Volume 9 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Information Trade and the Stable

I consulted something with Lyna and Al. What we spoke about was——selling information on Hakuga plant.

Not only the useful items themselves, but also information about them might be purchased by crafters.

For example, information about my 【Enchant Arts】 Sense's skills 【Item Enchant】 and 【Skill Enchant】 as well as about items made by them, were evaluated by Magi-san and others to be worth 3m.

On the other hand, the 【Synthesis】 and 【Alchemy】 recipe for 【Metal Thread】 Emily-san and I devised is kept secret by us thanks to which we can make higher profits, but if we decided to sell it there definitely would be people who would like to purchase.

And so, I consulted with the two on whether we could sell information on the Hakuga ingredient. As a result——

"We aren't the first ones to discover it. We've seen what Letia-san was eating, that's all."

"I guess. That's why in case we sell it, we'll include her in the share."

Hearing that, I blinked for a moment, before long my expression softened.

"Yeah, you're right. Then it'll be split between two of you and Letia then."

"Why aren't you included in that, Yun-san? Aren't you the one who used the 【Cooking】 Sense to make recipe and found how to cultivate it?"

"That's right, it wasn't discovered by just us."

What Lyna and Al said was natural, but I would never agree on that.

"I'm don't really have any big problems with money that would make me want to take my share, so you two should have it. Also, even though I have information about Hakuga ingredient, I don't intend on continuing to sell 【Hot Drinks】 because of their poor effectiveness."

I told the two that right from the start I intended to leave the continuous availability of modestly-effective, inexpensive cold-resistance items to other players.

If crafters trade 【Hot Drink】 recipe amongst each other the items themselves would naturally become affordable and the demand saturated.

"Also, being able to acquire seeds for this plant is a big thing to me as well. More importantly, confirm this with Letia through in-game call."

While I looked sideways at Lyna and Al as they contacted Letia-san for confirmation, I wondered what should I make with this ginger-ish luxurious ingredient.

Grilled pork with ginger, or maybe young chicken with ginger, dumplings, it would be also good to make a boiled fish with it.

Meanwhile, as I concentrated my thoughts on cooking fantasies, Lyna and Al have finished contacting Letia-san.

"Letia-san said that she leaves it all to us. Also, she said she'll be in the guild home today so you should visit. ——Still, do you need any help with that information selling, Yun-san?"

"Personally, we're worried we will sell it to cheaply without Letia-san with us."

"It's all right. I know a strange, but trusty guy. I also have something to do there so I'll go with you."

I said and taking the two, I left the 【Atelier】 and headed to the store of the person who would buy information.

And we have arrived at the——

"This place! It's the fancy café 【Commonest Café & Clothier】!"

"The Western confectionery that has prices far beyond our reach! Since Letia-san prefers quantity over quality we haven't been able to visit it, the store we longed for!"

The two looked at the store with sparkles in their eyes.

They seemed quite pitiful to me, so when we entered the store I made a proposal.

"I'll treat you to a tea set. Also, we'll get some souvenirs for Letia."

"Really?! Th

en I'll have Pudding A La Mode with milk tea!"

"Umm, I would like a chocolate cake and matcha latte!"

"Woah, so fast!"

When I said I'll treat them, they immediately secured counter seats and ordered from the menu.

I asked the waiter who received orders, Latem-san to pass a message to Cloude.

I also made an order for a cup of tea and watching the twins ate their tea sets with appetite I waited for Cloude.

"I was wondering when will you come to pick up your winter clothes, and finally you're here."

"Well, as expected the cold started getting to me. Also here, the cake I made."

I passed a box with shortcakes that I had in my inventory to Cloude, and in exchange, I received the winter version of the Ochre Creator I have previously changed into in the store's dressing room and had the 【Equipment Consolidation】 removed from, then switched equipment.

The winter clothing treated with cold resistance processing had retained more heat than previously and the inside felt pleasant in touch.

While I was returning from the dressing room to my seat, I looked at Lyna and Al who haven't noticed me changed in the winter clothes.

"Ah! A cat! Come here kitty〜."

"Lyn-chan, let me pat it as well!"

When Lyna called the adult Lucky Cat, Socks, he quickly jumped on top of her knees. Lyna stroked Socks lightly under the chin with her fingertips, Al too, was very familiar with Letia's tamed mobs so he gently pat the cat's back.

Seeing Socks purr loudly, Cloude walked up to me and muttered.

"Hmm? You brought me models for dressing up? My mood is uplifted."

'Don't get uplifted, pervert! Keep your hands off them!"

Cloude squinted and looked at the two with a hand on his chin, and did not ever try to state it was just a joke. His eyes were serious.

Then noticing my voice, the twins looked my way but didn't join the conversation.

"If you're not acting as model introduction intermediary, then is there something else you came with?"

"I want you to buy a new ingredient information and recipe which provide cold and heat resistances, also the ingredient cultivation method."

"Hmm. Is that a request to me as 【Commonest Café & Clothier】's owner? Or the sub-master of the 【Crafting Guild】?"

"Uh, the stuff I'd like to consult with you about includes that."

Listening to my poorly constructed request, Cloude seemed to want to know in more detail and invited me to a seat further away from Lyna and Al.

"Well, drink the two sample drinks first."

"Cheers then——hm, it's ginger tea. And the other one is mint tea. Two types of ingredients huh. Both of them give resistance effects."

Cloude seemed to misunderstand the nature of it a little, he would probably be surprised to learn these two were originally food-based items. Thinking so, I smiled.

"So, would you buy this information?"

"Certainly, there's a growing demand for cold resistance effect due to the recent update. And the only ones who can afford armour with cold resistance treatment are wealthier players. Which means this would be in very high demand among players who don't spend much time in the game."

He had immediately analysed the demand for the items, but he also seemed to be thinking about something else.

"Personally, I would like to add the two drinks to the 【Commonest Café & Clothier】's menu as they are. In addition to that, if there's an ingredient similar to mint, I could offer chocolate mint and mint hard candies as well."

However——here Cloude interrupted for a moment.

"But that's for me personally, as for the 【Crafting Guild】 I can't decide this by myself. Above all, there's few crafters who have the Cooking Sense among the members so the material wouldn't spread widely, currently there's no foundation to use there."

"Just as I thought, ehh."

Haa, I sighed and looked away from Cloude, turning towards Lyna and Al playing with Socks, the Lucky Cat.

Realizing what my gaze meant, Cloude nodded.

"I see, the information this time came from those two? Or rather, "those twins" would be more precise? They were the ones because of whom you furiously rushed into the forest full of PKs, huh?"

It was the first time he's seen them. But he knew about that, I muttered in my mind.

The rush into the forest full of PKs happened when the PK guilds starting with 【Flame Prison Corps】 have gone on a rampage, back then Emily-san, Letia and I headed over to that forest.

Seeing a bitter look on my face, Cloude made a nasty grin.

"I see. So you're trying to sell information as high as possible for the junior players you're watching over."

"...What, can't I?"

"No, of course you can. What I personally can offer for this information is 500kG."

He said and made an apologetic expression as I scratched the back of my head.

"Sorry. Also, as for the entirety of 【Crafting Guild】 it would be difficult to act immediately."

Cloude sipped some tea in order to moisten his throat, and added.

"Well, if it can be continuously provided I might sweeten the deal a little to accommodate. Also, if you ask other players you might get a better price than I can offer you."

"It would be great if you could accommodate, but I think it might be difficult to cultivate it enough for a stable supply. Well, as for price's negotiation I'll ask Lyna and Al for now——"

"Fueh? What is it, Yun-san?"

"...Urk, do you need us join the conversation?"

The twins who stuffed their cheeks with cake had swallowed what they had in their mouths and spoke.

"Looks like you can sell that item's info for 500kG, how about it? Want to sell it?"

"500kG?! That's the...! That price is 100 times more than we get for the quests we receive! It's decided, we're selling! I should buy cold resistance equipment first, definitely!"

"L-Lyn-chan calm down! We're sharing it between three so it's 160kG each! B-but we haven't ever earned this much so fast, right. Um, we have no problems with it!"

Hearing the result of my negotiations with Cloude the two started dancing in joy, but because of that the two had revealed just how broke they are, making us look at them with pity.

"Hey, Yun. Those two are..."

"Cloude, can you prepare some sweets for takeaway for the two? I'll pay."

"It'll be my treat in that case. I can't pay them more than 500kG directly, but I can treat them as thanks for bringing in information."

"We've got a deal then."

After I shook Cloude's hand, he had paid Lyna and Al 500kG. Then I passed him the Hakuga material and all the documentation I had on it.

Seeing the strange plant, Cloude made a strange expression and immediately passed it to the 【Commonest Café & Clothier】's café part's crafters.

"Well then, pick what you would like for a takeaway."

"Yay. I'll take this and this!"

"I would like chocolate custard and cream puffs."

In the end, receiving cookies, cream puffs and candies such as éclairs from Cloude, Lyna made a blissful expression, but then she was startled as if she realized something.

"I just thought of something amazing! If we find and sell information on new items' use we can get easy money!"

"Lyn-chan, it's not something we can make our goal and pull off."

Cloude and I nodded to Al's retort, but Lyna ignored that and continued to rouse herself up.

"Ain't that fine? Find useful items and sell information! It's like becoming skilled treasure hunters! Fufun, sounds cool right?"

Placing a hand on her chin she imagined herself spectacularly finding new items. I bet she'll face reality soon enough, I thought and smiled bitterly but did not retort to her delusions.

"Oh Lyn-chan. We'll trouble everyone if we stay too long, let's go home! Well then, excuse us. Yun-san, we'll lead you to our 【Fresh Green Wind】's guild home."

Catching the nape of Lyna's neck, who had headed off to the land of delusions, Al left the store.

"I'll come again, Cloude."

"Yeah, by the time you come again we'll try to make some delicious sweets with these ingredients."

I bid Cloude a light farewell and headed after the twins.

Then once I quickly caught up with Lyna and Al who went outside to the main road, I lined next to Al and followed him.

"Come to think of it, it's the first time I'm going to Letia's and yours 【Fresh Green Wind】 guild home."

"True. Rather, isn't Yun-san like, second person to be invited inside from non-guild members?"

"By the way, the first one was Emily-san."

"Is that so. I wonder what kind of guild home it is."

I recalled the renovated and extended 【Eight Million Gods】 guild home, and had some expectations of the 【Fresh Green Wind】's home, but soon shook it off from my head.

There was a huge difference between number of members, their levels and nature, it made no sense to expect anything similar.

And, the place I was guided to by Lyna and Al, was a two story house with a stable expansion beside it.

I felt it gave off a cute impression, as I was guided inside the guild home by the two.

"Sorry to intrude."

Inside there was kitchenette, dining room and a large room used as a living room where a large wooden table was located. Then, up the stairs leading to the second floor were rooms on the sides.

"It's simple and gives off a sense of security."

"Yun-san, doesn't that imply there's nothing in here?"

"It's fine. We and our guild are just commoners. But one day I would like it if we acquired a big mansion in the game."

"Ah, no, that's not what I meant. I mean there's not much decorations which makes it refreshing! Anyway, I'd like to greet Letia, where is she?"

Since she wasn't in the large room that took majority of the first floor, it must mean she's on the second floor, I thought and looked up the stairs.

"Letia-san isn't on the second floor."

"Oh? Is that so."

"Yes. Letia-san has her own dedicated room."

"Heh, a private room eh. She's sure something, that Letia."

So Letia did think about the guild master's dignity after all, I thought a little impressed.

However, considering she wasn't on the first or the second floor of the guild home, was she maybe underground? I took a look around and outside a large window, for just a moment I saw something long and grey pass by.


I must be seeing things, I thought, and when I stared outside the window again I saw the grey thing pass again, it was knocking on the window glass from the outside.

When I rushed to the window and opened it in a hurry——I saw an elephant occupy a section of the stables.

"Oh, wow. So stables even have elephants these days... heck, NO WAY that's actually the case!"

"What are you yelling on about?"

"?!! Letia!"

"Yes, Yun-san, hello."

An elephant was sitting in the stable, or to be precise, it was Letia's tamed Ganesha young beast.

On top of brown straw spread all over the stables, inside of it there were summoned tamed beasts all over.

Herbivore, Mill Bird, Fairy Panther, Runner Bug, Fairy and the Ganesha's young beast.

Letia stood in the middle of all the tamed mobs, but——

"Why are you in a place like that?"

She was the 【Fresh Green Wind】's guild master, why would she stay alone in a stables beside the guild home? I wondered.

"Yun-san, the dedicated room I spoke of earlier was this place."

When Al sighed and said that I took a good look at Letia's dedicated room again. Enduring the wind and rain, there was a straw bed and sofa inside there, as well as lantern for lighting, making her stay comfortable.

Moreover, considering the cold days continued because of the 【Cold Damage】 implementation, the Will O 'Wisp had warmed Letia and others while making sure not to hurt them.

If I were to represent that sight in one word, it would be "shabby".

"Letia, it's my first time hearing of a guild master living in a stable."

I stared at Letia intently, but she responded as if it was natural.

"As expected, I can't stay in the guild home together with Mutsuki and others summoned. Just like this, I deepen my bonds with my comrades."

She said and brushed the Herbivore with her hand, that's when the fairy had sat on top of her head.

"Haa... then why not just use 《Dismissal》? Summoning seven tamed mobs is really reckless."

"Certainly, I barely manage it, but the continuous summon raises my 【Taming】 Sense level.

Hearing Letia say that with a straight face, I made a strange grimace but...

"I came to talk with you today, Letia. It's hard to talk like this so we'll head over there."

"Eh?! WE are going to the stable?!"

Seriously? I passed by Lyna who said that and leaving the guild home from the front door, I turned towards the stable.

And we entered it.

"I can call them out here, right. Ryui, Zakuro——《Summon》!"

Since I was visiting their guild home I dismissed Ryui and Zakuro upon exiting the 【Atelier】 but now I called them out in the stable. We sat down on the straw sofa.

The straw that was spread on it had contained a lot of air, producing a slight rebound. Along with the sound of rustling cloth I slightly sank into it.

Although it seemed like I could easily lose my balance on the straw sofa, but when Ryui lied down behind me as if to support my back it had become a surprisingly comfortable position.

"...This is unexpectedly nice. How do I say it, it provides a different type of comfort from a bed."

"Welcome, Yun-san, to the stable world."

"Get a hold of yourself, Yun-san! Common sense... don't throw away your common senseee!"

"Don't make us complete outsiders!"

While I leaned my back on Ryui, Zakuro sat on top of my knees.

I started feeling sleepy from the warmth the two provided, but Lyna and Al's voice pulled me back.

"Right. Let's get to the main topic. Letia, sorry for borrowing Lyna and Al for all of yesterday and today."

"No, since I went on a joint quest with other small and medium guilds, I was relieved that they are with you, Yun-san."

"Glad to hear that. Also——"

I winked to the twins, when I did the two have pulled out Hakuga plant and the two drinks made from it. Furthermore, they passed 180kG obtained from the information sale to Letia.

"This is the money for selling information about the ingredient you were using. That's your share."

Splitting the 500kG from the information sale into three equal parts, Lyna and Al passed Letia her share, but she was completely disinterested in money and didn't even spare it a glance. Instead she turned towards the Hot Drink and Cool Drink.

"Ohh, that wild flower I was chewing on."

After drinking the two drinks one after another, Letia exhaled.

"So it can turn delicious like this. As for money, deposit all of it to the guild funds."

That sloppy handling of money is just like her, I thought and smiled wryly.

Since the main topic of the conversation had ended just like that, we naturally moved onto normal chat.

"How was doing the event with other small guilds?"

"Hmm. We took on the quests that weren't unreasonably hard for us and joined up with similar guilds and players who are active at similar times. Well, we didn't finish that many quests over those few days, but we got about seven chips."

"As for me, I got 9 chips until yesterday."

"Possibly, the impromptu parties I made might have had poor efficiency."

Strength drained from the two of us sitting in the stable, we continued the conversation while not meeting our gazes.

Seeing us in such state, Lyna and Al prepared a simple table out of a wooden box and wood from the side of the table.

There was a table, but since it was lonely without anything on it I took out sandwiches and drinks from my inventory, we also took out candy we got from the 【Commonest Café & Clothier】.

"This custard is delicious. Yum yum."

"Here, Letia. Tea's refill."

"Thank you."

I stood up from the straw sofa and poured everyone tea, then fed small pieces of sandwiches to Ryui and Zakuro.

Since Letia had many tamed mobs, Lyna and Al helped her to carry food for them.

Mutsuki who manipulated with his long nose to grab sandwiches and cream puff and Runner Bug who used its front limbs dexterously, were eating food on their own.

Mill Bird and the Fairy were very small, so they pecked sandwich cut into tiny pieces. Herbivore ate food from Lyna's hand and the wisp didn't eat normal food, instead eating herb materials from Al's hand to increase the light intensity of his body.

I watched the little tea party that suddenly started while drinking my tea and——

"Yun-san, seconds please."

"That was fast! Geez..."

The two-thirds of the prepared food was already eaten by Letia and the small elephant Mutsuki.

It can't be helped, I muttered and took out the strawberry cake I had stored away in my inventory.

"If you're fine with a strawberry cake, then."

"By all means! A whole cake!"

As Mutsuki's and Letia's expression changed completely into ones full of sparkle, I took out a whole cake for each of them.

"Lyna, Al, want to eat some as well?"

"I-I'll pass. I'm full just by looking at this."

"I-I'm full as well."

Saying so, the two shook their hands, refraining.

After I passed a whole cake to Letia she stabbed a fork in the middle of it and started eating in large chunks.

Mutsuki used his nose dexterously to pick the soft cake little by little. Since his nose was full of fresh cream, he'll have probably have to have it wiped later, I thought.

And then I realized a spiral of green wind had appeared in front of me, and the Mischievous Fairy appeared from inside of it.

"Invited by sweetness, I abruptly appear! It is I, the Mischievous Fairy!"

She floated in front of me and made a pose, after which she sat down on top of my head.

"You... what did you even come here for?"

"What, you ask? Fairies are free beings! Also, since I shared the cake I got with the other fairies my share was small, so I want to eat more!"

She suddenly appeared and then started pulling on my hair requesting a cake.

Should I cave in to her request here? While I wondered that, the fairy riding on top of Letia's head, Yayoi, stared at me.

"...Cake for me too."

"See? My compatriot here also wants some! Now, hand over the cake!"

I looked questioningly towards Letia, who stuffed her cheeks with the large chunks of the cake from what she had pierced on the fork. She nodded.

"Haa, it can't be helped huh. A whole cake would too big, I'll give you some cut cake."

I heaved a sigh and took out a cake split into six equal parts, then on dishes I split up portions for the Mischievous Fairy and Yayoi.

"Yaay! Thanks for the food!"


They started eating the cake with their bare hands. I raised myself in order to brew some tea again since mine went cold, meanwhile I watched the two lick the whipped cream from their hands.

When I was holding the teapot with fresh warm tea, I heard several footsteps from the direction of the stables' entrance and turned around.

"...You guys, what are you doing here?"

Ahead of where I turned around to with a teapot in my hand, stood Emily-san, she had an appalled expression.

Stared at by Emily-san who had an amazed expression, I ended up laughing dryly.

"Why aren't you in the guild home and instead inside the stable beside it? Letia is one thing, but why is even Yun-kun actively tea-partying here? Shouldn't you be the one to stop this?"

"Uh, I thought the same as well at the start. But here we have Letia's tamed mobs and its wide enough for me to call out Ryui and Zakuro too, the straw sofa is surprisingly comfortable to sit in and... um, I'm sorry."

In the middle, I started making excuses and in the end, I lowered my head apologetically.

"Well, I understand what you want to say. If I didn't bring someone with me today, I wouldn't have said a word."

As she said that I rose my head to look at Emily-san, and saw another player stand in her shadow.

The player had a peculiar hood on her head which had two pointed triangles on it——a so-called nekomimi hood, judging from the physique it was a woman shorter than I am.

Emily-san turned around to the person she brought and spoke.

"I'm sorry. I'll have Letia go to the guild home now so that we can talk there."

"Nono, I don't mind it. I prefer this place... it would be a waste to get away from the fluffy paradise in front of me."

She seemed to mutter something by the end, but we couldn't hear it too well and were puzzled, but agreed for the time being.

The player sat down on the straw sofa as to face Letia and "yo" she raised one hand in a greeting.

"Hey Letia, been since yesterday. Your guild has surprisingly many human resources I see."

To respond to the nekomimi-hooded player who didn't mind the tea party, Letia swallowed the cake she was stuffing herself with, drank some tea and exhaled, all at her own pace.

"Ber. Both Yun-san and Emily-san aren't 【Fresh Green Wind】's guild members, they are outsiders who just help us out sometimes."

Listening to the two's conversation Emily-san sat down on the corner of the straw sofa, and chagrined slightly seeing how comfortable it is.

I prepared fresh tea and a cake for them.

Thank you, said the woman called Ber and received it with a light nod. Stared at by her sharply like I was a prey, my body stiffened momentarily.

Lyna, Al and I were confused not knowing the situation, so Emily-san interjected with timely help.

"She's Bergamot. A guild master of a small guild like 【Fresh Green Wind】 is."

"I'm the 【Fluffy Tail Association】's guild master, Bergamot. Feel free to call me Ber."

Based on the guild master's appearance and the guild's name I could imagine what kind of guild it is.

"I didn't think Yun-san would be here."

The nekomimi-hooded player called Ber stared at me with a fearless smile.

"You know Yun-san, Ber?"

"It's far beyond the level of "know"! We the 【Fluffy Tail Association】 are a guild whose hobby is to observe animal-type tamed mobs' fluffiness! Among people like us, she's really famous as a fluffy-taming player!"

Told so, I quickly moved Zakuro from on top of my knees to behind me.

What's with that agile skill? Puzzled Zakuro tried to move out from behind me, but I hid him away from Ber's line of sight.

"Why hide him〜. I won't cuddle those who don't want it. C'mon fluffies, let me cuddle you nicely."

Ber said so and extended her arms. While Ryui and Zakuro haven't gone out to her, Letia's Herbivore Haru and Mill Bird Natsu, who already knew her have approached.

She enjoyed cuddling them for a moment, then drank some of the tea I prepared, exhaled with satisfaction and continued the conversation.

"The reason Ber came to the guild home this time, is to discuss future cooperation between the small guilds, right?"

Emily-san spoke fluently informing us, although I still wondered why did an outsider such as her know these circumstances.

When I involuntarily ended up asking about it, this time Letia had answered the question.

"We had Emily-san's help during the last joint quest of the small guilds, so I asked her to act as a guide at this time."

"I participated in order to efficiently finish material collection quest events, so I also benefit here."

After saying so, Emily-san sipped the tea that was prepared for her.

"Then Ber-san and Emily-san met when Letia-san wasn't around in the guild, right?"

Hearing Lyna blurt out what she had on her mind, Ber smiled to affirm.

"Yuup〜. I came here today to discuss an even closer cooperation together."

Well, we're still at the conceptual stage though, Ber added – stimulating Al's interest.

"So, what kind of cooperation is it supposed to be?"

And to learn what was happening to their guild and how was it going to change, Al threw out a question.

Ber looked at Letia and Emily-san, receiving a nod from them.

Since Letia was a little bad with explanations and Emily-san was originally an outsider, Ber took on herself to explain.

"There's a lot of stuff to guilds, but the activities differ depending on the guild they belong to, right? Like guilds having lots of morning players, guilds with many players who work or are students. And there are also guilds that are centred around particular hobbies. All these guilds have disjointed and diverse login times, so the cooperation's concept is to settle on relatively similar login times and activities for small and medium guilds, thus forming an union."

"Our 【Fresh Green Wind】 also formed parties with Ber's and others' guilds, currently doing trial and error attempts."

Letia supplemented the information.

"Well, the stronger players form parties in cooperation with players who have a similar level of ability. Lower level players also are organized into parties from among the backup members of each guild, is how it's gonna be."

When Ber said that, Lyna and Al anxiously looked towards Letia.

"Does that mean that despite being in the same guild, we won't be able to party together?"

"You are in the same guild so of course we'll party together. But it would be a waste if we limited our narrow friendly relations with others, is what it means."

It was a high hurdle for Lyna who was bad with socializing, but this was necessary.

If they remained as a small guild forever, one day they'll meet their limit. Moreover, newcomer training is directly connected to developing those smaller guilds.

Letia was properly thinking for Lyna's and Al's sake.

Matching her words, Ber also spoke to the twins.

"So far we were speaking about hanging out together among the guild masters, but we're also slowly talking about matching less experienced players."

"I-I get it. But I'm kind of dissatisfied with you saying we have little experience and narrow friendly relations!"

"Lyn-chan. The only acquaintances we have is Letia-san, Yun-san and Emily-san, as well as the weapon and armour crafters."

"Ugh! C-certainly that is the case!"

"Let's agree, Lyn-chan. And do our best to broaden our circle of friends."

Told so by Al, Lyna reluctantly nodded.

And when the place's atmosphere relaxed, Ber spoke seriously again.

"Although I said 'slowly' earlier, personally I would like it to make it urgent."

"What do you mean by that?"

When Al asked the question, Ber looked towards me for a second before looking back at the twins again.

"What's important, is that you two know a skilled 【Bow】 Sense user."

Hearing these words, Letia, Emily-san and I roughly realized what was it about.

"So what of it?"

Lyna said straightforwardly, well that was indeed the case, I thought. The 【Bow】-type Senses——they was mostly referred to as poor Senses and treated with prejudice by other players.

The twins who held no prejudice towards the 【Bow】 Sense were very valuable to Ber.

"By the way, our guild's name is 【Fluffy Tail Association】, but I'm the only one in it that's overflowing with animal love."

Was there any need in explaining that? Maybe the person herself thought it is? I retorted in my mind withholding myself from speaking it out, and listened to the continuation.

"And in this guild of mine I have a member who has the 【Bow】 Sense, well, because of failing in a party before that member has very few acquaintances."

We listened to what Ber had to say as she entered the main problem.

"The people who can party up with her without holding any prejudice are very valuable. That's why if possible, I want them to have good relations together with my members. Oh, of course we'll train the 【Bow】 Sense user to have the required skill in order not to leech."

Exhausted by speaking all that at once, Ber moistened her throat with tea and exhaled. That's when Lyna had spoke.

"If that's the case then, leave it to me! I'll properly look after that person!"

"You're committing all too fast again, Lyn-chan. But I have no reason to say no, so let's make a trial party first."

Ber smiled seeing the two undertake the request without a hitch.

However, Emily-san and I who knew the twins had another reason to worry.

"It's fine that you're undertaking it, but can you properly play in a party?"

"Agreed. I'm mainly worried about Lyna holding them back."

"Why?! What is there bad about me?!"

'You should ask yourself that, with a hand on your chest."

Lyna reflexively objected, so I stared at her intently and responded. She reluctantly closed her eyes and her complexion had turned for worse as she recalled what she had done in the past.

"Yun-kun. It seems like she has awareness, doesn't this mean there's room for improvement?"

"You're right. Well, nothing bad should happen as long as Al's with them."

Lyna was a very active player, but just like her reflexive objection earlier, she is too impulsive. She should gain awareness and change that part of herself, at least a little bit.

That's where Letia muttered with her eyes half-closed.

"In fact, you'll be meeting others as members of the 【Fresh Green Wind】. It would be best if you didn't show them any scene of you randomly charging in, and leaving impression of being a weakling."

"Randomly charge in?! Weakling?!!"

Shocked by Letia's words, Lyna fell on top of the straw floor. Although no one especially worried about her, she stood up with an energetic movement after two, three seconds.

"We're going to do leveling! We need to train cautiously! As the 【Fresh Green Wind】's representatives we can't afford to lose! C'mon Al, we're going right away!"

"This is what we should avoid, Lyn-chan! We need to plan carefully!"

Al caught Lyna's clothes to stop her, as she stood up looking like desperation incarnate.

It can't be helped, I thought, sighed, and stood up.

"There's not enough time today, right? On another day I'll help you practice your movements for your party with that 【Bow】 Sense user."

"Really?! But our levels are way too different for us to make it a reference!"

"I just have to equip lower-level Senses, right? But this will be the only time I do it, got it?"

When worried about Lyna and Al I declared I'll help them out, Letia and Emily-san looked at me apologetically.

"Yun-san, is it really all right for you to party together with Lyna and Al day after day?"

"Actually I would like to look after them as well, but together with Letia we are included among members for the next small guilds' quest event."

"There's no problem. I also enjoy myself this way. This is also an opportunity for me to level some of my new low-level Senses I acquired."

Hearing my answer Letia and Emily-san exhaled with relief.

And then, Lyna has——

"Hey, Ber-san. I'm curious about something, do you actually have animal ears inside that hood?"

"H-hey Lyn-chan, you're being rude."

"Nyahaha, yup. But they aren't the real thing, it's a nekomimi band."

While we talked about Lyna and Al, the person herself merrily spoke with Ber.

Lyna was unable to hide her excitement as Ber slid down the hood and took off the nekomimi band she wore on her head.

Other than that, aside from normal equipment Ber also had cat paw gloves equipped as well as a tail accessory. She showcased all off her love for animals.

When I was leaving the 【Fresh Green Wind】's guild home, Ber told me about Senses of the 【Bow】 Sense user who was to party together with the twins.