Volume 3 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - 【Guild Emblem】 and Suicide-Attacking Slimes

"Now, it has come. The guild establishment-related quest! Let's get revved up! Yeahhh!!"

I looked at Myu who formed a fist and extended it to heavens, appalled. Sei-nee made a bitter smile.

"Come on, Yun-oneechan and Sei-oneechan should ride on the mood. A long adventure is going to start now."

"Even if you say that, I'm fine with it being a short adventure. Also, don't call me 'oneechan'. Geez..."

I let out a sigh and when turned my gaze towards Sei-nee, she has taken over as the advisor.

"That's right. Since starting from the very beginning is a pain, let's use a trick to cut straight to the last part, 【Subjugate Mastil Dane】 and finish it."

"Mmgrr, let's have more fun, it's been a while since we sisters were alone together."

"Even so, what I'm aiming for is the drop from the boss."

"And I need the 【Guild Emblem】."

With that said, Sei-nee and I exchanged glances, and said "that's why we can't".

"But, is there really a trick to the guild establishment quest?"

"Yeah. In fact, it is a quest which has three stages, but two of them can be skipped as long as the we meet certain conditions. That's why, let's go and undertake it immediately."

The place Sei-nee guided us to, was the main street of Third Town at the base of the mine. There, standing upright was a middle-aged man who looked like a knight. He was very distinctive as he had a kaiser moustache.

"Oooh?! You three, could you the defeat Ghost Knight that goes rampant in that mine?! I want you to release the soul of the Grand Master who is the greatest of the Ghost Knights, who are decaying in that mine; the knight is wandering, looking for his own successor."

—— 【You received the guild quest: Subjugate the Appointer Mastil Dane】

Is what my menu displayed, the preparations were finished.

"Now that we have received the quest successfully, let's go inside the mine dungeon. What we're aiming for, is the Mine's boss on the second layer."

"The Mine's second layer huh, I haven't been there before, is that okay?"

"It's fine. Enemies are all weak."

Myu said 'weak'. But I don't think 'weak' for her criteria would be 'weak' for me as well.

"Indeed. Speaking about the quest's procedure, if we first defeat the four different types of 【Wandering Ghost Knight】 on the second layer before going to the 【Appointer Mastil Dane】, we'll be able to enter without having to obtain a key."

"But the other enemies, Hobgoblins, Middle Worms and Eye Ants are weak compared to the Ghost Knights."

"Hey, if it's easy for you two, could you let me try myself fighting against those? I haven't raised my battle Senses at all, so I'd like to improve them even if only by a little."

Hearing my proposal, the two had a shocked expression on their faces, but immediately after they nodded.

"Sure. Even if we fight the amount of experience won't be too tasty, so we can yield it over to Yun-chan."

"If Onee-chan finally found motivation, we'll back you up."

I guess it's something to be grateful for. I thought. And after rushing into the Mine, Myu activated 《Light》 magic, and we proceeded after securing a light source.

Although the enemies on the first layer were made so that you could defeat them when you're obtaining the EX-Skill 【Mining】, I took them on.

I pre-emptively shoot arrows at the mobs that appeared when we headed towards the second layer through the shortest route.



I raised my stat by using an ATK-increasing Boost Tablet, furthermore I added more power by casting an enchant on myself.

After raising my strength sufficiently, before the enemy mob has noticed me I overlapped skills one on another.

"——《Ingredients Knowledge》"

Seeing through the darkness with 【Hawk Eyes】, I saw red markers that appeared on top of the mob. Those were weak points on the head and torso of the organism. I slowly poised my bow and nocked an arrow.

I pulled the arrow back, and after drawing the bow to the limit I chose the last Art I had.

"——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》"

A single arrow released at the mob's weak point has reaped its entire HP.

"Hoho, that was easy. Wasn't that an overkill?"

"Yup, but it's inefficient. Just now I used a single consumable item, two skills and an art."

I said so, and in my mind, I counted the waiting time until I can use the Art again, and without resting released the arrows. In response to the arrows I shot with strengthened stats, one after another mobs fell to the ground and disappeared, turning into particles.

"Yeah. Its seems like even alone, Yun-chan wouldn't have any problems with the first layer, right?"

"Looks like Yun-oneechan is stronger than before. Outstanding!"

"But there are many weaknesses right. My way of fighting incorporates many things I have to rely on. Long distance attacks are my strength, but if it were to be turned around I would be at a disadvantage."

The bow, and in particular the longbow had a lot of power and range. However, on the other hand it was hard to manoeuvre with it in close range. Another characteristic of the bow is that the attacks cover a very small point where arrow pierces.

"You don't need to be so concerned about that. In order to compensate for those shortcomings there are vanguards like me, there's a lot of rearguards."

"Party's division of roles. There's no need to be a jack-of-all-trades solo player. That's why, what you need at the moment is a talent to specialize in."

So, do your best. Sei-nee admonished me.

I understood what she meant, and strongly squeezed the 【Black Maiden's Longbow】 I held in my hand.

After proceeding through the first layer without any problems, we went down to the second layer.

"Now, from here on it's Yun-chan's real fight. We'll support you so do your best."

Hearing Sei-nee's words, I thought that even though I chose my Senses in order to support, currently I was so weak that I was the one receiving support. And smiled bitterly.

I paid close attention to the first enemy we met, and aimed at the weak point on its head.

"——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》!"

The Hobgoblin who had yellow skin and height of an elementary schooler from upper grades had its head blown off, fell to the ground and disappeared. Immediately after that, the Hobgoblins linked together – four in total have gathered.

Although I defeated the enemies in order starting with the closest one, the opponents approached at high speed and I was able to take down only two of them. Without Arts it took two to three arrows to take down one of them.

"Leave the rest to us!"

"——《Aqua Bullet》"

Myu jumped in front and cut down one of them with her one-handed sword, and Sei-nee blew away the mob's head with a water ball.

"That should be all...not!"

Once again I raised the bow which was almost completely lowered, nocked an arrow and turned towards the wall. I shot an arrow towards a point I perceived with 【Discovery】 Sense, immediately after, it skewered the Middle Worm which had jumped out of the mini tunnel in the wall, destroying it.

"Nice Yun-oneechan. Intercepting a Middle Worm who uses element of surprise to attack on your first time, that's really good."

While saying so, Myu stabbed the sword's tip into the Middle Worm's body that was sewn into the wall with an arrow. I could feel the difference in basic attack power between my and Myu's attacks.

"Even if I look up higher, I can't do anything about it."

The words spilled out in response to my feelings, but it didn't reach Myu's nor Sei-nee's ears and I walked to look for the next mob. The Eye Ant mob that appeared on the second layer had a strong physical defence on its torso, hard like iron ore. However, It's joints were soft and it could be damaged easily. I focused on that part, but the main method of fighting against it was to use magic. I used both the bow and magic balancing them out, and took down two out of four ants approaching, leaving the others to Myu and Sei-nee.

As we proceeded through the second layer, we encountered enemies and found dungeon traps.

"Trap found, wait a second."

"Ehhh, again. The traps in this area aren't anything to be scared of so let's just run through them."

"We can't. We need to go carefully through it so that Yun-chan can practice."

Every time I located the traps that were all over the dungeon with 【Discovery】 Sense, I dealt with them appropriately. With that said though, if it was a wide area we passed by them, avoiding it, but currently we couldn't go through as the trap was located in a narrow passage.

"The traps in this place are at most falling rocks or poison, magic, it's damage. If it's me, I'd do this."

"Ah, Myu!"

While I was staring at the track I discovered, Myu has ran on the wall and passed over to the other side. Since it was possible only thanks to Myu's 【Action Restriction Release】 Sense which allowed her three-dimensional movement, it was impossible for me.

"Sei-nee, although Myu used that kind of workaround, what would you do in this case?"

Myu waved her hand energetically towards us from the other side of the trap. Sei-nee furrowed her brows as if she was troubled and answered my question.

"Hmm. I would attack the trap with magic from long range? After it activates I should be able to pass. Also, physical traps can be destroyed like that."

"So just bulldozing through if needed, huh."

"I don't really use any special method. I just leave it to a party member who has 【Release】 Sense...

With a light blush, Sei-nee hurriedly piled up excuses, she's a beauty but I thought that's cute. However, let's use her bulldozing through as a reference.

I took out an item from the inventory and put it on the ground.

"——Slime, 【Summon】. Go forward as it is."

What I called out, was a low level slime. I suppose I should take advantage of synthetic mobs in situations like this. The slime proceeded dragging itself through the ground, and the moment it entered on top of the trap, it was crushed by falling rocks and disappeared. Then, we observed as the trap was released.

"All right, we can proceed."

"With three of us, there sure is a lot of methods to release the traps, isn't there."

Sei-nee let out a sigh impressed. Myu runs on the walls, Sei-nee destroys the traps. And I cause the traps to trigger, each of us had our own method to release traps. But, still, we weren't match for the people who had Sense that allowed them to release traps, I thought and broadened my searching area.

And, we have found our objective.

"That's a 【Wandering Ghost Knight】."

"Isn't that a ball of fire?"

"That's right, after its attacked, one of four types will appear at random."

"Attack it huh. You said there are four types, what types are they?"

"There are knights holding either a sword, axe, spear and a staff as their weapons. But as I said, they appear at random so we can get double the key parts, so let's be patient."

"Random, huh."

"What is it, Yun-oneechan?"

"No, I've got a small doubt, or rather – I'm curious, I guess? I think I know a way to determine whether it is random or not..."

I have already sold the 【Search Orb】 I had and no longer have it. It wasn't possible right now to determine what type the ball of fire is.

"...if we had a 【Search Orb】 that is."

After coming to this place, I regretted that I sold it. However, the other person who knew about the method of using 【Search Orb】 to investigate, Myu has started pulling the hem of my clothes.

"If it's a 【Search Orb】, then I have one in my inventory. Because I didn't need it, I left it there. Should I use it?"

Myu tilted her neck, and after coming closer she looked at me with upturned eyes. I opened my eyes widely in surprise.

"Is that fine? That was your share right?"

"In the first place, it's something we got because Yun-oneechan was there. Also, I've said that before, and tried to pass it to Yun-oneechan right."

"Thanks. Let's use it."

I received the crystal ball from Myu. Seeing that I'm going to do something, Sei-nee left everything to me.

After being passed the 【Search Orb】 by Myu, I used it to dispel my own doubts.

"Now, 【Search Orb】, look through that ball of fire's identity."

The crystal ball has turned into particles which have circled around the ball of fire and disappeared. Then, information about the ball of fire appeared in our menus.

"——【Wandering Ghost Knight (Axe), a ghost of a knight wandering inside of a mine. Wields an axe.】, hey is that all? It really isn't random though."

"If it's an axe, then it's the B-type. Other than that there's sword, spear and staff. But, if it can be determined in this way, rather than doing it at random people might actually start doing it with this method."

Rather than defeat the Ghost Knights at random after they're born from the ball of fire, we learned that it's possible to determine it in advance, but what of it. Understanding that piece of info I made a complex expression. Seeing through my expression, Sei-nee followed up on it.

"It's okay Yun-chan. This little trick should usable in different situations. It's inefficient only on the Ghost Knights since they're weak."

"This has to be forced through a number of attempts! It's all right Yun-oneechan! Ghost Knights are weak!"

Hahaha, Myu and Sei-nee treated Ghost Knight as a small fry without any hesitation. Haa, feeling that there's no point in stretching out the fight any more, I pre-emptively shot an arrow towards the ball of fire.

And then, black fog gathered with the ball of fire as nucleus, and its appearance changed into that of a knight with an axe who wore plate armour. Wanting to know how does my own strength compare to the Ghost Knight, I stood in front of it alone. Together with the knight's appearance, I shot an arrow as fast as I could.

The released arrow was repelled by the axe which was used like a shield.

"Tch. It's not over yet!"

I raised my voice and tried to shoot as fast as possible, in meanwhile I took distance moving diagonally towards the back. It was a trick that allowed to increase the distance slightly by moving back diagonally rather than retracting straight. I don't know how effective it would be on this opponent, but until he launches the first attack I'll continue to buy time like this and attack.

As the Ghost Knight closed on me occasionally knocking away arrows with his thick axe. However, even if it was a humanoid, its actions movement patterns were different from those of a player, and there was awkwardness in it. I used those chances to stuck two arrows into its armour. Even so, those attacks still weren't enough.

The Ghost Knight approached ignoring his lost HP, and I retreated as if running away. I could see Myu's appearance who was ready to jump in any time, and Sei-nee who was stopping her despite having magic ready to cast at any time so that she can intervene.

And I hit the tunnel wall behind me, there was no way for me to escape.

When I saw the axe swing vertically trying to hack my head——

"Now!! ——《Mud Pool》!"

I sprang into the side of Ghost Knight avoiding the axe approaching from overhead. At the same time with the ground under the Ghost Knight's feet as the target, I cast magic.

The behavioural inhibition magic learned at level 10 of earth elemental magic——《Mud Pool》.

The Ghost Knight who swung his axe sank in, plunging in deeply into the pool of mud that was born under its feet and fell.

It twisted its body trying to lift its legs from the mud, but its insanely awkward movements looked like that of a marionette.

"Now, all that's left is a one-sided game."

I moved behind the Ghost Knight and shoot my arrows. Every time it tried to rebuild its posture I used the 《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》 which had a knock-back effect, and made the armoured knight look like a hedgehog.

The small amounts of damage have accumulated and I finally defeated the Ghost Knight.

"Yun-oneechan, I didn't think you would defeat him with a snare combo! Since when has my Onee-chan become so nefarious."

"Don't call me nefarious."

Although I protested against Myu's words, I knew it was a joke.

Since my stats and level were inferior, I had to prepare a clever plan and items to defeat it.

"By the way Yun-chan, how would you stop a floating enemy 《Mud Pool》 has no effect on from moving?"

"Ah, I see. It's meaningless to use 《Mud Pool》 on a floating enemy. I'll have to think about countermeasure for that."

After it was pointed out by Sei-nee, I started wondering what to do.

"If the enemy is floating in the air, you can just knock it down into the ground right."

"Myu, that sounds quite extreme."

"Certainly, in Yun-chan's case you should be able to shoot it down with the bow right?"

Nonono, don't ride on what she said, Sei-nee. I thought. Well, if I encounter a floating enemy, I'll think about it then. Once again, we started walking around to look for a Ghost Knight.

And luckily, we found a ball of fire nearby. Moreover, two of them.

"So? What do we do?"

"What you ask, we can easily defeat them at the same time. I will take on one of them, I'll leave the other one to Myu-chan and Yun-chan."

"Got it. Then, I'll call them out. ——《Rapid Fire Bow - Second Form》 ."

I let out two arrows at once, and hit both fireballs right in the centre revealing the Ghost Knights.

This time it was ones with a sword and staff patterns. If we find the spear one afterwards, we'll be able to challenge the boss.

"Well, I'll fight with the knight holding a staff. You two take care of the one with the axe."[1]"

"Understood. 《Enchant》——Attack, Speed."

Myu received attack and speed enchants from me and shoot out like a bullet.

The knight's longsword and Myu's one-handed sword clashed at full force, and Myu parried it. On the other hand, Sei-nee moved to the side and immediately returned a magical attack... or rather, has started a one-sided magical battle. She blocked the darkness attacks pressing on with a water shield she made with one hand, and while the enemy released one attack, she shoot out three water bullets. Meanwhile, behind her was waiting double that number of magic.

"Sei-nee seems to have an easy time. Rather... Myu! How long are you going to play around!"

"Sorry! I've been found out!"

Although she had blown away the Ghost Knight's sword, she didn't take action when she had a chance to counter-attack. Geez——

"Hurry up and finish it. 《Cursed》——Defence."

When I cast cursed which was a weakening magic working just the opposite from enchant on the Ghost Knight, Myu poised her sword.

"I know. ——《Fifth Breaker》!"

In an instant she released five slashes, and was able to take down the Ghost Knight's entire HP. No matter how weakened it was, I wouldn't be able to take it down until I released dozens of arrows, seeing it go down this easy eliminated the little self-confidence I had left.

"Cheers for the good work. It seems like no one had any problems. If we find another Ghost Knight, let's do it all three of us."

"That's right. I want to hurry up and fight the boss, let's go!'

I smiled wryly at Myu who brandished her sword and started looking for another Ghost Knight. After that, we found a sword and axe duplicates, when we reached the fourth one we were already used to battles with Ghost Knights. Moreover, with my support applied to Myu and Sei-nee, in front of their enhanced firepower the Ghost Knights disappeared unable to hold out more than a minute.

Far in the back of the second layer were stairs which descent lower, in this place I never entered before as I had no need to, there was a boss.

"Now then, let's begin the preparations."

Sei-nee who held two pieces of the key, Myu and I who have held one piece each, fit them together.

It has regained its original shape, taking the form of a circular key.

"Is this key needed in order to fight the boss?"

"That's right. This is the 【Appointer's Key】. You need to put it in this hole."

Sei-nee put the key into the circular depression and let go of it, the key didn't fall down and instead started moving by itself.

A heavy sound could be heard, as if something was moving inside of the wall, the rock wall in front of our eyes moved to the side and exposed the darkness beyond it.

"The boss, 【Appointer Mastil Dane】 is a large living armour. In its right hand it holds a staff, in its left hand it holds a sturdy lance. It's an enemy who uses both physical attacks and magic."

"Hey, it's a little late for that, but don't we need a tank?"

My worry was our current party structure. We had two rearguards and a vanguard. The reason our badly-balanced party had progressed this far was thanks to high individual skill and level. I don't think it will be that easy to defeat the boss though.

"Probably. However, it might just be the opposite and not having a tank could be better."

I tilted my neck puzzled after hearing Sei-nee's murmur. It's best to fight strong enemies in a party with a role division, why would the opposite be better. I wanted to ask why was that, but Myu's words interrupted me.

"But it's hard for Sei-oneechan and me to raise our levels on half-baked enemies. We need to confront difficulties head-on!"

"Although, if we lose we'll have to defeat the Ghost Knights from the very beginning."

As Sei-nee said with a wry smile, I swallowed the question I was supposed to ask and imagined having to defeat the Ghost Knights for the pieces of the keys we didn't have duplicates for.

"Let's go then."

"Before that, here, use these."

Everyone swallowed Boost Tablets and I applied enchants beforehand. I didn't think we'll win that easily, but I had no intention of losing. After I cast double enchants on us, we proceeded further.

We proceeded while relying on the light released by the ball of light Myu created. In the back, lying on the floor on its knees was an armour with a staff and a spear in its hands.

It was three metres in height exceeding that of a human. The black twisted staff it wielded had some rust on its surface, and while holding a spear which looked like it was carved directly from stone, the living armour stood up.

From the depths behind the helmet which covered its face shined a red pair of eyes directed in our direction.

That appearance looked more like a robot than a Ghost Knight, it felt like a golem.

『"W-we are. Decaying, old, old era's warrior, loo..."』

In response to the Appointer's twisted voice which sounded like a broken radio——

"Hey, it's annoying so can I do a pre-emptive attack and skip the conversation?"

"Better not, okay? If you attack it before its over, it will gain the Anger status which will increase its attack power, so I guess it's not recommended?"

Because of Myu's and Sei-nee's chat which lacked any tension, I missed the hard to understand words of Mastil Dane.

『"If ye are worthy ones... I shalt appoint ye!"』

Mastil Dane poised his spear and started running in our direction. Its movements were smoother than that of a Golem, Myu and Sei-nee intended to deal damage to it with magic before it approached.

"——《Sol Ray》!"


Myu's laser has pierced Mastil Dane's limb, and Sei-nee's whirlpool crashed on it from overhead, swallowing it.


Meanwhile, I cast Cursed, increasing their damage. After having its limb shot, Mastil Dane was astonished but pushed onto the whirlpool's wall with brute force, and I shoot an arrow towards its arm which stretched out of it.

"Myu-chan, get his target on you! I'll withdraw!"

The instant the whirlpool disappeared, Mastil Dane's entire body was revealed. Sei-nee stepped back taking distance, I moved circling around it and started dealing damage to the parts above the waist.

And, Myu stood in front of the boss to confront it. Supporting the hand in which she held the one-handed sword, Myu parried the spear diagonally as it fell down on her because of the height difference. After sending the spear back, she kicked Mastil Dane's body, danced in the air and took distance. Also, since Myu's attacks couldn't reach the locations that were higher, Sei-nee and I aimed to intercept the darkness bullet that was emitted from the staff it held in the boss' right hand causing an explosion and using the opportunity to deal damage.

Three versus one, we slowly damaged it. From time to time, she was unable to completely parry the spear or staff, resulting with a small amount of damage accumulating, but she healed it with recovery magic. Mastil Dane's HP decreased to 70% and at this rate we would take it down. When I started to feel so, it displayed a different movement. It completely stopped using any magic, extended one leg behind and bent the front one.

What is it doing. What I saw from behind as I continued to shoot arrows, was Mastil Dane place the sturdy spear on its shoulder, from behind it was clear that the tip was aimed towards Sei-nee.

"Sei-nee! Avoid it!"

Hearing my voice, Sei-nee has grasped its intent and she started running to the side. The large spear that was thrown over Myu's head pierced the wall, and pulverized it. And Mastil Dane's movement didn't stop, it rushed to recover the spear using its massive armour's weight.

Although Myu was in close range devoting herself to holding it up, because of the difference in mass she was kicked away, and danced in the air.

I saw her momentarily use defence magic and rebuild her posture in the air.

"Yun-oneechan, scaffold!"

"?!! ——《Clay Shield》!"

After being told that by Myu, I immediately created an earthen wall right in front of where she was about to land.

Myu bounced off from the earthen wall, and pounced at Mastil Dane once again.


She used all the momentum she had to hit Mastil Dane from behind, and took the position it was at. The earthen wall I made was unable to withstand the momentum with which it was hit and was destroyed. Mastil Dane grasped the spear and swung it strongly creating air pressure which reached where I was.

"I didn't think it would suddenly go for the mage. Sei-nee, are you all right?"

"I'm okay. Myu-chan, did you suffer any damage?"

"Recovering it now. I might be a little tired though."

The two drank MP Potions, recovering the MP they lost while using skills, and stared at Mastil Dane without dropping their guard.

It turned around and poised the spear to the side, the living armour readied its staff. I wondered how to deal with the opponent who had about 70% of its HP remaining. If Myu continues to take the vanguard's burden on herself and loses concentration she might suffer a direct hit. Even so, neither I nor Sei-nee could replace her.

"No other choice. ——Sei-nee, if I stop him for a moment, can you use the strongest attack on him?"

"I can, but will you be all right?"

"I'll be fine until Myu recovers."

Also, since I had the 【Gem Substitute Ring】, I could definitely withstand a single blow.

Now then, from now on, bow is a no. It's difficult to manoeuvre with it, so I can't use it.


I cast an enchant on myself, and moved close to Mastil Dane's feet. I lowered my body to increase speed.

As I approached, it has swung down its staff like a club, I avoided it largely and running further I circled around the armour.

"Woah, danger!"

When I turned around I saw the spear's stone tip fly at me. Together with a jump to avoid it, I used the cornerstone of my plan.

"Yun-chan, I'm ready!"

"A little more. ——Now! 【Clay Shield】!"

I triggered the magic gems I have spread around Mastil Dane. Four walls of earth rose up forming a square and surrounding it. It served as a cage that confines Mastil Dane, in the narrow space it couldn't exhibit the power of the long spear and the staff's ability sufficiently.

"——《Ice Lance》!"

In response to Sei-nee's cast, more than ten spears have been created and were hovering.

When I ran out of the line of fire, the ice lances tore through the air and pierced the earthen cage, rushing at Mastil Dane.

That's when I triggered what I prepared together with the earthen cage.

"Blow up! ——【Bomb】!"

A chain of explosions has occurred around Mastil Dane, further piling up damage on it.

"Ohh, that's spectacular. Did that finish it?"

"…!! Doesn't seem so!'

The earthen walls broke, a cloud of dust has spread and Mastil Dane appeared from inside. It released a large number of darkness bullets, and as a follow up it has made an assault posture with the spear, heading for Sei-nee.

Myu moved in front of the boss who had 20% HP left.

"Eat this, 《Armour Brea——"


Mastil Dane lifted the spear while rushing, and momentarily moved the centre of gravity behind itself. I immediately triggered an enchant.


Sei-nee was dealing with darkness bullets so couldn't follow up after Myu.

I used the 【Hawk Eyes】 targeting capability to select Myu as my target, and cast a defence enchant on her. Immediately after Myu received the blow from sturdy spear head-on, she fell to her knees. She endured it. Immediately after I thought that, Mastil Dane whose spear was struggling with Myu stabbed her with the end of its staff.


With her shoulder stabbed sharply with a wooden staff, Myu's posture broke. The staff was swung down on her from above, and she was thrown into the ground.


"That... hurt!!"

As she stood up, she reflexively swung her sword, and hit by the impact of spear's attack, she was blown away towards the back.

Myu rolled on the ground taking distance. After that series of attacks Myu's HP had reached a dangerous area. Normally Myu would use recovery magic to immediately heal herself, but right now she was unable to, and while breathing heavily she recovered by using a High Potion and MP Potion.

"Why, not only HP, but also my MP has decreased."

Myu muttered, saying what was the reason she couldn't use recovery magic. Also, one more thing.

"This guy, at the same time he hit you, he recovered."

Mastil Dane who should have had 20% HP remaining, has recovered to 30% .

"That's the effect of the staff he's holding in his left hand, 【HP Absorption】 and 【MP Absorption】. That's why, it's better to fight by avoiding his attacks rather than withstand them."

As Sei-nee muttered explaining to Myu and me, we understood what she meant.

What Myu was handling up until now, were the spear's attacks. And absorption occurred during the staff's attacks. Also, main attacks with the staff are magical. Although there was no damage dealt to us by magic because Sei-nee and I prevented it, if we were hit by magic and damaged, absorption would occur.

If we were to have a tank who endures its attacks, that tank would become the enemy's HP tank, and it could possibly turn into a prolonged battle.

Now that it had 30% left, I felt like asking a few questions.

"I want that staff, cause there's an additional absorption effect in it."

Knowing what I was concerned about, Sei-nee muttered carefree, to what I responded with a wry smile. I worried because I was weak, but Sei-nee who is strong didn't seem to worry. In that case, I'll believe in her and fight.

"Sei-nee, your instructions."

"Me too, Sei-oneechan."

When Myu and I requested her that, she nodded with a smile.

"Yun-chan, can you stall him like you did earlier?"

"I don't have any more 【Clay Shield】 Magic Gem's, but I can do it in a different way. In that case, ignore the situation and just release your magic."

"Myu-chan, try holding him down while making absolutely sure you don't get hit by the staff. I'll finish it off."

Brandishing its sturdy spear in front of us, Mastil Dane prepared itself as if waiting for our conversation to finish. In accordance to Sei-nee's instructions, I started running together with Myu. Myu moved left towards the spear, and I made an arc approaching the cane from the right side.

I took out the bow I put away before, and nocked an arrow. I ran through while avoiding the darkness bullets, and used my arrows to shoot down the ones I was unable to avoid.

Myu who approached Mastil Dane started to exchange blows with it, and the moment I closed onto the opponent the staff has been thrust towards me along with a strong wind pressure.

It was unavoidable. If anything, I took a step forward attempting to fall down to dodge the attack. But the staff's thrust has grazed my forehead, and a sound as if a thin glass broke, the attack was invalidated.

Thanks to the 【Gem Substitute Ring】, without receiving any damage, I closed on to Mastil Dane, and spread a large amount of Nucleus Stones I took out from the inventory.

"Come, Slimes! ——《Summon》!"

In response to my voice, multicoloured Slime organisms have appeared. I gave instructions to the Slimes which had no consistency in size or colours.

"Attach yourself to its right foot!"

Mastil Dane swung down its staff on the Slimes which crawled forward to it. The Slimes in its attack range had their nucleuses crushed and disappeared, their HP was absorbed by Mastil Dane.

"The amount of HP is only a few slime's worth! I can make up for it with my arrows alone!"

Having the Slimes take the tank role, I continued to release arrows without stopping.

Because Mastil Dane was dealing with Myu and me, its main target being Myu, a horde of slimes had arrived at its right foot. Even as it tried to hit and crush the Slimes which limited its actions with the spear and staff, although their HP was low the Slimes were resistant to blunt attacks and the amount of HP the boss has recovered was insignificant. Myu used that opportunity to shower Mastil Dane with attacks, and if it focused on Myu leaving Slimes unhindered, they overlapped each other on its foot.

And I——

"——《Mud Pool》"

Same as when I fought with the Ghost Knight, I created a pool of mud under Mastil Dane's left foot sealing its movement.

The Slimes' movement halted, Mastil Dane rotated its right leg axis, and the moment it subtracted the spear in preparation for a clash with Myu, its left leg was plunged deep into the mud pool.

"Myu! Fall back!"

In order to avoid a fail by having an ally fall into the 《Mud Pool》, I had Myu fall back.

In the meantime, Mastil Dane was unable to control the momentum of it's spear swing and its upper body had fallen backwards. Now, the finishing touch.

"Last one! Huge Slime——《Summon》!"

The Nucleus I threw into the air changed its appearance into a Huge Slime, and fell down on top of Mastil Dane's body.

"Sei-nee, ready yet?!"

"A little longer!"

The living armour struggled, the number of Slimes under it gradually decreased. Still, the slimes faithfully followed the instructions, and their life burned out as they didn't retreat. The Slimes were worthy of being called 'suicidal', and no matter how many of them were crushed the boss' staff didn't recover sufficiently.

And when the Slimes' restraint weakened, the moment we were waiting for has come.

"Yun-chan, ready!"

"Sei-oneechan, do it! If it isn't enough, I'll finish it off!"

"——《Diamond Dust》!"

Momentarily, with the boss as starting point, everything turned white.

Dyeing every Slime white, a world of ice has been created.

Just before everything broke a disturbing sound rang out, Mastil Dane's body's movement gradually slowed down. The slimes that were binding its arms and legs have become shackles of ice, and damage continuously decreased its HP.

However, Sei-nee's magic wasn't sufficient just by a little bit.

Myu and I started to run, closing on the Mastil Dane's body.

"Now, my thanks for slamming me into the ground, I'll return it back at you! ——《Armour Breaker》!"

The one-handed sword was swung down from above, and a sound similar to glass fracturing has rang out as it pierced the chest of Mastil Dane, opening a gaping hole in the armour. Still, I aimed an arrow towards the glowing eyes hidden behind the full face helmet.

"It's over. ——《Bow Skill - Arrow Stitching》!"

The single arrow which pierced through its head concluded everything, Mastil Dane's body disappeared and turned into particles.

The Slimes frozen and killed by Sei-nee's magic also crumbled into pieces, and diffused the light illuminating the place.

"NNNnnn! Yayy! We wonnnn!"

Raising a loud voice, Myu ran straight to Sei-nee who caught her from the front. She buried her face in Sei-nee's chest, and every time her head was stroked she made a slouchy expression. Since Myu let out her shout of joy first, I've lost the timing to raise my voice as well.

"Yun-chan, come here."

"Yes yes, I get it."

After being called by Sei-nee, I started walking to them. No way, I didn't think my strength would allow me to stand up against the boss. It was a borrowed strength, one that normally is unusable, but that's because my own strength was not sufficient. The next time I fight it, I want to win fair and square. While thinking that——I took a step into the pool of mud.

"...I've done myself in."

The 《Mud Pool》 I placed my left leg in didn't disappear together with the synthetic slimes, and remained where it was. After stepping in the trap I set myself, I could feel as my feet has sank in, then looked at Myu and Sei-nee seeking help.

"...Myu, Sei-nee, help."

"Yun-oneechan. So uncool."

"Oh Yun-chan, I guess it can't be helped. "

Myu stared at me, and although Sei-nee said that, she was happy that I relied on her.

And when I grasped the hands of the two who approached, and tried to get out but——

"W-wait! Why won't it come off! Nn!"

"W-woah, dange... kyaa!"

Although Myu and Sei-nee pulled my hands, 《Mud Pool》's binding strength has instead caused them to fall towards me.

I caught the two, but unable to support myself I fell on my back into the pool of mud. Covered and stuck in mud, stared at each other, blinked and——laughed.

"Hahaha, what's this. So sloppy."

"Come on, it's Yun-oneechan's fault, I want to get angry but... fufu, ahahaha!"

"In the very last moment... it's gotten real fun. Thank you Yun-chan."

Sei-nee scooped up tears that appearing in her eyes because she laughed too much, and instead of getting angry she thanked me.

Like this, the quest to subjugate the boss 【Appointer Mastil Dane】 has finished.

Although it ended sloppily, it was a good thing that we managed to complete our objective.

"No way, although I intended to use and throw away all of them, there were some that survived."

After the 《Mud Pool》's effect expired, what waited for me after I escaped the constraints were disposable Slimes that were ordered to do a suicide attack on the boss. Most of them were wiped out after being crushed by Mastil Dane and by getting hit by Sei-nee's magic collateral, but luckily two Slimes survived, one of them was a water element's Blue Slime and the other was the earth element's Mud Slime.

"Were they lucky, or maybe they were late to attack?"

For the time being I returned the two Slimes which survived into their Nucleus Stones, and stowed them in the inventory. When I'm making synthetic mobs next time, I will restore their HP, though I'll have to do adjustments to the 《Synthesis》 skill.

And, as for the result on the topic of Sei-nee's awaited boss drop——

"Haa, a normal drop. Well, I wasn't expecting much, yeah."

"Ah, I got a staff."

"Me too me too!"

"This is the power of greed sensor! Yun-chan, Myu-chan! Give me one of them!"

Greed Sensor. To put it plainly, it's a phenomenon where the most desired item won't drop for the person desiring; it seemed like Sei-nee was in such a situation at the moment.

By the way, the abilities of the staff that I obtained were——

Staff of Mistletoe ・Mastil 【Staff】

INT+30 Additional Effect : HP Absorption, MP Absorption

It was the actual effect that Mastil Dane used in combat.

I took it out, and showed it to Sei-nee.

"This! This is what I wanted!"

"Then, I'll exchange it for the normal drop you've gotten."

"Is that really okay?"

"Of course, you helped me get the 【Guild Emblem】 after all. Also, I can't use it myself."

"Kyaa! Yun-chan, so manly!"

"Well, I am a man."

I stopped Sei-nee who embraced me, calming her down. As expected, being hugged by Sei-nee at my age was embarrassing.

After she calmed down we traded, and Sei-nee was really happy to have the staff become her own weapon.

"With this my collection of unique staffs has increased again. Thank you, Yun-chan."

"What a waste. The market price of it can easily reach 4mG."

"It's fine since I can't use it anyway. Speaking of which, what will you do with yours Myu?"

"Me? Hmm. I'll show it to Rirei and Kohaku, and consult them if it can be used? If they can use it, I'll sell it to them, if they can't then I'll leave in my inventory and sell it if I need money."

I thought that was weirdly vivid way of using it. I still had one more thing to do before going back.

"All right. There's no enemy so let's dig."

I took out a pickaxe for mining out of my inventory.

"Yun-chan, what are you doing?"

"No, um, I've been running around a lot in combat right? At that time, in the deepest part I found a mining point. It might take a while, so how about you eat some snacks and tea?"

I took these out and passed them to Sei-nee forcibly, then in high spirits started to dig up the mining point.

"A mining point in a boss' location. What will it give?"

Is it just a randomly generated mining point, or maybe a bonus in a boss' location. I swung down the pickaxe, digging, and was able to dig out the best quality materials I've ever managed to gather.

"Ohh?! Fine Iron Ore! Also, there are Gemstones too, and Silver Ore."

As I was mining the point with all strength I had, Myu and Sei-nee were taking a break a bit further away.

"Haa, normally we would have went back home after that. Yun-oneechan's a crafter through and through."

"But, it looks like Yun-chan's having fun. That's probably today's best smile."

I've heard their murmurs for a moment, but the words that followed were drown out by the sound of the pickaxe I swung down. After that I could hear pieces of their conversation.

And, the boss' mining point turned out to be something which could be called a large vein. There were 37 pieces of Fine Iron Ore, 17 Gemstones, and in the end there were 11 Silver Ore pieces. Also, there was a single, unknown green ore I didn't know application of. As for the last ore, I decided to show it to Magi-san, and enhance my crafting equipment to be able to process Silver Ore.

"Was the result good?"

"Yeah, I'm satisfied."

"Why are you more lively than during the battle with the boss?"

That's just how my personality is so I can't help it. Also, I relaxed myself and when we went back I dug in the mining points on the way before exiting the dungeon. By the time we approached the dungeon's outlet, I had a very happy content expression which amazed Myu.

Although we were inside of a dim dungeon before, outside it was already night. When I looked up, I could see a starry sky spread out which was worth a perfect score. Below, under the starry sky the Third Town illuminated by small lanterns could be seen.

"It's already night isn't it."

"Sorry for making you help me out."

"But, it was fun. Also, since I've gotten what I have aimed for, you don't have to worry Yun-chan."

Sei-nee responded to Myu's murmur and my apologies not bothered at all.

"So, Myu-chan, how was today?"

She abruptly asked Myu a question, which Myu answered after blinking repeatedly.

"It was super fun! It was the first time I fought with Mastil Dane, it was exciting! Next time, I'll invite Luka-chan and others... Ah, next time I might be too strong."

As she said with great confidence, I smiled wryly. If it's Myu, then that's most likely how it'll be.

Then, Sei-nee asked the same question to me.

"And, Yun-chan how was today, was it fun?"

"I guess it was. My goal was the 【Guild Emblem】, but I was able to raise my level and mine some ore. Yeah, it was fun."

I responded to Sei-nee once, and then after reflecting upon my words I have once again said that it was fun.

"I had fun as well. I was able to go on an adventure with Yun-chan and Myu-chan, and got the staff I wanted. It was a good day."

I walked towards the town while listening to Sei-nee's words.

Myu's fierce combat with boss. Sei-nee's rare staff drop. And my 【Guild Emblem】. Our goals and the parts we enjoyed were all different, but it was an adventure that satisfied everyone.

"Truly Only——and no less."

"What did you say?"

"No, it's nothing."

Surely, the perspective, the meaning of adventure and the things Myu and Sei-nee focus on are different. But that's also one of the fun things about it.

We returned to the NPC from whom we received the quest.

"Ohh! You hath defeated the Grand Master's ghost! I'll give this to you then."

I received the quest reward, 【Guild Emblem】, and listened to the continuation of his words.

"A knightly order comparable to Grand Master's. No, I want you to build up a wonderful organisation not caught up in the framework of knighthood."

Those were quite deep words. While I thought so——

"But, there are people who sell those right. Yun-oneechan is from the sellers side too."

"She said it! This girl, she poured cold water on this emotional scene!"

Maybe because he was an NPC, but even as he was made fun of the NPC's solemn expression didn't change at all. I retorted, Sei-nee smiled wryly and after Myu's excuses have subsided, I immersed in the afterglow from the sense of accomplishment.

"Quest clear, congratulations!"

The three of us did a high five. The first one who raised both of her arms and urged us was Myu, then Sei-nee followed suit. After being induced to do a high five with both, I stared at the hands which let out a snapping sound reflecting upon the sense of accomplishment I felt.