 5000G, 1 Quest Chip for each member of the party.

"All right, this one's first."

"First, you say. Are we going to take more quests? Going to other quest boards is a pain in the ass."

"Well, I'll explain as we move."

Appeasing Lyna who complained I entered a back road and spoke to a bearded old man NPC.

"At this time of the year as winter comes, the Furball Demons turn into Snowfur Demons. It's said that their decorations made with their hair bring good health. Can you collect some Snowfur Demon's fur for me?"

——You received the quest 【Gather Decoration Materials】.

Completion criteria: Gather 15 of the quest item 【Snow White Demon Fur】.

Reward: 5000G, 3 Quest Chips.

"If we beat the Furball Demons we'll get both fur-type materials and the quest items so we will be able to do two quests at once. Well, we can go now."

""Wait, waait, wait a second!""

"Mm? What is it?"

I turned around to Lyna and Al who tried to stop me in a hurry, but I didn't stop moving towards the portal's transition object.

"What was that?! Ehh?! Are the hidden quests not listed on the quest board that easy to find?"

"We received a quest directly from the NPC, right? So, Yun-san knew about that hidden quest?!"

Is that really this surprising? I thought seeing the confused two and waited for them to settle down.

Once they calmed down after taking some deep breaths I started explaining.

"Yun-san, why do you know that hidden quest?"

I've been going around speaking with NPCs and to my surprise, I experienced that they're likely to drop some hints on hidden quests, I thought and smiled wryly in my mind.

"Somehow it seems like there's a big difference in information on the event we have and the information Yun-san has, so we would like an explanation."

"Got it. But much of what I'll say will be second hand knowledge, okay?"

"Skip the prelude, just tell us!"

"That's right! Stop putting on airs."

"Geez, calm down a little, haa, ehem——so then."

As the two hurried me up, I rebuked them and after a cough I started telling them what I know.

"There are two types of quests on the quest board. Single quests and chain quests."

"Taking that literally, single quests would be normal quests, and chain quests would be those that start a chain of quests, right?"

"That's right. The number of chain quests is undetermined and their difficulty differs."

"Then how do you discern those?"

The method to discern them was very simple.

"By colour of the paper on the quest board."

"Paper's colour differentiates the completed and not yet completed quests, right?"

"Yup. White aren't completed yet, red were already completed. They turn red if all quests associated with the chain quest are completed, but if only some of them were completed, they're shown as yellow pieces of paper."

"Then the quest Yun-san received directly from the NPC wasn't a hidden quest, but a chain quest that wasn't fully completed yet?"

I shook my head in response to Al's question.

"That one's a hidden quest. You receive it the same way as you do normal quests, by talking with the NPCs. It's easy to miss if you rely on the quest board."

"Hmmm. So you searched thoroughly by talking with every NPC."

"No, I got information from the old womens' NPC network."

When I explained to the two about the old women's network, the two looked at me coldly as if to say "what is this person doing?", so I cleared my throat to change the atmosphere.

"Ehem. If you talk to certain NPCs and follow up on their responses you can find the quest NPCs. They aren't really hidden. Anyway, it's a bit of a hassle to walk around and talk to NPCs, there are some quests like this one that have good rewards."

"Good rewards? The reward this time isn't that good..."

Well, the quests 【Fur Delivery】 and 【Gather Decoration Materials】 didn't seem to different, but the details of the rewards differed.

"There's a big difference in the rewards part, right? One quest chip each for each player in the party and three chips to share between the party members, is that big difference."

"Ah, you're right!"

The one who noticed it earlier was Al. As expected, he thinks quickly.

"There's a huge difference when it comes to reward per player depending on whether you do it alone or in a party!"

"What does that mean?"

Lyna asked displeased after hearing Al's answer, so he explained in more detail.

"The first quest we received, 【Fur Delivery】 give one quest chip per person whether it's a six member party or a three member party like ours."

"You're right. But if we gather the materials for the 【Gather Decoration Materials】 quest, we'll get 3 quest chips for three people. One each. Aren't both rewards the same?"

"That's the case if it's three people! But 【Fur Delivery】 requires 60 pieces of fur whether it's full party or solo. 10 pieces each for party of six, 60 pieces for solo. The number of pieces you have together changes too drastically and yet you still get one quest chip. But 【Gather Decoration Materials】 quest is quite doable alone and gives you three quest chips."

"Eh, then 【Gather Decoration Materials】 can be done solo?! Let's disband the party now——"Calm down, Lyn-chan."—Woah, what's it?"

Seeing Lyna and Al's exchange I forced myself not to laugh.

"Ah, but but, the total is..."

"Lyn-chan, would you choose to clear the quest easily or to get more quest chips?"

"Uuh, uuuhhh, uggrahhhh! I don't care, let's go as we are!"

The moment Lyna gave up on thinking, I reached the point where I was no longer able to bear the laughter.

"Kuku-ahahaha, no need to think so deeply on it."

"Really, if not for Yun-san bringing up such mean subject, I wouldn't have to think about it!"

"Don't get so angry. This is one of the criteria for choosing a quest reward."

Some quests differ in degree of difficulty depending on the way you challenge them.

The easiest to understand example are raid quests.

The reward for this large quest shared between six parties of six people totalling thirty-six members is astounding number of 400 Quest Chips.

If completed with a full raid of thirty-six members the reward for each person is Twelve quest Chips.

If completed with half the raid the amount of chips is doubled, but the difficulty degree goes up.

Thinking of the correlation between the difficulty degree and the number of participants for the quest, it's best for everyone to look for quests suitable for them.

I explained that to Lyna and Al.

"That's why there's a need to pay attention to such things. By the way, this time I looked into a quest that allowed us to collect the materials for heat and cold resistance at the same time."

The 【Fur Delivery】 and 【Gather Decoration Materials】 quests could be done while collecting the materials, in a location of that difficulty we would lose some time so I made it that we use that time to get high reward.

"Look, there are the Furball Demons and Snowfur Demons, go fight them."

"Go fight them you say, what about Yun-san?"

"I'll cover you with arrows and enchants if it get's dangerous, but I'll focus on collecting materials."

Although it seemed like they'll complain about rough handling, I ignored that and headed to a place where a herb-based item caught my eye and also started collecting ore from a mining point.

"There's lots of them but they're weaklings! Let's go, Al!"

"Yup! Let's show Yun-san how much we grew!"

After saying so, Lyna and Al attacked a group of furball and snowfur demons.

I paid attention to the two as I gathered materials.

A while later Lyna had used a shield-type hate gathering Sense which resulted with too large number of mobs for the two to beat, so I stealthily regulated their numbers with arrows.

We were still a slight distance away from the materials Lyna and Al spoke of, but before arriving there we might finish gathering the two quests and also get some other delivery quests' items.

"*huff* *huff*, we gathered too many enemies at once. That was hard."

"I ran out of MP mid-fight and thought it's over."

"Well then, rest a for a moment."

Completely exhausted, Lyna and Al rested in the nearby safety area.

In the middle of combat it started getting dangerous for the two so I supported them with potions and enchants. It seems like they were fed up with the large amount of weak mobs.

"The loot we got just now is 53 pieces of fur and 8 pieces of 【Snow White Demon Fur】 in total. I'll go get the rest."

With that said, I passed the two some snacks and warm tea before going out to search the surrounding area by myself.

If I beat seven of Furball Demons and Snowfur Demons each we would complete the two quests' criteria so I walked through the area quite eagerly.

But our first goal, the materials that had heat and cold resistance were yet to be found.

"Why can't I find the materials I look for, instead I get lots of enemies of low importance?"

I muttered as I stared with 【Sky Eyes】 at a mob visible between trees.

I saw a single Snowfur Demon on the other side of the forest.

They were another version of Furball Demons that received minor changes and were a little stronger. I nocked an arrow and shot it.

The arrow passed through the trees and pierced the small body covered with white hair.

Blown away by the momentum of the arrow the Snowfur Demon bounced three times on the ground like a ball, rolled, and turned into particles of light.

After that I beat the Snowfur Demons with one shot each, making it five in total.

"Why am I finding this many Snowfur Demons?"

At this rate we would finish the two quests first, I thought while looking around. That's when Ryui whom I brought together with me pulled the hem of my clothes, and Zakuro had led me to some place.

"What is it? Is there something over there?"

Ahead of where Ryui and Zakuro led me to, there was open space in the centre of which there was a large mob mimicking a rock.

"A turtle-type mob, huh. And it seems like there's a reaction of a collection point beneath it."

The turtle mob, 【Mimicry Turtle】 affixed itself to the ground as if to protect the collection point.

I tried changing around several Senses to check on it, and it turned out that it had a high level of 【Recognition Inhibition】 effect allowing it to erase its presence and blend with the surroundings.

That's was why I was previously unable to find the Mimicry Turtle with a lower level of 【See-Through】.

"So, can I do it now?"

I sorted out my Senses once again, and started preparations to beat it from a distance.

Possessed SP47

【Bow Lv49】 【Longbow Lv28】【Sky Eyes Lv13】 【Swiftness Lv18】 【See-Through Lv22】 【Sorcery Lv16】 【Enchant Arts Lv39】 【Earth Element Talent Lv29】 【Taming Lv19】【Cook Lv15】


【Dosing Master Lv3】 【Alchemy Lv44】 【Synthesis Lv44】 【Crafter's Knowledge Lv3】【Engraving Lv25】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv3】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv1】

"Now, let's go. 《Enchant》——Attack, defence, speed!"

I applied triple enchant on myself to start with.

"Since I don't know what element this guy's weak to, this time I'll go without 《Element Enchant》. ——《Ingredient Knowledge》!"

The enemy's weakness marker blinked, I invoked the 【Cooking】 skill that increased the amount of damage dealt ot that point.

"Next, let's weaken the enemy with 《Cursed》——defence!"

I lowered the Mimicry Turtle's defence using cursed, making it easier for my attacks to go through.

With that, the preparations were complete.

"All right. ——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》!"

The arrow released from the string flew straight at the Mimicry Turtle.

I aimed for the gap between the rock-like shell and the neck, which was the location indicated by 《Ingredient Knowledge》.

Even the Killer Mantis was unable to block this attack with its defensive posture——but the Mimicry Turtle endured it.

"...Seriously? It's supposed to be my strongest attack."

I muttered and scratched my head wondering on how to get the turtle out of the way.

Although I said strongest attack, it was my strongest normal attack.

If I used attack items such as 【Magic Gems】 I could add a chain bonus damage by increasing the amount, but since I used a lot of them on the other day when I was running through mobs with Lyly, I didn't have much on me.

"But it looks like it properly received damage."

The Mimicry Turtle wasn't intact and had received little damage. When it received damage it shivered slightly before stopping its movements again after a while, stuck in the same place again.

"Heck, while I watched that his HP recovered."

I went to great lengths to deliver a powerful blow to it, but the automatic HP recovery had already restored the damage.

"Haa, can't be helped. Let's go back to Lyna and Al, consult this with them first."

If I show them this place they might remember and provide me some information.

When thinking so I returned to the safety area, I saw the two have finished their break and were doing some light fur farming nearby.

"Ah, Yun-san. Welcome back."

"Welcome back, we gathered 3 pieces of 【Snow White Demon Fur】."

"I acquired some as well so if we put it together we should have enough to complete the two quests."

As I said so, Lyna happily made a guts pose and Al exhaled with relief.

"Just earlier, when I was searching nearby I found something. I want you to take a look at it."

""Something you want us to take a look at?""

The two tilted their heads in puzzlement in the same manner, making me put on a faint smile before I guided them to the location I was in previously.

The Mimicry Turtle was unchanged from when I saw it earlier and continued to mimic a rock.

"There's a collection point beneath that rock. That's why I think it's suspicious. Did you hear anything like that from Letia?"

I'd be grateful if they knew something about how to defeat or chase away the Mimicry Turtle.

Thinking so, I directed my gaze towards Lyna and Al who were pondering with their arms folded.

"What the heck is this? Just a rock?"

Lyna said and not having any Sense like 【See-Through】 she carelessly approached the rock, the moment she tried to touch the Mimicry Turtle——

"Woah?! Something came out!"

A head had extended from inside the rock and with a slow movement it tried to bite Lyna's hand but because of how slow it was, she could easily avoid it.

"This thing is super tough. I'm wondering on how could we get rid of it."

"Tell me that earlier!"

"It's no good, I don't remember anything about it."

"So, what do we do?"

How do I get to the collection point beneath the Mimicry Turtle... while I wondered, Lyna raised her short spear and moved around to the mob's side.

"Obviously, we just need to attack and beat it!"

While Al and I hesitated whether to stop her, Lyna attacked the Mimicry Turtle.

"Take thaaaattt! Dieee, c'monn!"

Swinging her short spear she continued to hit the rock-like shell.

Al shrugged and created a bullet of flame with fire element magic he used to attack the turtle.

I guess we can join her until she's bored, I thought and repeating preparations from before I shot the 《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》 Art.

Receiving attacks from all three of us, the Mimicry Turtle retracted its limbs completely to take defensive posture.

Lyna and Al's attacks didn't do any damage at all, but some of my attacks slightly decreased the turtle's HP. However, while I drank an MP Potion to recover MP, it recovered automatically.

"Haa, haa... why do we deal no damage despite us attacking it all the time?"

"Lyn-chan, it just means that he has real high defence. Phew, I'm tired."

First one to feel vanity after attacking the enemy who doesn't receive damage was Al, who stopped from exhaustion, and then Lyna who tired herself out to the point where she could no longer swing her spear.

As for me——

"Ah, this might be unexpectedly good for leveling 【Bow】 Sense."

I muttered as I continued to shoot arrows without end.

By attacking the enemy with much higher defence than my attacks could go through, I gradually accumulated combat-type Sense experience value. It seemed like there was more experience than from beating large numbers of weak mobs, but less than from beating strong boss mobs.

After I shot a few dozens of Arts my 【Bow】 Sense went up by 1 and reached the big breakpoint of 50. And, I saw a new 【Magic Bow】 Sense derivation field added which I took without any hesitation.

Possessed SP47

【Magic Bow Lv1】 【Longbow Lv30】【Sky Eyes Lv13】 【Swiftness Lv18】 【See-Through Lv23】 【Sorcery Lv17】 【Enchant Arts Lv40】 【Earth Element Talent Lv29】 【Taming Lv19】【Cook Lv15】


【Bow Lv50】【Dosing Master Lv3】 【Alchemy Lv44】 【Synthesis Lv44】 【Crafter's Knowledge Lv3】【Engraving Lv25】 【Swimming Lv15】 【Linguistics Lv24】 【Climbing Lv21】 【Bodily Resistance Lv3】 【Spiritual Resistance Lv1】

After I unequipped the 【Bow】 Sense and replaced it with the newly acquired 【Magic Bow】 my attacks were——

"...The attack power decreased, eh. Well, it can't be helped since it's on level 1."

Maybe I'll be able to beat the Mimicry Turtle with the new Sense, I thought, but that thinking was naive.

"Hey, Yun-san. Isn't it about time we give up?'

"Can this thing really be beaten? Isn't there a possibility that the place Letia-san found is elsewhere?"

Lyna and Al already gave up and had no motivation to continue.

I was also near giving up, but if we don't find what we're looking for we will be out of time for today. Thinking so I tried to challenge it one last time.

"Sorry. This will be the last try."

I said and took out a shovel from the inventory, moved closer to the Mimicry Turtle. I scooped some earth aside from between the Mimicry Turtle's shell and the ground, then put my hand inside.

"Are you trying to lift it up? No way that'll work."

"I'm not as dumb as to do that. For now, there's nothing to lose trying——《Clay Shield》"

A wall of earth grew from below the mob.

I made it appear as to hook up edge of the turtle's carapace.

It would be great if this we could topple over the Mimicry Turtle, while I thought that the earthen caught on the edge of turtle's shell as it grew. Once the wall was finished, one side of the turtle was raised and it stood tilted on the side. It was impossible to topple over the turtle, but we revealed the collection point below it.

That's when I received a painful gazes from Lyna and Al, which said "if you had a method like this, you should have used it right from the start".

"N-now, you two hurry and collect the items below."

"Eh?!! No way! We have no idea when will it fall down. C'mon Al, go do it!"

"I'm not doing it! Look! The turtle is wobbling, it's too dangerous!"

The Mimicry Turtle must have noticed it had its shell raised up on one side as it extended its head, and short limbs and flapped with them slowly.

It's really cute how it slowly moves its limbs, I thought, but seeing as the earthen wall started to crack I had no time to dwell on that.

"Geh, it's falling over! It's dangerous so I'm outta here!"

"Ah?!! Lyn-chan don't leave me!"

"Hey, don't leave me while I'm lifting it up with magic!"

The cracks on the earthen wall gradually grew and it had become unable to support the turtle any longer.

And when I thought it's over and turned around on my heels to follow after Lyna and Al——

Along with a heavy sound like that of a falling rock, strong pressure had pressed against my back and pushed me forward making me fall headlong on the ground.

"Yun-san, are you all right?"

"I was only covered with earth, so I'm fine."

Lyna and Al who hid in the shade of nearby trees peeked my way fearfully, so I waved my hand above the pile of soil.


On the other other hand, the Mimicry Turtle who returned to its original posture after impact had raised a cry and started to slowly move away revealing the collection point.

I stood up and shook off the dirt from my body and stared at the collection point that was hidden beneath the turtle.

"Whitish sterns and leaves, and yellow roots?"

I pulled out the plant that had near-white sterns and leaves. The roots covered with soil had a yellowish colour.

"Ah, it looks like the ingredients Letia-san was eating, so that was it."

"Al, this one too."

I expected the cold and heat resistance materials to be separate items, but to my surprise it was the same plant.

It seems like it was called Hakuga.

The Mimicry Turtle who hit us with the strong impact turned around and started to slowly dig out the Hakuga from the ground and eat it.

"This is bad! Lyna, Al, let's gather as many samples as possible!"


We were able to gather about a third of the ingredients in the collection spot before Mimicry Turtle finished eating

When the turtle finished digging out about half of the plants, it returned to the previous posture to protect the collection point.

"We found a real weird mob, but we accomplished our goal."

"I didn't intend to force myself this much, I'm tired now. But if it's possible to make cheap cold-resistance items with this, it'll be easier to play in cold areas."

"Lyn-chan, we still haven't confirmed it can be made."

Al tried to bring Lyna back to reality, but there wasn't much feeling in his voice. Lyna had no energy to refute to Al either.

"Well then, let's try it out right away. Ryui, could you?"

When I called Ryui who - before I realized - took Zakuro and hid themselves with illusion, he cancelled the illusion and snuggled up to me.

I asked Ryui to bring out some water and washed away the dirt and soil from myself and the Hakuga. Then I took out the kitchen knife I had at my belt, cut off a piece and ate it.

"Ohh, I see."

"Yun-san is quite a challenger to try eating it right away."

"Want to eat some, Al?"

"No, I'll pass. So, did you find out something?"

Al refused to take one of the leaves I extended to him, and asked a question instead.

"Certainly, leaves have a heat resistance effect and the roots have cold resistance effect, but they have a short duration of five minutes."

It would be hard to use unless I increased the duration from three to six times longer.

If it was to be used as is, it would have been chewed in mouth all the time like a gum, but the taste is a problem.

"The root is spicy. Leaves make you feel cool and cold."

Although leaves exerted a heat resistance effect the moment I put it in my mouth, at the same time I felt like it affected my invisible stats as I felt a little chilly, started trembling, forcing me to rub my arms lightly.

"But well, I understand how it's used now."

"All right, we've done what we came for, let's go back now!"

"We will leave all the Hakuga material with Yun-san, but when will there be some result?"

"Well, I'll try to make something out of it tomorrow."

In order not to let anyone notice that I feel cold I hugged Zakuro and returned together with the twins to the Second Town.

After reporting to the Quest NPC and distributing other collected materials I split up with Lyna and Al, returning to the 【Atelier】.

By putting the materials in my mouth and experiencing what happens, I had an idea on how to craft the items with it.

After returning to the 【Atelier】 I immediately prepared the materials necessary for making cold and heat resistance items and went offline since it was late.

And on the next day in the 【Atelier】——

"Yun-san, please show us the potions you made with the materials from yesterday! Relieve me of this cold!"

"Lyn-chan, can't you buy some weak winter equipment with the reward for yesterday's quest?"

Al stared intently at Lyna.

I poured the two kinds of liquids into cups, I spent a day and a night to make them using Hakuga as material.

"Here, the reddish-brown has cold resistance effect, the cyan one has heat resistance effect."

"This, right! Let's drink the cold resistance potion right away!"

Despite the energetic declaration, Lyna drank the steaming reddish-brown liquid little by little. Meanwhile Al tried drinking some of the cyan drink.

"Phew, so this is the cold resistance potion! Somehow it warms me up starting from my stomach! In my status it also says the 【Cold Resistance Effect】 lasts for 25 minutes."

"I drank the heat resistance potion, but I started feeling cold instead. Since I feel too cold now, I'd like a cold resistance potion now."

Seeing the two drink the liquids I gave them I suppressed my laughter.

And once the two started looking puzzled over the fact I was smiling, I told them that this wasn't a potion.

"You see, actually. This liquid isn't classified as a potion made with the 【Dosing】 Sense."

"Eh? But it has an extended effect."

"Well, I'll demonstrate how does it work."

I said and took out processed Hakuga and two teapots.

I split Hakuga into roots and leaves.

First, I put a spoonful of ground roots into a teapot, added some of 【Fairy Village's Honey Crown】 and poured hot water to cook it together.

As for the other teapot, I put in dried leaves minced with scissors, poured in boiling water and put in a few slices of lemons.

Then poured the two liquids I made into the twins' cups.

"As you can see, they're items made with 【Cooking】 Sense. To be precise rather than potion, it's more of a drink, I guess?"

The easy to handle and make ginger tea-like drink 【Hot Drink】 that granted cold resistance, and the peppermint-like herbal tea 【Cold Drink】 that granted heat resistance were completed.

Also, Hakuga roots could be used instead of ginger and the leaves could be used instead of mint, so I expect that if they're commercialized, plenty of cuisine granting cold and heat resistance will appear.

"But it has to be commercialized, right? Is it possible?"

"Actually you can get Hakuga seeds by using 【Alchemy】 Sense, so I'm trying to grow them in a planter."

Other than that, Hakuga could be grown by planting the roots directly in the ground, which made it a really mysterious plant.

A plant that was a combination of ginger and mint. Moreover, it was tastier than what NPCs were selling. This is truly fantasy.

In fact, I gathered the information about those plants and wrote them down on paper.

"Well, based on all this I want to consult you two on something——"

I consulted with the two on a certain thing.